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  1. Yes, because I certainly don't give away my phone number - without knowing what for ! And that's the end of this topic for me.
  2. Sorry, now I'm really upset 😞What a BS !Why simple when it can be complicated ....??Either spit out your info here, or leave it alone....
  3. I would be interested: how or where can I activate the layer setting ? regards ggerolamo
  4. I have to give a phone number for that ? No way !! There must be another way ?
  5. Great, thanks a lot....will try everything out and take a little more time for it asap :-)
  6. First of all thank you very much for the product ! I immediately got and installed envplus after being very satisfied with all TOGA products :-) But now my stupid question: How can I tell now exactly that everything is working properly and the installation has worked ? I was also very satisfied so far (ENVTEX,ENVSHADE,ENVSOUND) - how do I recognize the improvement now ? At first glance I really can't see anything new - 'volmetric clouds on' unfortunately looks as terrible as ever ! And with 'volmetric clouds off' I don't see any distinctive difference to before ? (...Is only a short first impression though...) regards ggerolamo
  7. Sorry, I do not understand your posting !? What are you doing ? You are replacing original 2D Panesl with other 2D Panesl ? WHY ?
  8. Yes, SIM always runs in windowed mode for me... After a little trial and error I noticed that a key combination with CTRL works - without not - very strange... ...Main thing it works now 🙂 regards ggerolamo
  9. Unfortunately I still have a small problem: I have assigned a 'speech Assistant Window Hotkey' in the configs ! I can now only close the window - but I can't open again the window with this hotkey... ...this is unfortunately a problem - or am I doing something wrong ? And to answer the question first: No, the key is not double assigned .... Please help regards ggerolamo
  10. 1,000 sales, that's the sense.... 😉
  11. Thanks Dave 🙂 That was exactly what I was looking for ! regards ggerolamo
  12. Hello, Is it somehow possible to open the 'SayIt Plus' window without bringing the main window to the foreground ? As soon as I click on the 'SayIt Plus' window, the main window always blocks my screen at the same time !? Is there any solution to use the two windows independently ? (I am on Public Beta 8S5) regards ggerolamo
  13. Hello, Just wanted to know if fs2crew works with the Q400 training edition without problems !? I would like to switch from the 'Pro' to the 'Training' edition... Does anyone have experience with it ? regards ggerolamo
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