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  1. They've got this here Pandemic on.... Everyone faces challenges and we have as well.
  2. At this point we are at a loss with w10/w11 issues with LMV3. Perry, provide us your Username and we'll check on this...
  3. Bill is correct as much of it is not yet able to "make the trip" to 64 bit, but it does remain in the back hanger while we await other project completion for the LM 64 Bit. Still evaluating the MS 2020 package...
  4. A true gentleman and an benefit to us all.
  5. Thanks, we won't disapoint....😉
  6. My personal thanks to all who have supported and continue to support Eaglesoft. Thanks also to those who pointed out the fact that my frustrations are showing. Apologies to all whom I've offended.😉
  7. Fact is we are working on 64 Bit Projects as outlined previously, and no amount of grousing and complaining is something we care to discuss ad infinitum
  8. Of course you could but have a look at our FB Page and note the CXG4 and XLS+ G4 VC Textures from our own shop...😎
  9. XLS+ for 32 Bit Platforms was our last build for the Generation Three Corporate Series. XLS+, CX 750, and Challenger 605. Generation Four Corporate Series for 64 Bit Platforms is in progress as we speak and we'll announce something in due season. We ignore detractors and/or sour grapes "experts" and advise others to do the same.😎
  10. I'm asking for a close to this thread. It appears to not be conducive to civility or value...😉
  11. Not a mod but was a Beta Tester for FSX back in the day and was NOT allowed to acknowledge that was the case...
  12. After watching some meaningless "news item" recently it occurred to me that we are living in a world where "speculation" is assumed as truth and has for some become a "hobby". Why not enjoy the sim platforms you prefer and let the "speculation hobby" decline in importance.😊
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