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  1. Thanks for the clarification! This makes more sense.
  2. So that slide meant that in the first 18 months of Xplane 12's release, Xplane 12 outsold Xplane 11 in the first 18 months of Xplane 11's release? This topic and that slide is very confusing.
  3. Yes, MSFS is very stable for me too, even if I leave it running for 7 hours or more.
  4. I agree. FG makes a huge difference, even if the FPS is low in the 30 FPS range. It's badly needed in XP 12.
  5. I am not surprised by this. And I would even guess that other 3rd party developers for XP 12 are experiencing the same thing that Just Flight is experiencing, but those other 3rd party developers haven't made a public statement about this yet.
  6. I think A2A has other commercial and military projects going on as well where they are making money off of. I don't think they are solely relying on the Comanche for their revenue/profit for the last 3 years.
  7. I don't want to be the naysayer, but look at the bottom left of the photo you posted. The quality of the textures for the mountain on the bottom left hand side is terrible. Mind you, the textures from far away have always looked pretty good. Whether XP, P3D, or even FSX, textures from far away for mountains have looked good. It's when it's close up, that's where the issue is. And you can see on the bottom left of our photo, that's a close up texture than the texture of the mountains from far away in the setting. MSFS 2020 has way better textures than the mountain on the bottom left of your photo. But what was interesting from Jorg's presentation is that MSFS 2024 may have even better textures than MSFS 2020, including close up textures, because Microsoft is using machine learning to improve the textures. This is what is exciting about MSFS 2024.
  8. If some of the people here at Avsim frequent the flightsim subreddit at Reddit, people frequently post pictures comparing MSFS pictures to real life pictures in that subreddit. Here is an example of such a picture comparing MSFS to real life from a thread there: There are giveaways that this picture is not real life, but for most people, with a casual glance, it's not obvious. People post pictures of MSFS, comparing the pictures to real life, all the time in the flightsim subreddit. Few, if any people, will try to post the same pictures comparing XP 12 to real life pictures in that subreddit, because they will probably get laughed at for posting such pictures. That's how good MSFS lighting is compared to XP 12 lighting. It's not even close.
  9. The lighting in XP 12 is terrible. It's infinitely worse than MSFS. I can always tell it's XP 12 because the lighting is so bad.
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