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  1. @KatiePilot Thanks for having the courage to make your post, and the work you have done on the project. The Fexix A320 looks spectacular. As for the comments made towards you, they are appalling and I can only think they are made by 'people' who are a bit minus on the humanity side of things. I can only hope they show the same courage as you to come back and apologise.
  2. The real life shots definitely need some work compared to MSFS, but this is a 4.5 billion year project, so I can wait...
  3. On my 690 motherboard it has Memtest built into the Bios. I had a very similar problem. The bios Memtest was showing red lines after just 90 seconds. I bought some 4400 DDR4 RAM (4x8 GB in two separate kits.) I didn't realise (until I checked on the internet) that 4400 was only guaranteed for each single set of two sticks, not for all four sticks together. Eventually I took it down to 4166 (but at slightly tighter timings). It is now dead stable. Passed the Bios Memtest - all green after four hours. I didn't seem to lose any performance strangely enough - or not a measurable amount anyway when doing before and after tests. Also, with the bad settings, it always crashed in MSFS, but only once in Windows (straight to blue screen), but that one gave it away really. I believe I had a couple of black screens straight to reset from MSFS. All stable now though.
  4. I would love to know what the sounds are like. The engine sounds were a bit weak on the one YouTube video I watched, but they may have been reduced a bit by the reviewer.
  5. Ha! Ha! Nice one. I might have to expand and get a boat. It looks better than those fake bright green areas that they have at some of the major airports.
  6. While I share your pain with this, and you may be just venting your justified frustration: - 1. You are posting in the wrong place for MS/Asobo to see it. 2. You will just bring the attack dogs onto yourself. I prefer to call them the pack of Jackals just lately. Don't dare criticise the sim, whether it is justified or not! Edit: Nearly forgot 3. No known fix at our end!
  7. They are now CaptainSim in name only. I don't know the detail, but I believe someone else bought the company name and all of the old models, while most, if not all of the old staff have left, so they have no capability for developing new virtual cockpits etc. They simply have the capability to 'convert' some of the older files from FSX / P3D etc., to fit into MSFS, and play with the config files. As long as they make this clear, I really don't care, as nothing they produce now appeals to me. I had loads of the older stuff for FSX. I loved the B737 and B707 in particular, and I was always a sucker for when they had a sale on, but those days are long behind us unfortunately.
  8. Tough to be viewing a Twitch feed when you are at work. I can get away with a lot, but not that.
  9. Well, I will watch Avangel's review tonight, but it looks like I am already a sucker for this anyway, especially after getting the $5 token in my email. Who would have thought it, 25% off the list price! Thanks Milviz!
  10. I believe Overkill is genuinely trying to help out, but I am always wary of his videos due to some of the claims he has made in the past.
  11. Zendesk gave you 18 things to check? Seriously? This title is so fragile to so many different things. I have never known another title like it. It is certainly a labour of love to keep it working and in good order. After 18 months I am just beginning to get a little tired of it falling over so easily after suffering so many similar niggles. I just want to double click the icon and for it to work.
  12. Stick to being a DJ! In all seriousness, yes, I get it - same here!
  13. Have you tried the up and down arrow keys? You can actually move sideways as well. There are also two keys for move forwards and backwards in the seat. Edit: I just found this for using the arrow keys... Decrease Cockpit View Height - DOWN Increase Cockpit View Height - UP Translate Cockpit View Backward - RIGHT ALT + DOWN Translate Cockpit View Forward - RIGHT ALT + UP Translate Cockpit View Left - LEFT Translate Cockpit View Right - RIGHT Edit 2: Here is a full list... https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020-keyboard-controls/
  14. I run at 4k 100% scaling on a 28 inch 4k monitor, and sharpening definitely needs to be OFF for me, or the image looks over-sharpened and makes the cloud pixellation look worse. I believe 'dirt' set to 0 gets rid of the fingerprints and scratches on the glass, but I have never tried it myself as I like the dirty glass effect. Fringe, film grain, and vignette can be turned off if you want. It may give you a 1% frame rate boost! But either fringe or vignette (can't remember which) It removes the horrible rainbow colour banding effect in the hangar. As I am lucky enough to have a 3080, I actually run with shadows at 6144, which is halfway between 4096 and 8192. It seems just right at 4k resolution to me and no measurable performance hit. I found at 8k, shadows actually looked too sharp at the edge and unrealistic. This is an excellent tweak if you don't like the standard flickering feather edged cockpit shadows. Once again, they could do with a slider for this.
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