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  1. Great news! The Fokker 70 & 100 are still widely used in Australia (Virgin Australian, Qantas Link, and Alliance Airlines), New Guinea (Air Nuigini - Looking forward to this one).
  2. Good to hear. I use Firefox for all my web browsing. Of note, I know a lot of the downloads seem to originate on the Russian version site which appears to be down at the moment.
  3. Yes, this happens to me every so often. Lately I have been taking note of the name of the download "*.zip file" and go to https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=displaysearch, type in that file name and the file has come up 100% of the time for me. I then download to my desktop "download" folder (this is where AIG looks for my *.zip files) and then click on the AIG pop-up and it proceeds to complete the livery task.
  4. Thanks, No sign of update on "Contrail" yet.
  5. I uninstalled and reinstalled o\s the MSFS Drive (as I did initially)...still no auto start.
  6. Too many seem to have this issue including myself, but no big deal to manually start either, just have to get in the habit I guess. Doesn’t take away from this great app though! Regards
  7. Thanks, you were correct, I did not have "Ground Aircraft Density" set at zero. When I did that I no longer see the Default Liveries parked at the gates. Also, I checked CYYZ again and I no longer see the AirAsia livery, Sunwing (OK) and 1 Hainan Airlines 787 (OK)....as well, I checked KLAS and I saw plenty of Frontier aircraft and surprisingly (or not) a Hainan Airlines 787 (They do fly into Las Vegas). Thanks everyone for your help clearing my issue. I think I should be good to go now. Regards
  8. ...Just a thought, but maybe, just maybe AIG-OCI did not have a proper airline livery to match to a particular FP and randomly substituted it with an AirAsia livery? I also notice that there seems to be a lot of "default" liveries about as well, which is likely because I have not downloaded those airlines yet. I am only about 30 - 40% of what the FP's AIG-AI Manager has to offer.
  9. I thought I'd try out AIG-Traffic and for fun I loaded up FlyTampa CYYZ just to see what the traffic looked like. To my surprise I noticed most of the liveries sitting at the gate were "AirAsia" A320's, which the aircraft type made sense as I had loaded the FENIX Airbus. But the AirAsia A320's I believe are mainly used for domestic flights and I would not expect to see AirAsia at Pearson unless it was a wide-body A330 or A350. Maybe my AIG setup has gone amiss somewhere. EDIT: ...Is it possible the AIG TC mistook the AirAsia livery for an Air Canada one?
  10. I no longer have P3D installed, but I do have Active Sky installed on a Client computer. I thought AS was not compatible with MSFS. How does it work with FSHUD in the MSFS environment?
  11. I've been using Addon-Linker since it came out, best MSFS app yet. But I thought it only works for apps that are placed in the Community Folder? FSRealistic is outside the Community Folder.
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