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  1. gclarkso

    SimElite Time Zone Fixer/FS Realtime

    Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Hi, I have been trying to figure out how these two apps work together. What I gather, both are needed to perform their stated functions. However, I see FS Realtime has it's own time zone functionality. A short and sweet overview is appreciated.
  3. Hello, I started with HiFi support forums and their suggestions have not solved my issue which is...is there a way to re-size the Weather Request window that's activated from the P3D add-on menu? I was farting around with DSR and once I found out it wasn't for me, and reverting back to 1920x1080, the request window now takes up 2/3 of my screen. Their suggestions included: This is handled and controlled by FSX/P3D itself. Just click and drag one of the corners. If all else fails, check the .cfg file and see if you can remove the location/size info for the window, or you can even recreate your .cfg (backup, delete, let recreate) from scratch. I definitely think it's a P3D issue as my ProATC request window is acting the same. Any ideas?
  4. If I may... I'd like to see one of the buttons assigned to minimizing the map and bringing up the legs of your flight plan. Would save a ton of trees! Tapped from my G-Nex...