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  1. After having used both, it's another vote for Chaseplane from me. I haven't looked at Opus for a while but isn't it still a combined weather/camera addon? If you disable the weather part you don't get the camera effects. A lot of people are really happy with Active Sky. It's arguably the best weather engine available. Opus weren't interested in splitting their camera section into a separate addon, so that's why EZDOK v2 and Chaseplane are the only options.
  2. Simply take your screenshots with the V key. Then check documents/pictures. Also, use imgur.com to upload them.
  3. I totally feel your pain on this one Ryan! I'm also not a fan of having to manually remove the gear pins. From what I've read, the pilots remove them even before getting on board so basically with the cold and dark start starting with the doors closed, we're simulating two of the most forgetful pilots ever! :D Although, if what @snapshot21 says is true then I can really appreciate that attention to detail. I simply thought the gear pins are straight up random as to whether they're stowed or not. The only other thing that annoys me a little is not being able to simply enter a ZFW in the load manager, I'm not a fan of having to work out which passengers go where. I've had to work around it by having a fixed payload in the load manager and simply adding the ZFW to PFPX when planning a flight. Apart from these two things, I love the Q400. Flying it more than anything else right now.
  4. Ebs

    GSX and Q400

    oh, Robert! haha. I can just see it now. I'll upload a video with me narrating over it, using FS2Crew with my First Officer voice and my voice as the GSX Marshall.
  5. Ebs

    GSX and Q400

    Rob, that's brilliant. I'd certainly offer a recording for this. @virtuali ?
  6. @Bourrinopathe hi, I'm GAFan over on the XP forums. I bough the Pathera and the GTN750 at the same time and messed about with getting the GTN in the 3D cockpit of the Panthera. Just to see if it could be done. After a few hours of tweaking I managed to get the coords as close as possible and posted my findings in that thread. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/118729-panthera-realityxp-gtn750/&do=findComment&comment=1273079 I was under the impression that you came along a few days later and built upon that and managed to get the obj edited too so when you made the stickied thread with the mod (which is awesome by the way) I was a bit disappointed that you didn't credit me! Entirely possible that we were both tweaking things in parallel though. Like I said, no harm done. Although, I do have to say that the *correct* coords are frame.rect = 1024,2048,600,708 based on what Yoyoz said.
  7. Ebs

    GSX and Q400

    Do yourself a favour and get this replacement voice pack for GSX. https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=GSX+dave&CatID=root&Go=Search As much as i love GSX, I can't stand the default 'voice' that comes with it.
  8. J, I honestly don't know why I didn't think of this earlier! I might have to pick one of these up myself. Thanks!
  9. Exactly this. As Scott explained, you can assign one key to multiple presets. When I discovered this (by accident!) it was a game changer for me. In fact, I decided I wanted to make a video about it :). I've linked to my video at the point where I talk about it. It's only a minute or so - https://youtu.be/-ttoIcIXq0M?t=9m13s
  10. Ebs

    GSX and Q400

    Tip for future purchases from Flightbeam /FSDT, if you're in Europe, Choose to pay in USD and let your Bank/credit card do the conversion. It's for sure a better rate. Nice one J!
  11. Ebs

    GSX and Q400

    There was a bug with GSX but we're talking two years ago, haha. If you started an engine during pushback, it wouldn't actually start turning until your parking brake was on. Still not sure if it was the Q400 or GSX that was to blame. I vaguely remember something about it being in a paused state during pushback and that's why the engines wouldn't work... Anyway it's great now, no problems whatsoever. I still need to reply to your Q400 thread J!
  12. @ryanbatcund just replied to your PM on the xplane forum. I'm GAFan over there. Forgot my account details and had to make another one. Nice work getting the eclipse working! @Bourrinopathe nice job with editing the Obj file. Would have appreciated a credit to 'ebs/gafan' in the sticky topic but no harm done!
  13. It doesn't touch the default built-in nav data. Only third party stuff. If you're looking to update the default nav data there's this - http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html (there's also a payware one that I can't remember the name of at the moment...see below for more details ;))
  14. I only see that with SSAA. (of course)
  15. oh, I definitely see a hit, but it's nothing like 50-100% difference for me (unless I compare it to the Q400 of course ;)) (6700k, 16gb, 1070)
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