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  1. @vc10man Rick, is this FSL related or you mean P3D in general?
  2. Hi, Apologies for starting a new thread on this but I did it for visibility. Some users of the FSLabs A320X were experiencing a crash-to-desktop when attempting to load the plane directly (the workaround is to load the piper cub first, then the A320X) I just went to the FSL Forums to say the update is still having problems, when I came across a post that said turn your P3D Water settings from Ultra to High and this fixes it. Well, it fixed it!. I can now load the A320X directly without loading a default plane first. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/13937-ctd-between-100-and-flight-deck-load/&page=3 Hope this helps at least some of the users with their CTD problems.
  3. @swiesma. Lovely! If you were running PTA you'd be able match the RL pictures more closely I reckon!
  4. Guys, come on. He found it a little less intuitive than dealing with PMDGs Operations Centre (which, let's be honest, is great and I'm sure I read FSL are also working on a similar app) a couple of liveries that I downloaded were not installers (just raw texture folders which involved editing the aircraft.cfg manually) @SquadronLeader. Just take your time with the install. Register your product on the forums and visit the links provided for the liveries. The FSL forums are also full of useful info once you get your bearings!
  5. Fair enough! Thanks for the explanation and thanks so much for the 320X. I have a couple of minor issues with it, but the issues are known and I'm sure they'll be ironed out in the near future (CTD when loading direct for example) definitely no show stoppers.
  6. Apparently it's a free trial type of thing that only works with the A320 so I kind of understand why it's separate. If you pay for it, it works with all your other planes. But still, bundling it would save a lot of trouble! As for those knobs underneath the FCU.. I remember having to look really hard for them! :D
  7. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/files/file/849-fslspotlights-for-p3dv4/ 100% off ;) And the floodlight knob is on the pedestal!
  8. @swiesma: No, it's a free download. Although, I'm a little confused why FSL didn't bundle the Spotlights installer with the 320 installer. I've seen a ton of posts complaining the lighting isn't working properly. But, I'm sure they have their reasons!
  9. Load the bus in p3d. Then do your plan in Pfpx. Then print your OFP with the Pfpx format.. Under your list of printers you should see a new one... ;)
  10. Nice one Dave! Gonna try that PA tip tomorrow, I didn't even think of doing stuff like that.
  11. Just finished the tutorial flight from Vienna to Copenhagen and I've gotta say I'm really impressed. The sounds are incredible. The takeoff roll was awesome with powering down the uneven bumps of the runway. Taxi handling is the best I've seen. Performance (FPS) was great. Certainly no worse than PMDG's offerings. One thing I've just noticed though. VC Textures were sharp but not '4k' sharp. I just had a look in SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A32X\Texture_VC and while the biggest texture in there is 4096x1024, all other textures are 2048x2048 max. I thought one big feature of the P3D version was 4096 VC textures? Anyway, it's a small thing. Off to bed now, looking forward to flying her again tomorrow!
  12. Seems awfully low? Is that default or a recommended setting? It's gonna be a loooong day at work! :D
  13. Just checked the site on my way to work and it looks like it's now available for V4! http://www.flightsimlabs.com/index.php/a3xx-master-series-a320-3/
  14. Christopher, what does it say on your PFD (with regards to modes) when this unexpected stuff is happening?
  15. My guess is Monday at the earliest. Who at FSL wants to work support on a Sunday? :D