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  1. Lol, seriously guys.. for a logo? I am not being confrontational, I am trying to bring sense to this crazy thread. But honestly if people are not going to but my products because I put my logo brand on my EFB, then, well quite frankly I don't know what to say. This entire topic feels now like a trolls from everyone. R.
  2. well the logo is there isn;t? same with your own car probably, on your steering wheel.. is just branding.. I am trying to point out the flow logo is increidble inofensive and everything has been blown out of proportion here.. R.
  3. is there man... https://imgur.com/a/8BvWzLz that's their logo..
  4. You mean like this? Their logo is there all the time.. I guess we all should ask for a refund 😛
  5. I cater for my customers very well sir, do a little research about me actually about how much I care. There is a clear line to be drawn between customer needs and people that want to IMPOSE and RULE how we should run our business, asking a refund because a logo is beyond crossing that line to be frank, we know the user asking for the refund will continue to use the product regardless (since will not delete it), effectively has now steal from the company just because a logo *roll eyes*. Another way of crossing the line is the way wait you write to me saying I am not allowed to use my company brand the way I require and consider to do so, or imposing your own ideas and expect me to react positively towards it. R.
  6. I do wherever I please with my product and my logos will be wherever I want them to be. If you don't like it, don't buy it.. simple as that.. and under those circumstances almost every product in MSFS would be annoying for you basically. You cannot rule me or any other company in the way we want to use our logos, branding or company PR.. The entitlement on this community is astonishing sometimes. R.
  7. I am in dismay about this, seriously all because a logo? I hope you guys understand why the logo? you need a way to identify it is YOUR product. With how MSFS works anything can override anything, from JS code to HTML pages and eventually someone can inject a MOD that overrides your HTML Panels (in this case FLOW) having the logo ensures it is YOUR product running, is a branding to ensure is your thing. This is not difference from the top panel icons being make unique, for example GSX, or other tools. I don't get the post, seriously, I put my logo on my EFB tablets as well, I want people to know is my product when people post screenshots on forums, etc. Same with PMDG on their EFBs, or Fenix on theirs.. In broad terms, you are asking a company to remove their branding.. is like asking Pepsi to sell you a Pepsi without the logo, and then get upset because their response doesn't align with your ideas.. my 2 cents, Raul
  8. You can use CTRL + E on any of my MSFS aircraft products lamao.. but this means you must set all their realism to dumb level 😛 R.
  9. I am absolutely hoping for this.. imagine a flight sim where you could hop in and out of any vehicle without having to go to the main menu.. you could fly a heli, land on a field explore the world, then fly again to a heliport, switch to a private jet, fly to an airport switch to a 737, explore the airport walking or perhaps jumping into the airport bus and drive around. It would be a world of flight simulation to no end and most users would feel immersed into a place where many dreams can be true. I specifically asked Sebastian from Asobo face to face last year at FSExpo Houston to enable this feature, and the words I used and he used were "like GTA?".. and I said yes, like GTA. now you might think immediately into arcade, you might think this is gamish.. but that is just because you are failing to see the bigger picture, having the opportunity to switch vehicles like GTA does, open the gates of MSFS to a world full of features, with the SDK expanding its capabilities beyond it current limits. I am supper exited for MSFS 2024, but I love thinking outside the box, the old fashion way of flight simulators like FS95 / FSX needs to become a thing of the past, buried deeper than dinosaurs are.. the future of simulators are worlds where you can explore and enjoy "as you wish to do so", what does this mean? of you want to just fly point A to B on airports and nothing else.. fine.. oh you want to simulate bush flying and enjoy the world? sure you can.. oh you want to explore the thrill of pilots firefighting? no problem.. oh you want to explore the thrill of sensitive cargo missions? sure go ahead.. everyone can do as they like without limits. Anyone failing to see this future, and complaining about why MSFS is doing this is just not willing to understand Microsoft if not narrowing you into an arcade game, it is expanding your horizon into something "more".. however if anyone is really bothered about it, they can simply put stay behind, install FSX, P3D, etc. and enjoy the old ways.. I will be on MSFS 2024 embracing the future and the change because what is coming is just fantastic and it is only the beginning, I can see already the crazy stuff I will be able to put into my products.. what a wonderful time to be a 3rd party developers for MSFS. My 2 cents, Raul
  10. We trying to have some 3D work available to show in FSExpo.. if you coming stop by.. SWS and FSReborn will be next to each other sharing a large booth as partners.. mind due, our plan is to deliver the 727-200 variant first.. we don't want to force people with the smaller version first, then make them buy the larger one after as other developers have done in the past.. it is not what I am.. neither Alex at SWS. So "the plan" is to start 727-200 (the big boy) and progress towards the other variants as upgrades.. so you pay for the big guy.. and you can get the other variants as "upgrades" if you want them.. I believe this is a more fair approach in line to customers expectations and global economic situations.. Best, R.
  11. you know I am making one in partnership with SWS right?
  12. Right, well he is saying it "probably" needs another week.. then he says "most likely" week the 7th.. but I don't see this as a hard promise, based on posts on devsupport from asobo I am expecting 2 beta drops at minimum and that would push it beyond 7th.. R.
  13. I watched, I didn't catch that.. what I read was they might need a week I never heard any date per say.. R.
  14. Where you read this May 7th date? I have a feeling it will be much further than that..
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