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  1. I really want to see an A2A turboprop, like a TBM or Pilatus. And a B-17. Come on A2A, update that for P3D already!
  2. _Gladius_

    Qualitywings 757 released for P3Dv4

    Ernie, thanks for the explanation. I guess that means I shouldn’t hold my breath for a more detailed QW 757.
  3. _Gladius_

    Qualitywings 757 released for P3Dv4

    Absolutely! Don’t get me wrong, I also think there is a market for low and medium quality planes as well, and those should be filled. But why not offer a baseline plane, and then have upgrades available which incorporate more functionality for a price? Frankly, I’m not interested in the CS 757, because I think their pricing scheme is atrocious - making me pay extra for a 200 freighter, 300, 300 freighter, etc., etc. I don’t get any extra functionality for my investment, only a different skin, maybe some slightly different handling characteristics. But, if QW offers their 757 with basic features for $15, full cockpit/FMC functionality for an extra $40, and failures for an extra $60, I’d have no problem paying those prices. That gives the consumer the option to go as deep as they want to. If they later decide to go deeper, instead of having to rebuy an entire study level plane, they only have to pay the upgrade fee. Majestic did this with their Q400, but I can’t think of any other developer that has done it.
  4. _Gladius_

    Qualitywings 757 released for P3Dv4

    When I first saw this thread, I assumed that $15 was the upgrade price! I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was the initial price tag too! QW offered their 757 for free for a little while on FSX, and I enjoyed it at the time. So I’ll definitely pick this one up. I have to wonder if they will offer a more in-depth version in the future for a modest upgrade price? Seems like a viable tactic to take some market share from CS.
  5. _Gladius_

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    I'm happy with my update to 4.5. Nothing major has changed, and performance seems to be about the same, so if you don't feel like updating, *I* don't think you're really missing out. Some of the things that I've noticed so far are: The PBR texturing on my PMDG 747 used to seem really shiny, like United had just waxed the plane. Dimming the PBR textures makes it look more realistic. The engines don't sound like I just punched the firewall every time I switch to the external view. Loading time does seem improved, but I don't have any TrueEarth, Gold Coast, or City Scene Orlando which seem to be the heavy hitters in that category. I've only flown at dusk, so I haven't experienced full night lighting, but the highway lights have been visible and I like them.
  6. _Gladius_

    P3D v4.5 FPS down

    OK, So I ran a couple more test flights, with my second monitor unplugged, and then plugged it back in with P3D running on both my laptop screen, and then the second monitor screen. My FPS were the same in all tests.
  7. _Gladius_

    P3D v4.5 FPS down

    It’s too early for me to tell. I’ve only performed 1 test flight since upgrading, and that wasn’t a full flight. But performance seemed about the same as 4.4 I’ll try unplugging the second monitor and see if it changes anything.
  8. _Gladius_

    P3D v4.5 FPS down

    A couple of people have posted that they use multiple monitors, but P3D is running on 1, with utilities on the other. This is how I run it too. Does this count as "multiple monitors" for the slowdown that people are reporting?
  9. Everyone has their own sense of humor. I personally don’t find a story about a made up airplane to be anywhere near the level of convincing someone that they are going to die. While I’m a little disappointed that we won’t have an A350 in the near future, I can chuckle at the scale of this prank, and give the author’s a, “Well done!”
  10. “Doc, it hurts when I do this.” ”Well, don’t do that.”
  11. I’m thinking about dipping my toes into a trans-Atlantic flight. Has anybody had any negative experiences with this mod?
  12. _Gladius_

    REX Environment Force

    Ahh, no more upside down clouds. Thanks!
  13. _Gladius_

    REX Environment Force

    Are you saying that SF fixed the rotating cloud issue? Because I still have rotating clouds with SF. If I misunderstood you, please help me understand what you meant. I held off on buying SF for a while, and finally got it while it was on sale. But I’m very happy with it. The clouds look much more realistic than before. I’ll probably pick up Environment Force as well, but not right away, as I’ll want to hear from the community what they think about it.
  14. _Gladius_

    Hotstart TBM

    Has Majestic indicated that they are working on another project? Since they already have a pretty good turbo-prop model, it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to migrate that to another plane. I’d love a TBM 900 with more systems depth than the Carenado TBM.
  15. _Gladius_

    PBR update available for PMDG 747/8

    I have to believe that the 737 has sold the most, just because of the price point. If someone wants to get their first PMDG aircraft, they’re probably going to want to see if all the hype is real. Therefore, buy the cheapest airliner and give it a whirl. Then you can make an informed decision about getting the 747 or 777. That’s what I did. I guess that the 747 would be the next highest seller, since after getting the 737, you would want something more radically different (4 engines vs. 2).