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  1. I don't understand the hate for the Piaggio either. It is one of the most enjoyable and immersive aircraft I have ever bought in any sim. I just think they are maybe impatient types who don't give the plane a chance. It massively rewards those who take the time to learn about it. As for twins, we all know about Carenado and the level they are at, or the level people presume they are at, but I have the Seminole, and it is just alright, no real issues or vices, but not setting the world on fire either. However, I find their recent Seneca release to be very good, if not exceptional; it has really surprised me. The Carenado haters can jump on here, but I don't care, because I really enjoy flying the Seneca a lot, and it does have more depth to it than some would expect from a Carenado product. It sounds good and feels great to fly - sometimes releases just have that X factor.
  2. It is one of those things that is difficult to pin down and it is intermittent for me. I have had it on flights over about 90 minutes, and I have 32 GB of RAM. I get it even with a fresh reboot and a renamed community folder, so I suspect a memory leak related to certain default scenery areas, or a lack of flushing when scenery is out of range. I don't blame Asobo, and I appreciate how complex flight simulators are. Hopefully these bugs can be traced and closed out over time. I think a lot hangs on DX12. Not because it will necessarily fix these issues, but Asobo may have more determination to try to trace them after that, because at the moment it could be a waste of time when things are about to change anyway.
  3. I thought I would just reinforce the information that it seems to be bugged only if you have rudder pedals attached, so that is why a lot of people don't see the issue (including me). I am amazed at the over-zealous attitude some have to defending the sim and Asobo at all costs, above thinking about the end user and fellow simmer a bit more. It is a real issue, even if you don't have rudder pedals and don't see it yourself, but there are some that always seem to want to accuse the end user or shout 'operator error'. There may be other peripherals that trigger the bug other than rudder pedals, but rudder pedals seem to be the main factor. I have the Airbus joystick, mouse, Xbox game-pad (for moving the camera around), and the Saitek Autopilot and general controls panel, and I don't see it. I am seriously thinking of rudder pedals though as I want to control the braking better and I have no more variable axis controls left, so hopefully the bug will be fixed soon.
  4. Yes, I love it! I am glad to have this before the MS / Asobo one came to market.
  5. The panels are working fine for me . The only bug I get is that if I quit out of MSFS and go back in during the same windows session, I sometimes I get a message that the Saitek panels are already running, and then sometimes the autopilot display doesn't light up at all, although the dial still works, so I just use the autopilot display in the aircraft to be able to set altitude etc. Strange how so many people have different experiences. I know two PC's are never the same, but sometimes, I swear Asobo are conducting a social experiment by giving us all different versions of the sim and seeing what our reactions are! 😀
  6. Can't replicate it here Karl. I have AI offline. 1080Ti with the latest driver (466.27), 4k at 70% scaling. ATC menu all normal. I think it is a glitch hopefully, and will probably reset itself after a PC reboot or even a MSFS restart.
  7. What problems have you got? I tend to moan a lot about the silly issues creeping in after updates, but performance has been fairly good recently after a few tweaks. I don't get the 50% throttle issue as I don't use rudder pedals.
  8. Just check your version number (go to windowed mode and check the number in the title bar). It has probably done it in the background like mine does sometimes.
  9. EDIT: So, I will use this edited triplicate post for something useful... I have a slow internet connection. After starting Windows, I double clicked on the MSFS icon and it wouldn't start. I suspected it was downloading in the background. I went to the windows store, and sure enough, top right of the screen, I could see 1 item updating / downloading. I clicked on it, and it was indeed MSFS updating in the background. After it updated, I double clicked the icon again, and MSFS has now started. Now to give it a test!..
  10. Lovely! Wine, cheese, and a nice flight sim - it's what life is all about! Just to confirm to others, my last update happened in the background before I got around to starting the sim. This seems to be a recent thing for minor updates or main executable updates. I expect this one to be the same.
  11. It does altitude hold, but automatic climb or descend to set altitude doesn't seem to work, and I think I have seen it isn't actually a feature on the real one. It does V/S on trim, but it looks like you have to look out for the altitude yourself and turn off V/S when you are there. I would have expected a warning chime when approaching altitude at least - unless I am doing it all wrong! 😀 It is a great plane though, and the best Carenado I have ever bought. I hope to get their Navajo and Apache if they are to the same standard. Not sure why some people had problems with the sounds. I think they are spot-on!
  12. Great! Thinking of repaints? I took your RAF Piaggio for a spin around Snowdonia again last night. 👍
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