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  1. What I miss is a Tupoelv 154 or a 134! Regarsds Pelle
  2. Quick question. How do I change between the 4K and the 8K textures? Best regards Per S.
  3. Age 57, I started with FS95
  4. I have a ASUS i5 computer with 32gb and Nvidia 1070... I use to fly without livetraffic, no AI, no roadtraffic and level of detail etc set to 100 and no "extra stuff" Will i be good to go with the Fenix you guys think? Best regards Buspelle
  5. You know what? I just LOVE You!!!😉💗💗💗 THANKS!!!😊
  6. File is unavalible, not longer exists...😥
  7. ...And still no fix in SU9 from ASOBO taking care of the huge "ditch"/elevation error at ESSA! rwy26 and 01R!!!😠😠😠
  8. I have some strange problems with ground-issues, rwy 01-19R and 08-26, its like the ground suddenly "jumps" two meters down in elevation. Anyone seen this? Best regards Buspelle
  9. If I want to update to SU8 Beta, how and where do I download/install it? Best regards Buspelle
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