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  1. Ah, just as I thought ! So I do everything right anyway and the system works as it should 😀 thank you for the confirmation greetings ggerolamo
  2. Thank you very much for your feedback! But the question was obviously misunderstood: Unfortunately the throttle must be set to max out - otherwise the engine will die !? The real question is: why can't I turn down the throttle a little - is that so wanted ? greetings ggerolamo
  3. There's someone else here who would be very interested in that... 😉
  4. I would also be very happy if I got these files :-) Thanks in advance ggerolamo
  5. +1 I would also be very happy if I got these files somehow 😉 greetings ggerolamo
  6. This link should still work, I don't think Bill wanted to post publicly so I'm sending it this way. Enjoy




    1. ggerolamo


      THX a lot :-)

      I'll try it in the evening after work...



  7. No, it's all the same as it was 😉 https://fselite.net/news/navigraph-reverts-subscription-changes/ greetings ggerolamo
  8. 1. Which shader utility are you using? PTA Tomato Shade Envtex Other None - standard P3D shaders. --------------------------------------------------- Sorry, what's this for a pointless poll?!!! if already the question is absolutely wrong, then how can an answer be right ??? ...envtex isn't a shader program ! ...envshade is missing ! ...Rex Environment Force is missing ! ...... Somebody must have been pretty boring.... 😉
  9. I think that's really a pity, because I assume that most (a lot..) people use GSX !?
  10. How is VDGS compatible with GSX, since GSX(2) has its own parking system ??
  11. Yep, the whole thing is web-based ! If you want a cool offline logbook, have a look at "Where are my aircraft?" (WAMA) from LORBY-SI! http://www.lorby-si.com/products.html greetings ggerolamo
  12. I'm using https://fshub.io/ !! It's easy to set up and tracks every flight with all performance data - visual route - great logbook !! ...is definitely worth a look ! greetings ggerolamo
  13. I totally agree with that: We're not talking about private life here, we're talking about business relationships! No matter where and whenever, when I buy a product, I want support for it ! And if there is only one developer (which is strange enough), he has to take care that someone else takes over the necessary support ! Any other approach is unacceptable ! greetings ggerolamo
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