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  1. Right now, MSFS has zero interest to me as a simulation platform. Yeah incredible eye candy, but then we're back to X-Plane: Generally better graphism than P3D but all the rest is lacking here or there, seasons, airliners, etc. It will be a long time before it actually passes P3D when we look at it as a whole simulation platform, so no immediate danger for ORBX, if any at all.
  2. You can call it whatever you want, my alpha copy doesn't say any of that, so you must be referring to something else 😛
  3. Can't wait for another "MSFS2020" wave. Now at least it seems to make it into 2020, maybe they will even name it MSFS2020 😛
  4. Weather is realistic, depiction is not. I can't live without these clouds and sky anymore, to each his own.
  5. There's only one way to run v5: EA = On 😛
  6. My 3700X runs at 4.4Ghz with 3600Mhz RAM so its performance is rather high. I also use an affinityMask and an undervolted 1080Ti (0.973V core instead of 1.250V) which results in a higher clock of around 2.1Ghz. I can get to 80-90fps flying at altitude with either PMDG NGXu or QW's 787 for example. It can go as low as 30-35 on ground with ORBX's Australia v2 and YMML which is extremely heavy on frames. Still, always stutter-free and smooth. My settings are extremely high, i only lowered tree autogen to one point below maximum and building autogen TWO points below maximum but that's a matter of taste. Everything scenery is at max, shadows, etc and i have boats, cars and yachts or whatever it's called all at 15%. Eight cores do help 🙂
  7. Unlimited in-sim (v-sync off as well), i use nvidia's control panel to enable fast v-sync which, in my case, provides the best smoothness while maintaining high (50+fps) frame rates without any tearing.
  8. I love when people who didn't even try the 787 immediately assume it's bad just because it's not PMDG. I won't even comment any further, getting enough pleasure from naysayers missing out.
  9. Yeah might make more sense. Even the 3070 should be a beast and i say 3070 because the 3060 wil *apparently* have only 8GB once again.
  10. As soon as i realized what's in v5, i sold the 2070SUPER and bought a 2nd hand 1080Ti. Made $50 in the trade and i am way happier now. There's just no going back after you've experienced v5.
  11. 6550nm give or take from SVMI to OIII on the 747, no issues at all.
  12. WSSS looks amazing. ImagineSim has come a long way.
  13. These are two different processes. Multisampling will always be inferior to Supersampling. Maybe there are noticeable differences in 8xMSAA vs 2xSSAA because 2x is really low, but it is still a superior image processing algorithm which will offer better results, obviously at the expense of GPU time.
  14. I use 1x NVMe 1TB for OS, P3D, X-Plane and MSFS and put all my scenery and add-ons in a secondary M.2 SATA 2TB drive (except for MSFS which at least for now has all packages in the same drive). The speed difference between NVMe and SATA whie loading scenery is hardly noticeable and if i ever need more storage, i can easily add another regular SATA 2TB or 4TB drive.
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