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  1. Holy word not allowed! What is this? A joke? This was the worst so called "update" I have ever seen! Its like reverting back to a "pimped" FS2004!
  2. Just saw it was released! anyone got it yet? oppinions? thoughts? fps, etc etc... Regards Pelle
  3. "Flygbra.se" (BRA) Please! Best regads Per
  4. Dear Sir! How about something for Sweden and Swedish airports again? I have a small requset, when You got the time, the Swedish company "BRA" or "flygbra.se", I guess You have heard about them. Love to se You make that one, since I know You are the master when it comes to repaints! Best regards Per
  5. ...And what about Finncomm?... Please! https://www.planespotters.net/photo/386428/oh-atc-finncomm-airlines-atr-42-500 Best regards Per
  6. And please, please something for us here in Scandinavia... Finncomm A42 Best regards Per
  7. I think the Carenado A42 is great bird! Yes, she does, and the systems mostley, needs some polish, and about the Milviz ATR? I mean, how long have I been waiting for the complete release of the King Air 350??? I bought it for at least 4-5 years ago, and that bird ist stil not finished... So in the mean time, hats of to Carenado for their A42! Great job guys! P
  8. Dear friends Something wierd happend a few days ago, (I had not installed any new addons...) and from one day to the other, all of a sudden the key assignments all reverted back to default (?) I can change them to settings I prefere, fly a session like "normal", but when I close P3dV4, open it up agaiin for some flying... the key settings and my previus setting are all "gone" and back to default... Please help me, I cant figure out what this problem is. So, Dear simmers... help me to find a solution for this Best Regards Per
  9. ...Next aircraft from this top-notch developer af all time? Sud aviation Caravelle! Simple as that, if anyone can do that its PMDG! (even thogh I know it wont happen, but this is just a wet dream... almost as wet as if they release the Convair 340 Metropolitan!)... The DC-6 is... beyond words!!! period! Best regards Per Ståhle
  10. Swedish Transair, Sveaflyg or NordAir. Please, that would be awsome! I know You pro-painters out there are so skilled, so please... Best Regards Per Ståhle
  11. Would LOVE to see a repaint of either TRANSAIR, OstermanAir och Nordair!!! That would be outstanding! You pro-painters out there are so full of skill, so I hope they will come soon! Best Regards Per Ståhle
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