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  1. True. If I had bought the normal A321, I would hate myself now for it probably.
  2. For me this is a good deal. I had wanted to get the A321 anyway at some point, but most airlines I fly in the sim have either sharklet-only A321 fleets (Delta, Vueling, jetBlue,...) or mixed ones (American), so I decided to wait and see what they were going to offer... I kind of expected that you‘d need the regular A321 for the SL variant, but nope! So for 80 bucks I get an A320 and A321 with sharklets, the EFB, and some additional features. That is all right.
  3. There were so many... FeelThere + 50North 737 PMDG + Posky 737 PSS + PA Airbus A320 And yes... those were the days... very fond memories. 😊
  4. This may be a bit of an unusual question. I am wondering how flight schools, universities, the air force, etc. are actually using P3D. What kind of PCs do they run the software on? How does a training session look like (in terms of learning objectives, instructions and the like)? What kind of graphical settings are important to them? These are just a few sample questions of course. I'm interested in anything related to the topic. I am wondering if they also have addon aircraft/sceneries/tools we have no idea they even exist. Some time ago, I read that ImagineSim created their Barbados scenery for a sea rescue company which gave them permission to also release it to the general public later on. I haven't heard from other developers about such projects, because they probably are under some form of NDA, too. Maybe we even have someone here who has used P3D in such a setting and is allowed to share some information? That would be fantastic. Thanks a lot for any input! Marius
  5. How was this updated? The description seems to be pretty much the same compared to this: https://orbxdirect.com/product/fsimstudios-cyvr Seems like the same product, sold through a different channel. Bought it back in December when it was discounted, which made it an even better deal. Nice scenery at any rate.
  6. This, completely unironically. Enhanced Atmospherics makes a huge difference imo.
  7. Personally I don't regret having made the upgrade, but I will say that I am little bit disappointed that the scenery still does not reflect the actual state of the real airport. I last traveled through CPH in September 2019, and the aircraft I flew on was parked at parking position E36. That one, and the adjacent positions, are still very much a building site in the scenery. Which wasn't released until April or May 2020. It is still a very good scenery though, and who knows, maybe another update is coming at some point.
  8. Those, and then the Majestic Dash8-300...
  9. Forget about the Sharklets, look at that EFB 😲 I even see some engine failure procedures on there... interesting! And of course the weather (SIGMET) display. Wonder where that data is coming from, ActiveSky perhaps?
  10. Yeah. It certainly isn't outside of their scope. Although they could still say, with some justification, that we got the ATSU for performance calculations already. I'll probably keep using TOPCAT forever in that case. 😆
  11. Orbx have been painfully slow with making some of their titles compatible to P3D V5... I'm still waiting for LCY and MBS.
  12. Have they confirmed that it will have perfomance calculations? Not doubting you, just haven't seen it confirmed so far... I'd really need that because using the ATSU for perfomance requests is so cumbersome 😅 And most Airbus operators in Europe use an EFB of some sort for that anyway...
  13. Pure speculation on my part: The existing services as we know them will remain free. New services and additional features are going to cost. And knowing both Navigraph and simbrief, they will be nothing short of amazing. Definitely willing to and going to pay for that. Fantastic news.
  14. I'd appreciate that, too. I see the onus more on the scenery developers, though. There are many examples of big airports that are light on VRAM consumption.
  15. It's great with EA too for that matter 😄 I'm scared too as it technically can't get much better when it comes to performance and stability... (only worse!)
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