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  1. I agree with bobcat999. I was really thinking there must be something I was doing wrong, when I read on the forum of all the folks having great flights. I stepped back from MS2020 and went back to P3Dv5( not perfect I know), for a few weeks, simply to enjoy complete flights. Yesterday I installed the latest update from MS2020 and I was amazed at the scenery over Manhattan, then the AP switched itself off and the aircraft went into a dive. Although I've been simming since FS2000, I'm not a techie and I rely on tips and hints from members, and of course from You tube tutorials( a big thanks to them). However I do feel a bit cheated by the overall function of what was sold as a Flight Simulator...the "Microsoft" badge was a big incentive for me to buy it.
  2. Yes it is challenging, but like you, I enjoy it too. A pleasant change for me from the big passenger jets. Love the sound of the turboprop, particularly in reverse thrust.
  3. Ok, thank you for the info. Although I purchased the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 for P3Dv4 2 years ago, I only changed over to the v5 for Dash8 a couple of days ago. I have just enjoyed a flight and everything was A-Ok. a great aircraft! 😊
  4. Thank you, I'm pleased it's sorted too. Just a thought , in 2000 I was allowed entry into the U.S and Canada much quicker than I entered the Majestic website😀
  5. Good Morning, Yes "JFL" letters were included in the copy/paste. After numerous attempts I left it for a while, then went back, and at the 3rd attempt...success!! Downloaded/installed and issue resolved. Again, thank you for your replies. Kind regards Andy
  6. Thank you for your reply. I had actually visited that site prior to posting here. Unfortunately it does not recognise my Order No from Just Flight..could be I need some Devine Intervention😉
  7. I feel a bit silly posting this message, but I am unable to find Majestic software website. I contacted their support as I was having an issue with the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 P3Dv5 They have told me to Download/Install version 1.021 rev.2 dll fix from Support->User Area on their website. The problem is when I google Majestic Software I am onto a Kingdom Hall website. Can someone please direct me to the correct site Thank you
  8. Thank you for taking time to reply. I did wonder if that was the meaning. Regards Andy
  9. Please excuse my ignorance , but can you tell me what this means please? I've seen it elsewhere on forum.
  10. Removed usb's for yoke and rudder pedals. Sim now running at second attempt to start.
  11. I ran the update, started the sim, and after setting up the flight planner, the sim hung. The yellow banner with" Fly" and the plane icon didn't appear. Tried several times to get started but to no avail, kept hanging at same point. The only things in my Community folder are ORBX London City Airport, and ORBX London City Pack. Did a flight a couple of hours before I downloaded and installed this latest patch today. There was no problem getting that flight set up.
  12. Yes, I was beginning to think "it was just me" also. I have updated as per the Daytona125 post. (see my reply above). I saw a post a few days ago on this forum where a screenprint of Honeycomb Alpha yoke was used, together with a Logitech Throttle Quadrant, and the Quadrant was depicted in the MS2020 Control section. Thank you for replying. Kind regards Andy
  13. Many thanks for your reply. I had been checking for Logitech updates, but the last time was probably a day or so prior to release.I have now updated with some success. The Throttle Quadrant is still not depicted, but I have now mapped the flaps to extend and retract, albeit not incrementally..but hopefully that will be resolved at some stage. Again, my thanks for your kind assistance. Kind regards Andy
  14. Hi Folks I have the Logitech G ProFlight Yoke System, Logitech G Rudders and Logitech G Throttle Quadrant. The Yoke and the Rudder Pedals are depicted in the MS2020 Controls, and they work perfectly well. However the Throttle Quadrant, which is connected to the Yoke by a 6 pin plug, is not depicted. The throttle lever, left hand on the quadrant, controls the engine speed no problem, but I'm unable to map the central lever to "Increase/Decrease Flaps. It defaults to "Feather". I'm also unable to set the right hand lever to "Spoilers". There are also 6 switches on the Quadrant which I can't map. Anyone with this setup had success? Andy
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