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  1. It must be a Windows 10 thing, could it be related to game mode?
  2. Bruno, There is an update for EZDOK so you can use fuselage shakes again. Go to the original developers forum, I think it is 2.5 build 24 or something like that. Regards, Simbol
  3. I think boez is right. S.
  4. So what happens after you reboot again? always the same programs continue to launch themselves?
  5. I have no idea then why PD3 is starting alone!
  6. Check the start up folder : simbol
  7. Thomas (the developer) is back at developing full time, I am in contact with him directly as I am now part of his private BETA team. Best Regards, Simbol
  8. How is this one working for you? can you post some pics, etc? Thanks Simbol
  9. Also OC the 8700K will require proper cooling as it gets very hot easily, deliding might be required to achieve 4.8Ghz or higher under 8700K. Simbol
  10. Something changed, what was the last thing you did? Make a backup of your Prepar3d.cfg file and delete it to see if your system works, if it does this will allow you to start debugging what is the root of the problem. Best of luck, Simbol