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  1. TomCYYZ

    GTN 750 ?

    No worries, just figured it out. I hadn't copied the above " [Vcockpit01] " properly. Everything looks good now. Regards
  2. TomCYYZ

    GTN 750 ?

    I am using the RXP GTN750. I cannot seem to get it to show up as shown in Stefan's post above. Is there more to the configuration than just copying over the " [VCockpit01] "? I have tried changing " gauge07=F1GTN!GTN750, 512,0,512,404,UNIT1.VC " To "gauge07=RXPGTN!GTN750, 512,0,512,404,UNIT1.VC " with no luck. I have also tried Bert's "gauge07=F1GTN!GTN750VC, 562,40,412,324,UNIT1 " , again, the B1900 FMC window remains. I must be missing something here. Regards
  3. TomCYYZ

    Tfdi 717 and 4.4

    I found I had LM's UI (User Interface) set at 512 TEXTURE size. I changed it to 1024 or 2048 and the flickering\flashing seems to subside substantially. I then went into EZDok and reset my VC view points and saved the new setups. Using the higher texture size, the flickering\flashing has stopped when I change from O/S to inside (any) view. Maybe I'm lucky and found the right spot, but I think it is still a collaborative issue between TFdi and LM. I'm just surprised TFDi has not put a statement on this with regard to P3Dv4.4. Regards
  4. TomCYYZ

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Overall I cannot agree with you more! I am achieving about the same FPS (60+ set @ unlimited), in the air (which is close to my Monitor refresh of 60hz) using payware aircraft. So I am happy with that. BTW: Client update only. rebuild of Prepar3D.cfg using a couple of Rob's tweaks.
  5. TomCYYZ

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I used it for a flight today. Worked same as usual.
  6. TomCYYZ

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    My personal experience with this update is a favourable one for me. Being my first time updating P3D, it was a bit intimidating, fear of the unknown so to speak. After updating the Client ONLY, I did the standard deletion of the Prepar3D.cfg and scenery.cfg files along with the Shader Folder before launching the updated P3Dv4.4 ( I of course had backups for the *.cfg's). I must say the textures all round (OK I won't say "seem to be") are sharper deeper looking than before. I can't say the FPS is better, about the same 35-40 Payware airports and 60 - 70 in the air (not a concern for me anyway, I just want smoothness). What I am happy about, after I excited the sim after the first launch I just plopped my backup Prepar3D.cfg and scenery.cfg files into the sim and relaunched the sim. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive, but everything loaded as NORMAL. Call me lucky or fortunate but It is as if I had never updated to 4.4, it didn't hurt a bit. All of my payware Aircraft, PMDG, TFDi, Quality Wings, Aerosoft, Majestic loaded successfully! As a continue my sim experience with P3Dv4.4, I will of course check out my airports on a case by case basis as I fly (or apply a Developer update as required). But overall, this being my first experience in updating P3D, I am happy with the outcome at this time. BTW: EZDOK is working normally without the update. Regards
  7. TomCYYZ

    No Operations Centre

    Thank you very much. I did look there, I have to open my eyes! In my mind I was looking for the term "PMDG" only. Should have seen " PMDG Operations Center ". Thanks again. Regards, Tom Stewart
  8. TomCYYZ

    No Operations Centre

    Just reinstalled all my PMDG products and the Operations Centre is no where to be found. It's not in the Root PMDG Folder and not in the familiar Start Menu. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom Stewart
  9. TomCYYZ

    Link on My Account Page

    NP, I figured it out. Downloaded and installed both products. Everything seems to be working OK. Thanks, Tom Stewart
  10. Is the current link on my Account Page the latest updated version that is compatible with & when I purchase and install the 747-8 Expansion? The reason I ask is I just uninstalled the version I had for the 747-400 Queen base Package and no longer have the upgrade notification in the Operations Centre. Regards, Tom Stewart
  11. TomCYYZ

    How to Activate NGX

    I think I have it sorted out now.Sorry for my confusion. I just revisited the scenario setup screen and replaced the vehicle with the NGX then it loaded the scenario to the location I had setup up (KSEA in this instance) in the scenario. Then, if I was departing LAX for example, I would Navigate to KLAX with the NGX loaded. Does that sound right?
  12. TomCYYZ

    How to Activate NGX

    Sorry, I read the Intro Doc and I am still not sure what you mean by starting with the scenario setup screen. I have always started FSX or P3Dv4 by loading a default flight with the Cessna loaded with no problems, even with the PMDG NGX. Is this a new procedure for P3D? I have it set to start with the default Cessna at KSEA. So, after the scenario setup screen loads on startup with the default aircraft rotating, do I load that scenario or do I change the aircraft to the NGX, then load the scenario to a default airport or my departure airport I will be flying out of. BTW the Intro Doc only talks about FSX not P3D. I must be dense because I am now totally confused. Also, for my own info, should this be the same procedure when using any payware aircraft?
  13. TomCYYZ

    How to Activate NGX

    OK, another scenario I am getting is I load up the first instance of the aircraft over my default Cessna and I say OK to that popular message. The plane loads and starts to throttle forward... I have to quickly move my saitek throttle back and forth to calm the PMDG 737 down and apply the brake. Everything seems normal, so no problem. I am just testing things... reload the Cessna, say OK to my favourite message, and the PMDG 737 I load starts shaking violently....Should I have closed the sim and restarted before loading a different NGX? I thought as long as I load the NGX over a default plane it should work whether it was the same session or not?
  14. TomCYYZ

    How to Activate NGX

    I load on top of the default P3Dv4 cessna and the aircraft spinning is the PMDG 737 (whatever livery). Just a note, if it helps, through recollection, I did install all my liveries before the first time I tried to load the aircraft. Maybe I got ahead of myself there. I can live with the message, but I really do not think it should be there every time I setup a flight. I do not get it with the Queen of the Skies.
  15. TomCYYZ

    How to Activate NGX

    Thanks for the reply. No, I get this message when I initially load the NGX. I do not change between planes and or liveries during any session. One instance of the message is all that should be necessary for most people since the issue about loading a default aircraft is a given for most simmers. Can there not be a box we can check, something along the lines of “Do not show this message again”?