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  1. I am heavily surprised. @guenseli is what I call a professional Beta tester, I been using his advices and services for years. Not only he is extremely useful in finding anomalies and bugs, but he is a very honest and a very direct tester. When a problem is reported he always helps to find the reproducible steps, and will always reconfirm uppon any updates released if the bug is fixed or continues to occurs, or still have issues. Now, He can be extremely direct with his reports and opinions, he is that kind of person that would tell you straight to your face what he thinks, why he believes something is wrong and his opinion how it could be improved. This can be presented as a bit harsh sometimes, but quite frankly it is something I rather my beta testers do than sit silent on a corner and let annoyances or bugs pass the quality control to then hit real customers that would complain about the same. I invite beta testers to my teams with this purpose, verify I am doing a good job and my software is doing a good job, my expectation is people telling me I am not doing great when i do mistakes so I can correct myself, if I wanted people to just cheer for me, I would be inviting cheerleaders instead, way more fun.. Any others developer reading this, if @guenseli ever gets to your teams, consider yourself lucky (assuming you really want to heard real criticism), it is warrantied he will find problems and will push you to get those fixed not matter what, that's how passionate he is about flying simulation, no better quality to have for any tester.. Just my two cents, I wish fshud all the best, specially with the state of the SDK in terms of AI behavioral control. Best, Raul
  2. What's wrong with writing pillow physics? they react to G-forces, bank, pitch, break speed, etc. I took all the required time and research to make then be study level pillows.. same as any other element of the airplane really 🙂
  3. That makes zero sense, why do you think Xbox users deserve a lesser product? More over why would anybody (even a xbox customer) want to buy a phenom with TBM avionics? I thought everyone was at this point tired of frankeinstains aircraft being offered for cash grabs. Gentleman and ladies, FSREBORN is a brand of quality, I strive for excellence, passion and love, I can't bear even the thought of creating a product without making it correctly. Secondly running 2 projects is harder than running one, is two branches, 2 codes to maintain, 2 codes to support, 2 products life cycles, etc. I will build the phenom with the correct avionics as it should be and ensure it works correctly for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Is one platform in my view, I could care less where you load the product, should work the same and provide the same features on any device you use. Best, R.
  4. Sorry I am lost, don't understand your meaning.. both what? R.
  5. how you dare to forget my lists too haha M500, Phenom 300E, TL3000.. is not all about airliners 😛
  6. They wont work "properly".. effects have changed their format and they will fail in many ways to produce the required quality desired, amount of light, etc. in reference to the interface, also the way live preview would need to work, and many other components. Also such as you said shaders are broken.. As I have explained before, there are no plans to support V6. The workload to make it compatible is beyond of ROI. Best, R.
  7. Hi there, AILRP only supports V4 and V5 at this time, no plans to support V6. Best R.
  8. Yes I saw them this morning, I am away from my PC at the moment when I get back home I will process this. R.
  9. Hi there I received your emails as well, I will process your request when I get to my PC I am currently unable due to personal circumstances. Please be patient. Best, Raul
  10. Asking the developer of the product is the best way to know hehe. R.
  11. You must have a flight_model.cfg in the project for msfs or it will not compile, so the fact it has one there will tell you nothing. However does it matter? What matters are the results. A2A are excellent devs, they have clearly created an amazing product, my congratulations and most respect to their teams. Well done for pushing this milestone. Best, Raul
  12. You mean AI Lights Reborn? unfortunately SDK is preventing me developing this for MSFS. However a new airplane is coming M500.. check the interview online, just google FSReborn M500 and you will find the video from TwoTonMurph. Best, R.
  13. I been working on MSFS for a long time, is not like I am sitting static.. I asked LM to improve certain things on V6 (I had access all beta), they didn;t was keeping hope.. they released now.. the cat is out of the bag.. R.
  14. Don't worry, I understand everyone points of view. Let's just all calm down for a moment, is all the passion for flight sim fuelling the discussions. It just shows how great the hobby is. R.
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