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  1. For the guys that were asking why MP only, I explained one of the many reasons here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/619044-sting-s4-round-the-world-parachute-deployments/page/2/ DRM handling is massive, to this day I am still clearing licensing keys for AI Lights Reborn Professional (P3D) when people change computers, etc. and I am not even selling more than 3 copies per month.. every-time someone activates AILRP for the first time I get charged $2 usd for DRM handling.. not to mention the difficulties and time it takes to code DRM protection, installers, etc. Now some people argue DRM development is pointless, well folks that might be the case when you can sell million of copies of a product.. so for UBISOFT, Activision and such large firms piracy is a problem but not an issue, however for small companies such as my family business + operating on a niche market such as Flight Simulation, piracy it is a big problem.. I know 3rd party devs on this business where their products pretty much stops selling as soon as it gets pirated, and this can occur as fast as 24 to 72 hours after release! at which point and I quote, "they sold 4 copies in the last 3 months, after having around 70 copies daily". So yea, it is a big issue.. so in order for me to to sell via other platforms, these platforms should provide some type of DRM protection out of the box, unfortunately so far none of them offer any despite the heavy percentage in royalty fees they charge. Now since none of these platforms offer any DRM solution, I would have to engineer one myself (which is quiet challenging for MSFS).. alongside with an installer, etc. at which point then I am better off selling via my own website right, what's the point selling thru other platforms if I am building myself everything to distribute? however if I sell via my own website, I cannot reach the Xbox market since this is only possible via Market Place, so this means, I still would have to submit to MP as I just did right now anyway, so what would I have achieved? re-invented the wheel?, waste lots of time and resources and setup myself to support multiple ways of updating a product plus all the headaches to support DRM, installers, etc?. Since more products will come this and next year, I am building a business model that is more cost effective so I can keep on building new content instead of being stuck at support. This is very important when you are a small company such as me (Me and my wife), Flight Simulation is a business with diminishing returns, this means as time pass by, you receive less income from current products since the add-on's start to sell less, so unless you have a new product to sell, cash flow stops.. the key to success in the flight simulation industry is to keep innovating, provide great support and keep creating new content. Without these 3 key elements, you will go nowhere. Therefore to keep those 3 standards as high as possible for FSReborn, at this point in time the best course of action is to deliver products via MP only, the benefit is for everyone over the long run. You buy the product once and it works on multiple PCs, Consoles, XCloud, anything where you install MSFS the product shows for you as "OWNED".. it is yours and you can install / uninstall as you please without having to contact me at any time. When I push an update, you all receive it automatically. I only need to push it once.. done!. and you get it via all your devices with MSFS. Market Place team has enabled tools for us to update products faster, so don't be concerned about this, things are moving in the right direction, this helped me to weight more towards market place. By having my products on MP it allows Asobo team to have access to them automatically, this means when I report an issue with the SDK, they can test it quicker on their HQ and even on Xbox consoles to provide help. (Not sure if you guys are aware, but we are unable to test on Xbox consoles our products our self's.. we depend on Microsoft market place team). Think about the big advantage of this, not just for ME.. but for You too.. if I say to Asobo guys the function to reset the electrical battery doesn't work, check the Sting S4 and you will see a sample.. they will be able to replicate it quicker, fix the SDK and I will be able to improve and create better products in the future.. well not only me, all 3rd party devs as well. If I am not wasting time dealing with DRM, licenses, installation issues, etc. what I am doing? Developing new things! Surely you want to see my upcoming M500 turbo soon right? I have also an Ultralight TL 3000 with floaters.. and also the TL 3000 with gears, planning both to be sold as a combo (2 x aircraft) with more features than the S4 and I am aiming at the same price range.. and the only reason I can keep these low prices + high quality product is by reducing developing costs!.. no installer licenses, no DRM licenses (we devs have to pay for DRM licenses in many cases to use 3rd party solutions), no SSL certificates to handle the installers so they don't fail, no CDN (Content Delivery Network) costs, etc. If you are wondering what is CDN costs, well storing the files for products on the cloud cost money, think the gigabytes of data for all the updates, textures quality you guys love, etc. this increases the size of installers, updates, etc. and we get charged monthly to host