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  1. No reason why it wouldn't work. MSFS doesn't care how you're connected as long as it's fast and stable enough to keep up. Data charges are usually pretty astronomical over cellular though so something to bear in mind and whether there's a data cap.
  2. Do you mean as an example you're instructed to fly "left base" when actually the airport is to your right? I guess in this scenario you could just do an overhead join from the dead side to put you on a left downwind and then left base.
  3. Here's the actual location, taken at the weekend! Bit busier than depicted in MSFS!
  4. That weird fringing effect on the edges of surfaces in the hangar was introduced in an update way back in Sept/Oct time I believe. It doesn't seem to present itself actually in the sim though.
  5. Sorry if this has been answered before but is there still a need to clear the Community folder before these updates?
  6. I managed to get mine on its own dedicated SSD. You have to change the default MS Store install location before you download and install it. This does have the caveat of meaning that everything from the MS Store gets installed on that drive but I don't really use the Store for anything else and most other apps are tiny. I think the thing to bear in mind with MSFS is that by design like with most modern software it's provided as a service, you don't own it. You just have a license to use it. Therefore it's folder structure and where its physically located is not meant to be relevant to the user.
  7. Yes, yes it is! It has flaws, of course. But all the sims do. Perhaps I'm lucky as the issues I've had have been very minor thus far when compared to some of the horror stories you read on here, but I absolutely love it, it's given simming a new lease of life for me.
  8. Hi All, Just done a flight in the Arrow and had a basic flight plan set up using the default planner. This usually is then shown on the default GPS to follow the line, however today there was no line showing on the GPS nor on the VFR Map for the first leg of the route. It was only on passing the first waypoint that the line then was visible and could be followed for the rest of the flight. The autopilot however did follow the route even on the first leg, it's just that there wasn't a magenta track showing. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong? Thanks!
  9. I'm assuming it's not possible to cable directly to your router so you're reliant on WiFi? Wireless performance will always be variable. I live in an apartment building and every unit has their own wireless network, so the RF bands are all fighting with each other. Its slightly better on 5GHz than 2.4GHz. I also found out the hard way that although my internal walls are just dry lined plasterboard, they must have some sort of metallic layer inside them presumably for fire proofing which shields the wireless signals getting through! So much so that I have to use Powerline adapters to get a reliable connection in my study. That said, my router is stuffed down behind my couch and I can still get over 250mbps from it most of the time so I can't really complain at that!
  10. Ooh this will be good! Gatwick must be one of the best free airports for the sim, and can even hold its own alongside payware in my opinion. Looking forward to Shoreham!
  11. 16GB RAM here and I've never had to muck about with any page files/virtual memory stuff.
  12. There's a hidden clickspot above the rotary autopilot control switch that enables Altitude hold. I think this particular airframe they have modelled only has a single axis autopilot but they've added a hidden Alt Hold feature for ease.
  13. Really? PA28s I've flown in the real world have always exhibited the reverse, a marked balloon pitch up tendency when the flaps are put out, which you learn to instantly counteract by holding forward pressure on the yoke before you trim it out. I've only flown Warriors and not Arrows though so don't know if this makes a difference, but they share the same wing.
  14. The whole model for Flight was wrong. It was far too restrictive in every sense, being initially limited to Hawaii only (and later Alaska through a DLC), with only a very small handful of basic aircraft. Some didn't even have cockpits modelled. It was a closed ecosystem as far as DLC was concerned as well. For obvious reasons it didn't appeal to those serious about flight simulation and it didn't appeal to the more casual gamers either who just buzzed around Hawaii for a few minutes and then got bored. I'm normally the last person to criticise anything but it really was bad!
  15. So if they gave it a Windows 95 inspired UI, with drab grey windows full of command buttons and combo boxes, would that make it less 'game' more 'sim'? 🤔
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