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  1. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Ok, thank you Keven, clear now, doing a flight now with the 747, still have 4 engine contrails, will monitor and post log.txt file on the situation if and when it occurs again, thanks for your help. Cheers Rod.
  2. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Ok thanks, the activation warning issue only seems to happen when I'm not logged in, so I suppose there related. Cheers Rod.
  3. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    So I log in once, use the sim, when finished with the sim just shut it all down then next time I can just leave VFXC to do its own thing? (stay logged in) I just never had to log into VFXC before. Cheers Rod.
  4. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Hi Kevin, just to confirm, before the Immersion manager and 747 immersion was installed I never had to log in to my VFXCentral to have the effect packages work in the sim, now it seems to get the effects to work I have to log in first prior to starting the sim, if I don't log in Immersion manager doesn't show up in the addons tab, so log in first is mandatory now? Cheers Rod.
  5. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    I've sent the request Kevin but I do not have a Log.txt file, there just isn't one there, the only files in the Immersion Manager folder is Libraries, Effects and Immersion Manager Application. Regards Rod.
  6. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Anybody? Ok the above error warning is back again, I don't seem to have an error log anywhere, if I do where would it be? if it would help, I also lost a contrail on no.4 engine with the 747 as per another post but no support on either issue, need some advise please. Cheers Rod.
  7. doublebubble

    Contrail missing from Engine 3

    Funny, on a flight from YSSY to KDFW 747-8 I lost the contrails from engine no.4. Regards Rod
  8. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Disregard all posts, I'm up and running. Cheers Rod
  9. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Here it is again Kevin, can you point me in the direction on how to manually activate the product. I'm having a real problem trying to upload a screen shot of my issue, basicly VFXC say's everything is activated, Immersion doesn't show up in the addons either, spending hours trying to get things to work shouldn't be happening, why did we have to change the concept that already worked. Regards Rod.
  10. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Thanks Kevin, I'm not sure what's happening but I've fired up the sim a few times now, loaded the 747 and no warning appeared, weird, but if happens again I'll post a shot, sorry for wasting your time, but it seems like the effects aren't working, flying through dense cloud at dusk there is no landing light, nav light or strobe light glow, no wing tip vortex either, there is also no activity on the immersion dash board, like no green lights, the only one that shows is the engine smoke (green light), I'll continue to monitor this and see where it goes. Regards Rod.
  11. doublebubble

    Activation warning

    Just wondering why I keep getting a warning every time I start P3D after installing the pmdg747 immersion pack, I'm continuously getting a warning to open VFX Central first to activate my serial number, but it also says it's already activated, something to do with the new immersion manager? Cheers Rod
  12. doublebubble

    Space Bar + mouse panning and zoom not working

    Disregard post all sorted. Rod
  13. Hi, no idea what has happened, all of a sudden I've lost the ability to use the space bar + mouse combination to pan around and zoom, my hat button still operates on my joystick ( Saitek X52 ) but the key board and mouse no longer work, has anyone else ran into this issue? I have not changed anything that I'm aware of. P3DV4.3, win10. Regards Rod.
  14. doublebubble

    What's going on

    Thanks Simbol looks like a reinstall of the Saitek drivers sorted it out, can only think a win's 10 update may have changed something, cheers. Regards Rod
  15. doublebubble

    What's going on

    Thanks Simbol, I'm not using any of the above addons and are just in the middle of recalibrating, bam just as I speak the device hung error pops up, great. Regards Rod