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  1. There's obviously something wrong, new version seems to age's to load and it's not saving my airports, just tried it now, it's definitely annoying.
  2. Had the exact same problem, opened a ticket with REX, complete uninstall and reinstall, redownloaded latest version. 0228 and all's well, weird how things just happen, don't forget to restore your textures first, good luck. Cheers Rod.
  3. Joachim, I'm glad there's someone else with this issue, I've been plagued with this for a while now without any solution, been liasionin with Maxime over on the Toga forum with no results of yet. Cheers Rod.
  4. Hi onebob, All clouds textures and structures are unticked in asca, all clouds are unticked in Envtex as I use Rex Sky Force clouds, the only thing ticked in asca is sky textures and in Envtex ticked as well, if I untick and save cumulus clouds in Envtex upon closing down and reopening Envtex cumulus clouds are re-enabled again, saving the settings in Envtex doesn't seem to work, Maxime at Toga doesn't have any idea either, a full reinstallation of Envtex has neen done as well as a fresh download, a forum member by the name of MikeyMike had the same issue around Dec 19 and was hoping he might chime in. Cheers Rod.
  5. Both are unticked, structures and textures, only sky textures are ticked. Rod
  6. Can anyone elaborate on this problem? I have the same issue with the cumulus cloud activating itself after I've disabled it, this is with asca intergration, I want to only use Envtex sky textures, clouds are from RSForce. Regards Rod
  7. G'day MikeyMike, I would just to ask you if you received an answer to your post back in Dec 19 about the cumulus cloud slider in Envtex activating itself after being deactivated when using asca? As I only want to use the Envtex sky textures and not the clouds is this a bug, I've tried to get an answer from the Envtex forum for two weeks now, I've reinstalled Envtex, reset the settings nothing seems to stop it, interested if had a remedy.

    Kind regards Rod Lewis.



  8. Well the shutting down of my laptop completely is back again, as per my initial post, as I said it all started when I installed Orbx Central, I reverted back to FTXC3 and had no more issues at all, last week I went in again and upgraded to the new version of Orbx Central 4.39 and the problem came straight back again, now this is not a CTD, It's a complete computer shutdown, no error message at all except for one I saw which said P3DV4 has encountered a problem, then the shutdown occurred, without Orbx Central it's fine, any feedback is welcome.
  9. Update, no power related issue's, no overheating issue's, as this problem seem's to be only related to P3dv4.5, just before the PC shuts down, all led lights extinguished, I noticed an error message behind the P3d splash screen, this is what it reads, System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException: Initialization of FSL_Configurator.MainWindow threw an exception, it does say a lot more but I am unable to read it as it's behind the p3d splash screen, can only assume that when I installed the P3dv4.5 HF2 which wasn't compatible with the Fslabs A320 that it's thrown a wobbly, uninstalled the a320 and spotlights, reinstalled the updated A320 and as I've tried rebuilding the shaders several times now without an issue, so go figure what that was related too but at the moment it seems to be all cured. Rod.
  10. I only ever use DDU for new driver installs, as I said it will never happen again till I want to refresh my shaders or xhange a shader setting, the whole PC shuts down and a complete reboot is required 🤔. Rod.
  11. I'm gonna post this here as it's not really a CTD, I've posted about this over the last month or so with no real remedy but now it's driving me nuts, this all started at the time of the p3dv4.5 HF2 install and the updating of all addons to be compatible with HF2, updated the client and content, plus I'm sure there was a wins10 update in there as well, now the issue is that everytime there is a shader change with an addon be either envshade, Rex or even if I what to rebuild the shaders folder without any settings change the minute I open p3d it will sit there loading fine and then the P.C will shutdown and turn off, the next restart all will fire up and be fine, I'll repeat, this happens only once when rebuilding the shaders, multiple graphics driver tries, cfg rebuilds, the sim runs fine, as mentioned it started at the time of the p3dv4.5 HF2 install, anyone seen this behavior before? Rod.
  12. Thanks Simbol, all working great, got the hang of it now. Cheers Rod.
  13. Hi Simbol, yeh did the scan and applied, not at sim at the moment pretty sure it was set but certainly will revisit the preview and have another look, as long as there's a step I didn't overlook, I use to use the freeware version ever since it came out, worked great, is there a certain setting, settings, for great lights? Does it also do addon aircraft lights, eg: PMDG, QW, Fslabs etc? Regards Rod.
  14. I've just purchased and installed the pro version and only lights I see are logo lights, I'm using UTL I may be able to see some nav lights but they so dim they may as well be off, no strobes either, it should be all good with UTL yeah? Regards Rod.
  15. Had the same, similar issue, but it wouldn't make it to the splash screen, same updates performed except for scenery, only client, reinstalled the Fsuipc module and all is well, just a thought. Regards Rod
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