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  1. I just checked in on my sim and I see Steam version, no visible sign of update progress, so must have updated without me knowing. No muss, no fuss, Don't ya just love Steam!
  2. This addon is heading in the wrong direction, OK Flyable to UNFlyable.
  3. I had this problem. I started FFTF AFTER the sim was started and had the Q400 loaded. I have not experienced a CTD since. BTW I Use "based on frame rate" exclisively (I was using "based on altitude" under 8000' as well) and found the frames to be more consistent.
  4. It seems everyone is treating this as a straight update over top of the original installation. I didn’t, I just deleted the old installation folder and ran a fresh install. Is that Ok?
  5. That is a handy option as well to use in conjunction with the single numpad views. Thanks.
  6. Exactly, I copy any one of my cameras into whatever aircraft I want and then adjust the view and rebind them to the numpad.
  7. I did the same, but for recall I found it very cumbersome to press ALT+1...ALT+ 0 etc. So I went into that section for the cockpit cameras and changed the “Load Custom Camera” ALT + number assignments to just the keypad number and then I just need to press the appropriate number on the keypad. I think it’s easier than doing the the two key combo press, easy to look around too during critical phases of the flight.
  8. Really, your worried about what the pillars look like. When I fly that’s at the bottom of my worries list. Who cares. I didn’t buy it to look at the pillars.
  9. At least with a mannequin, in the passenger seat you can use the express lanes...😄
  10. ...or the excuse I always get from MK, "no one else has reported that issue"...unbelievable!
  11. I've been using it, no issues with my 1080Ti. getting smooth frames 30-35 CRJ, 40-45 Arrow, V-sync @ 60.
  12. I always liked it in P3D, keeps me involved, not staring at the screen for prolonged periods. Gotta keep an eye on the speed, it can get away from you...😉
  13. Thanks! I was close, was doing Left Alt key + Left click. This procedure must be a MSFS thing.
  14. Looks like we can click on the PFD & MFD etc. (with the "hand), but when it is clicked nothing happens. I expected to see a popup. Is there some other way? BTW, right click is a no go too.
  15. Two questions: I have Steam Version. Just trying to figure out where FPs are stored. The manual says: %APPDATA%\\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\aerosoft‐crj\work I have: %APPDATA%\\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\aerosoft‐crj\work_default I'm probably reading more into this than needed? Also I have a Navigraph subscription. I know that the CRJ comes with "NavdataPro", is there a way to get it to use the Navigraph data? Is there a check box somewhere I can choose between the two like in P3D?
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