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  1. Most likely step 2 did the trick.. S.
  2. simbol

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    It seem Shaders modification tools have a much bigger impact with 4.4, mostly because P3D now has multiple shaders, some of them handle normal texture rendering where others handle the PBR rendering. There are some reports of people that after starting using URP with P3D 4.4 the F-16 PBR models became totally invisible for example, so although extreme caution should be performed when using such add-on's it is more important that you guys report all these behaviours to the correspondent Add-on's developer in order to give the opportunity to adapt the applications or presets accordingly. I am sure if you guys provide the required feedback, etc. all these add-on's would become updated and would look even better than before, remember developers cannot read minds.. we need reports, data and feedback to adapt our software. All the best, S.
  3. Rally nice.. I like it a lot. It would be nice to see a workflow with Quixel, I have seen a lot of videos of this tool integrated with Adobe Photoshop and how artists are applying properties directly to the model (Normal textures, metalness, PBR materials, etc.) by using an .OBJ, so I don't understand how we could do changes via Quixel directly with 3Dsmax models for P3D or if it is posible at all in a similar fashion. Most of the examples out there are for the creation of objects for Unreal Engine, so having tutorials like this are really helpful, specially for freeware developers that wish to get involved with the creation of different objects using PBR for P3D as the documentation regarding this under the SDK is very limited, so many thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is very much appreciated. Your Airplane looks very good, congratulations. Regards, Simbol
  4. simbol

    [Relsolved] FAIB models don't light up

    But you managed to get it working? I know they all work 😉 Regards Simbol
  5. simbol

    P3D v4.4 default F-16 display problem

    You installed the content? The new PBR textures, etc. For this model comes when you install the content update. Also be sure to delete your local shaders and let them recompile. Regards Simbol
  6. simbol

    [Relsolved] FAIB models don't light up

    Perfect, thanks for letting me know. Enjoy 🙂 Regards, Simbol
  7. simbol

    [Relsolved] FAIB models don't light up

    Ok I am away from my PC at the moment, but unless they have changed the models recently they should work. Send me the content of their Aircraft.cfg file via email at so as soon as I get home I can confirm they are configured correctly to work with the freeware. Another possibility is something causing an effect conflict, I know the freeware works fine with FLAI as long as you disable the FLAI effects and FLAI is using the FAIB models. Regards Simbol
  8. simbol

    PBR and dynamic lighting in v. 4.4

    PBR can be used without DL, however PBR models and structures looks better at night with DL enabled as they will react to moonlight, also if the airport has DL capabilities. PBR reacts very nice to lights sources. Regards, Simbol
  9. simbol

    [Relsolved] FAIB models don't light up

    Hi there, Can you tell me which FAIB models? Some of the older models don't have beacons, others don't have navs, were others need specific changes inside their Aircraft.cfg to enable the navigation lights, beacons, etc. this is normally specified inside the models readme.txt file. So it really depends of which models are giving you trouble, if you give me specifics I will try my best to find solutions for you. All the best, Simbol
  10. simbol

    Reshade and 4.4

    Can you explain this please? What is the difference? I mean do you get better results this way? S.
  11. simbol

    Reshade and 4.4

    Anything developed using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) model. So pretty much anything out there, including MS office, Nvidia shield, etc. S.
  12. simbol

    Reshade and 4.4

    I just noticed this disables hardware acceleration for WPF, pay attention to the LM post, P3D 4.3 was disabling this under WPF but only for Prepard3D, however by editing this registry key you will be disabling hardware acceleration for any WPF application So how would this impact your systems? proper testing is required.. S.
  13. simbol

    Black flickering RTX 2070 in P3D

    Are playing windowed mode or full mode? I believe this doesn't happen on full mode. S.
  14. simbol

    Tfdi 717 and 4.4

    This is a well known issue with the TFDi 717, looks like is still not fixed.. S.
  15. Well then something very odd is happening on your system.. S.