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  1. hschuit


    Under Options - General, disable "Enable Content Error Reporting". Not sure why you have this enabled, it is intended to help debugging content. The scan is very intolerant, lots of the reported issues do not really hurt (e.g. the Payload station indexes error). On my PC, having this option enabled hurts performance so I only use it when I want to test add-ons.
  2. Change the file properties of your Standard.xml file to read-only.
  3. hschuit

    P3D V4 Launches at Startup

    If you are on Windows 10 that is "normal". Windows 10 will automatically launch apps which were running / not fully closed at the time of the last shut down. The P3D process needs some time to fully close after you exit the sim (you can witness this in the W10 Task Manager - Processes). To make sure the P3D process is fully closed you have to wait ~20 seconds after exiting the sim and then you can shut down Windows.
  4. hschuit

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    OK, the 78Gb download, about the same amount of disk space needed when installed and in game performance is already discussed but what about the sim loading time? With the NL2000 Netherlands photo scenery (which includes annotated autogen) I experienced a massive increase in loading time, even when installed on a Samsung 960 Evo PCI-E 2.0 SSD.
  5. hschuit

    standard.xml vs standard.xmlx

    I did tick my standard.xml file properties read-only attribute box so it does not get overwritten.
  6. I had the same problem and opted for a quick & dirty work around to make sure my key settings will not be changed by any program: I changed the file properties of the %APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Controls\Standard.xml file to read-only.
  7. hschuit

    CPU and texture resolution in V4

    When I increase texture resolution to 1m it is less demanding for the GPU (GTX 970), it does not make noticeable difference for the CPU (i7 4970k at 4.4GHz). I use 60cm because I get stutters when going to 7cm.
  8. hschuit

    Prepar3d and FSX on same drive

    You can make the P3Dv2 library scenery.cfg use your FSX scenery addon folders, it is simply a matter of putting in the folder paths. There are a few caviats like older FSX afcad taxiways not showing in P3Dv2 (which can be fixed with ADE) and FS9 scenery objects which work in FSX but do not display in P3Dv2. I have my addon scenery on a separate drive, FSX and P3D are on another drive, sharing the same addon scenery, no duplicates needed.
  9. hschuit

    UK and Europe Scenery Combinations

    If you predominantly fly in the UK, you don't need a vector add on because your Orbx FTX EU England/Scotland already includes custom mesh, land class and vector data. If you want more accurate lakes, shorelines, streets, highways, train lines, power lines, streams etc. in the rest of Europe you need to turn on your vector add on.
  10. hschuit

    P3D 4 core users check this out

    Agree with Skywolf, some entries do not make sense like: RejectThreshold=126976 <== Besides the fact P3Dv2 should not use the FSX Bufferpool tweak, this entry can be deleted because this will only work when UsePools=1 FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 <== This value is outside the range which can be used so the sim will use the default value = 0.33
  11. hschuit

    Airport Scanner /BGL

    Does not look like a duplicate, 1 appears to be an airport afcad, the other a traffic file, different beasts, best to be left alone.
  12. If you PM me your mail address I can send you my P3Dv2.5 terrain.cfg clean install backup copy. cheers, Henk.
  13. You will find that same typo in the old FSX SDK - "Terrain SDK" > "Scenery Configuration File" chapter. The QMID level 4 numbering really is Col-Row, the same numbering is used for the FSX/P3D base scenery folders: 0000-0007, 0101-0107 etc. The FSX SDK explains it correctly in the "Terrain and Scenery" chapter: "The first two numbers refer to the column of data (from 00 to 11) and the second two to the row of data (from 00 to 07). So 0000 contains the default information for the top left hand rectangle in the diagram below, and 1107 the information for the bottom right hand rectangle."
  14. hschuit

    FSRecorder for P3D 2.5

    Are you sure you run P3D as administrator? You need to run P3D as administrator, otherwise the FSRecorder menu entry will not show. BTW: I just tested it with the latest hot fix (2.5.12946.0) and it still works.
  15. hschuit

    Problem with blurry textures (blurries) in 2.5

    Removing the [JOBSCHEDULER] and FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.1 tweaks did solve the blurries for me (I use Orbx FTX England).