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  1. Hi Tim, Many thanks for your reply. I did in fact submit a ticket on Saturday 8th, and they reactivated the S340 this morning. Chocks away! Kind regards Andy
  2. I have tried unsuccessfully to reinstall the S340 P3Dv4. I have redownloaded the aircraft from the seller, Just Flight, used copy/paste to enter the Serial Number together with my email address on the Carenado screen., but to no avail.I also read somewhere, to copy/paste the Serial Number to notepad, and then to the appropriate Carenado screen. This also did not resolve the issue. A message then appears, "403 Error". "The number of installs for this serial number has been exceeded". I contacted Just Flight for help to reactivate the serial number, but their reply was that Carenado handle this. However Just Flight have stated that they have requested help from Carenado . On reading some messages posted on this forum, it seems the likelihood of a speedy response from Carenado is very unlikely..possibly no reply at all. Anyone had this problem? Regards Andy
  3. Hello Rob, Thank you for the very interesting video. Until watching it, I had been using the trim on my Saitek Yoke, however it's better for fine tuning with using the wheel on the DC-6. The "GPS" logo on the GPS/VOR/LOC/GS is visible, but coloured Magenta. I located the "mention of the 360 deg turn" that I spoke of in yesterday's post. Its on page 15 of the F1 TECH GTN SERIES GAUGES USER'S GUIDE. While I was reading that page, I decided to try an example which was mentioned, of creating/saving a Flight Plan on P3D v4, and then right click Source Toggle to P3D GPS..It worked!! DC-6 is now forrowing the plan on Auto Pilot. I have to manually create the Flight Plan on the GTN 650, as there is no provision to import from P3D at present. I've learned a lot from you Rob. Thank you for your patience. Some of the aspects of flight simming can be quite a steep learning curve for me, but the PMDG jets will be a piece of cake after this. I'll have to spend a bit of time now rehearsing for my next gig in 2 weeks. It's a monthly dance for Seniors, and I do a lot of the numbers that Diane Krall sings..what a lovely voice she has BTW. I listen to her duets with Tony Bennett. I must try playing/singing "Fly Me To The Moon" whilst flying the "6" 🙂 Good luck and Best Wishes. Many thanks Rob. Kind regards Andy
  4. Hello Rob, First of all, thank you for wishing my wife well...very thoughtful. I made a bit of progress with the flight tonight. Your tutorial is the same procedure as I use, except I omit to trim for the climb. concentrating too much on heading adjustments instead. However I did trim on the flight tonight, and for the first time, switching to "localizer" did not switch off the Gyro Pilot, and the warning bell didn't ring. The aircraft then turned to a heading of 360 deg., almost a 180 turn away from the first Waypoint. My eye had caught mention of a 360 turn when I was reading one of the manuals, possibly POH. Therefore when I have a bit more time than I've had today, I will search through and find it. What wonderful taste you have.... Walkers and Single Malt! The only time I have them together is on New Years Morning..just after the Bells!! BTW..I've been enjoying You Tube videos of Tuba Skinny, playing great jazz in the French Quarter. They are great musicians, and not a sheet of music in sight! I set up my Yamaha keyboard and play along with them..not whilst flying the DC -6 I hasten to add. I'll let you know how I get on with the DC-6. Kind regards Andy
  5. Hello Rob, Again I must apologise for the delay in replying to you. My Wife was unexpectedly taken into hospital today with a respiratory infection, which meant I did not arrive back home until 3 hours ago. To try and relax somewhat after a harrowing day, I took to the skies in the DC-6, but have so far failed to get the aircraft to become established on the Flight Plan, in the GPS mode. I am using the auto pilot procedure as per the PMDG Tutorial #1, but as soon as I set the AP Mode selector to LOCALIZER, the Gyro Pilot switches off and an alarm bell rings....I'm not very good at this I fear. I hope you enjoyed your time in Scotland. Kind regards Andy
  6. Hello Rob, Firstly, let me apologise for taking so long to reply to your very helpful message...and once more, thank you for taking time to help me, for which I am extremely grateful. I followed your link for the C++ 2015 files which took me to where I had actually visited yesterday, and had tried unsuccessfully to install them. I did try today, using your link, but again they wouldn't install, due to "an error". I spent quite some time trying to Google a solution and eventually came across a reply from someone who said that VisualC++2015 files are blocked by the VisualC++2017 files! . I uninstalled the 2017 files, downloaded and this time successfully installed the 2015 files. I then checked your F1GTN.ini file against what was in my F1GTN .ini file, and there were 6 anomalies! After editing the .ini file, I reinstalled Visual C++ 2017, after which I went to Control Panel >Programs and Features, and the C++2015 had in fact disappeared. Now that I have the F1GTN installed, I'll have to read up on how to actually use the program as it seems quite different from the GNS 430 which comes with the PMDG DC6. Rob, once again I offer my sincere thanks for your kind assistance. Kind regards Andy EGPF
