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  1. From my personal experience, the latest 767 is really good. Heavy on the frames but it works reliably. The 737-300 is wrong in so many ways (it "features" the 737-200 wings among other oddities) and a lot of lazyness in producing it. Didn't fly it much because, you know, MSFS came up by the time i got it, but it didn't seem anything spectacular or even worth the money. As for the 757, i didn't even know hey had a x64 version. The version i used back in FSX days had a lot of problems regarding VNAV and LNAV, can't speak about later versions (if any).
  2. Wow stunning. Some actually look like the real thing. Thank you.
  3. Even a rock is study level compared to the latest CS releases. They do have great products, albeit with some issues (767, 757 for P3D), but lately only trash.
  4. Been there, done that. I am a software architect in a big company and tried some positive input towards some of the issues regarding their Airbus products functionality to no avail. They will always know better and their attitude towards people who seek help in the forums is just sad. My last email wasn't even responded to although they (mr Kok actually) states they always respond to all emails when help is requested from the community.
  5. Yeah they have issues handling forum moderation and i'm being kind here. As for the A330, it will be a low level simulation like the one we had in P3D. Flyable but hardly accurate, i had some fun flights with it but was never able to "trust" it in full.
  6. That's kind of odd... There's something going on and it doesn't seem to be related to the community folder in that case. Slow internet speed can make things move slower, but not going into the menu as there's only an update check at the start.
  7. Rename your community folder (to community_ for example), let the sim start once more (it will create a new community folder). If it works, move addons from community_ to community one by one or in small groups and keep on testing until you find the culprit. Sometimes it'll just work again out of the blue, sometimes this won't fix it and something else is going on.
  8. Well, in all fairness, it is the best free Airbus we've ever had, and each person has its own level of enjoying the sim. I was probably too hard on it. The FBW is modelled from the default A320 NEO and it did improve it considerably, it's not a faithful representation of an A320 NEO, but it's not THAT far off either. I guess that if they keep on working on it and fix the issues with the systems and model as well, it might become a trustable NEO even for the more demanding simmers. Time will tell. I didn't mean to take value away from it, but please don't compare it to the Fenix which is an entirely different thing.
  9. A likely reason is that the aircraft doesn't even have a (properly) working VNAV. And LNAV. And predictions of any kind which can be trusted. And the engine model is wrong if i want to start picking on visual things. Oh and the cockpit 😑 I don't like talking about FBW's 320 because it's like opening a can of worms, people love the aircraft because it has an electronic flight bag and it's free, and will completely go out of their way to defend it, it's like pushing a boat with a rope, i already regret it. Hopefully the A380 will be something to remember, we'll see.
  10. This was the most fun comment i've read in 2023 here at AVSIM. Some people actually believe the FBW resembles an A320 in operation.
  11. This happens for quite some time now at certain locations. I can see this happening at LPPT frequently. Also happened to me at KSEA. I'm not 100% sure as it was a long time ago, but UHPP seemed to suffer from the same symptom. Deleting the cache, updating or going back in driver versions does nothing. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't and i still didn't manage to figure out what's causing this.
  12. Never turn off SMT under any circumstance. Purchasing a CPU with SMT/HT and then disabling it, is like buying a high performance and then only use it in "ECO" mode. If you have issues with a specific application because of SMT/HT (which might happen), run it with a specific AffinityMask and get rid of the virtual cores, but let the CPU use its full potential otherwise. My $0.02.
  13. Forgot an important detail... I sort everything by ICAO or Manufacturer and keep addons separated by type, so i have "Aircraft", "Scenery", "Utilities" folders and inside them additional folders like: AIRCRAFT "Boeing 737 (PMDG)" "Airbus A320 (Fenix)" SCENERY "KPHX - Phoenix" "EDDB - Berlin Brandenburg" And so on... Then the airports/aircraft ZIP inside the respective folder with that weird naming scheme nobody can make anything out of.
  14. I keep everything. Got a cheap SATA 4TB drive just for that. Access to everything at any time.
  15. The 7800X3D will probably be the best of them all for MSFS. If i was on the market for a CPU, i'd just hold. These current ones are being pushed so that they have a chance of selling as they add quite a lot of latency due to their design. The 7800X with a single chiplet will probably and clearly pass the 13900K in most gaming (MSFS included) titles.
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