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  1. The 800 comes with the BBJ variant which the 600 does not. The 800 also has the cargo variant and I'm not sure that the 600 has that as well. Besides that though, it's pretty much the same plane (of course the 800 is longer and flies slightly differently because of that). It's just that the 800 is more popular so PMDG charges more for it. The 600 is not very popular so PMDG is pricing accordingly. But if you don't care about these things, the 600 is probably the best deal. I have the 800 myself because I like that it's used for most real world flights and by the carriers, and I also don't like the length of the 600, but I knew full well that it was pretty much the same plane as the 600 when I bought the 800.
  2. This looks amazing. I'm sure the FBW team will do an excellent job with the A380. I love how some of the best talent are working on add-ons for MSFS now. The FBW team, A2A, PMDG, Fenix, the FSLTL team, AIG, Majestic, FSLabs, etc. I can't wait to see what add-ons come out in the next 3 years for MSFS!
  3. As others have mentioned, don't bother with the box edition. From my memory, I think a few people here at Avsim complained that the box/disc edition had technical problems with the discs. In the end, even if you use the box/disc edition, you have a massive download anyways. Just go with the digital edition. And Steam probably has less technical issues than the Microsoft store version (although lately, it seems that the Microsoft store version has been smoother for everyone, but this was not the case back in 2020 and 2021).
  4. The FBW team probably doesn't want to release it prematurely, because then the flight sim community may just dump on them, if the flight sim community thinks the FBW A380 is not up to par. This is a very strange phenomenon, because it's free in the end. Personally, I don't complain about free stuff. But some people, even if it's free, they will dump on the free product/service anyways. I think the FBW team just has very high expectations, and they want good feedback and good reviews by the community when the A380 is released. I don't think the FBW team would release the A380 if it had comparable quality and features to the FBW A320, one or two months after the release of MSFS back in 2020.
  5. What an amazing job you folks at Working Title did! Your team is breaking new ground every update! MSFS is the de facto flight simulator for IFR now, if you're using default GA planes and default avionics! Also thanks to @bobcat999 for the answer as well!
  6. Hi, is this true? Perhaps other people can confirm this? That there isn't a payware G3000 for home use, that is more realistic and more high fidelity than the G3000 in MSFS now? And the same applies for the G5000? In other words, MSFS has the most advanced G3000 and most advanced G5000, period, even when compared to payware alternatives?
  7. Yeah, it's the best civilian flight simulator by far. It's not even close, IMO. The scary thing is, it will keep improving and get even better!
  8. I thought it would be like the Junkers JU-52 release, which was also a partnered developed plane, but the JU-52 was not free. In any case, if the ATR is free, I'm not complaining 🤣. I like free stuff 🤣
  9. Stick with the 3060 Ti if you are tight on money. Today it's DLSS 3 with the 4000 series. I wouldn't be surprised if it's DLSS 4 with the 5000 series, and so on. Maybe upgrade to the 5000 or 6000 series in a few years. The 3060 Ti is a good card and should last you several years. MSFS is optimized very well so I think the 3060 Ti will give you relatively good performance, and a very smooth experience for years to come. Of course, frame generation makes the experience even better, but I don't know if it's worth buying an entire new card, if you said you are tight on money.
  10. It's amazing the amount of progress MSFS had made in the 2.5 years since its release. On the release of MSFS, everyone was trashing MSFS for the lack of IFR capabilities. Now with this AAU1 release, using the default GA planes and using default avionics, perhaps MSFS is the best for IFR using default GA planes and default avionics now.
  11. Well, if you like this AAU release, there are 2 more AAUs planned for 2023, as confirmed by Seedy, one of the MSFS community managers (and who frequently appears in the MSFS community fly ins on Twitch): https://www.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftFlightSim/comments/10q35zk/comment/j6nqzy9/
  12. And with this release, MSFS widens the gap between itself and the competition. A huge gap too, I would say. Congratz to the Working Title and the MSFS team for their hard work!
  13. I'm glad that Asobo or the MSFS team isn't rushing this release. Just take their time to get it right. MSFS is the civilian best flight simulator out there. And AAU1 will put it even further ahead of the competition. Just let them get it right, IMO.
  14. A2A releasing their first plane for MSFS will be another watershed moment for MSFS. After A2A releases their Comanche, I think they will have completed their core base code that they will use for later planes in MSFS, which will allow them to release other planes for MSFS faster. While it took A2A 3 years to bring a plane to MSFS, after this release, I think the speed will pick up dramatically for A2A's releases on MSFS.
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