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  1. Many thanks Chris. Best regards, Ken
  2. Thank you Scott. You guessed correctly about the aircraft (L1011); My bad. Looks like the search may be over ~ Best regards, Ken
  3. How do we turn on the instrument / gauge lights on the engineer's panel ? Thank you, Ken B.
  4. Chris, This is an old thread, but I'd like to know if it would still be possible to somehow obtain the VIP test version of RFP to try in my FSX. I've missed this bird since switching to FSX. Best regards, Ken
  5. To all, I added a new Aircraft Type, "L-1011 Freighter" to the ACE utility. Also added a "FedEx Freighter" Variation (to the L-1011 Freighter AC Type). I haven't been able to get the ACE utility to send / save the selected pax and cargo load to FSX. Perhaps I've missed something. Any suggestions for a solution will be appreciated. In meantime, will loading cargo and pax using the FSX pull-down menu create any problems? Thank you, Ken
  6. Based on the previous two replies, I believe what I may be experiencing is premature LOC capture. Just wondering if anyone else has reported this. I am aware that width of localizer beam widens (and sensitivity decreases) as distance from the transmitter increases. Ken
  7. Thank you for the reply Michael. To perhaps clarify (or add to the cornfusion) > the "3nm" is not from the runway / airport; it is 3nm from the extended runway centerline on a 30 degree angle of intercept to this extended RW centerline, with the intercept occurring ~7nm from RW threshold. Perhaps, the more (most) puzzling symptom of the possible problem is the appearance of the bold green "LOC" (capture) annunciation on the PFD prior to any movement of the localizer deviation pointer (bottom of PFD). Correct me if I'm mistaken; but shouldn't the Loc. deviation pointer be alive and within limits (~2.5 degrees from centered) before capturing the Localizer? Ken
  8. Perhaps just imagining; but seems that after arming Loc, that the " LOC " (captured) annunciation appears earlier than it should. Better than never I spose' ~ Changed to this (seeming) early capture behavior about a month (20+ flights) ago. Captures before the deviation pointer shows any sign of life and at ~10nm from threshold and ~3nm from runway centerline (extended) and on 30 degree intercept. Is there an easy way to test / verify correct localizer capture. Best to all, Ken Boardman
  9. Thank you for the quick / informative reply Steve. I'll be after it. Ken
  10. Hi Steve, What is the latest official version of DX10 Fixer? The latest version I've found online reference to is version 2.9. Can you confirm this? I think my HW will be OK : I7 930, OC 4.0 ghz NVidia GTX 960 SC RAM 12 gb Software : Win 7-64 FSX Accel I just finished testing FSX, for the first time set to DX10 Preview. It worked pretty good aside from occasional white flashing artifacts. I tested around Seattle first with a (default) Cessna, and then with PMDG T7. Didn't notice any difference in the visuals. Frame rates dropped from 30fps (with Cessna) to ~20fps (with T7). As a side note, I also get (less occasional) white flashing artifacts when not in DX 10 preview. For past 6 years have sort of accepted them as a fact of FSX life with my current HW and SW setup. Best regards, Ken Boardman
  11. This issue appears to be solved. I downloaded the file tonight and successfully extracted it. Thank you to those involved with the fix. Ken Boardman
  12. Thank you for the tip Kyle. Bret regards, Ken
  13. I downloaded the file this morning and it's still a no-go. The file is only ~50% of what PMDG's downloads page states it should be (~223mb vice ~454mb); and it won't extract. Ken
  14. I've been informed by PMDG Support that those responsible have been informed. That's all I know. I may try a download this eve. Ken
  15. I downloaded the -800/-900 paint kit archive from the PMDG site and can't extract it. I get error message indicating that it may be corrupt. Is this a known issue ? Can it be fixed ? I tried re-downloading it with Firefox (vice IE) and it made no difference. The -600 archive extracted without issue. Best to all, Ken Boardman