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  1. Thank you all very much for your replies. As a few others are also experiencing the same problem intermittently, probably some bug lurking around. The external view shows no signs of overheating, chocks are away, and the push back function, initiated via the EFB is fine. I've tried tapping the toe brakes too, but to no avail. All wheels are turning, but the Bus isn't moving. It's like when you have a car driver trying to get traction on a snowbound road, high revs, but no traction. I'll just ask the Pax to get off and give the think a push to get it rolling!😉 Again, my thanks to all Regards Andy
  2. Hi folks I bought the Fenix A320 MS2020 a couple of weeks ago, and I'm happy with it, apart from a taxi problem on 2 occasions. The push back, and taxi from the gate to the runway hold position goes without any issue. The aircraft is stopped, with parking brake on. I get "line up" from atc, I release the parking brake, advance throttles appropriately, but, in spite of the nose wheel and main gear wheels all turning, the aircraft does not move. This has only happened twice, out of 10 flights...and ground conditions are dry. The toe brakes are only used minimally. I can't think of any reason why wheels are not "gripping". Has anyone experienced this problem? Regards Andy
  3. Thank you very much indeed for your prompt assistance. Kind regards Andy
  4. Because of a couple of problems over the past week, I want to uninstall/ reinstall MS2020. Can someone please tell me how to redownload MS2020 from Microsoft Store? I have located MS2020 in my "Order History" but I can't see anything to click on to begin the Download process. I'm afraid I find MS Store a bit difficult to negotiate, and I would appreciate some advice.
  5. Hi Icantfly, Thank you so very much for your reply. Success!! I followed your instructions and changed ILS frequency ok. Your English is not pathetic.I have so much admiration for those whose native language is not English, but who can communicate perfectly well 😊 Best Wishes Andy
  6. I am 81, and I don't know if this is such a "stupid" post that it does not warrant a reply. If that is the case I apologise. However, I would really like to fly this aircraft, and I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Regards Andy
  7. I haven't really used MS2020 much since I purchased it at launch. I have started flying it now, but I have a problem with the C172 GNS530 & GNS430 in the analogue version.When I try to dial in the ILS frequency by pressing the "Push C/N" button, the digits only change in the COM section. Can someone advise if this is a bug? I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, as I've used the GNS430 in other sims. Regards Andy
  8. Thank you very much indeed gore54. Your info worked just fine. Thank Goodness for helpful people like you. Kind regards Andy
  9. Although I know nothing about electronic circuitry, my field of expertise stopped at the mains power point , I kind of figured that would be the case. Andy
  10. That's interesting Al. I had tried a few hours ago to use a PS2 to USB adaptor to connect the Saitek Quad, but to no avail. Regards Andy
  11. Nothing wrong with the Logitech G Saitek Quadrant..I was the problem! I had made mapping errors, but now all ok. Thanks Regards Andy
  12. Thank you for your reply devgrp It's really the Flaps, Throttle and Spoilers I want to use with the levers. I'll try to get a PS2 to USB adaptor. Regards Andy
  13. Thank you for your reply. I bought the ProFlight Yoke system a few years ago. I'll try the adaptor you mention. Regards Andy
  14. I have a Logitech G Saitek ProFlight Yoke System with Throttle Quadrant, which works ok in P3D and X-Plane 11. The Throttle Quadrant does not show in MS2020 Control Options however. It is connected to the Yoke by a PS/2 plug, and I wonder if the problem could be overcome by buying the separate Logitech G Throttle Quadrant which is powered by a usb connection. I dont want to spend £50 on another Throttle Quadrant if the issue may not be resolved. Can anyone advise please?
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