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  1. N400QW

    Eaglesoft and BDO Aviation

    Actually there are plans for the CII Extreme G3 and G4 Tony. That project happens after RTM of our current development crop. Thank you for your interest.😃
  2. N400QW

    Eaglesoft and BDO Aviation

    As Ed mentioned we currently have no 64 Bit Aircraft. The XLS+ provides the hope of user choice of either an 32 Bit or 64 Bit Version.😎
  3. N400QW

    Vertex website is Live!

    Sean, we appreciate your efforts and hope only for the best in your effort to provide what appears to be an excellent product, You can't please everyone.....so enjoy the ride.😎
  4. Ha ha, we've long understood the "limited funds" aspects of the hobby. We can only say that folks should have what they want when they can afford it. We think that enthusiasts should enjoy their hobby to the full regardless of where they fall on economic scale.😎
  5. Understood Geoff, we've grown used to the demands of folks "wanting it now" attitudes. We do believe that all will be "worth the wait" when they are delivered.😎
  6. Some may have missed this from our FB Page: "Recent improvements in process and coding, along with new and competent beta test access allow us to at least consider the possibility of offering Citation XLS+ RTM for either Generation Three, 32 Bit Simulation Platforms such as FSX Boxed, FSX Steam, and P3DV3 or Generation Four, 64 Bit Simulation Platform such as P3DV4. This would allow customer choice of Platform Specific Versions. More on this as final determinations are made." 🤔
  7. Seasoned Simulation Corporate Pilots/Beta Testers wanted to complete the Beta Testing process for complex Corporate Jet Aircraft. Stage One testing is for 32 Bit P3DV3 and that version is required. Stage Two testing is for 64 Bit P3DV4 and that version is required. Selected persons will be eligible, for 64 Bit Version Testing after the 32 Bit process completes. Experienced Pilots familiar with complex FMS/IFR Procedures w/SIDS/STARS preferred. Contact us at eaglesoft.fs at eaglesoftdg.com with experience.
  8. N400QW


    Ok Scott, when folks go to our support forums and drop in to the Generation Three Corporate Aviation Aircraft FSX Gold/FSX Steam/P3DV3 Section there are plenty of shots of all three current projects.
  9. N400QW


    We understand but are confident in our approach for all who love simulation at high levels be it 32 and/or 64 Bit.
  10. N400QW


    XLS+ and 605 contain no nonsense Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 IFIS Suite w/FMS-3000 using Real Nav DB which includes TAS and too many other features to list here at this time. Almost forgot the weather integration of user choice of REX or ASN. We listened and will upgrade/update our forum shot integration for those who won't visit our FB Page from our Main Site FB link.
  11. N400QW


    Ah yes. Check your messages/email here as I show you restored since Sept. 2017
  12. N400QW


    We know of no ban Neal. Contact us and bring us up to date..
  13. N400QW

    top quality jet airplane for p3d

    If running P3DV3 then you may want to consider our Generation Two offerings...
  14. As always, good things come to those who wait "patiently"