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  1. Shinx13

    Ball of Light Reflection Over Water

    I posted in the developers forum and, someone made a report about this. One of the supports said that its a P3D issue.
  2. Shinx13

    Ball of Light Reflection Over Water

    You got me lol. It does nothing, its still visible.
  3. Shinx13

    Ball of Light Reflection Over Water

    Possibly. I notice that its always at the horizon's edge of the scene. Here's a picture. I am still on the long haul flight and I see nothing. It could be hidden behind clouds. UPDATE: Oops I lied now its behind my plane.
  4. Hello, I have noticed for a while now that at night time when I am flying over a body of water I have a ball of light that is reflecting over almost as if it was the sun. I am currently doing a flight and I don't see a source of light for this to occur (Sun nor moon). I was wondering if anyone has this and or if you do, what do I need to turn off in my sim to get this removed? I have Envtext + Envshade installed. My guess is that it must be something in the lighting settings. I will provide screenshot and settings below! Thanks!
  5. Shinx13

    Limit FPS P3Dv4.3

    I see, thanks for the detailed explanation!
  6. Shinx13

    Limit FPS P3Dv4.3

    Ah I see, so based on what you are saying the limit should be 30? Not sure I quite follow. I do have a 1080 TI and 9700K OC 5ghz. The thing is that I am getting over 60fps and I have a 60ghz monitor and I noticed that in VC it stutters when i move the camera. In the external view I get upwards 100fps but no stutter at all.Thats why I asked if there's a isolated limiter for VC, but not external.
  7. Shinx13

    Limit FPS P3Dv4.3

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone has used a method(if any) to limit FPS in VC to lets say 30 or 60 and let the fps outside be unlimited. Reason I ask is because I reset my computer and now I am getting over 60fps and its causing stutters. I have Vsync off, but I used to remember others saying that there was an external tool used to limit such fps. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Shinx13

    GTX 1080 TI = Blurries

    What are your settings? Do you use any tweaks?
  9. Shinx13

    Multiple Runway Files?

    Cool, thanks!
  10. Shinx13

    Multiple Runway Files?

    Hi everyone, Recently I installed Seattle X by Drewzecki and upon doing a flight I noticed that in my P3Dv4 main folder has 3 runway files and I find this a bit odd. I am wondering if anyone has such files like I have. I know they are of 3 data type, but I am curious. Thanks in advanced! Best, Shinx13 UPDATE: Not sure too, but I saw I had an app "Make Runways" and I think that is how the files got there... Any thoughts?
  11. Shinx13

    Dialog Window Stuck on Left Side?

    That its docked to the left side of the P3D window. It's not only this, but also addon's inside of P3D. It's a minor nuisance and was wondering if anyone encountered this.
  12. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has encountred the dialog window like this not being centered. Like below? I have "deleted generated files" but did not fix this... Also reinstalled sim as me thinking that my P3D is corrupt...
  13. Shinx13

    Peformance + Stutter Since V4.2 - Onward

    Thanks for the advice! I actually went to reinstall the entire sim and addons and I am getting much better frames now! I will try what you suggested, thank you!!
  14. Shinx13

    Peformance + Stutter Since V4.2 - Onward

    What is NVI limiter? Nvidia Inspector? If so, what are your settings in there?
  15. Shinx13

    Peformance + Stutter Since V4.2 - Onward

    Its 60mhz 1080p.