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  1. Damian has not been active on the HiFi forums for a while so I take that as being that he and Kostas are working night and day on Active Sky for MSFS. MSFS weather is close but it would be very nice to have accurate weather around aerodromes, I can deal with MSFS weather enroute but the airport weather must be bang on.
  2. Have you right-clicked and "Locked" the instruments? See the video at 1' 26"
  3. You would have heard it from https://twitter.com/RAF_Luton if the story was RAF related.
  4. Strange indeed David. I have not had any CTD's since installing it upon release. I did have an issue on the weekend where all of the sudden there wasn't any "autogen" - MSFS looked like a vanilla FSX installation. A reinstall resolved that issue. I love the fact that you can set MSFS installation up overnight and the sim is ready the next morning.
  5. Very interesting, glad that resolved the CTD's for you Bob. Hopefully the remedy works for Boeing_Driver.
  6. Any errors in Windows Event Viewer? Have you tried running sfc /scannow in the CMD prompt? Check the registry for a numbered folder that does not contain a subfolder labeled "MutablePackagesOnline" and delete that empty folder. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx\PackageVolumes
  7. Thanks, good to know. I just noticed that live traffic is not working either so there must be a server/data issue on their end. I have submitted a Zendesk request.
  8. Is it just me or has something changed? Live weather does not work even if using the "Clear Skies" workaround and the terrain and autogen looks really sparse. I have cleared out my community folder of all 3rd party sceneries and the sim still looks terrible. The rolling cache is active.
  9. Geez, I was ready and willing to jump on a 737-8 using almost any airline out of Vancouver. After reading Mr. Peirson's report I now have second thoughts. Definitely appears that the bean counters are mostly to blame. Unfortunately their influence can be felt in manufacturing all over the world, gone are the days of promoting from within based on drive and work ethics and it shows in everyday items that we use.
  10. Great suggestion. I have been getting good results by setting Clear Weather in the flight setup menu then changing to live weather once the flight loads, works well for me.
  11. I have the CLS-E NG yoke and love it, agree their communication is somewhat spotty at best. Stefan Brunner has released a number of profiles and most aircraft types are covered so you can copy/rename and edit his profiles to suit your needs. You will have to create an account in order to download the CLS2Sim software at the Media/Software Download Page then after running the installer you have to navigate to the Bruner folder in Program Files (x86) and run the various sim plugin installers. There isn't one for MSFS, rather it uses the FSX profile. Before connecting you must launch the CLS2Sim.exe and select the FSX/MSFS radial but you cannot select the MSFS.exe MS/ASOBO have not given permission to do so. Once the CLS2Sim software is active connect to the yoke and then initialize it. Start MSFS and once in the flight screen head back to the desktop (Windows key) and press "Connect." You should feel the FF effect then. Good luck! Rob
  12. Hi Noel, Your story got me all choked up. I've always felt that coming from humble beginnings makes for a better life later on. Thanks for sharing. Robert
  13. Try it the next time you are in a meeting and you want people to take you seriously.
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