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  1. Last time I used Envshade, Envtex, it killed my Orbx night lighting, turned all major highways into flowing lava and missing suburban lights, it all came back after disabiling Envshade, does anyone know if this has been remedied?
  2. Love the program and have used it since it was released for the Queen, I have juat updated to V2.0 and it is stuck in voice mode, I only use button control and can not for the life of me seem to change it to button control, I've never had this problem before, can someone advise me on how to change it over, I can't see how to get the change in the manual or if it's even written. Cheers Rod
  3. Does anyone know what's happening with the Immersion package for the 777? I'm under the understanding that it doesn't work. Cheers
  4. Sorry for bringing this up again but it driving me mad 😡 as per the posts above I really don't know where to start, I've tried all sorts of things reinstalled the Client, content completely default shaders, no shader modes in use, verified all files in Orbx products but night lighting is still missing, the only lighting is major highways, I've read similar posts on the issue and is it really a reinstall of p3dv4.5 HF3 to get them back? Does anyone know of which program, app, addon that has or could of contributed to the issue? If reinstalling is the only option where do I start to make this happen with as little grief as possible, pmdg, fslabs, qw787 and q400 are installed so would they need to be reinstalled as well? Apologies for sounding like a nob but my head is hurting. Suburban built in glow are the only Suburban lighting showing which I believe are textures, is that correct?
  5. Cheers guys all working here now thankyou. Rod.
  6. Has anyone got the wind data to work in the QW787 with the new HIFI ASP3D weather engine?
  7. Ok, there seems a lot of mucking around to get my night lighting back to where it used to be, I'd like to know exactly what changed to make them to look so horrid, I mean they used to be beautiful,
  8. Thanks for the reply, that certainly gives me something to work with, could these files just be named to .off to disable them?
  9. Does anybody else have issues with Orbx night lighting? For months now I have been trying to get it right, for years it was great, now it is just very dull with highways looking big streams of blurry red lava, have spent days trying different remedies, this is with using P3dv4.5 HF3, Orbx Global packages, Full fat region's, Rex SF, PTA 2.68, the Orbx light configurator doesn't have any impact at all, reinstalled client, content, I read somewhere it is an autogen issue ,I've tried over at the Orbx forum and six weeks on still no remedy, can anyone have some input?
  10. Ok now I've tried it out and sort of looks like it will be ok, but, how can I get rid of the Daedelus paint scheme, it drives me crazy, tried over at the Flight1 forums but not getting to much sense, can anybody help me out, oh and why is the Daedelus liveries even there in the first place.
  11. Thanks for link at Orbx, all good ta.
  12. Hi, I've been searching for a Townsville airport scenery for p3dv4 but unable to come up with anything that's half decent, does anyone have a idea where I may be able to find one? Cheers Rod.
  13. There's obviously something wrong, new version seems to age's to load and it's not saving my airports, just tried it now, it's definitely annoying.
  14. Had the exact same problem, opened a ticket with REX, complete uninstall and reinstall, redownloaded latest version. 0228 and all's well, weird how things just happen, don't forget to restore your textures first, good luck. Cheers Rod.
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