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  1. simbol

    P3d v4.3

    I still think it will be June 26th.. specially by judging the activity of P3D moderators and developers on the P3D forums, they are withdrawing from login in, meaning that they must be busy getting ready with the final details. Based on my experience as a developer this always happens 1 week prior release, it is what we call "Crunch developing time". S.
  2. Many thanks for letting me now, this is great news! I am such a big fan of FSPassanger! I can't wait for Dan to finish it off.. I will be buying the P3D Version without any doubts. Regards, S.
  3. I still think there is a long way to go for V5 but you have a point, I wonder if this is the reason why Dan hasn't ported it to V4.. maybe he just gave up.. S.
  4. It reminds me of FSPassengers.. I was a big fan of this add-on but sadly the developer never made it to P3D 4. S.
  5. Because that is not how things work out in the FS Developing World. As an example, If I decide to sell my products using F1, they will not get my source code, the source code remains mine and nobody else's. What F1 does is provide the licensing protection, a forum and depending on the partnership deal they will promote the software via their website, all these for a share commission which can be very high in my personal opinion. Not everyone has the same resources and sizes as PMDG, hell I wish I could have such funding and afford a team to help me to run my company like they do, but the reality out there is that most FS Developers start this as a part time job and in the vast majority of cases is all a 1 man business job. If things go well of course then we go through the expansion process, but this is not always the case. I have been extremely lucky to meet the right people who has put a wonderful and experienced team behind me, which will not only help me to test my products but also with all the required support when the time comes. Although I am not revealing who they are at this stage, I know they will be reading this, so I would like to say THANK YOU guys, your support and work means the world to me. So this is the reality of the situation, when a FS developer gets into serious trouble he is pretty much on his own.. My two cents, Simbol
  6. Who knows.. These are my HDR settings on my 4K Laptop and 1900x1080 PC: Yours settings are a bit higher in comparison so maybe that is what is causing the extra brightness for your system. Regards, S.
  7. I thought you were not buying any more pre-releases? that is exactly thy Developers rush to release un-finished software.. for the cash!!! S.
  8. I was an Exhibitor at Vegas and had the privilege to be the next door neighbour of Umberto and his wonderful team, I gave these suggestions directly to the developers of GSX 2 who welcomed the idea withing limits of course to avoid some issues, so you never know!!. In any case please remember the videos and promotional information you are seeing is the BETA product, the software is still under production and I am sure the release version will be even better in comparison to what we are seeing right now. All the best, S.
  9. Right, this could be why you see the lights so bright, maybe your current PTA setting has increased the colours, etc. In any case let me research a bit. Regards, S.
  10. simbol

    POSCON online flying

    Although It is BETA it is open and available, check I meet their team in Vegas, things look very promising, the developer of Vpilot is supporting their network . Regards, S.
  11. No worries, I don't work this way, in hence why I don't promise release dates and I run profesional beta testing for my software. The downside is that you will need to wait, be patient until it is ready and there is nothing you can do to rush me , the plus side is you get a product that is ready and works . Regards, S.
  12. Hi Roi, Many thanks, I have another question do you use PTA, EventShade, EventText, Reshade or similar product? I will check my HDR settings tonight and revert back. Regards, S.
  13. Hehe I am sure you do, mine will just complement the default ATC ESP Engine and / or integrate with 3rd party ATC Programs S.
  14. The real question is what are you looking for ? everyone has it owns preferences and that is what really matters, you should use what makes your personal flying experience the best posible and enjoyable for you, some key points to keep in mind: If you want as close as posible to real world operations nothing beats VATSIM or POSCON which are FREE. If you want to have just some traffic around without 100% accurate traffic and flight plans, you wish to have something that is just plug and play and use the default or 3rd party ATC Interaction (for example PROATC-X) then UTL, MT6 or Just Flight Traffic Global (when is finished) are your options. If you want to have really up to date real world traffic but you don't like flying online, then real Flight Plans injected to your simulator is the way to go in which case PSXseeconTraffic is the one to use, however be aware you need to listen to real live ATC to be able to adapt to what is happening with the traffic as the AI traffic around you will not adapt to what you are doing, you will also not receive authorisation to land, take off, etc. as you will be just joining and seeing what is happening in the real world ATC, no all parts of the world offer Real ATC streaming which sometimes can be problematic. Lorby also has a freeware that injects traffic from real world into the sim, however he has stated several times that it works better to spot traffic around airports rather than to use it as an AI traffic tool, but some users use it and are happy with it. Another alternative is to generate the traffic yourself using real world time tables, this takes a lot of time and effort but a lot of people enjoy this, for this you need to acquire AI models with updated repaints, create the flight plans and compile them into traffic files (.BGL) the AIG forum is the place to go to get started, be aware this is very time consuming.. but also very addictive!, the reward is that you will get as close as posible to real world time tables and still have default ATC or 3rd party ATC interaction if this is what rocks your boat. As you can see the ammount of possibilities is vast, it just depend of what you are looking for. All the best, Simbol