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  1. Hello Gents, Did you copy the ASP3DV4ConnectorInstall.exe and/or ASP3DV5ConnectorInstall.exe over to the simulator computer and run the installer there? It will add ActiveSkyP4 and ActiveSkyP5 respectively to your Documents\Prepar3D Add-On's folder's.
  2. What a sad thing to be reading about the passing of Jim. He was a straight shooter and spoke from his heart which was always in the right place. I'm sure I brushed past Jim in Connecticut at FSCon and when I had realized it was too late and I could not find him. I wish that I had spoken to him that weekend. Rest in peace Jim. My heartfelt condolences to Jim's family. Robert CYVR
  3. Hi, Pic still not visible. Are you using a shader mod tool? Best bet would be to clear your shader files and see if things look better. C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders With Prepar3D closed delete the .cso files in the Shader folder.
  4. Lol, good one. Imagine being the inventor of either of those products and how much they have helped us all. Like sticky notes those items were fortunate accidents during research and development and the person who happened upon those "mistakes" likely got nothing for the discoveries. Sorry to be going off on a tangent.
  5. Hi, I cannot see the pics unfortunately. Do the clouds appear washed out and too bright? It may be graphic settings, if they are not set properly everything looks pretty crappy.
  6. It happened right in downtown Vancouver at Coal Harbor at the convention center, not sleepy Victoria.
  7. I have flown from that seaplane base many times, it's a locked gate in a public area which is opened and manned by whichever seaplane operator is loading their passengers at that time-There are no security guards as far as I can remember. Shame that the Beaver was so heavily damaged, wonder if it will ever fly again.
  8. Another jaw-dropping video by Asobo, well done. One comment though, I hope they fix the strobe light behaviour on the AI and user aircraft so it matches what they look like in the real world. There is a difference between the flash on a Boeing vs. Airbus aircraft (single vs. double) and it will also be nice to see LED's simulated on the wingtips as well as the anti-collision lights. Minor details but it seems like they want to get everything right.
  9. There are the note takers again, wonder if those around him are actually writing anything. He always looks like he's explaining everything and they all pretend that he is really interesting. Bet he'd see just a bunch of scribbles on the paper if he ever cared to check.
  10. Something may have become corrupt, uninstall/reinstall fixes issues with most programs.
  11. Hello Alex, Please post some pics so we have a better idea of what is going on.
  12. Okay, working again. I feel your pain Jim, quick change the admin password!
  13. Same for me 15+ hours. Is someone playing around with forum settings? This happens here more often than most forums I visit.
  14. Hello, I had an issue when I pressed a switch on my yoke assigned to the trim function and it moved a condition lever on dual turboprop aircraft only, nothing else was affected. I verified there were no duplicate entries in the FSUIPC.ini and ensured that all controller assignments were deleted in Prepar3D. I never found what was causing the issue and only managed to resolve the issue by replacing the yoke and throttle. Check that there aren't any duplicated throttle entries in the FSUIPC.ini and delete all controller assignments in the controller assignments.
  15. That's great! Orbx Central v4 should automatically place the order for you, note that the order looks a little confusing the new way they are doing it but it seems to work. On the OC v4 settings screen you can select where Orbx Airports and Regions are inserted, I have selected to place them below my last add on airport. Orbx Global openLC is then inserted below Orbx Airports and Regions. You will see "Legacy Layering" - Do not touch that unless instructed by Orbx themselves.
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