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  1. ehasanov1

    After loading default state on MCDU#1

    Hi I didn't overwrite default state. But I created one with scratchpad cleared and after loading that new state again I had on MCDU#1 55CCI. Strange. Edin Hasanovic
  2. Hi. Is it normal that every time when default state is loaded (short or long), I have on MCDU#1, on scratchpad 55CCI. MCDU#2 is not affected. Not big deal, I can delete this. Just curious. This does not happen with C&D State. Image: FSX version. Thanks Edin
  3. Thanks Steve. Great support for great product BRGDS
  4. Hi Steve. Yes I can confirm that this solved lights on both airports. BRGDS
  5. Hi Steve. I enable again V2.0 Transparency Logic and disable Zurich Fix and lights worked as it should. So unticking Zurich Fix solved the problem Thanks D
  6. Hi Steve, Yes, I have Oslo and Zurich fixes ticked
  7. Hi Steve. Lights returned (EDDF and EDDM) after I disable V2.0 Transparency Logic with Balanced settings. What can cause issues when V2.0 Transparency Logic is enabled. Thanks
  8. Hi Steve. What is bgd.bmp? You mentioned that file in your previous post. It is possible that something is changed and I'm not aware of that. I installed Simstarter NG few days ago, but didn't changed anything except scenery complexity. Thanks D. P.S. Picture :
  9. Hi Steve. I have V2 options ticked in the legacy. Only Legacy ac self shadow and force shadow is unticked. I reinstalled Fixer and cloud shadows. Nothing changed. I see the lights on runway but they are greyed (I see shapes but without light, don't know how to explain better). Like everything on runway (lights) is dimmed. Other lights are bright (taxiway)
  10. Hi Steve. Notice the same problems with Aerosoft Frankfurt V2. No runway lights. When legacy slider full to the left, runway lights appeared. Is it possible that something is corrupted? Can halo.bmp cause this. Thanks D.
  11. Thanks Steve. Will try. BRGDS D.
  12. Thanks Steve. I will create profile for EDDM. Can somebody confirm who have T2G EDDM same behaviour? It looks like I see lights. But they are greyed. I'm not 100% sure that fault is because Dx10. BRGDS D.
  13. Hi I notice that I miss runaway lights with DX10 on EDDM from Taxi2gate. If I put Legacy slider to the full left, I have lights. Not sure if I had this before. What can cause this behavior? Can I have some negative results with other scenaries if I leave legacy slider full left. Last time we discuss similar behavior with Aerosoft LSZH but this is solved with last Dx10Fixer version. Thanks D.
  14. ehasanov1

    NVidia 378.66

    Hi. No problems with new drivers 378.66 in my case. FSX run normally BRGDS D.
  15. Hi. I notice problems with Night textures with Aerosoft Mega Zurich latest 1.04 version (it applies also to older versions). I have latest DX10 Scenery Fixer but this effects are still present. You can see how does it look at: Is there any chance to solve this with Scenery fixer? Thanks D.