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  1. Ahh they move it!.. fine then smash each other happy lol S.
  2. It has a different taste.. just wait until you can eat some of that fruit and after that you can continue to eat wherever you like the most. Having said that, P3D V4 and V5 does not taste to me as a GAME.. they taste as professional simulators.. but this is how my tongue perceives these flavors.. many others might and will differ, so each to its own. Anyhow we need to get back on topic, because this is not the area to discuss X sim.. better than Y sim.. these are the P3D Forums.. 😉 S.
  3. Being an insider for many sides I can tell you ORBX is going nowhere and in fact will continue to grow very very fast in the next 3 to 5 years. Same thing as with many other 3rd party providers. Honestly I can't wait for Microsoft to finally release their GAME so all these speculations finally get out of the way. And anybody thinking because a new sim is coming all 3rd party developers will disappear, cease to support P3D / XP and only jump into MSFS is absolutely delusional. That ain't gonna happen. Pay attention to what is going on around you, developers are busy now doing exactly what? All you see lately is developers converting their products to V5 and XP Vulkam, if this is the case their resources are already taken on such current platform projects.. Nothing ELSE. Secondly All CURRENT simulators platforms are showing signs of continue and long plans for development and quiet frankly they are totally capable of providing similar or better results. People will use what they want after trying everything and not what they are told to use. So it is a waste of time and energy to try to convince others that simulator X is better than simulator Y, it is the old argument of orange vs apples, some people like orange, some apples and some bananas for an instance. And you will not change their minds just by describing the taste, you have to let them eat one of each.. After that they can do as they like.. S.
  4. If you have plenty of VRAM disable the option of dynamic textures streaming on your P3D settings. Regards, Simbol
  5. The amount of frames is directly proportional to the level of traffic regardless of the AI product. The biggest amount of traffic it means more processing for the simulator and also your system. If you think about it all AI traffic products have different levels of AI traffic and therefore there it is what causes the difference on FPS. If you take AIGM and reduce your traffic levels your FPS will increase and if you take TG and increase the traffic levels the FPS will decrease. So no product free or payware will produce better or worse FPS, it is the quantity of active SimObjects at any given time that makes the difference and with all AI packages out there you can control the amount that you want to have. That goal is easy to achieve with some products, a bit more tricky with others, etc. Just choose the product that you are more comfortable using and you like the most. All the best, Simbol
  6. Ok Anders, We need to get your stuff resolved. Why we don't schedule a remote session via TeamViewer? I promise it will be useful! S.
  7. Hi Simbio, I just saw your email and responded. Please try again 🙂 everything should work as expected now. Regards, Simbol
  8. Why so much negativity because LM is going to push another update? omg.. what would you prefer? live with the problems until the next point version is available? I am happy to see they are engaged, responding to users, addressing problems and providing a solution to problems and more improvements. S.
  9. I have a question for you, do your AI Models have a "panel" folder inside? this would cause AI Lights Reborn to ignore them as it would mean these are a posible flyable airplanes. Kind Regards, Simbol
  10. No, it just simulates you have a flash light on your hand (mouse cursor). S.
  11. Not it is not.. my mother tongue language is not English, it is Spanish and being a: English, some Portuguese, Italian and Slovakian language speaker I get confused sometimes.. specially when I right click on the corrector to fix mistakes.. Everyone does mistakes.. life is full of wonderful mistakes.. :) S.
  12. P3D has a very long life span ahead, plenty of improvements to come.. some of them even shorter than expected 😉 S.
  13. Under V5 there is a default flash light, just hit the key "\" and it will come on.. hitting it again switches the color from white to red and hitting it again turns it off. S.
  14. No without looking at other parts of your configuration, the xml looks correct but it could be you configured something else wrong. S.
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