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  1. Unable to connect Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at www.flightsimulator.com. The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. Interesting, seems they are updating the site, and as there is another update due tomorrow......
  2. C'mon Guy's how long can we keep this quibble page going, I quite enjoy these pointless arguments. Take our minds off of wondering when this FS masterpiece is going to be released (with Seasons)
  3. This is the quote from FB, and if you check Sebastien's FB page it does indeed appear that he works for Asobo. "Sébastien Augros Raymond Fry The seasonal landscapes are planned for the release of the game. Nevertheless, they have not yet shown them because he is still working on them internally. As for the Falcon type jets, there are plans but the list of aircraft will be revealed as time goes by."
  4. For those interested MS have released a new beta branch for FSX:SE which will help them gain valuable new telemetry data for FS. It's on Steam/FSX Steam Edition/Betas/External Beta, they have also included some bug fixes.
  5. Looking forward to re-visiting this topic in 2021🤪
  6. My machine runs Star Citizen on max @ 40 fps. As I am now only interested in FS and as it will use all cores, I am confident that my Ryzen 7 3700X will be more than capable.
  7. Perhaps we will see the emergence of an X-Plane like community and the amazing "free" airports that their dedicated devs put out, that would be nice.
  8. Regarding being admitted to the tech alpha, apparently there is a sacrificial rite being held later this week (bring your own lamb)
  9. I'm not renaming it mate! That's what it's called "microsoft Flight Simulator" or FS for short (and Icons)
  10. VR is the nut's (and sweetcorn, tomatoes, bacon, eggs or whatever else you've eaten) on "No Limits Roller Coaster"
  11. It's called simply FS. Obviously, because it's simply the best!
  12. I think one Star Citizen is enough, let's get FS out there and let the 3rd party developers add the bling! P.S. VR is coming..............
  13. Reality Is For People Who Can't Handle Simulation!
  14. Can someone point me to the article from the developers where it said that it would be released without seasons? No, I couldn't either! The only reference I could find was this one from the Interview with Jörg, "Season is also such a topic. Basically, you can easily add snow. But you'll also need things like snow clearance vehicles. The snow must thaw sometime, then the rivers are completely different. But that's also the case with animals. Bears are known to sleep in winter. Some animals fly south, others north. There we talk a lot about how far we can get." Do any of you honestly think that after spending the last 4 years and (probably) many thousands of dollars building this exquisite piece of software! After building a weather system that is just off the "wow scale" and after stating many times that they were aiming for perfection, that they would leave out something as basic as the changing seasons! I can, however, see them adding hibernating Bears later (maybe)!!
  15. I have a Merc and they all look the same to me🤪
  16. Technically Star Citizen is vapourware, but I've been exploring, mining and trading quite happily for the last year and it just get's better with every patch. Anyway, the title of this post was MSFS2020 vs P3D v4. No, there is no verses! FS is literally on another level in every aspect. I have been flight simming since the 80's and spent thousands of pounds on hardware and software over the years, my P3D v4 is fully kitted out for European flight and without doubt the best sim I ever owned! Until now. I watched everything and I read everything available on FS, then I uninstalled P3D v4, X-Plane 11 and all of the addon's because I just cannot bare to fly them anymore, it just leaves a bad taste. If you don't believe what Asobo and MS say then I'm afraid that's your problem, but it seems to me that there is more than enough evidence to suggest that FS will be coming and soon
  17. LOL, just wait until VR arrives!! No, but airflow still affects them
  18. Watching the latest Insider video on aerodynamics and the amount of reconstruction that has gone into the FS engine has made me realise that us armchair pilots are really going to have to (re) learn how to fly! It also answered some of those nagging questions about fps, better integration so even slower systems will not notice any drop in frames. MS really have pushed the boat out on this and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! All in all it's Simply the Best.
  19. "7. Sounds Although the sound was at a fairly low level (gotta protect the younger ears of course) I could clearly hear the dimensions of rain hitting the aircraft at different points of the aircraft and a mixture of the sounds together for example the glass and aluminium surfaces have different pitches and this was distinctive."
  20. I wasn't speculating, just pointing out that at this moment no one is in a position to either confirm or deny. Having said that, in view of the level of care and detail already lavished on this software and the fact that they have been working on this already for a few years, who's to say they haven't got a group (yes even PMDG) working on the aircraft already? The point is nobody outside of MS knows, and won't know until they are ready to tell us.
  21. That is unsubstantiated speculation! And from what we have seen so-far, may well leave you with egg on your face.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stM2CPF9YAY at a much lower price.
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