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  1. doublebubble

    Dark Nights

    Well I've actually reverted back to 4.3 not just for its too dark but I just can't get over the washed out look of ground textures, tried bucket loads of PTA presets and the one I've been using in 4.3 since its release but I just can't get it right, not like 4.3 was, reinstall 4.4 when PTA is released again and have another go. Cheers Rod.
  2. doublebubble

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I've had 4.4 installed for a week now, I only did the client and content but I've spent the week trying to get the rich full colours that I had in 4.3, now I know P.T.A is compatible (2.63) but with my same preset it still looks washed out for some reason, I'm unable to get Reshade to work correctly, when I say correctly it does work but plays terrible havoc with P3D's menu and control panel, so the washed out look is that with everybody or just me as I just can't to get it looking as good as 4.3, does anybody have any suggestions? Regards Rod.
  3. Now I know we like a dark night but I'm finding P3dv4.4 nights a little to dark, using P.T.A could somebody tell me how to lighten it up a bit, or is possible? could I use VC lighting so that I can actually find the light switch. Cheers Rod.
  4. doublebubble

    Reshade and 4.4

    Ok I have it working but why is the P3d control panel so terribly slow to respond with reshade? P3dv4.3 never had this problem. Rod. .
  5. doublebubble

    Reshade and 4.4

    Doesn't work with Reshade V3.0.8 Cheers Rod
  6. doublebubble

    Another 2.63 bug maybe

    Thanks Matt. Cheers Rod
  7. Hi guy's, along with the water surface tuning tweak issue (which I hope get's fixed soon) I would like to see if anybody else has an issue with the Custom Post Processing tweak in regards to Curves, every time I try to have the Curves mode checked to no.2 for Luma & Chroma P3DV4.4 shaders will not reload, I just get a complete black screen, reverting back to default of "0" the shaders re-compile again,could this another bug in the 2.63 version? Cheers Rod.
  8. doublebubble

    Reshade and 4.4

    Yeh thanks Simbol, I'm too trying to get used to not having Reshade, trying different PTA settings to try and get a similar look in 4.4 but I look forward to your findings on the subject. Cheers Rod
  9. doublebubble

    Reshade and 4.4

    Well tried the latest reshade version and still no good at all, LM has changed something, water surface tuning doesn't work either in PTA, I had a perfectly fine looking and running V4.3 maybe go back to get my sim looking as good as it did, what a shame. Cheers Rod.
  10. doublebubble

    Reshade and 4.4

    Hi, just curious to see if anybody has reshade working in P3dv4.4? I've always used it in previous versions of p3d but not 4.4, really slow loading and glitch's, just wondering. Cheers Rod.
  11. doublebubble

    Aircraft shakes during pushback with GSX

    Thank you tbarker1989, so I guess we wait for PMDG, but I'm guessing the wait will be very long. Cheers Rod.
  12. doublebubble

    Aircraft shakes during pushback with GSX

    Apparently is has something to do with PMDG aircraft not recognizing the bypass pin being inserted and that only PMDG can remedy the problem. Cheers Rod.
  13. Maybe there's a fix for this maybe not, there's no fix over at fsdt, does anyone else see this, are we working on it?, thought it may have been attended to with the release of the 747-8 but mine still shakes like crazy. Cheers Rod Lewis
  14. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Ok, thank you Keven, clear now, doing a flight now with the 747, still have 4 engine contrails, will monitor and post log.txt file on the situation if and when it occurs again, thanks for your help. Cheers Rod.
  15. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Ok thanks, the activation warning issue only seems to happen when I'm not logged in, so I suppose there related. Cheers Rod.