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  1. I would love to see SVMI and other Caribbean islands. S.
  2. simbol

    Go around issue

    Get PRO-ATCX, VOXATC or PF3. The default ATC will always do this to you. S.
  3. simbol

    4K & AA Help

    You could also be having problems due to the Nvidia Inspector, if your placed settings there it will override the ones created inside P3D. Regards, Simbol
  4. simbol

    Change Strobe/Beacon Lighting on Aircraft

    Traffic Global is on Beta and they haven't included any lighting configuration to any of their models. As soon as they do it then my freeware and payware will be able to work with it. I answered this question to you already before via my forums. Regards, Simbol
  5. I now it is a silly question but, did you uninstall it first and removed all files before re-installing it again? S.
  6. UTL has two parts: 1) The configuration window, were you can change settings, etc. This is not necessary to make the application run and you can open this interface on demand. 2) The software that injects traffic into the sim, this will be loaded automatically when you launch the sim. Regards, S.
  7. In that case it can be a corrupted file, just uninstall and reinstall the product. S.
  8. simbol

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    That is because a lot of developers are stopping any development for FSX, eventually all those FSX users will need to jump the fence.. the question is were? I think it will be P3D. S.
  9. Have you added anything to UTL .XML files? this .NET error is typical of issues with invalid characters on .XML files. Regards, S.
  10. simbol

    Im SOOOOO sad! ;(

    And then everyone will moan about this, saying P3D is the worse sim ever because it changed the engine.. Anyway, I am sure the LM team will find a solution to bring things forward without destroying all your current add-on's because let's face, they has been doing this since P3D V1! Regards, S.
  11. simbol

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    Well said Umberto, I totally agree with your post and it save me the time to write something back.. people have very bad perceptions of how long it takes to write software to create any type of Add-on content not only for P3D but also for any platform. Best Regards, Simbol
  12. simbol

    Accidently deleted Traffic.bgl?

    Traffict.bgl is part of the default content scenery installation, something must have gone wrong during re-install. Perhaps you should re-install P3D entirely and see. R.
  13. simbol

    Accidently deleted Traffic.bgl?

    Re-install the P3D content and it will restore it for you. S.
  14. It will have an effect of how the effect particles are re-draw, you might experience effect textures that will look less sharp or distorted so you will need to experiment on your own system. My mission is to ensure my customers can see the effects as close as posible as how I am designing them, this is the reason to give them the recommended settings :). Kind Regards, S.
  15. Hi Chris, This is not required but this will ensure you get the best visibility and experience with the strobes and navigation lights as per real world operations, otherwise the simulator might decide under certain circunstances to turn off the navigation lights or strobes when your AI traffic is at certain distances in discrepancy of how I designed the effects. All the best, Simbol