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  1. I am Incredible proud, honored and super happy to have been involved on this project with //42.From all the immersion packages I have been working with this is definitely my favorite so far.. a little tip for everyone, the Wing Condensation effects is my favorite and it is set by default to "performance", however if you move the slider to "Quality" it will behave pretty much as real world with the condensation reaching the top of the fuselage.. I dare you to try it.. but be aware, you need a machine capable of handle it PARALLEL42.MEDIUM.COM RELEASE: 777 Immersion V2 is ready for the PMDG 777! Regards, Simbol
  2. I responded to you via email, next time you can de-activate before these hardware changes or use the my license portal via the link emailed to you with your purchase to manage your license activations. Regards, Simbol
  3. It has something to do with computer ID's.. that is all I can say.. who knows what happened.. the life of Windows 10 is very complicated
  4. It is 1 License per computer. and you can de-activate / re-active 4 times per month. In your case and Ian, the computer ID changed for some reason and therefore the software believed you were trying to activate it on a different PC while the first computer ID was still set to active. S.
  5. Yes I responded.. at my usual lighting speed :P S.
  6. Hi Ray, Looks like your computer ID changed for some reason, maybe a big windows 10 update or something. I just cleared the old ID so you should be able to re-activate now. Regards, S.
  7. What you want can't be done reliably, they tried many times.. S.
  8. @ComSimPilot After internal discussions this is the oficial statement: https://parallel42.medium.com/release-777-immersion-v2-is-ready-for-the-pmdg-777-2ba82e714e05 All the best, Simbol
  9. Hi ComSimPilot, As you know, PMDG released a new version of the 777 which is a complete new airplane alongside with their expansion pack.. so Immersion V2 had to include support for 4 NEW 777 PMDG aircraft's: 777-200LR 777-200ER 777-300ER 777F - Cargo All the internal variables of PMDG changed with their new models, and each of such variables are different and behave different for each aircraft model above, also the geometry of wings changed, the wing flex parameters changed, their base color lighting changed and to add to the complication all effects had to be re-done in order to include compatibility not only for V4 but also for V5 which requires different files effect formats, physics, textures and colors. In addition we had to add support for 5 different engine types: General Electric GE-110 General Electric GE90-115 General Electric GE94 Prat and Whitney Roll Royce Each engine has different geometry, different trust factors and behaviors which of course influence many aspects in the simulation and accordingly their desired effects, such as contrails, cold starts, spouts, jet wash, engine condensation, Nacell streaks, etc. V2 technology is completely different from V1 and includes a vast amount of new features. We do appreciate your feedback but trust me when I tell you, this thing was build up from scratch taking an incredible amount of man hours and it does looks and feels very different from V1. However I will pass on your concerns to //42 management. All the best, Simbol
  10. Hi There, I worked on this project with //42. Much like 737 Immersion V2, this product is completely new from the ground up, built to fully replace the 2014 release of 777 Immersion V1. As such it is not considered an update and there is no upgrade path available. We're excited to leverage all new tech here, and go into details on the store page about some of these new approaches, thank you for your support! Regards, Simbol
  11. That could work.. I don't think right mouse can be assigned the way you wanted by CP due to some limitations. S.
  12. Let me ask Keven about this.. Regards, Simbol
  13. Why not re-asing the buttons via settings?
  14. Excelent! I will close the ticket now. Regards, Simbol
  15. No worries, can you do it the right way now and check if everything works? S.
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