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  1. Basically this yeah. And the sharklets don't look good on Airbus anyway (ok, ok... debatable).
  2. Wise decision. It's getting out of hand.
  3. Duh my bad, you're right my apologies.
  4. It only works in RTX 30x0 cards, so no weak cards here.
  5. Just purchased KOBE airport, quality is trivial, i cannot say it was money badly spent as i really enjoy flying in Asia, but its normal price of 43 eur is ridiculous. I assume other airports have the same quality, so i'd buy them now or forget them forever (or until another 60%+ sale like this comes up). Still, i think 15 eur was a more adequate price for what it offers. I have their Chitose airport for FSX which still works ok in Prepar3D and it looks about the same quality as this one, so P3D5 versions should be simple, lazy updates in order to make them work perfectly within v5.
  6. Same here. MSFS or P3D both still perform the same. Also some games i have here, no changes.
  7. I just hope you're right somehow. We all have our levels of demand and right now that's how i classify MSFS. Time will tell.
  8. I don't know if you're joking or not, but there's something called "MVP" in software development - Minimum Viable Product - and this is what i was referring to. I don't think it's 9 years away, but i do think they launched it 1.5 to 2 years before time. It's fun as an unfinished game which needs heavy patching but not as a simulator. Thing is... do they (Microsoft) even care? They look far more interested in making money (duh!).
  9. Guys, the simulator was released way before it was finished or ready-for-market for that matter, so give it some slack. If you jumped on it now, you need to understand that it is NOT ready and it WILL have issues here and there. I don't find any stability problems with it, not even when i was in the alpha i had many issues, but i don't use it yet because i cannot trust it. Well, mostly because of "no reliable/good addons" but still, i find it's way too early to leave the mature stable environment i have in P3D. I monitor the development and fly here and there with MSFS to check its evolution, but i would never completely switch yet and avoid such deceptions.
  10. The 11900K is a step back from the 10900K which was also not the nicest CPU... A lot of power usage for not that much performance. i'd go for an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (can't really find usage for 12 cores within P3D or MSFS for that matter) and that's over 100 USD above the 5800X's price. Intel just arrived to the PCIe 4.0 and the motherboards will surely change with the next CPUs. AMD is the way, better IPC, way lower wattage (thus much better optimization)... That's my $0.02 and my simulators literally fly with that CPU. Coming from the 8700K it was an insane increase in performance.
  11. Because none is credible. People claim that the 320NEO is "this" and "that" but all in all it's just another default flying rock. Yes it is better than what we had back in the day with FSX, and it is one of the best we have but that's to be expected anda far cry from anything i'd touch today. Back in the day you could actually fly default aircraft without it drifting away to neverland like most default MSFS aircraft do nowadays though... I have no problems with MSFS nor do i want to compare it to FSX or P3D, they're different animals, but it's STILL not the next big thing, it's still a demonstration of what it might become in a few years and that's all i said initially and stand by it - Aerosoft's CRJ is a perfect demonstration of "it's not ready yet".
  12. What makes no sense is what you just said. I'm not part of the CTRL-E crew, so we're clearly on a different path here. You're worried about looks, i'm worried about realism inside the airplane, in the cockpit, i don't care about "taxi lights" as those work perfectly with the addons i use (so, not the CTRL-E things MSFS features nowadays).
  13. Right now, in 3 years either in the bin or it has actually become a simulator. Doesn't look good though...
  14. Wow, it's incredible how it needs to be CS to release such epic models... 767 757 727 L1011 and now the 737. What's next, the MD-11? Huge slap in the face and wake up call for other devs. Shame it's probably not very high level, but for most simmers it'll be enough. Well done CS, can't wait for more epic surprises like this one.
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