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  1. SierraHotel

    How to enhance p3d to look more 'realistic'?

    My advice, check out the many video's and video streams and see what they are using to enhance their sim. You can start with mine if you like.........
  2. SierraHotel

    Happy New Year

    to all at AVSIM, thank you to all of you that take the trouble to keep this site running, thank you to all of you that use this site and last but not least, a big thank you to all that have offered help and advice over the last year. Have a great New Year everyone.
  3. SierraHotel

    REX SkyForce 3D and REX 4 Texture Direct

    Very basic difference, REX SkyForce uses 3D cloud textures, which means when you fly through a cloud, well, you really do fly through a cloud. Whereas with sprite based clouds you fly through,.....Well,...a sprite (which I guarantee is not as much fun). And now it's linked to Envtex and Envshade, and the latest update brings you.................... "This update finally brings the directional clouds lighting tweak we are working on for several months !While the native directional clouds lighting was still available in others well known shader programs, it was only made compatible with the other tweaks. We didn't stop there: Envshade changes completely the way directional clouds lighting is working to get a realistic feeling round the clock: clouds now receive light depending on their relative position to the sun (and the moon during night time) and of course Envshade also dynamically manages this effect depending on the time of day."
  4. SierraHotel

    Will TrueSky ever be in Prepar3dV5?

    TrueSky? Mmm, more like Pie in the Sky, think I'll stick with ASP4 & SkyForce
  5. SierraHotel

    Train Simming

    Trainz 2019 looks interesting.............
  6. Conversely, I have always used an AMD CPU, my current one being the 8350, the recent incarnations of P3D v4 run extremely well. Later in the new year I will be upgrading to a Ryzen. P.S. if you want to see how the AMD copes with v4 check out my vids
  7. SierraHotel

    TOGA Envtex 1.2.0 released

    Envtex SP2 can be downloaded from SimMarket user accounts in the downloads section Changelog: • Envtex 1.2.0 - Prepar3D v4.4 compatibility added - ASCA integration for clouds added - REX Skyforce 3D integration for clouds added - New airport textures & customization options - New cumulus textures & customization options - New cirrus textures & customization options - New sky textures & customization options - New sun effects & customization options - Sun effects files encoding fixed for P3D v4 - New moon textures and effects & customization options - New milky way textures & customization options - New contrails effects & customization options - New lightning effects (with dynamic lighting for P3Dv4) - Updated effects • Envdir - User interface design refined - Support Envtex 1.2.0 - New customization options for Envtex
  8. SierraHotel

    How to get better shadows in P3D v4 ...

    My P3D v4 shadows are purrrfect...😜 And that tip Rockliffe is great (been using it since 4.3) and I love eggs, fried, boiled, scrambled or sucked...😉
  9. SierraHotel

    Ryzen 5GHz+

    Ken ya na?.......😜
  10. SierraHotel

    Out of Date Nav Data?

    You also might want to look at this site: and update your magdec.bgl file. Here is the info from the site: These updates are for FSX and P3D only (all versions including now P3Dv4) and include aeronautical data that are referenced by the latest aeronautical information (AIPs). The FSX/P3D World Navaids package will update navigational aids (VORs, NDBs) in selectable world areas (worldwide coverage). A multi-platform installer is provided and all original files are saved and can be restored. A PDF documentation is included. Be aware of some limitations/problems that may occur for those still using FS integrated flight planning (obsolete) or map view. See chapter 5 of documentation for details. In Europe region, all data (VORs, NDBs, ILSs, runway identifiers, approach lighting systems, PAPIs, en route intersections and airways) are corrected. In other regions, only VORs and NDBs are updated; consequently, in those regions, a few NDBs (those that are embedded in airport BGL files) will remain untouched resulting in a very few discrepancies. ILS/Rwy regional updates will be needed to correct other data (ILSs, rwy identifiers, embedded NDBs). See below. ILS/Rwy regional updates will correct ILSs, runway identifiers, markers and all embedded NDBs in other regions than Europe. In the US, lightings, PAPIs and COM frequencies are also corrected. An automatic installer is provided. Note that each region can be installed separately; a worldwide update is also available (except for Europe that is already covered by the World Navaids package). See the included readme.txt files for more details and the coverage map. Note that installer will backup original files that can be restored at any time. It's free to use (but you might consider a small donation, Herv's work is indispensable for our hobby as far as I'm concerned)
  11. SierraHotel

    Sunrise Over Hurston

    Hi Rhett, I've been in since 2010, so a gold ticket holder, this week is the first time I have actively started playing SC, the latest update 3.3.6 is just mind blowing. It's running really well on my AMD 8350. Definitely worth a look now, and it's still only alpha!
  12. SierraHotel

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    I have it set to all phonetic
  13. SierraHotel

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Works fantastic with ProATC in live mode, never seen so much traffic en-route
  14. SierraHotel

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    I'll try this with ProATC