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  1. Great, then they finally begin porting the 717 to MSFS
  2. Indeed, even from the FSX version (same engine I guess) I remember them as very accurate and pleasant... the GE90 just sounds so fabulous. I have to say I quite like the NG3 sounds, though. Maybe their sound engineer has changed in the meantime? Should have approached Boris Audio Works.
  3. For me, it's the FSX version, where they looked right to me.
  4. Anyone else feel rather disappointed by the previews so far? Sounds are doubtful, MCP buttons look wrong, texturing not great, inaccurate fonts on the FMC... Maybe my expectations were too high.
  5. I hope that we will be able to say that about the NG3 in due time as well... indeed very reassuring. (But long overdue)
  6. Hate to be that guy, but where did they say that? I can't seem to find it... sounds interesting enough
  7. He's extremely full of himself and gets away with everything. He insulted someone badly on the PMDG forum (screenshot as proof was posted on reddit) and never even apologized, didn't get banned from the PMDG forum or removed their beta team. He has neither class nor shame.
  8. VNAV for the Embraer when? Why not finish one thing first and then move on to the next?
  9. The FBW is one of the best EFBs I've seen, both in terms of functionality and design. Puts PMDG to shame actually.
  10. Hope it‘s another top tier! Really curious to see who it turns out to be.
  11. FB KSFO + PMDG 777 + BeyondATC = dreamlike combination
  12. Nice. Really looking forward to putting the new LNAV to the test.
  13. Tens of thousands of new customers for an EA version? That is amazing, really glad for them. Shows how huge this market is. And how disillusioned people are with the default ATC/AI system.
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