  7. Hello Rob, Thank you so much for taking time to reply and for posting the You Tube video. I have in fact already seen this video, but unfortunately it didn't really help. I have tried a re-install of the Flight 1 Complete, but the set up detected VisualC++ 2015 runtime files are out of date..the 2015 files are not listed in my Control Panel> Programs and Features. I don't know what this is all about, and as my pc , which has a fairly high spec, and is only a year old, I may consult the manufacturer...or just forget about the GTN 650 and use the Garmin that came with the PMDG aircraft, which may be the easy option. Anyway, thank you again Rob, I appreciate your interest. Kind regards Andy
  8. Hi Conner, I hope you can give me some advice, as my 78 year old brain is going round in circles, and you seem much more saavy than I could ever hope to be. I have just purchased the PMDG DC6 P3D v4. I also have the Flight 1 GTN 650, OS Windows 10. I have flown the PMDG DC 6 Tutorial with the Garmin 430, but I want to use the GTN 650 instead as I prefer it's Map View. Unfortunately, I think I have wasted money with the GTN 650 as I can't get the aircraft established onto the flight plan. I also have the GTN Trainer installed There are plenty of manuals telling how to set up a Flight Plan, which I find very simple to do. However I can't locate anything which will give me information about how to set up the GTN 650 in order to Take Off, fly to the first waypoint, and then onto the Flight Plan route using the Auto Pilot.( there is a different method from flying the Garmin 430, as you know). Sometimes when the GTN 650 is initially opened, CDI and OBS buttons are visible, but other times, only VLOC is visible. I know I must be doing something wrong, so could you perhaps point me to where I may find some information which will help? Kind regards Andy
  9. Thank you so much for your prompt and informative reply. You have solved the problem!! Kind regards Andy
  10. The problem I'm having may not be related to P3D, but as the Simulation is (I think)the common factor, I hope that I may find a solution from someone on this forum. As is apparent I'm sure, I am not computer savvy, therefore the problem may well be some place else on my pc. I bought P3D v 4 a few months ago and I'm very happy with the program..a big improvement from FSX. I have PMDG 737 NGX and Quality Wings 787 installed in P3D. When both of these aircraft appear on screen. a text message advising that,"Initialisation will take place", normally appears on screen . For some reason, a week or so ago, this message no longer appears on either the PMDG or Quality Wings aircraft. Similarly, in PROATCX v, where a static or moving text can be selected to accompany the ATC instructions , the text no longer appears. I have done a complete uninstall/re-install of P3D, which included uninstall/reinstall of PMDG 737, QW 787, ORBX,OPUS FSI, REX Skyforce 3D, and Ultimate Traffic Live. The text messages initially appeared on all 3 programs, PMDG,QW and PROATCX, but now all have disappeared again. I rely on the PROATCX texts in particular, and find it inconvenient when they are missing. Hoping someone can help me. Kind regards Andy
  11. Thank you very much for your reply Patrick. Regards, Andy
  12. I have ORBX scenery for Global, Europe, Scotland, England, N.California and S.California regions, also Vectors. I currently run FSX Boxed version in Windows 7, but will be buying a new PC which comes with FSX:SE and Windows 10. Can someone please tell me if I will need to buy new ORBX products for FSX:SE, or will the ORBX products I have currently for FSX run ok? Regards Andy
  13. Thank you very much Oliver. I have now downloaded the update from your link. Now installed, thank you. As you say, PMDG could update the message. I am very grateful to you. Kind regards Andy
  14. Hi Folks I bought the PMDG 737NGX CD/DVD a few years ago. My PMDG Operations Centre message reads "FSX 737NGX New update available".However when I click on the OK button, the message there reads " CD/DVD Customers. This update is not yet available. We are working on a solution for CD/DVD customers". This situation has not changed over the past 18 months or so. Can someone tell me if solution can be expected soon? Andy
  15. One of the things that attracted me to Radar Contact v4.3 was this wording in RC Quick Start: "Enhanced Pre Recorded Chatter is available to further the immersion experience while flying". Whilst I appreciate that hearing a pilot of an aircraft flying over London to"take some photographs" immediately after a comm from a Virgin Atlantic at FL 320 wouldn't normally be heard, I enjoy this chatter. I do not have an added sound card. The RealTek is onboard mb, and I can assure you that 16 bits 192000 Hz(Studio Quality) as per RealTek HD Audio Manager. I would also reiterate that I purchased Radar Contact v 4.3 in 2013, and enjoyed using it with "Pre Recorded Chatter", without any problem whatsoever until December 2015. Anyway I'm now happy that the program is performing ok. Thank you for your reply.
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