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  1. Hi Urs, you will not find this in German, I have an idea why you don't contact @guenseli he is very friendly and speaks German and might be able to read Steve instructions and give you proper steps so you can get your system sorted. Regards, Simbol
  2. ha-ha I saw this video before but it made me laugh again.. S.
  3. Can you be more specific :) what didn't work?
  4. AI Lights Reborn Free Edition Version 3.3.1 has been released. Change Log: Added support for the following FAIB models: Boeing 747-8 and 747-8F Series INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: You can uninstall the previous version to install this update or just install the updated version on top of your current installation. To download this version please visit
  5. @vp49p3 Jay, can you try this to see if the problem gets fixed? Simbol
  6. @marwanhamed, Your model really looks amazing, I keep looking at the pictures and I am really impressed and I think it is great you want to offer this a freeware, the community will love you for this. If you ever wish to start offering payware products and you need any advise regarding the steps to become comercial, beta test your products, sell your products online, prepare installation files, prepare licenses keys or anything else regarding the hard work that it takes to put the product out there, please fell free to contact me at any time, we can have multiple conversations on Skype so I can point you in the right direction the best way posible. Also let me know if you need any help with the external lighting, I could prepare very cool effects for this plane for you if you want (NO COST). In the meantime I have a couple of advise / suggestions for you: 1) Contact TFI Design to request the True Glass scripts, they will give you access to this technology for free since it is a freeware, this will add to you model an amazing feature that any user on these forums will appreciate very much, you can find more information here:, note at the bottom the confirmation that this technology is available for free for any freeware project. 2) Beta testing is very, very important for any product (regardless of freeware or payware), I would contact Dave Hodges @DaveCT2003, Dave is a profesional beta tester, he works with Aerosoft, Majestic Software, REX and many other developers, however he loves supporting new developers in the community, specially when they offer great products as this one which will provide the entire flight sim community an amazing add-on, so I am sure he would love to try your Honda Jet freeware and help you to test it so you can catch any problems before you release it to general public. I wish you all the best, I love private Jets and I would like to request you to build a Pilatus PC-24 in the future, there is a payware out there but I truly believe think you can do a much better job! and I would be happy to buy it when it is available!. All the best, Simbol
  7. Ok that is weird, we can try tomorrow a couple of ideas, going to sleep now. Simbol
  8. What ATC is this? Default or other? Simbol
  9. Version 3.3.1 is now available, please check the change log at Regards, Simbol
  10. Hi @rgerdes, Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I updated the freeware to include now support for these models. Please download the new version from Best Regards, Simbol
  11. Yes, I just noticed this, I will release a new version including these effects in 1 hour. Best Regards, Simbol
  12. Can you confirm the names of these effects? I checked last time when the 767 were released and I included all I could find from this great developer. Maybe I missed it, I can include them tonight if you give me more information. Simbol
  13. Well done! Looks amazing. Simbol
  14. Interesting, maybe this is a bug, you should report it to the developer. I suspect the fsx model will have problems with the landing and Taxi lights which will not illuminate the runway at night. Simbol