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  1. Hi all, A quick post about air effects. I just performed a quick flight with the latest build of ASFS in real-time 1300z from Venice to Lyon (LIPZ-LFLL) and the turbulence and CAT is amazingly realistic. I had a tail wind down to localizer capture and the PMDG 737 was doing a little dance; just like you would feel or see if you were in the real thing. People are going to love how the "air feels." With historical weather you will be able to experience what I did earlier today using passive mode. Once ASFS is synched to sim time using historical weather (don't forget to check the box) you'll be able to recreate any flight you have experienced in the last while. Rob
  2. You're welcome Damian! As mentioned earlier, this was a different build, things have been quickly improving per the feedback of the beta testing team. Stay tuned for more! Robert
  3. I am sure that you will see lots of great video's Alex. Hang in there for a little bit. Robert
  4. Hello Marc, TS and CB's are a big ticket item for me as well. Fortunately I think that HiFi has a really good basis to make incredible improvements. The program will need a little time to bud; with feedback from users it will eventually blossom into something that will be unforgettable. Robert
  5. Hello Gerard, Ah yes, your beautiful home cockpit! I remember it well. Unfortunately, no one on the team has a setup like yours, as far as I know. I will inquire and let you know. Robert
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking when I was testing ASFS.
  7. Lol, his signature says it all, "Criticize Ideas" - he's good at that. I agree Bob, I have seen him at many shows and I never went out of my way to say hello to him after I introduced myself at the AVSIM conference in 2007. He would to sit at the Aerosoft booth reading the paper. Maybe he is a good admin person, but that's about it. Rob
  8. Hey Mike, Are the yokes in your home-pit force feedback? I sure love your vids. Rob
  9. Hi Jon, Thanks for the feedback, I was not aware that the 787 was equipped with actuators which provides the pilots the feel of the aircraft. I just read about the 787's gust suppression system so I will adjust the settings on my force feedback yoke to lessen the effects of CAT. Robert
  10. I'm wondering about the FBW system in the 787 and whether there is any feedback on the yoke from the flight surfaces. Is it like an Airbus where there is no tactile feeling whatsoever? Thanks, Robert
  11. Most likely left on in error. It happens from time to time, especially when they fly a few sectors per day. They must have been getting tired by the time you pulled up to the gate. We’re flying Easyjet from Nice to Lisbon next week, it will be our first flight with them.
  12. I have donated Fr. Bill, good luck!
  13. Someone else mentioned DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller). Here is a great vid that I reference when I install a new nVidia GPU driver:
  14. I am from Canada and they would not ship to me here either, it is't that difficult to drop packages off at USPS. I managed to order a set of throttles and had them ship to a freight forwarding company in the US who ships worldwide. https://www.myus.com/ MyUS waived the monthly fee when I decided to cancel my account. They have a UK mailing address as well so it is a win-win for me.
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