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  1. Hmmm that’s interesting Dean .... I’ll check that
  2. Hi everyone For some reason when I now start to type into the search box for an airport on the main menu the full list disappears and says ‘No airports found’ .... but if I type nothing into the search I can scroll through the list .. pick an airport and it loads with no problems ... So everything is there but a complete pain scrolling through the thousands of listed airports Any ideas on what has happened please Cheers Paul
  3. I was under the impression every runway was sloped!!! ??? 😳
  4. Which will give them 3 or 4 days to get the patch out otherwise you’ll miss the 14 day refund policy .. If I were you refund now ... sit back ... enjoy v4.5 ... watch the forums and once things settle down and are fixed then and only then re-purchase v5 .... Result 😀👍
  5. Is everyone enjoying the addition of sloped runways? ….. would be nice to see some screenshots please ….
  6. I have just read the entire contents to date of this thread and I haven't stopped chucking to myself Everybody moaning about the download speeds being pretty awful DOESN'T EVERYONE REALISE THE WORLD AND ITS MOTHER ARE ON THE INTERNET AT THE MOMENT!! There is a pandemic going on out there so its pretty obvious things are going to be VERY slow 😳
  7. An interesting read and thread Gentlemen ... Incidentally there has been no mention by anyone on here about the IFly 737 for P3D v5 and whether there will be a new version or indeed the current version will work in the new simulator? ....and whether we have to put our hands in our pockets ... i really do like the IFly 737 as a great alternative to the PMDG version and it’s quite a bit cheaper!!!
  8. At only 5 euros a pop why not buy all of them!! I don't think it will break the bank ……. 😃
  9. Hi Alex Ahhh so it works differently to using P3D or FSX in fullscreen mode …. all I get is a black screen on my 2nd monitor if in fullscreen May I take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful program …. it is quite outstanding 🙂 Paul
  10. Hi everyone I wanted to find out if LittleNavmap works in full screen for XPlane 11 ? The reason I ask is that XPlane 11 is set to fullscreen as default … so will I have to run it Window mode? Thanking you in advance Paul
  11. Hi everyone To save my sanity can anyone put a direct link to the Saitek 64 Bit Driver for their Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) please Logitech Website is an absolute nightmare and for the life of me I cannot locate the driver!! Thank you in advance Paul
  12. It’s called ‘Pulling your chain’ for a laugh and Skywolf fell for it 😂
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