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    In Memoriam

    Hi Nils, The .jpeg's do not load. Can you try re-linking or reloading them?
  2. Hello fellow flight simmers! I have been watching this real world UK pilot's video where he shows his company procedures on a flight in a 737 from the EGCC to LEPA. Not sure where I found the link but though that I would post here for you all to see. He also does Prepar3D video's showing various other procedures. A great deal of insight making all aspects of flight more interesting. Enjoy!

    Unable to run AS2016

    Hi, please head over to the HiFi SIM website and log a support ticket with a link to your OP. Thank you.
  4. Hi Nath, Once you have set the settings and are satisfied you can select "User Presets" -> "Save Current Options" and save it as a specific file for Carenado Aircraft. You can select any preset thereafter by simply clicking on the button and applying whichever preset you would like.
  5. Hi Caleb, Thank you for your interest in HiFI SImulations. ASCA was still in development in early 2016 and was released that summer. With the addition of AS2016 and now ASP4 for Prepar3D v4.x there are smooth weather transitions, what you refer to as weather synching. HiFi Simulations has pioneered the development of dynamic weather using the weather engine (AS16 or ASP4) and ASCA which allows for installation of textures in real time without the need to quit the sim and install new textures or themes. All a user has to do is simply install a base texture and then select one of the dynamic themes that will take over the display of weather systems. It is important to load a flight plan in order to provide the most accurate weather depiction along the route. Come and see us at any time.

    External Strobe Light Timing Needs Tweaking

    Thanks for your replies Jim, totally makes sense now that you mention it. I was just thinking how far the devs have come, I'm down to posting about the synchronization of external lighting.
  7. Matt said they are working on a new UI which among other things will contain a repository of presets, no need to go searching the net. Hopefully users will upload their presets to the new UI.

    Unread content problem

    Same for me, first time in the morning then I checked again a few hours later and content was there. Then it happened again where there wasn't any content. Jim, it's not like our sim, stop tweaking it or at least follow the forum guide lol. Anyway, hope it gets back to normal soon.
  9. Indeed, $500-600 difference in price between the two, not sure if it would be worth the cost. I have been thinking of updating my 980TI but at the current price I think I'll hold off. Thanks for your reply Bob.
  10. What about the 1080TI? Would that be any better?
  11. HUSSAR

    External Strobe Light Timing Needs Tweaking

    Just coming back to this post after receiving a PM from another member asking if I had ever heard back from PMDG. Interesting to read some of the post's that the difference in timing could be 777-200 vs 777-300 or could it be based on customer request. I will have a closer look when I have a chance.
  12. HUSSAR

    P3D V4 black ground textures

    On a clean install, was everything P3D from previous install cleaned? You shouldn't have to edit the prepar3d.cfg file. Shader cache cleared? Scenery.cfg layering issue? Texture.cfg issue? Missing textures? Reinstall content? Here is a .txt version of my scenery.cfg below, I have FSGlobal Next Gen as well. You can find the scenery.cfg in Drive:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. Scenery.txt
  13. HUSSAR

    FS Panel = Own design

    Hi Marc, You haven't been around long enough. Thanks for your reply and helping Fredrik out with his query.
  14. Wow! Great shots Ryan, any environmental lighting mods? Pics are truly stunning.
  15. HUSSAR

    FS Panel = Own design

    Just to confirm, you are building a home cockpit? A word of caution, you've posted into one of the most fearsome forums at AVSIM, users of PMDG feel very strongly about their Boeing developers, the mention of Airbus may result in ridicule. Added to that PMDG is highly protective of their product and most likely would not reveal any information about the 737. There is a dedicated forum here at AVSIM and some others out there on the net, just search for "home cockpit builders" or "cockpit builders." Best of luck with your build. Google "home cockpit build" search: