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  1. still no fix for the dissapearing buildings, missing rooftops, vanishing terminals etc etc in sweden! come on Asobo! wake up!!!
  2. ...And that this hotfix will fix the issue with buildings dissapearing in Sweden!!!
  3. ...another thing, those "jumps, bumps an bouncings" in the air does not show in ANY video (youtube etc.) I have looked at BEFORE I bought this heli, if that would have been the case, if I had seen any sign of that unrealistic behavior, I would have stayed away from it!... Dissapointed? Yes! Bus
  4. Such a dissapointment! For a nice and beautiful model in all other aspects, but this is a real drawback since there looks like there is no fix/solution for that anoying bouncing and "jumping". If I had knew abot this, (the jump/bouncing does NOT show in any video I looked at before I bought it!) I would have stayed away from buying it if I just had ANY hint about this! Its not any fun at all to fly in the sate this heli is in now... So sad, so sad. Buspelle
  5. Anyone knows how how to fix/solve the issue/problem with the H145 is doing after take off, in the air, like small "jumps" up and down... A bit frustrating, otherwise this heli is a true and stunning beautey in all aspects just as it is in this BETA state! Lookign forward to the finished product fur sure! Hats of to Hype Preformance groupe!!! Best regards Buspelle
  6. ...That Asobo/MS didΒ΄nt fix the issue with dissapearing buildings/rooftops at e.g ESSB in Sweden... Buildings (that still looks horrible and blocky at ESSB) are vissible during takeoff, but after a short go-arund and when I return for approach the buildings surrounding ESSB are gone! Buspelle
  7. Does this addon work with SU5 and hotfix 1 and 2?
  8. Exactley! Dont dont You tuch ANYTHING as it is right now "Mr Asobo"! πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  9. Just have to say... For me at least, on my system, so far as the sim is right now, it is simply P E R F E C T!!! Smooooooooth, soft, fluid, stunning and words beyond that! Love Buspelle
  10. The update showed up in MS store, I did the update there... But there was no "usual" update preocess in MSFS... Stupid question maybe, but how do I know I have the latest installed in the sim?
  11. Agree!!! Felw my Warrior down to ESSV from ESSB yesterday evening to pick up my daughter, spend the night in Visby and flew back this morning to ESSB. Just tuched down 20 minuits ago, quite a bumpy ride the last miles from TRS and onwards up towards Stockholm, my daughter didnt like it at all the last 5 miles😏... Tell You for sure!πŸ˜‰ But we tuched down safley 😊 Point beeing... Despite rain, heavy clouds, fog etc... This sim, at least for me, in its current state (SU5 + hotfix) is absolutley fantastic!!! Smooth??? Words beyond that for sure! Its Suuupersmooth! 😊 And I dot have a "rocket-rig" Just an ASUS Ryzen5 16GB DDR4 Nvidia GTX1070
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