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  1. Well I flashed the BIOS using the BIOS Flashback utility (not update, since it was already on the latest) and it seems to have stopped doing it now. Seem to remember the exact same thing happening about a year or so ago, and the same thing cured it. Very weird.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I'm certain it's not a RAM issue. There's no red lights on the board except for the Q Code mentioned. And it's the same 16GB of RAM (2x 8GB DDR3 DIMMS) that has been installed since new. As said above once the machine is booted it's never skipped a beat. The XMP profile has always been enabled. Similarly the boot drive (Samsung 840 Pro SSD) has always been reliable. It used to do this occasionally with the previous drive also. The USB ports have always been dodgy. The uppermost four on the back have never worked, I believe these are the Asmedia ones. Googling this it appears it's very common with this series of board.
  3. Hi All, Just posting on the off-chance someone has one of these boards (or similar), I know it's quite an old model now. I've had my Asus Z87 Pro with 4770k for a few years now, and from the outset have had intermittent problems with it, usually to do with the USB controllers. Every few months or so I get repeated failure to boot. I press the power button, the system and fans fire up and it just sits there with nothing on the screen. I can't even access the BIOS. I know it's not the GPU as I've had three different GPUs throughout the life of this machine (currently on a GTX 1060) and it's done it with all three. Normally, if I pull out all the USB devices that are plugged in (which is only my external HDD, my joystick and my wireless keyboard and mouse receiver), and power down and back on again it'll boot successfully, if not the first time then after 2 or 3 goes. I can then plug everything back in again and it's happy. This doesn't happen every time, and the recurrence is seemingly random. It can go for months on end without doing it, and then suddenly as is the case more recently, it fails more times than succeeds. The motherboard shows a code when it's in this failed state, which is usually either 98 or A2. I understand from manuals that this indicates either bad USB device or bad boot device. It's running the latest BIOS, 2103, although this is a few years old. Anyone else had this?
  4. The Just Flight Warrior is actually really nice, and performance friendly.
  5. This sounds pretty cool. I would try this! I used to love Airline Tycoon as a kid, this looks like a big step up from that.
  6. Tom Wright

    Best uk/Western Europe scenery for P3D V4.2

    Anything from UK2000 for the UK is pretty good. I've now got all the major hubs plus a few more minor ones for regional flights. I really miss my VFR Gen X scenery and Earth Simulations stuff from FSX, I haven't yet found a way to get either working properly in P3D v4. For mainland Europe, FlyTampa Copenhagen and Amsterdam are great. I also really enjoy the Balearic islands from Aerosoft (Palma, Menorca and Ibiza), as well as Madeira for a challenging approach. Mega Airport Rome is also nice. Slightly longer haul but still within an easy reach are some very nice Greek island scenery: FlyTampa Corfu, as well as 29Palms Samos, Skiathos, and Mykonos is soon getting a v4 update.
  7. Tom Wright

    Does the FSlabs A320 worth it?

    I must chip in and say that the P3D v4 version of the FSLabs A320 is night and day a lot better than the FSX/32 bit version right now. I believe the plan is for them to roll the bug fixes and new features back to the FSX version at some point but having owned both I'm getting a much more fluid, hassle-free experience with the 64 bit build.
  8. I get twice the performance in P3Dv4 than I get in FSX. It's much better optimized. Can't really answer for X-Plane 11 as I don't have it, but I do have X-Plane 10. It's nice, and screenshots look amazing. I guess if you're already pretty heavily invested in FSX (like I was) then P3D is the more logical step, but I do keep a very close eye on what's going on with X-Plane!
  9. Tom Wright

    What is this?!

    Lol at some of these replies Thanks! Not showing any errors, but the problem disappeared when I de-activated UTX Europe (v2), so looks like that's where the problem is...
  10. Tom Wright

    What is this?!

    Hi all and a happy new year! I was flying into LEIB (Ibiza) yesterday and a strange thing happened! Right at the start of the approach path, floating 2000ft above the sea and going up to an altitude of maybe 5-6000ft, was this concrete pole.. (see picture attached)! I have Aerosoft's Ibiza Evolution, but disabling that in the scenery library doesn't remove this structure, nor does reducing the mesh resolution. I do have UTX Europe and I haven't tweaked with that - but there's no conflicting airports or AFDs for the area. The exact position of this object is in the screenshot (N39 3.93, E1 50.80) if you want to have a look yourself. It wasn't a graphics artifact or spike caused by overworking the CPU or GPU, I loaded up again after I'd landed and slewed out to it and it was still there in the same spot. Any idea what's causing it?!
  11. Tom Wright

    BBMF grounded

    Yes it was a shame to not see the Lancaster and the Spitfires at Airbourne in Eastbourne this year. Still had a fabulous weekend there though! The Griffon Spitfire still made a show and I assume what was a privately owned Hurricane showed up too.
  12. Tom Wright

    Help p3d settings

    There isn't really a magic bullet. I found by far the biggest hitters are Speed Trees (dynamic vegetation) and dynamic lighting. I'd suggest turning off dynamic vegetation, that's 10fps right there. Add ons like PMDG require dynamic lighting for the lights to work properly so that's a bit harder to work round. That said, I did find that it hits your fps worse if you combine dynamic lighting with supersampling AA. Switching to multisampling easily got me my frames back when in a dynamic lighting scenario. In my relatively limited experience with P3D so far, it's a lot easier to adjust settings and see the benefits than it is in FSX. I haven't even had to touch the cfg file.
  13. My story is the opposite. I've been a long time user of FSX-MS (with the DX10 Fixer) and been quietly on the fence over P3D since its inception, but never really felt it necessary to get in on the action. When v4 came out I bit the bullet and went for it, and I'm glad I did. At the moment I'm still running FSX and P3D side by side, but I definitely foresee using P3D more and more as time goes on. My system isn't a slouch but it isn't top end either, but for me P3D v4 just looks better and runs better and feels a lot more stable than FSX ever did. I'm seeing 35-40fps in situations where in FSX I'd struggle with 20fps, and that's with higher settings to boot. Even when in P3D it does drop down to circa 20fps (FlyTampa Toronto I've found particularly hard), it's far smoother than 20fps in FSX was, and if you didn't have the frame rate counter up you'd hardly notice. Sorry for the gushing post, but for me as a new P3D convert, I love it!
  14. Tom Wright

    Favorite PMDG aircraft sound

    Engine starts in general, don't know what it is I just love all the sounds associated with it. From the sudden silence as the A/C stops followed by the low grumble as the engines slowly wind up sometimes causing windows and cabin panels to vibrate.
  15. Tom Wright

    QW 787 - coming to town soon?

    Oh wow this looks amazing! I'll admit I haven't been following this one but I'll definitely pick it up when released.