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  1. "7. Sounds Although the sound was at a fairly low level (gotta protect the younger ears of course) I could clearly hear the dimensions of rain hitting the aircraft at different points of the aircraft and a mixture of the sounds together for example the glass and aluminium surfaces have different pitches and this was distinctive."
  2. I wasn't speculating, just pointing out that at this moment no one is in a position to either confirm or deny. Having said that, in view of the level of care and detail already lavished on this software and the fact that they have been working on this already for a few years, who's to say they haven't got a group (yes even PMDG) working on the aircraft already? The point is nobody outside of MS knows, and won't know until they are ready to tell us.
  3. That is unsubstantiated speculation! And from what we have seen so-far, may well leave you with egg on your face.
  4. Microsoft are the lifeblood of flight simulation, FS1 to FSX, FSX Steam edition and the basis for P3D. Over the years they have generated millions of dollars for third party developers. Without MS we would not be conversing on Avsim! Because it (probably) would not exist. How about having a little faith in the company that has brought us this far? And is now ready to take the next leap forward. How about showing a little respect for the company that championed flight simming for thirty odd years and are now about to make everyone's dreams come true.
  5. I have a Crucial MX500, but it pales in comparison to my 512GB Intel M2 760. If you have an M2 NVMe slot on the board it's well worth the extra. Blindingly fast.
  6. And that girl & guy, coming out of the office block! I mean who wears brown shoes with a black suit!!! Jeeeeeeeeesssss! Yes I am joking, for goodness sake! This is a PRE ALPHA build.
  7. Okay, I know I'm old and British, but many, many years ago when I was at school part of our English tuition consisted of something called comprehension! No, I'm not trying to be facetious or snide, I'm just bewildered! All of the above has been covered and in some cases answered. The material containing these answers is freely available online. I would suggest those in the dark avail themselves of it. "Getting a little worried with a few items that haven't been focused on yet with only a few months until release (a short time in terms of major features to the sim being complete considering the five year development cycle)" FACT: FS has been in development since 2016! Asobo, unlike many developers working under time constraints who use "shotgun mode" in their development, are far more surgical in their approach, focusing on and honing in on certain features until they are fully functional. They also said that the "legacy mode" is fully functional and can be used if required. ( How this functions within the new FS framework has yet to be revealed, but it's there if required) YES! The Following Will Be In FS, Eventually: (1) AI Aircraft (following RW routes) (2) Shipping Worldwide (3) ATC (4) Aircraft persistence i.e. wear and tear, aircraft performance will deteriorate over time and require repair etc (5) Flamingos (6) VR Support (7) Seasons (self evident) I know the Devs spoke with a mixture of German and French accents, so listen carefully to the following video (you may have to turn it up in certain places) This video is the best quality as far as hearing what the devs are actually saying:
  8. I think by 2025 you will be able to land your (virtual) aircraft then get in your (virtual) car and drive to your (virtual) house to have (virtual) dinner with your virtual wife (or girlfriend) 😜
  9. There is no difference between SO DCS 2.5 and Steam DCS 2.5, I have noticed however there is sometimes a delay of new aircraft coming to the Steam version as opposed to the stand alone. I run stand alone DCS 2.5 and DCS beta side by side on my PC with no problems.
  10. ...Until FS is released, in fact I have already uninstalled both P3D and X-Plane. It is indeed a new paradigm. Neither of the former mentioned flight sims with all of my addon's can come close in my opinion to the glory that is FS in it's Pre Alpha state. And so regardless of cost, subscriptions, the initial lack of ATC and a myriad of other small exclusions or problems I shall while away the time with DCS, IL2 and Star Citizen until this true 64bit gem is released. So Au revoir until we meet again over Paris, London, New York or any of the other 2 million plus accurately represented cites in this amazing World they are creating.
  11. Speculation is like sex! Fun at the time, but, always leaves you wondering what all the fuss was about.😜
  12. "I think the serious simmers on here will stick to their X-Plane, their P3ds and the DCS series among others." Well I'm a serious simmer, and will be switching to FS in a heartbeat. As for PC specs, most simmers are still trapped in the old MSF X/P3D paradigm. FS is whole new ballgame using multicore and some of the latest graphics techniques. I'm getting a steady 60FPS from Star Citizen and I don't expect much less from FS.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/538945776862209/?source=unknown
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