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  1. What version of bios and motherboard you have? Intel reported failures with their latest microcode released for spectre which can cause reboots under certain circumstances. Intel widrawed the microcode and released a new one 2 or 3 weeks ago, as a result many manufacturers also removed their bios and they are now replacing it with new versions. You could have been caught in the crossfire of the faulty microcode... Regards Simbol
  2. Do a GPU stress test, Check out: Regards, Simbol
  3. Ok I understand but I rather wait until you can record the video as some problems very are similar but can be related to different things and I want to be sure before we start troubleshooting. S.
  4. Can you do a video so we can understand this better? also please clear your shaders and restart P3D I noticed you have ENVTEX on your signature so it is posible you need to refresh your shaders to resolve the problem. S.
  5. Sounds like unstable OC to me, try updating your BIOS and remove the OC not only for your CPU but also for your memory. If this doesn't solve it, perform a memory test and GPU test to see if these are the root cause. Regards, S.
  6. Ok, try to re-install all the SimConnect clients that are inside X:\Program Files\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic Live\SimConnect Just Avoid the Russian and Japanese version. Regards, S.
  7. Have you added any custom repaints to UTL recenlty? if you did check if these have some weird characters on the AI Title inside the Aircraft.cfg file, when this happens XML parsers cannot handled it correctly and it causes system crashes. Regards, S.
  8. In that case it is probably safe to follow BusheFlyer advise, it is better if you rename the trafficAircraft.bgl to so you can revert back the changes if necessary. Regards, Simbol
  9. I presume you installed the content? if you did this is the cause for your default AI coming back. Before I give you some suggestion can you state what is your 3rd Party AI program? the solution depends of this. Regards, Simbol
  10. You can also overclock your GPU processor and memory. Simbol
  11. UPDATE REPORT Flight1 GTN Complete 2.05 is now available on the flight 1 website, this version will allow you use it with P3D V4.2 but also P3D 4.1. Bets Regards, Simbol
  12. Have you cleaned the shaders? Also what scenary is this? Default or payware? Regards Simbol
  13. Yes I have seen this before, it can be caused sometimes by modified shaders. On your case it could be your current PTA set and the combination with EVENTEX. I suggest you disable EVENTEX first, clear your shaders and try again, if the problem continues try without PTA, clear shaders and repeat. This will ensure these are or not the culprits, if not I have other ideas, but lets try that first. Regards Simbol
  14. You don't need to update right now, you can wait until all your add-on's are V 4.2 compatible, but it is highly recommended to update your platform so you can enjoy the future benefits that will be coming via 3rd party content providers like myself. Regards, Simbol
  15. No, these are provided for legacy support purposes. The fixes and new functionalities listed for the SDK 4.2 means P3D will give different results to functions called via SimConnect, also if developers want to use new functionalities they will need to switch from "classic old SimmConect" references and use the new libraries provided with the updated SDK. This is why upgrading to 4.2 will become a requirement in the future as many developers will be unable to provide certain functionalities if you are running an older version of P3D. Regards, S.