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  1. Add the 777-300ER to that list. 737/77L/744 at least have TOPCAT support. Alas, it doesn't seem like it is being worked on anymore...
  2. thepilot

    Majestic Q400: full simulation?

    A challenging aircraft to fly that requires good coordination especially in single (sim) pilot operation.
  3. thepilot

    Quality Wings 787 released for FSX
  4. thepilot

    Pricing of the 747-8

    I can't wait to see, and hear, the first previews of the -8i.
  5. thepilot

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    Yikes, that's bad. Looks like the only Bombardier plane I'll be flying in FSX/P3D will continue to be the Q400.
  6. thepilot

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    These displays look grossly unrealistic compared to the real thing...
  7. Who's to say now P3D can't compete with X-Plane visually? Great shots!
  8. thepilot

    KMSP Released

    So glad they got rid of that Addon Manager malware. They'll be making a few more sales now.
  9. thepilot

    Level-D announces 757 for Prepar3d

    Agreed, it would be nice to have some more material to judge from. Anyway I found this screenshot from November 2009 which doesn't look bad at all, especially considering it's almost eight years old!
  10. thepilot

    Study Level A380!!!

    Matt is good at showcasing stuff, last but not least due to the high-end PC he could afford thanks to the community (whenever that came into fashion to have your hobby funded by donations...). For a first project I question why it has to be a study-level sim and an Airbus A380. There could hardly be a more difficult task and I reckon you need both deep knowledge of both the aircraft's sophisticated systems and computer programming just to get started. I wonder if he and his team possess this set of skills. If I were ever to start developing an airliner for flightsim, it would have to be something as basic as possible. Maybe the 737 Classic would be a good choice, as its systems basically date back to the beginning of the jet aircraft age and are not too difficult to understand or intertwined with each other. It would still be a monumental task.
  11. thepilot

    Justsim charging for v4 updates

    Didn't they steal other developers' textures? Plus their sceneries look all the same. Not surprised they're now charging for V4. Haven't bought anything from them and likely never will.
  12. thepilot

    Anybody seen FPS at Heathrow in V4 yet?

    I usually fly into Stansted and Luton and performance there is excellent (that is, in FSX with a mid-end system). Keep in mind though that these places are at quite a distance from London's city center which is helpful for performance. The same would apply to Gatwick I guess and certainly Southend as well, since it's the farthest one out. The real frame killer at London though is AI traffic. Given the five big airports in that area and passing traffic, FSX/P3D tends to load extreme amounts of traffic (with AI set at 100% usually between 400-500 aircraft!). I have been using a limiter for a while and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it has given me about 5-10 fps more without noticing fewer aircraft around me – some loaded ones were 3000 miles away...
  13. thepilot

    Anybody seen FPS at Heathrow in V4 yet?

    Even better: There are no less than five more London airports to choose from (Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, City and Southend). I prefer them all over Heathrow, in the sim as in the real world.
  14. thepilot

    Biggest FPS Killer in V4

    You would be surprised to know how many AI aicraft FS loads (that you don't even notice). Use FSUIPC's inbuilt limiter once the new version is released, in FSX I get about 10-20 fps more in busy areas like London.
  15. thepilot

    Where are the Beta Testors?

    I've been wondering that too, but have come to the conclusion that many beta testers are commercial members who have shown some stuff, but are now busy making our addons compatible with P3D V4. I am really curious to see how the sim performs when loaded with high-end aircraft, scenery, weather etc.