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  1. Great, thanks a lot for your help ! 🙂 best regards ggerolamo
  2. Wow, thank you so much for your feedback 🙂 . Still have a few questions about this though Have now created a file "Solar Battery Charger.xml" in the "Panel" directory.... How exactly do I integrate your panel into one of my cockpits now ? What about the Switch 1 RH Down.bmp Switch, 1 RH Down.bmp ? Can you please explain this to me in more detail ...I am unfortunately not such a pro at the xml-gauges 😉 best regards ggerolamo
  3. Hello all, I have a question regarding the gauge from Doug Dawson: dsd_p3d_battery_charger_x64.dll I would like to create a 2D popup window to recharge my batteries on mouse-click ! The description says the following: --- Panel.cfg syntax: gauge41=dsd_p3d_battery_charger_x64!charger, 552,559,50,24 The gauge can also be controlled by means of the L:Variable (L:BatteryCharger, bool) You will still need to install the 'charger' gauge element, but if you are using your own XML front end, you will be able to get away with something like: gauge41=dsd_battery_charger!charger, 0,0,1,1 There are also a couple of battery voltage display elements: gauge42=dsd_p3d_battery_charger_x64!meter, 562,756,80,80 ; an analogue meter gauge52=dsd_p3d_battery_charger_x64!digital meter, 1063,531,50 ; a digital meter Neither of these is necessary for operation. --- How can I display this 'element' in a window to recharge my batteries with a mouse-click ?! Maybe someone has already done this, or is there another solution to recharge depleted batteries quickly (without airplane reboot) ? very grateful for any idea 😉 regards ggerolamo
  4. What I see on their Website: Automatic season change for vegatation, photobackground and building`s roof During winter the building`s roofs will be covered with snow (to come in later patch) So, there ARE Winter Textures !! Can anyone confirm this ? regards ggerolamo
  5. Only the level of P2A in the Windows Mixer goes down !? The master Volume stays the same - and other application-volumes as desired !
  6. Hi Dave, unfortunately I also have to confirm that the sound is always set to 'quiet' with the beta version! With the regular version everything works fine ... ...so unfortunately I had to uninstall the BETA version - now the sound works again ! Very strange, especially as supposedly nothing has been changed in this respect... kind regards ggerolamo
  7. Try to adjust the P-Factor (and (or) Torque or Gyro-Effect) in the realism settings ! regards ggerolamo
  8. Sorry, I am a total fan of Majestic and their Q400 (have been flying it enthusiastically for years), but what this "upgrade" is supposed to represent sounds more like a joke (if not a hoax) to me !!!! 😞 This "update" really brings no added value at all, and that for 24 € !!!! As a longtime customer and fan of Majestic, I feel a bit taken for a ride.... regards ggerolamo
  9. good NEWS :-) ...mh,mh,....turbo otter, porter,.....? 😉
  10. @fppilot Wrong answer ! @Freo There is an option in the settings where you can turn off this 'reminder' ! regards ggerolamo
  11. Sorry, probably (I hope ;-)) meant nicely, but unfortunately explains nothing at all and does not answer the question at all 😞 In the meantime, Voxatc has its own airac-cycle, which hopefully will be correct !?! I hope this is really just meant as a joke, that I have to change my xml files before every flight.... Please enlighten me 😉 regards ggerolamo
  12. I would be really interested in the answer too ! Unfortunately I don't get an initial flight level either! When I climb (on my own) to 10000ft, I suddenly get a strange instruction: sink to 7000 ft.... ... this has happened to me several times ! How do I know how high I am allowed to climb at the beginning ? am grateful for any help regards ggerolamo
  13. @Slayer68 that would be really awesome !!! Finally Milviz-Planes in p3dv5 🙂
  14. +1 ...that would really be a useful addition !! regards ggerolamo
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