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  1. Indeed. Asking is a waste of time, just go there and download it, it's probably done already lol.
  2. A pleasant surprise definitely, it just looks perfect. Someone's in trouble...
  3. The f a n b o y s are in, i'm out. I really should stop picking up any flaws....er... i'm sorry, "issues" MSFS might have, it's too dangerous in AVSIM nowadays.
  4. Better late and done right than something thrown into the simulator as is right now. Even PMDG's 737 which was superb when launched for FSX and P3D later on is buggy in MSFS, missing features and even has flickering screens due to the state MSFS is in. MSFS needs a lot of time to mature, there's lots of time to enjoy P3D still. FENIX? We don't know what that is, it's not even out yet. FBW? It's getting somewhere, but still underway, in a WIP environment. MSFS should be the future, it's not there yet.
  5. Indeed. Now give me that MD-11 and i can "release" P3D while thanking LM for such an awesome ride.
  6. I have a great internet connection which is useless when the other side doesn't work which is what i was referring to. You don't know me and seems like you're just way too into MSFS to be able to see anything else. So that's my cue indeed, have fun, i will have too maybe someday when it's decent.
  7. Errr... i DO use it (when it allows me). Far from trying to preach anything, if you like it, by all means, use it.
  8. What really bothers me is that it still feels very fragile and unpolished and not thought out properly. It's laid out as a game and thought out to work in a console, etc, When i'm flying online and it decides to lose internet connection, there is a very annoying popup window that PAUSES the simulator. If i'm not aware, my ACARS program will penalize me for pausing the simulator and if i'm under control by an ATC... well, don't need to explain more. Then there's this "no internet, no flying" thing that has never been addressed. Then there's the ridiculous usage of then GPU while in the menus (i've seen 1600fps in some cases and my graphics card goes nuts with the fans - 200 watts consumption in a simple menu). I guess this is all because of its hideous game-like menus, but i bet those can be done without so much GPU use, or at least limit the word not allowed things to 30fps, it's STATIC stuff for God's sake. So, unpolished, unfinished, buggy... You name it. Out way ahead of its time. I'm glad it works for some, it STILL doesn't work for me.
  9. This will obviously depend on how you use it. Right now it's good for sightseeing, that's not what i'm here for.
  10. Release stuff when it's ready. MSFS was released like 3 years before it should.
  11. Cannot start the sim at present, says i need to connect to the internet. Thank God i kept Prepar3D handy, this MSFS thing is becoming a major deception.
  12. This one is probably out right after the LevelD 757 which in turn will be released after the LevelD 767 for P3D x64.
  13. The QW787 is an awesome airliner, reliable, beautiful model and fun to fly. It's not the most accurate simulation of a 787 i reckon, but still a very good product and i can't wait to fly it in MSFS so that this new simulator with a game GUI becomes more interesting.
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