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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the advise. Cheers Rod.
  2. Thank you, was just looking for options, the download size would be? Cheers
  3. Hi, just after some advise as to where and how is the best and easiest way to purchase MSFS 2020, download or boxed edition, I would prefer the boxed edition but I guess that's not important I'm in Australia. Cheers.
  4. Is envplus going to be V4 compatible?
  5. Does anyone have any VC ONLY presets for Tomatoshade or point me in the right direction Cheers Rod
  6. Is P.T.A still around, although I've been using it for years in V4.5 error comes up when opening the interface to activate it Simtweaks website seems to be gone as well and has been for quite a while although it's still for sale on Simmarket, does anyone have any other news. Rod.
  7. Yeh Ray I've tried various device's with the same outcome, we are still on the yacht in Townsville Far North Queensland with no internet issue's at all, even at sea we have internet via our onboard wifi system. Rod.
  8. I've been using that for quite a while now with no response at all, I've just contacted them again using that link, if nothing comes back I'll just forget about it. Cheers Rod
  9. It seems I'm unable to open a ticket either, no options, I did try and a mail returned issue came back.
  10. That is next on the list, would be nice to know what's wrong with the one I have.
  11. Appreciate your help Ray, that response seems a bit strange just to be able to contribute to a forum, but anyway. Cheers Rod
  12. Before and after I log in to PMDG Forums, Logged in top screen shot and that's as far as I can go.
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