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  1. +1 ...that would really be a useful addition !! regards ggerolamo
  2. Ok, I have found a workaround for me: I have to avoid touching the first column 'Airplane Variation' with the mouse ! Then the selection works ! Very weird !
  3. I know that and also appreciate it very much !!! I have added the following .exe files to the exception: Uninst_AI Lights Reborn Professional Edition.exe FSRebornConfigChecker.exe UninstallEffects.exe AI Lights Reborn Professional.exe WUPDATE_SSL.EXE Sporadically it works now (even the switch...), but when i move the mouse to a line with the orange-red logo the program crashes... btw what does this logo actually mean ? regards ggerolamo
  4. Sorry. doing a remote session is not possible ! Can you tell me which AILRP executable's (or directories) are affected ? I strongly suspect that I am not the only one who uses Bitdefender ! Why AILRP has such a problem with Bitdefender ? regards ggerolamo
  5. As I said, I can select 1 time a plane-model, then it works ! Only as soon as I move the mouse back to the AILRP window (even without clicking anything) AILRP crashes ! regards ggerolamo
  6. No, that just does not work - it can not be installed - is already installed ! Try it out 😉
  7. How should I do this ? There is no uninstaller ! Besides, I don't have a problem with any other program that uses .net framework !?! regards ggerolamo
  8. .NET Framework 4.8 or newer is already installed... regards ggerolamo
  9. .. Unfortunately I have bad news: The error occurs again when the antivirus protection is turned off... 😞 there must be another cause for the error after all....
  10. I have turned off 'Bitdefender Antivirus' for testing ! Seems like everything is working now - you obviously found the 'culprit' !!!! 😀😀 This is really strange, because nowhere an error notice or log entry appears...!? thanks a lot for your tip ! regards ggerolamo
  11. I'm using 'Bitdefender Internet Security' - but I didn't find any info in the related logs... regards ggerolamo
  12. I have the actual version of Windows 10 Pro (Version 20H2) My base operating system language is German ! Do you need any other info ? regards ggerolamo
  13. All right, thanks again for your help ! regards ggerolamo
  14. Yes, that's how it works - I've done it that way so far! However, I can no longer change a model - as soon as I move the mouse over the program interface (without clicking on anything) the program unfortunately crashes ! But at least for one model the preview display works, but unfortunately I can't change the model anymore... Is the respective setting then only for the corresponding model or the whole group ? regards ggerolamo
  15. I have already done all this.... What wizard ? When I select a certain AI model I always get an 'unhandeled exception' - I already created a new cameras.cfg (without chasplane cameras).... But unfortunately always the same result: regards ggerolamo
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