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  1. "Nevertheless we shall continue to develop for 64 Bit ESP Based Platforms..." Hmm, what part of this is not understood? In addition the 64 Bit XLS+ is near end of Beta Testing and will be forthcoming when completed.
  2. To quote Mark Twain: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" or premature.... Same holds true for Eaglesoft....😎 Newtie is correct:" To be sure the pool of talented coders, programmers, and other artist capable of contributing to team project efforts has been shrinking over recent times. We suspect that scenario will continue going forward resulting in either affiliative and/or collaborative efforts on various platforms and/or teams. Another interesting trend among flight simulation enthusiasts on any of the platforms is to attempt to keep cost down and quality up. Quite the challenge these days as it were....😎 Another aspect is those who prefer a given platform, DB, or development house being vocally abusive towards those who are not of said platform, DB, or development house. Nevertheless we shall continue to develop for 64 Bit ESP Based Platforms until such affiliative and/or collaborative efforts on various platforms are presented for consideration.😎
  3. Suspect many more but they may wish to remain anonymous for the next little while....😎
  4. Well another factor is that I am unconvinced by experience with MSFS that it is truly the future simming platform.😎
  5. Actually well with the exception of three bug categories that are slowing progress...🧐
  6. We are not considering some "roundabout approach" to MSFS such as you've outlined above. We may look into it at some point, but our plates are full for the near future.
  7. MSFS is not a viable path for us at this time...😏
  8. XLS+ Beta Testing is proceeding well and CX750 and C605 will follow.
  9. The thread is informational so don't see a need for "shutdown"😎
  10. Many thanks Bob, we appreciate the "re railing" of the topic.😎
  11. You might. but it would be your opinion rather than fact. We've long held that 32 Bit products in designated "Legacy Catalogs" are for those who for their own reasons stay with their 32 Bit simulators.😎
  12. And so it is that folks look down their noses at those who enjoy other than the "Latest and Greatest"🧐
  13. The EZ Agent is the F1/ES method and makes it a one stop tool to manage your license, purchase, etc.😎
  14. The offer is for all those who do. Surprising how many folks are happy all the way back to FS2004 and FSX😎
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