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  1. Oculus Quest 2 looks likely to be updated with a 120Hz refresh rate, according to comments made by the Vice President of Facebook Reality Labs. During a Q&A session on Instagram, Andrew 'Boz' Bosworth responded with a literal ‘thumbs up’ to a question about whether Quest 2 would see an update to 120Hz, and touched on a number of other topics relating to VR. The faster the refresh rate in a VR headset, the smoother the virtual world it creates, and so 120Hz marks a dramatic improvement on the 72Hz refresh rate the Quest 2 originally launched with (before being updated with support for 90Hz in November 2020). https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/oculus-quest-2-will-be-updated-with-120hz-refresh-rate-says-facebook-insider
  2. Must try this, would be rude not to. Many thanks for your efforts.
  3. Autoland is not in any of the current A320NX releases as yet. That includes Dev and Experimental.
  4. To be honest, I'm missing the 737 less and less in MSFS, with the amazing progress made by the FlyBywire team I'm almost back to the state I was in P3D with my streams! And with the forthcoming addition of an EFB within the next few weeks I'll be there. So depending on the price I may or may not buy it when it eventually appears. And for long haul, I will have the FBW A380 when it releases, all for free.
  5. Get the new updater, it's great and really easy to use, also auto updates.
  6. But the fact remains that it needs 6 GIG OF vRAM to run at all.
  7. The good news is that ProATC X is being developed for MSFS.
  8. Honestly? Ok, P3D is based on the original FSX, and I loved it! I loved it so much that I spent over £2000 on it! And it looked stunning. I flew almost exclusively in airliners, because if I wanted to get the total realism required for low level GA flight it would have cost me another £500 at least. You might read this and think, well I'll stick to one aircraft and only tart up a few areas where I would like to fly. You won't! You'll start off like this but soon other aircraft will catch your eye, and, the decent ones cost, a lot! And then of course you'll have to learn to tweak, a lot! And don't even dream of P3D unless you own the fastest PC in the known universe! Oh, and you'll need a GPU with at least 11 Gigabytes of memory! Yes, I loved P3D, and then MSFS came along. But honesty? did want that? Go with MSFS, you will not be sorry and you will save a fortune.
  9. No, it works perfectly for me, and from the videos I have seen, also for a lot of others. Are you using the latest version? The only problem with the latest version is, on a CAT3 just before touchdown the aircraft dives for the runway. This can be mitigated by disconecting the AP just before crossing the threshhold.
  10. You guys really are one of the best development teams I have ever encountered! Thank you.
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