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  1. Not sure if you have seen this: https://www.tobii.com/products/accessories/tripod-stand
  2. What Airline are you flying for Bob? Sounds like fun...I'd like to get down to SA in APLv2.
  3. Agreed I would like to switch over to ORBX as well. For now though I just checked my rex files and they did update to the correct time and date I scheduled. But yes, I will reinstall through ORBX once it is available.
  4. Thanks for this...I update daily, works like a charm. Already tested, checked the time and dates, sure enough the update worked...and it must have happened in the background, no "GUI" tweeting birds or running water sounds. Great stuff!
  5. I was told in the REX Discord that it is yet to be released to Outside Stores. But doing a search in ORBX Central for "REX" it is showing in their store for $43.80 AUD. Maybe they are on the verge of releasing, I dunno. I too would like to know how to update through ORBX Central as well, when it is officially released.
  6. I have uninstalled the old version through ORBX Central and successfully reinstalled the Advanced Edition manually. But I see no where in ORBX Central under "My Products" where I can install the new Advanced edition. It does show up in the ORBX Store for $43.80 AUD, but on REX Discord they say the new edition is not up yet through other Stores. So, I have manually installed the Advanced Edition, no complaints. I would just like to do it through ORBX Central though for the usual convenient "Updating" procedure. That is why I purchase most of my addons through ORBX.
  7. ...mine was C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\REX 6\REX AccuSeason\profile.xml
  8. Firstly, I originally bought "Rex AccuSeason" through ORBX...I opened up "Rex AccuSeason" icon from my desktop and I was told there is an update available, I downloaded the setup file, but I'm not sure I should run the setup for "Rex AccuSeason Advanced" since I bought through ORBX. Will ORBX purchasers' be getting the new version through "ORBX Direct"? Should I wait until ORBX has the product available? This does not seem to be a straight forward update.
  9. It doesn't seem to be up yet in "Orbx Central". CHECK THAT, says it's "COMING SOON".
  10. When I enable Tobii (F9 key) I setup the seat position view I want using the "pageup" & "pagedown" and arrow keys and hit the F12 key to lock in the view. I like to centre my Bravo Yoke with the cockpit view "Yoke". I also enable and disable Tobii (F9) regularly and when I press F12 I have my preferred Tobii view. One thing I have noticed though, is that from session to session my Tobii seat view does not seem to hold (slightly off), even for the same aircraft, but I don't mind. It's easy to setup when I start a new session.
  11. Same system...RivaTuner locked at 38...Happy as a PIG in "word not allowed"!
  12. I was flying the PMDG 738 last night, everything seemed fine until final...@1000', disconnected AP, and AP still showed "Green" active...all my buttons and switches were frozen and I made an awkward hard landing...reversers seemed to work (Honeycomb Throttle), but throttles in cockpit stayed forward. So, there was some form of disconnect there. But, I did have an actual server disconnect message earlier on in the flight. So, maybe that was my undoing.
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