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  1. Hi guys Same problem after W10 update. My solution was to activate Loudness Equalization under sound effects tab for the speakers BRGDS
  2. Hi guys. I'm trying to disassemble two bgl files due to scenery problems in P3Dv4 (Aerosoft Split). I read somewhere this: the problem is just that two scenery BGL-files (LDSP_Ground.bgl and LDHD_Ground.bgl) are compiled with SCA, which is unsupported in P3Dv4. In order to fix those files, you have to use scdis to disassemble them. Then split the resulting SCA-file into one SCA-file for each LayerCall. Now you can open the SCA-files in ModellConverterX and save a new BGL-file in P3Dv4 format. Can somebody explain how to do that. I disassemble bgls with SCDIS and BGLAnalyzer and I have got sca file for each bgl. How to do this:split the resulting SCA-file into one SCA-file for each LayerCall. Now you can open the SCA-files in ModellConverterX and save a new BGL-file in P3Dv4 format Thanks Edo
  3. Thanks for info. You are right Michael. I didn't pay attention to Kevin PC. It is the beast which most people does not have. I don't fly VFR aircraft or flights so at the moment I will skip ORBX TEGB BRGDS
  4. Thanks for video. I would like to see that scenario with PMDG B737 or FSLabs A320. BRGDS Edo
  5. Hi guys. I notice that some addon airports have a problems with white ground in low visibility. It looks like problems with reflections. For example that problem have RFScenerybuilding LDZA and some other airports. You can check this topic to see how it looks: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/117284-runway-in-low-viz/ Anybody found solution Thanks
  6. Hi Christopher Thanks again. I solved the problem with increasing scalar value for edge lights and now I have all lights visible. I just installed P3D SDK and compiled modified airport. BRGDS Edo
  7. Hi Christopher and thanks for info. I installed ADE but I'm not sure how to check blue taxiway lights. If you could explain. Thanks Edo
  8. Hi. I need help regarding default airports Blue taxiway lights. Which file or effect is responsible for blue lights? I have a problem in P3Dv4. It worked before but obviously something is changed and now I have a problem. The problem is that Blue lights are visible away from aircraft, but as I'm moving lights near aircraft just disappear. It looks like lights are faded as soon as I'm closer to them. Thanks in advance BRGDS Edo
  9. Hi I didn't overwrite default state. But I created one with scratchpad cleared and after loading that new state again I had on MCDU#1 55CCI. Strange. Edin Hasanovic
  10. Hi. Is it normal that every time when default state is loaded (short or long), I have on MCDU#1, on scratchpad 55CCI. MCDU#2 is not affected. Not big deal, I can delete this. Just curious. This does not happen with C&D State. Image: https://ibb.co/j2DV1w FSX version. Thanks Edin
  11. Hi Steve. Yes I can confirm that this solved lights on both airports. BRGDS
  12. Hi Steve. I enable again V2.0 Transparency Logic and disable Zurich Fix and lights worked as it should. So unticking Zurich Fix solved the problem Thanks D
  13. Hi Steve. Lights returned (EDDF and EDDM) after I disable V2.0 Transparency Logic with Balanced settings. What can cause issues when V2.0 Transparency Logic is enabled. Thanks
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