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  1. This is the key. I much prefer the IniBuilds A320, with independent MCDUs, better model, better cockpit overall but since it is bound to MS for updates, it'll end up a semi-finished product like the 310 which is really really sad.
  2. For the first time ever, MSFS deleted all community folder and content. This happened after switching from the BETA channel to the regular releases channel and after already started the sim 2 or 3 times yesterday. Today i started it, it wanted an update and i instantly knew what it had done when i looked at the size and it said "126GB". This thing still has a _LOT_ of bugs and some of them are a REAL REAL pain in the rear. Fortunately i have everything i install somewhere else and handled by Addons Linker, the only real hassle is reinstalling all this nonsense all over again. Thanks MS.
  3. Better Dune than Roblocks. That's all that's missing.
  4. Actually, ~10GB in content manager. A310 and world updates.
  5. Keep in mind some updates will overwrite this DLL file, so it might get reverted sometimes.
  6. This is true, as the sim will scan the folders searching for any changes. It's very much optimized in relation to P3D, but still takes a while longer the more there are.
  7. I have TONS of addons (mostly scenery) installed and i have zero issues with performance. Never had actually even in the FSX days, the sim will load what it needs for the location you're currently in.
  8. I will believe it when i see it, but they do seem to be changing their attitude towards releasing a complete and good product. Hope is the last one to die.
  9. By a long long shot, my most expected airliner for MSFS. I hope it's good, i mean it.
  10. Game Development Kit. Libraries and stuff really...
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