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  1. Seasoned Simulation Corporate Pilots/Beta Testers wanted to complete the Beta Testing process for complex Corporate Jet Aircraft. Stage One testing is for 32 Bit P3DV3 and that version is required. Stage Two testing is for 64 Bit P3DV4 and that version is required. Selected persons will be eligible, for 64 Bit Version Testing after the 32 Bit process completes. Experienced Pilots familiar with complex FMS/IFR Procedures w/SIDS/STARS preferred. Contact us at eaglesoft.fs at eaglesoftdg.com with experience.
  2. N400QW


    Ok Scott, when folks go to our support forums and drop in to the Generation Three Corporate Aviation Aircraft FSX Gold/FSX Steam/P3DV3 Section there are plenty of shots of all three current projects.
  3. N400QW


    We understand but are confident in our approach for all who love simulation at high levels be it 32 and/or 64 Bit.
  4. N400QW


    XLS+ and 605 contain no nonsense Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 IFIS Suite w/FMS-3000 using Real Nav DB which includes TAS and too many other features to list here at this time. Almost forgot the weather integration of user choice of REX or ASN. We listened and will upgrade/update our forum shot integration for those who won't visit our FB Page from our Main Site FB link.
  5. N400QW


    Ah yes. Check your messages/email here as I show you restored since Sept. 2017
  6. N400QW


    We know of no ban Neal. Contact us and bring us up to date..
  7. N400QW

    top quality jet airplane for p3d

    If running P3DV3 then you may want to consider our Generation Two offerings...
  8. As always, good things come to those who wait "patiently"
  9. N400QW

    Eaglesoft airplanes coming, but not to v4?

    Understood Scott. While FB is not our primary spot for information it does have some value to the simming community as a whole. Glad to be able to provide more info on our Main Site for those who "avoid FB as all costs"
  10. N400QW

    Eaglesoft airplanes coming, but not to v4?

    Actually under discussion as to what to do with the Piper Twin Comanche and the Cirrus SR22 Turbo going forward. Right now the only scheduled total rebuild for the Generation Three and Four Catalogs is the DA42 Twinstar.
  11. N400QW

    Eaglesoft airplanes coming, but not to v4?

    Correct Ryan, In development A, In development B, and In development C, are clearly shown w/galleries as to what is near and what is further out.
  12. N400QW

    Eaglesoft airplanes coming, but not to v4?

    If you look at the "about" link you will find plenty of information on charted path forward and more under the FAQs link, We are making every effort to be crystal clear about all that is going on at our shop and development hangers.
  13. N400QW

    Eaglesoft airplanes coming, but not to v4?

    Yes sir the G3 and G4 catalogs are not yet ready but XLS+ G3 beta test will soon begin...
  14. N400QW

    Eaglesoft airplanes coming, but not to v4?

    Hmm, perhaps you could email us with the "typos" you claim are present and we will gladly revise....