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  1. I think it is only removed for the Xbox users isn't it?. That is where it is having the most trouble.
  2. Thanks for this Matt. It was well worth getting the Premium edition for this on its own. Then we have the 787 / 747 as well. Everything you and the rest of the WT team put work into seems to have the Midas touch about it.
  3. I wish! My new 5G connection is better than my old landline connection by far, but it varies between 12 and 60 MB/s. And it is peak time at the moment in the UK so I am getting lower end. I will try fixing up my external antenna when I get a clear weekend.
  4. Well you could go back in now. The settings reset bug has been fixed. The Cirrus is their new benchmark for the GA planes I think - they have thrown in everything including the kitchen sink!
  5. New update is live! First stage 375 MB. I am expecting quite a large second stage due to the new SR-22.
  6. Looks like the reworked Cirrus included in this new beta will be their new poster boy. loads of new features in there on display (Custom lean misfire, detonation, and engine failure simulations), and a new visual model.
  7. Did they say anything about the tiling issues in both DX11 and DX12 yet?
  8. I am so glad I got my new internet connection. 50 MB/s rather than 3 - it would have took all night! It is saying file size of about 5GB.
  9. Downloading it now. Seems like Christmas has come early!
  10. My fence collapsed over to the 'buying' side quite some time ago. The 200 series engine sounds just put the cherry on top. superb!
  11. I'm with you on the A300! What's UNS?
  12. It is closer to being 'systems complete' than the default (I don't like the term study level), and although the FWB is superb, it uses the old visual model, which is far from perfect, and I am not sure Xbox users can use it. Also, the Fenix is the classic Airbus model, not the Neo. This matters to picky flight-simmers, as we know! The engines are a big change between the models of course.
  13. You are correct of course, but I find the misuse of this word is quite common now because so many people use it in this way. It is almost like the meaning of the word is changing in common parlance. Even a BBC reporter misused it recently thinking it meant beyond famous. I think that is what a lot of people are meaning to say. Apparently, the word 'awful' meant completely the opposite some time ago, meaning spectacular and full of awe. Strange how language evolves sometimes - it's sick man! By the way, I find the IniBuilds A320 quite good, and a superb addition for free. It needs improving of course, like quite a few aircraft, but at least the glareshield is correct on this rendition.
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