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  1. For some reason today when I click on the AS app nothing happens, not responsive. I have never experienced this before and was working fine yesterday. Assistance would be appreciated. Michael
  2. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. I understand how to calibrate the throttles on the flight deck-no issue. My problem is that when I am trying to use the throttles in the Fenix the throttles are very jerky and all over the place. I have a Saitek Yoke with just one lever for my throttles which works perfectly well in my PMDG 777 in P3D. I would therefore like to know within MSFS the best way to calibrate the throttle to the axis and what the sensitivity should look like. Should I be calibrating to Throttle Axis 1 or 2? Would really appreciate any assistance please. Michael
  3. Until today MSFS has been running great until I tried to sign in today. I get stuck on the Syncing Data Screen and cannot move on. I have tried to sign out of X Box and the Microsoft Store,reboot,then sign back in but cannot solve the problem and have tried this process on a number of occasions. On one occasion I did did move on to the ASBO screen and asked me to sign into both X Box and Microsoft again and then I was just left with a Black Screen with the little 0 icon in the bottom right hand corner just hanging and do nothing. Now at my wits end as to what could be suddenly causing me this problem and would welcome any help please. Regards, Michael
  4. Problem solved. It was the Microsoft Store update that was the issue. Many thanks for your help.
  5. I have recently uninstalled MSFS 2020 due to the fact that yesterday I opened up the sim but could not get past the above message and up until then the sim had been working fine. I have now re downloaded and pressed play and yet I still cannot get past this screen. Really at my wits end and really do not know what to do next. Any help would be appreciated. Michael
  6. Everything installed and everything fine. Many thanks for all your help. Michael
  7. Hi Raymie, Many thanks ,you have been a great help. Michael
  8. HI Raymie, Many thanks for your comprehensive reply, much appreciated. No I have not installed v 5.3 as I am still on v 5.2 so my original query relates to upgrading from version2 to version3 where of course the client, content and scenery all need to be updated. Therefore,can I ask the process you undertook to upgrade to version 5.3. please. and also did you add on's stay intact? Would appreciate your further comments. Regards, Michael
  9. Many thanks,but would my proposed process still work?
  10. Many thanks for your replies but just seeking confirmation if the process I have stated would still work.I have read some of the other posts but some are a bit confusing.
  11. Sorry to be a pain here but I am about to upgrade my sim to version 5.3.1 and I note that there are different ways to carry out this process. All I need is a bit on confirmation. Firstly I have downloaded V 5.3.1 including the hot fix and that lies in my download folder. Am I right in saying that all I need to do next is to uninstall the client, content and scenery folders (just those 3) from my Programmes/Features leaving the P3D v5 Academic file in place. Then delete my shaders file. Then reboot my PC and then unzip the P3D v5 Academic file and hopefully that is it. Really sorry if this post seems b a bit naive but would really appreciate confirmation that this is the way to go. Thank you in anticipation. Michael
  12. Simbrief downloader not working this morning, cannot connect with the server.
  13. Yes, I Love Vatstats too and I am missing it for the same reasons. Really hoping it comes back. Michael
  14. I have updated to the latest P3D v5.1 and have Active Sky,ASCA and Envtex installed and they are all up to date. However,in the Sim I do not see any clouds and my P3D /weather/clouds folder is empty. I do have ASCA cloud files in my AS/Clouds folder. When I activate AS in the sim I get the message 'ASCA Graphics Activation in progress" and after about 15 seconds I get the CTD. I am wondering whether anyone could be kind enough to try and throw any light as to what might be causing my issues. Michael
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