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  1. No need to hesitate. Grap her! word not allowed good
  2. Looking forward to this great avionics setup for the best VFR/GA Sim 🙂. Already enjoying your X-Plane products and I am very happy that you do not ignore this platform. As always with XP, a lot of airplanes will heavily make use of new avionic setups.
  3. No vertical line. X-Plane is working perfectly fine like BF5 and Red dead redemption. I use 100 Fov, that's it. It is recognized as ONE monitor without any interruption. I don't know what stupid experiment this guy was doing, but you can run these monitors as two different 27" monitors. Why the hell would you do that to game on?? Then for sure you'll have this line. CPU is running @ stock. All Core Turbo is 4,7ghz and one core turbo is 5ghz. So 99% of the time I have 4,7ghz. Maybe I will start OC to have all cores @ 5ghz, but this is the first CPU where I say : not necessary. I mean, we are talking about 300mhz. Won't change the world, only produce more heat 🔥.
  4. We will see if there will ever be an update of the T7. Not too long ago when they promised to release the JS41 in short notice (very close to release). There is always something around the corner. Maybe due to release of MSFS later on this year no time for updates. I hope that they are not only busy in updating older planes, because one day folks want to see something new.
  5. I9 9900k + 2080Ti + 32GB Using a super Ultrawide 49" 5120x1440 (C49RG/Crg9)= Immersion (Flightsim and open world games). I use 100 Fov for X-Plane. Performance is great. Still lower Pixel count than UHD (7 million vs 8 million). DPI is 110 and sharp enough like an 27" WQHD 2560x1440. Look at the resolution and you'll see that 49" is basically 2x 27" merged into one. Dell and LG have alternatives with IPS Panels instead of VA, same resolution, but 60Hz and not 120Hz like Samsung (which is irrelevant for X-Plane, but not for overall smoothness in other games and on the desktop). 49" with 3840x1080 also exists, but 82 DPI is way to low for me (2x 27" FHD)
  6. The Aircraft is great, but wait for SP1 (fixing issues and adding features). It is a lot of fun and you won't regret anything. I still don't know why this Aircraft is better than anything we have seen so far in Flight Simulation (statement from Milviz). In this category of aircraft, it is the TBM900 from another Sim IMHO.
  7. I have joined the Super Ultrawide Master race. the Samsung C49RG90 (name in Europe) arrived on saturday. 32:9 with 5120x1440 resolution is a Gamechanger for me. WOW. Tried everything in the last 12 months ( 32inch 4K, 34inch 21:9, 38inch 24:10, 27inch 4K, 43inch 4K). All had Pros and Cons. Second best was the 38inch Ultrawide for me, but the new on is on a next level. BTW: The distance to the screens: about 70cm
  8. Looks very good for AMD. The XT Version (5700XT) should overtake the 2070 and/or be on the same level as the 2070Super
  9. One of the best Aircafts out there, but the documention is the worst I have ever seen.
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