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  1. Ray .. thank you for your advice but believe me I have tried so many combinations I’ve now given up to protect my sanity .... The only products that work consistently are my MCP Pro and LGT -11
  2. I have a great deal of GoFlight modules and for a very long time I have had nothing but grief trying to get them to consistently work when using Windows 10 and USB 3.0 ... I’m sure I am not on my own with this and this could well be be a contributing factor to their problems ...
  3. Hi everyone I have a GoFlight GF-TPM throttle and would like to use it in XPlane 11 .... am I correct in saying I need an add on module file to make it work and if so where can I get it please .. Thank you Paul
  4. Hi Ckyliu That did the trick ... simple when you know how .... thank you very much indeed Paul
  5. Hi everyone Can anyone tell me how to change the Flight Planner which is built into FSX from metric to imperial measurement please Thanking you in advance Paul
  6. Ok thank you for that .... I haven't installed it Cheers Paul
  7. Hi everyone Apologies in advance if this seems a stupid question but is it necessary to install Orbx libraries in order to see the GB South Scenery or will it work without it? Also is it still necessary to make adjustments to the scenery ini file within Custom Scenery to make the 3D objects visible? Thanks in advance Paul
  8. Paul_

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Hi everyone Does anyone know if Just Sim's Innsbruck Airport works in V4.4 Thank you in advance Paul
  9. Paul_

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Cheers ... just pressing the button now haha
  10. Paul_

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Hi I have done a clean install of P3D 4.4 ... has anyone tried ORBX sceneries yet .. is it safe to install into 4.4? Cheers Paul
  11. Paul_

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Has anyone had a go at installing Active Sky 16 and ASCA yet? Paul
  12. Paul_

    Prepar3D v4.4 Is Available Now ! 

    Well sadly the A36 Bonanza has gone to be replaced by the AC 11 Commander ...... Paul
  13. Hi everyone I am trying to install Scotflight Airports Vol 1/2 and 3 into FSX and for some reason it says that I have to add them manually using the 'Add an Area' within the Scenery Library Can anyone tell me which files need adding from each volume in order for them to show up please ..... I have noticed that in all volumes there is a folder called 'Main' so I guess I need to rename this folder in order for them to show up in the scenery library tree Thanking you in advance Paul
  14. Paul_

    Trim wheel not working in P3D v4

    Hi Gridley That did the trick ... My throttle quadrant had assigned a trim axis ... I deleted that and now all’s well .... thank you very much indeed Paul
  15. Hi everyone This is rather an odd one ..... A few days ago nothing wrong whatsoever but now the trim wheel will not work in any aircraft including default aircraft .... I use the GoFlight Yoke and assigning one of the rockers switches on the yoke for trim up and down nothing works .... even if I disable that and just use the mouse to move the trim wheel nothing happens Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated Cheers Paul