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  1. Do you have "Turbulence" set to minimum as per the Fenix recommendations?
  2. It's easy, just open the XBox app on your PC, your name, XBox Insider, Previews, opt out of the preview of MSFS and the rest is automatic. You can also rejoin as and when you like.
  3. I think this guy was higher! hkgracingking an hour ago satellites are IMPOSSIBLE there have never been ONE PHOTO OF ONE EVER. it is impossible to have a vacuum next to our atmosphere and before you brainwashed sheep start SCREAMING GRAVITY (a fantasy even NEWTON didnt believe in) I want you to PROVE IN ANY SCENARIO that a vacuum can exist next to our atmosphere - not on a blackboard in a real life experiment
  4. The first time I flew the M500, I had exactly the same thing happen, and it took me an age to realise. The main problem is that when you look at the tablet, all the components are either blue or green. So any broken or damaged parts don't jump out at you, and after you have fixed them you have to go through the breakers one at a time to see which ones have popped, I have no doubt that I (and you) will get better with practise. And yes, this bl**dy aircraft is that realistic!
  5. The Daily Mail and indeed 100% of MSM are renowned in the UK for printing mostly Sssssssssssssssssssssssssss,
  6. My current Internet speed is 48MBs My current performance in MSFS is: https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxoXwilnEKG4VNjPj8l3CkZ4-yzziJPuET?si=RwbzszxpP5JwfdJi
  7. I saw my first UFO when I was twelve, and it was awe-inspiring. Cylindrical and Gold coloured, at the time I had no idea of its altitude/size, but from my perspective it was enormous. I'm 72 now, and that morning is still as clear in my mind as it was on that day.
  8. I have over £2000 worth of add-ons for P3D and X-Plane 11 and I fly both IFR (heavy) and VFR (light) aircraft. I would not go back to either of them, for me MSFS is the future. There is also some amazing software available for MSFS from PMDG, Fenix, A2A, FSReborn and Blacksquare. There is also a brand-new ATC programme forthcoming called Beyond ATC (MSFS only) which is set to blow every desktop aviators mind! Oh! And I haven't even mentioned all the FREE add-ons available at https://flightsim.to/ 😉
  9. Heads up I updated to SU14 Beta this morning, and it seems to have broken the PMDG 737-800! I can't type anything into the FMC i.e. say I type 123, it now displays 1 I type 2, and it just replaces the 1 with 2 etc
  10. Unfortunate name, I know a few Nobster's and 100's of virtual ones!.......😅😂🤣🤪
  11. "The Fenix does a decent job making constraints, but it does have a tendency to dive to meet them. I hope the next update alleviates that. The PMDG is better in some ways, but the LNAV is so ridiculous. So one could say the Fenix handles LNAV beautifully and not so much VNAV, whereas the PMDG does VNAV good much it rather poor at LNAV.😕" Sorry, but I completely disagree with this statement. I fly both the Fenix and the PMDG every day and they "both" perform beautifully with both L and VNAV.
  12. ProATC X/SR does this, you have to add the holds, which takes some time, I have holds added to most of the airports I use on a regular basis.
  13. We have already transcended, this life is just one experience amongst many trillions we have already passed through on our way to trillions more 🙃😉😇
  14. https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxueJDZxvXoS5nC6k26N8PwxaTqbxF8uaD
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