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  1. FSLTL-Trafficinjector.exe does not start. I have installed FSLTL several times and this does not help. The black command prompt does not appear when I press the start button. FS2020 simulator does not include ai planes. What's wrong?
  2. I reinstalled FBW's Installer as admin and reinstalled FSLTL Base Models and reinstalled Injector. When I press the Start button to install traffic on the FS2020 simulator, nothing happens. The black box just flashes lightning fast, but the air traffic doesn't show up in the simulator running at my home field EFHK. Where's the problem?
  3. I am still waiting for Madeira’s 2 meter altitude modeling for the FS2020 simulator.
  4. How do I get a reverse version of the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus? The flight simulator is FS2020 and it is an A32NX DEV aircraft modeling.
  5. I apologize for my criticism, but Helsinki's photogrammetry is a rather poor performance from MS / Asobo. Happy: From a distance, Helsinki is real Bad: Close-up of photogrammetry buildings looks scary, as do photogrammetry buildings (this is true all over the world). Helsinki with its buildings is far too white and bright Autogenous forests have grown enormously in the area of photogrammetry and are growing in the middle of motorways, Vuosaari harbor and even on the decks of ships! I also read about oversized trees with Helsinki's photogrammetry modeling to remember Avsim, so the matter has been taken into account internationally At least for me, the framerate and smoothness drop a lot when I fly into and out of the photogrammetry area of Hesa, just at Cessna Personally, I’ve ended up turning off all photogrammetry so everything is fine. Apparently the only hope is to wait (years?) For MS / Asobo to push photogrammetry to a better level in all respects, given my criticism above. If this modeling technology worked smoothly and the quality was like Helsinki's 3D modeling in Google Earth, it would be good!
  6. The SU7 update came with Helsinki photogrammetry modeling. For some reason, this really made the trees oversized. When I turn off the Helsinki photogrammetry, the trees in Helsinki are of normal size and realistic. How can the height and size of the trees be reduced when using Helsinki photogrammetry?
  7. What is the exact elevation modeling in the FS2020 simulator on and around Mount Everest?
  8. If a free DEM is installed in the FS2020 Community, does the simulator landscape show this free DEM or the simulator's own altitude modeling that is effective in that area? For example, if the free DEM in the Community has an accuracy of 10 m and the simulator's own DEM in that area has an accuracy of 5 m, which one appears in the simulator landscape?
  9. Would anyone have any information on how accurate the DEM / mesh is after the latest updates in the following countries / regions: 1. Finland 2. Norway 3. Sweden 4. Austria 5. Germany 6. Italy 7. Canary Islands 8. Madeira I ask this because I do a comparison of real landscape images and simulator images. For most of the above areas, either free or paid DEM is available, with accuracies typically ranging from 10 meters to 20 meters. In order for the landscape to look really realistic in terms of altitude modeling, I think the DEM / mesh accuracy must be at least 5 meters or more accurate. Don’t mind those who just fly the FS2020 sim. 10 m altitude modeling is sufficient for flying, especially if the airport areas are implemented in more detail. MS / Asobo has published a map of the United States, which shows the accuracy of the altitude in different areas, but this has not been the case in Europe, let alone in the Nordic countries. In Finland, Asobo's current accuracy is probably the best so far, because, for example, Mörkö says that his 10-meter DEM modeling is no longer needed in Finland.
  10. How i can do in drone mode, that the zoom setting would be 60% every time you start the simulator and not 50% by default?
  11. Thanks for the answers. I know you can increase the zoom to 60% of the settings and I use it. I mean, the zoom setting would be 60% every time you start the simulator and not 50% by default.
  12. Is it possible to get the standard zoom to 60% instead of 50% as it is every time you start the simulator? I think 60 & better matches the photos taken of the landscape.
  13. Apparently, the latest update WU6 has again reduced the visibility of the forest. I think Asobon should immediately restore the visibility of the stand to where it was after the previous update SU5. SU5 LOD 2.0 = 10 nm but WU6 LOD 2.0 = 5 nm! It is very important for the simulator landscape that the trees are visible from afar as in reality.
  14. How would it be possible to save a Airbus A32NX dev flight in the FS2020 simulator so that the flight plan and other settings entered on the flight computer would be preserved when the download of the same flight is restarted?
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