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  1. Where can we find the manuals? Release is imminent since then, so let's wait patiently 😉
  2. Did you know that you have a framelimiter in the NV driver since months? Why using RTSS for limiting fps?
  3. Same for me. Switched from an I9 9900k and RTX 2080ti to a Ryzen 5900X and RTX 3090. The 3090 was replaced by an RX 6900XT. The AMD Chip is much more interesting for me. It uses 70Watt less Power and clocks with 2500mhz with massive undervolting + extremely modern Driver Layout. Performance in P3D is identical, but seems a bit faster in XP11 due to very high clock speed.
  4. After 3 months I switched from a 3090 to a 6900XT and I am very happy. I dropped the 3090 because of crazy power consumption which resulted in crazy thermals and acoustics in my opinion. The summer is coming.... For sure, in P3D/XP it was no problem at all, as ALL high-end Cards will manage these sims fine. 3080 was no option for me as the card only has 10GB in 2021.... Performance is really really good here. All the games and Sims I run. The drivers are perfectly fine for RDNA2. No complaints at all. There is one thing you have to consider, but very easy to sort out. There is no "Prefere Maximum Performance" in the Driver like Nvidia Control Panel (Nvidia avoids down-clocking of the GPU while you have low loads with this option. It avoids stutters and low fps). The counter-part at AMD works much more in detail: You can choose it for a 3D application like P3D or as Global 3D Setting (same as Nvidia). You go on the Performance Tab (Leistung), choose TUNING (Konfiguration), go from Automatic to MANUAL and turn-on GPU-Tuning and Advanced Control. You'll see your Min Frequency and Max Frenquence. Leave Max. where it is and set Min to 300Mhz less (example). Mine is at Min 2206Mhz and Max 2524Mhz....It will never drop below....Ignore Voltage, Vram, Fan Speed, Power Target and so on for the beginning. The AMD Driver is very powerful and a combination of NVidia Config Panel + MSI Afterburner + and all other tools you are used while tuning a NV-GPU. You can contact me for further questions 😉
  5. Wait for it till it's done. I remember the JS41 being on very short final for P3D. (where is it?)
  6. Thanks! Looking forward to this one
  7. For those with unstable 3090 performance: check your PSU. I had to switch from a Bequiet SP 11 850W multi-ray to a single ray PSU ( Corsair AX850 Platinum). Now it is perfectly fine in every heavy scenario. You have to understand how multi ray PSUs work and that you cannot run the 3090 on one rail using a Y cable. It is NOT about Watt numbers only. (multi-rail= more than 1x 12V rails with different Ampere numbers. Single-rail= one 12V rail with 70A for example. Power delivery in Watt= 12V * xxAmpere. You will quickly see that you have to be very careful setting up the power connection for a beast like the 3090. Never use Y cables for a up to 400W GPU) The Sims are not the best software to test this stability. You can use games with heavy GPU load all the time or GPU benchmarking/stability check software. I am perfectly happy with my FE edition, paired with a Ryzen R9 5900x (boost between 4700Mhz - 4950Mhz while gaming in heavy CPU intensive scenarios)
  8. Why do you upgrade a video card with the same amount of VRam? (more sidegrade than upgrade). 2060 Super 8GB would have been better.
  9. No need to hesitate. Grap her! word not allowed good
  10. Looking forward to this great avionics setup for the best VFR/GA Sim 🙂. Already enjoying your X-Plane products and I am very happy that you do not ignore this platform. As always with XP, a lot of airplanes will heavily make use of new avionic setups.
  11. No vertical line. X-Plane is working perfectly fine like BF5 and Red dead redemption. I use 100 Fov, that's it. It is recognized as ONE monitor without any interruption. I don't know what stupid experiment this guy was doing, but you can run these monitors as two different 27" monitors. Why the hell would you do that to game on?? Then for sure you'll have this line. CPU is running @ stock. All Core Turbo is 4,7ghz and one core turbo is 5ghz. So 99% of the time I have 4,7ghz. Maybe I will start OC to have all cores @ 5ghz, but this is the first CPU where I say : not necessary. I mean, we are talking about 300mhz. Won't change the world, only produce more heat 🔥.
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