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  1. Weird, Mountain Mods used to be "the thing" back in my extreme watercooling days, i guess they cooled off or something hehe. Anyway, excellent choice there.
  2. Easy:
  3. In my particular case, the main reason are the addons. Both in fidelity and quantity. Not really a 'simulator preference' thing. If i flew something else other than airliners perhaps my choice would be different.
  4. Nuno Pinto

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    This says it all. No other simulation does this. It's another level.
  5. I'm not going to spend 1500 eur in a card just to get better fps in a thunderstorm. Rather wait for P3D engine improvements and then decide. These card prices are ludicrous probably thanks to the miners and lots of speculation and their main focus is software that doesn't even exist. Let's see what's coming in for P3D and then i'll think if my video card needs a bump.
  6. Nuno Pinto

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    Carenado is actually study level. You have to fix so much stuff yourself, you'll end up learning how everything works in the process.
  7. Fair enough, agreed.
  8. I'm stunned people vote for "ATC". Go online, IVAO or VATSIM, it's much better than electronic ATC simulators.
  9. Nuno Pinto

    PMDG BAeJ4100

    It's not compatible. Apparently there is a new version in production for V4.
  10. Nope, i didn't, hence my surprise. Tired too, didn't even notice this was a dig-up.
  11. About time. Never understood why they removed it... This is a simulation world, it's not the real thing and it's just one of the best approaches ever. Anyway, problem solved, i'm happy!
  12. It's a "-8", not an "800".
  13. Nuno Pinto

    Exciting times?

    Cool. Maybe next there's a 767 or a 757, definitely skipping this one.
  14. Nuno Pinto

    777X new boeing plane

    You'll be lucky if you ever see the 200ER left alone the X.
  15. Nuno Pinto

    best small jets for P3D ?

    I get stutters because i have frames locked at 60 which works for everything but the Mustang. Even FSL319/320 loves it. 20fps is unacceptable to me.