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  1. Age 57, I started with FS95
  2. I have a ASUS i5 computer with 32gb and Nvidia 1070... I use to fly without livetraffic, no AI, no roadtraffic and level of detail etc set to 100 and no "extra stuff" Will i be good to go with the Fenix you guys think? Best regards Buspelle
  3. You know what? I just LOVE You!!!😉💗💗💗 THANKS!!!😊
  4. File is unavalible, not longer exists...😥
  5. ...And still no fix in SU9 from ASOBO taking care of the huge "ditch"/elevation error at ESSA! rwy26 and 01R!!!😠😠😠
  6. I have some strange problems with ground-issues, rwy 01-19R and 08-26, its like the ground suddenly "jumps" two meters down in elevation. Anyone seen this? Best regards Buspelle
  7. If I want to update to SU8 Beta, how and where do I download/install it? Best regards Buspelle
  8. I am running the tool now, hoping for positive result. Logging in/out of MS-store and loggong in/out X-bos did not solve the problem... neither did the updates in MS-store... So lets hope for this!
  9. Thanks guys! I will try that tomorrow, I realy need help here, because I am totaly lost with this strange behavior. So wierd Love You for trying to help me! I will get back tomorrow and report the result! Love Bus
  10. Every time I try to start up MSFS i get transfered to MS-Store page! Why? Or what has happend? Any clue? (worked perfectly yesterday) Best regards Buspelle
  11. Just bought the Asobo Texan "almost prefect" as a stand alone product from MSFS Marketplace, great nice looking aircraft!😊😀 But there is no pilot visible in the cockpit...🙄 Anyone know why, and what I can do about it? Best regards Buspelle
  12. All of a sudden it worked! Just like that! 😀😀😀 (Dont know what I did, or not did 😉) But the sim suddenly kicked in, even thogh the loadingtime before the sim started is HUGE! Took "ages" before it finaly fired up! Maybe 15 minutes or so, and I dont have more in my communityfolder that the JU-52 and JF piper Arrows and Carenado Piper an Cessna, and ORBX ESSB THANK YOU my friends! Buspelle
  13. I have all the latest updates, everything is ok so far... Any other hints my friends? This is so frustrating...😣😥
  14. This is insane! MSFS was working perfectly (the startup procedure) yesterday, but now, out of the blue, I just get into MS store. Thats it! What ever I do, what ever procedure I use or try, same thing. no MSFS startup, just MS store meny... Dont know what the ### this is? 😥😥😥
  15. I am logged into X.box and MS store, as usual... this happend just now, an hour ago...
  16. Sorry, tried that 3 times... This is crazy, what ever I do to start MSFS, i get directly tranfered to MS store...
  17. I try to start MSFS, as usal, (the normal procedure) as I always do, but I get "thrown" straight into MS store (???)... Why? What has happend? Any idea? Love Buspelle
  18. Any idea why it takes "ages" before the "blue line" is finsish during the loadingprocess and the sim is abot to start. And 3 out of 4 times it results in CTD... Anyone else having this problem/issue? Best regards buspelle
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