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  1. MSFS only comes with a couple dozen hand-generated airports. Seems like there’s plenty left for the scenery developers to add.
  2. I ferry my warbirds from Airshow to Airshow! But seriously, they offer something more complex than your typical GA plane, and you can still fly them into and from a lot of the small airports that you can't land a tubeliner at. Additionally, you don't need to spend half an hour programming an FMC before take-off. So they fill a nice spot in between GA aircraft and jets, in terms of complexity and time needed to set up a flight.
  3. Another vote for KMSP. There aren’t a lot of high quality airports in that part of the country, so it serves as a good hub for a lot of flights.
  4. The announcement stated that airports were improved as well. Does this include Honolulu airport? How does it stack up to the FSDT version (which I don’t own.)
  5. 5-10 miles isn’t the distance that the light is casting the shadow, it represents the distance at which YOU can see the shadow, and would therefore need it rendered. If there was a setting that would allow you to set a distance at which shadows are rendered, similar to cloud shadows, that would be nice. Then at least, the user is in control.
  6. To put it slightly differently: I use Active Sky for weather, and Sky Force for just the sky textures and cloud structures. I think Sky Force is worth it just for that. So if you’re using their weather engine in addition to that, I think it’s a good deal. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t REX recently update their weather engine too?
  7. Virtuali, I think you’ve done a great job on KORD. Maybe it’s not 100% perfect, but I think there’s a lot of nitpicking when the vast majority of stuff is awesome. I love that we have a 100% PBR airport finally, and I can’t wait to explore it more extensively.
  8. I’ve been checking this forum every couple of hours looking for this thread! Thanks for the heads up!
  9. You want rumors? Well I heard that P3Dv5 will be VR only! Better start upgrading your systems! 🤫
  10. Why wait? Here’s hoping for a P3D4 version of KLAX!
  11. I have never had an OOM in P3D. I think that you’d need to have a ton of add-on scenery installed to get one.
  12. I’ve been running P3D on a GTX 1050. My frames aren’t the best - usually around 30, and will drop down to 15 or so in dense scenery. I could get more with some tweaking, but frankly, it isn’t enough of a bother for me. You can definitely run P3D with a 1060.
  13. Interesting course this topic has taken... I didn’t have any issues updating my password on the new server. The 22% discount was automatically applied, and I downloaded my new 777-200 and -300 this morning. I’m looking forward to giving her a spin when I get a few moments of free time! I personally don’t see the FS2020 announcement as “rocking” the FlightSim world. It is just an announcement after all, and the release is still a year away. Even if it’s so awesome that I kick P3D to the curb, I’ll still enjoy my 777 until then, and feel like I got my money’s worth.
  14. Robert Randazzo just announced that with the opening of their new store, and since it’s their 22nd birthday, they’re having a once in a lifetime sale! Guess they want to stress test their new servers. And I think I’m going to be adding a 777 to my fleet. 😎
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