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  1. I can vouch for that too, had an issue with another scenery and he sent me a fixed file specifically created for me at the time within hours... absolute world class
  2. One of my favorites. Will install this again for sure when I get my new rig.
  3. Would be funny if he just reposted one of his earlier updates. Doubt anyone would notice
  4. I‘d rather pay 100 bucks for a real high-quality aircraft than a tenth of it for some half-baked stuff with bugs and missing features…
  5. This will be great for short evening flights in places like Brazil, the Caribbean, or Indonesia.
  6. I wanted a CRJ very bad, and went for the Aerosoft one, which I regret to this day...
  7. "As always" I am inclined to say... Sounds like the good stuff (UFT, 777, Navdata) is still months away.
  8. Can you share a few more details on that? I'm in the process of building a new PC right now and P3D + FSL is definitely going to be a part of it. Would be nice to hear what to expect, also in terms of the A320 NEO...
  9. Good to have something in the interim. But a Flightbeam release is a Flightbeam release. And that's always a must-have in my book.
  10. I use it only when the airline I'm flying is using it/has it installed in the first place. Lots of US carriers do (Delta, United, Southwest, etc.)
  11. Looking at flightradar24 data from NZ airports we badly need an ATR-72, DH3 or A320 with IAE engines…
  12. Mackay (YBMK) by Orbx. One of the most beautiful sceneries for MSFS in my estimation (it‘s the sugar capital of Australia, after all!) Sadly it has mostly only flights to Brisbane, although it‘s a good fit for the PMDG 738. Recently purchased Adelaide (sold by Orbx) as well and am quite satisfied with that scenery, too.
  13. In his case, it would indeed be better if he announced less, and delivered more.
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