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  1. simbol

    Inspector needed?

    SSAA is very taxing with Dynamic lighting on, I will let you experiment with SGSS when you move to 4.3 😋. Regards Simbol
  2. Clean your local shaders located inside your user profile, I am on my mobile so can't remember the location right now. Just Google how to clean P3D shaders, there is also a tips and tricks for P3D section on the AVSIM forums that has instructions for this. Lastly contact the software developer support, it is unfair to express disappointment on public forums because you had a problem, give them the chance to help you, you might have found a bug, reporting it not only help the developer to fix it for you but also for many others that might have similar difficulties in the future. Regards, Simbol A Guide to Locate your Shaders folder in Prepar3D v2 & v3 & v4
  3. simbol

    Ultimate Traffic Live

    One of my pcs is very low specs (on purpose) and still runs UTL. Can you tell us your current system specifications? Regards, Simbol
  4. The cost of developing for 32bits and 64bits at the same time is too high. You need to keep 2 separated versions of everything, the 64bits keeps moving forward, new functionality and internal functions results / variables are changing, for an instance one function will return different values for each version. So if you find a bug, you have to fix it in two projects, things that work in a way on one project 64bits don't work inside of a project with 32bits. Then you have the issue of 3Dmax and visual studio, new platforms require you to upgrade to the latest version were FSX and FS9 are incompatible with these, so you need to keep different computers to host these tools. The reality is, FSX and FS9 are becoming un-supportable as new trends require developers to upgrade their systems and development tools with technology that do not work with these versions of simulators. Regards, Simbol
  5. simbol

    Night time settings

    It depends of what you are looking for, is it darker nights? some people use blackmarble, others toga and evenshade, others Reshade (free). There is also a freeware that improves AI airplanes lighting at night and day. So it all depends of what you are looking for. Regards Simbol
  6. simbol

    P3D V4 Missing textures

    Hi there, as I suspected you are pushing your video card too hard, reduce the scenary complexity to medium, use lower resolution textures, drawing distance, etc. Your video card do not have enough memory for your current settings, check the recommended system requirements to run P3D. Best Regards, Simbol
  7. simbol

    Cosford 2018

    Chris, I am so pleased that we could made you feel this way as I wanted to pass all my enthusiasms and passion for the hobby to all visitors in our stand, don't feel sad or depressed, we will be there next year and hopefully we will make you and many other feel even better next time!. And as I told you and other UK flying members, I am planning to do some meetings / events with UK base simmers to keep re-igniting that inner passion inside all of us, so I am sure we will see each other again way before Cosford 2019 . Regards, S.
  8. simbol

    AI traffic problem

    Correct! This is how EGKK from UK is done, in hence why I asked to look at it since I know you must own this airport :). Regards, R.
  9. simbol

    AI traffic problem

    Ok, sometimes the taxi links are too far from the runway threshold (the beginning of the runway) causing the "backtrack" nonsense before being able to the take off.. I hate when this happens, it is a interesting problem to fix with plenty of challenges ahead. S.
  10. simbol

    AI traffic problem

    Hi Chris, You need to check with ADE if the taxi links (the dots and lines configured for taxi) are continuous all the way to be able to taxi into the runway. Open EGKK from UK 2000 with ADE as an example, you will see how everything connects.. Regards, S.
  11. simbol

    AI traffic problem

    Yes I am talking about ADE, this still allows you to edit AFCAD files. I do it often to customise the GA parking spaces for my private Jet collection. Regards, S.
  12. simbol

    AI traffic problem

    This is due to broken taxi way points inside the AFCAD file. You have two options: A) Tell the developer to fix it. B) Use the AFCAD editor tool and fix it your self :) All the best, Simbol
  13. simbol

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    Yes and no, for example FlyTampa Amsterdam has default Jetway's and UTL works with it, were Aerosoft Copenhagen has SODE jetways and UTL also can dock the AI to these but default SODE Jetways have a setting to detect the AI and dock the gates to the AI using the SODE animation. It seems my understand about the control panel was correct, I will pass this information on inside the AIG forums but I also hope my input can help your with your future plans, as I said if you require help with testing not hesitate to contact me at any time. Regards, S.
  14. simbol

    P3D V4 Missing textures

    Ok you have only 3GB of video ram, can you please tell us the P3D settings that you are currently using? you might be starving your video card from memory. S.
  15. simbol

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    Hi Umberto, I appreciate this full explanation as it helps user to understand the challenge ahead to everyone, having said that the difficulty here is that you must understand how people is perceiving the situation: Users that are either not using GSX at all or are sticking to GSX V1: They have have UTL, Traffict 360, Traffic Global or custom AI Models from free sources (AIG Forums, FAIB, FLAI, etc.) and they are currently operating with their AI docking to Jetway's with what they describe without any issues. However I do have UTL, and when it launches the first time, you get FPS drops since all the Jetway's are docking to the AI, but after around 5 to 10 seconds the simulator settles down and further AI traffic being injected by UTL just connect to their gates. So yes there are performance issues involved as you are explaining but they are not been seeing as a massive problem by most users as it seems it is more important to them to have the immersion experience of seeing their AI traffic around interacting nicely with the gates. User install GSX V2 and the functionality to allow the AI to dock to the Jetway disappears. So their frustration is understandable up to a certain level as the problem appeared without warnings, so the real question is can they close this gap? it is my understanding this happens because all the gates get replaced by the new GSX V2 gates, however end users could use the control panel to restore the airport default gates and then replace only certain gates? is this correct? this could allow users to receive nice GSX V2 ground services -only on their proffered gates- but the AI Jetway docking will continue operations. Please correct me if I am wrong of course, I am just trying to find the compromise, I monitor many flight sim forums including the Alpha India Group and there is a sustancial amount of users resisting to purchase GSX V2 - even when they love the new passengers feature - due to this problem with the AI traffic and the Jetway docking system, so I am sure that if you find the correct solution more sales will come your way. All the best, Simbol