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  1. Hi, I am only updating the Client which should be straightforward as it has been in the past. I tried installing version 4.4 again this morning and the same thing happened again as you experienced. I have just about given up and have reverted to version 4.3 which is working fine. I think I will wait until version 5 is released when I will have to do a full reinstall anyway, for now I cannot be bothered to uninstall and re install all my add on's which are numerous. Version 4.3 is fine for now. Cheers, Michael
  2. I am having the same issue and yes my sim loads to 83% too. Michael
  3. stratfordman10

    FLAI compatible

    Sorry to be a pain but I currently use UT2 for my Vatsim AI traffic but it would appear that FLAI is more up to date and would like to use this product instead. My question is as I am using P3Dv3 could someone please let me know the correct path in which to download this product-do I download it to my Sim Object/airplane folder? Many thanks in anticipation and I apologise if the answer is obvious. Michael
  4. stratfordman10

    Airac 1807 Issue

    Many thanks for your help and comments
  5. stratfordman10

    Airac 1807 Issue

    I have recently updated to the latest Airac cycle 1807 but in my PMDG aircraft it shows Nav Data out of date and shows Airac cycle 1805. I have used the FMS Data Manager to update PMDG but for some reason the aircraft still show the old Air cycle. Would appreciate any help/observations please. Michael
  6. I have just encountered a real strange issue. I run P3D v4.3 on my main PC and I Run Aivlasoft EFB flight bag on my 2nd monitor and have never had any issues. Since yesterday for some reason after about 5 minutes my 2nd monitor turns off and I cannot turn it back on again unless I turn my main PC off and start again but again the same problem happens again. I am running windows 10 and my graphic drivers are up to date. Really at my wits end to try and work out what is going on and would really appreciate any help/observations. Many thanks in anticipation. Michael
  7. stratfordman10

    P3D 4.2 and 747 loading problem

    I too are having the exact same problem. Michael
  8. stratfordman10

    Monitor Advice Help Please

    Many thanks for your help and comments. Michael
  9. stratfordman10

    P3D Widescreen Monitor Help

    I am looking to buy a 38 inch widescreen monitor on which to run my P3D v4.1. There are so many out there to choose from and I am wondering whether anyone who has one of these monitors which they can recommend to me. I have a GTX 1080 graphics card. I realise there is a separate forum for monitors but I though I would ask the P3D community first. Many thanks in anticipation. Michael
  10. stratfordman10

    Monitor Advice Help Please

    Thanks ******* for your reply. I wasn't really wondering as to how the monitor performed but more about the 32.9 aspect ratio and would P3D totally fill the 49 inch screen. Is it really compatable? Any further comments would be appreciated. Michael
  11. I currently have a 24 inch Dell monitor andI am running P3D v4.1. I am thinking now of purchasing a new wide screen monitor which will replace my Dell monitor. The one I am looking at is the Samsung GH 90 monitor which is the 49 inch version,3480x10980 resolution with a 32.9 aspect ratio. The question that I am looking to find the answer for is whether or not I would be able to run P3D on such a large wide screen monitor at this resolution and aspect ratio. I am using a GTX 1080 card I am not that 'techy' so please forgive me if the answer is obvious but I have always fancied 3 monitors together in order to improve the wider view and this monitor seemed to maybe be the answer. As far as my PC is concerned I have an Intel 7 4790K Haswell 4ghz,Samsung 1TB hard drive and Corsair 16GB of memory. Many thanks in anticipation of any replies. Michael
  12. stratfordman10

    FS Global Next Generation Mesh cfg issue

    Hi Gerald, Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I received the DVD’s in order to put the files on my PC and I used the term downloading as the information of the numerous DVD’ was being downloaded from them. My P3D sim has always been on my C drive and have never encountered any problems. As far as the rest of your comments are concerned I have done everything that you mentioned. I have now gone back to the Flighsimstore support people for their help and I am still waiting for them to come back to me.
  13. stratfordman10

    FS Global Next Generation Mesh cfg issue

    Thanks Vic, Will come back to you. Michael
  14. stratfordman10

    FS Global Next Generation Mesh cfg issue

    Yes,I installed as normal off the DVD’s and ran the set up and followed the instructions. All the DVD’s were downloaded and the product is on my PC and in my scenery library as I have already described and they are in the correct position in the library. However the active= false is shown against each of the scenery entries and I am wondering whether I should manually alter this to True to make it work. I would appreciate further help please. Michael
  15. stratfordman10

    FS Global Next Generation Mesh cfg issue

    OK, Thanks i will report back. Michael