things online, and the more we host? the more it cost, it scales very quickly.. unfortunately over time we sell less.. but we still have to pay the bills for DRM, CDN, SSL, etc. with costs that actually are not reduced.. they get increased with inflation... Microsoft doesn't charge us for the DRM handling, Installations, CDN, etc. they only charge their required royalty fees which are the same as the other platforms, but in my view I have much more added benefits with MS. So there you have it, as usual with my heart open and honesty.. this is why it will be MP only. Now I understand some people might have some issues with MP, first time I read such comments to be honest, so what I suggest is that if you guys get lots of issues obtaining the S4 is to please make me aware of this so I can pass the feedback to the Market Place team in order to see what we can do to improve things. Without feedback of course we cannot improve stuff, so hopefully we can make things easier for everyone and keep my time focusing in building new exiting products for MSFS. Once again thanks to everyone for the incredible support, on behalf of the FSReborn family thank you for all the kind words and feedback we have received after seeing the capabilities of what we can deliver, we will bring more! and more exiting things to all of you.. currently finishing something with Edson and Keven //42 which will delight many of you.. at the same time, M500 is coming along nicely and it has been rendered for the first time in MSFS :) Love to everyone. Raul
  2. We still waiting for the Market Place team to complete their approval process, not much I can do from my side.. but maybe you guys could go and ask Microsoft when / to hurry up? 🙂 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/fsreborn-sting-s4/518583/15 Best, Raul
  3. Thanks for the support and encouraging words. What's the airplane on your profile picture? R.
  4. It is all good, I made things modular.. so worst case scenario I can still push partial patches via my website and discord channels supper quick.. it is called planning and thinking ahead. However, the Market Place team has implemented means to push updates faster, so this should not be a problem once we are live and they configure our account with their new consumption system platform which is way faster now. Now, I hope I don't brake their servers lol.. but is another reason why I went ahead via MP only, it helps to keep the price "lower", since I don't have to worry about licensing servers, installation software licenses and development, hosting servers, high download volumes concerns, etc. and by avoiding all these, it cuts the developing cost "considerably!!!". Just remember what happened to PMDG guys, even when they planned ahead, it all crashed at the end and people were suffering the consequences, so my decision to go MP only for "now" had many things weighed in.. this is the best for everyone on the long run, it will reduce also my workload to maintain updates, support handling (everything is via one platform) and allows me to focus in creating new dreams for everyone, which is "key" since at the moment it is only Me + My wife doing all these.. there is of course an amazing team of Beta testers and other key people behind me supporting me to help with what they can (which I am incredible grateful to have), but fundamentally it is a family business, I write the magic and my wife handles the bills and accounts. that;s it!.. hopefully we will be able to grow one day, and if this is the case, we will then grow together with the help of the community. The first consumption is normal to take a bit of time, specially when I asked to check things on Xbox to see if we could publish to that market and avoid waiting for SU10 :) Best, Raul
  5. Hi All, From Market Place Team: So I am still waiting confirmation on the release date.. Thank you all. S.
  6. Yes, and if you enable electrical failures, they will go wrong if you do not take care of your electrical system. Best, S.
  7. Hi All, Thanks for the kind words and support, I am reading them all.. Trying not to ignore anyone, answering questions, etc. A bit difficult at the moment the reactions has been very overwhelming, so I get messages from many directions (discord, Facebook, forums, emails, you name it).. Trying to keep up with everything, so please be patient. I will be streaming it again today with bemint, at 16.00 zulu will be fun.. Don't miss! Release date is up to Microsoft, we submitted to market place and it is being tested by the Microsoft team, as soon as it goes live, we will let you know. All the best, Simbol
  8. The pictures sent by aircraft manufacturer has the button, I think what happens is, they installed the Garmin unit as it comes standard to reduce costs but that feature doesn't get implemented. Please come to our discord server, we can use your feedback to improve things further. Best, Simbol
  9. we will be support via a mod on PCs. a beta tester is using TSD since dec.. for market place I have to deliver it without external software like TDS.
  10. Correct $24.99 USD. the airplane is already fully CFD enabled, if you watch Favio stream you will hear me explaining how the stall is simulated now as per real world thanks to this. R.
  11. lamao I don't have stutters.. so maybe people are putting the quality settings toooo high for their hardware? a thought? S.
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