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  1. Thank you Patrick . I could not get `1946 to install from my DVD.so I downloaded it from GOG. The installation went great and so far I've been very happy with GOG's download. Even setting up my CH Fighterstick, Pedals, and Throttle went very smoothly. Ken
  2. I see unwanted, out of place water polygons of various sizes and shapes "popping" in and out in certain locals (Los Angeles and near Kona PHKO airport on Hawaii Island). Any tips or advice as to what causes this and how to fix it will be appreciated. I have no custom / add-on airport scenery(s) installed for either of these locations and no add-ons such as Mega sceneries, etc. for Southern Cal. or Hawaii. Best to all, Ken Boardman Win7-64, FSX Acceleration, FS Global Ultimate, Orbx Global LC, Orbx Vector
  3. I haven't used IL2 for over a decade and have not installed it on my Win 7-64 PC. Will the currently available IL2 run well in Win 7-64. If yes, what are most users installing ? As I recall, there were many options available over 10 years ago and from what I've seen there is even more available now. In Win XP (32 bit) I had Operation Barbarossa, Ostfront and IL2 1946, and Pacific Fighters installed and working great. Any tips regarding the current programs and updates / fixes and installation sequences, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Also would like to know where to go to buy / download the current software. Best to all, Ken Boardman Win 7-64 SP1, i7 930 @ 3.9ghz, GTX960 4gb, 12gb DDR3, CH Fighterstick, CH Pro Throttle, CH Pro Pedals
  4. This is an older thread, but just want to tell the author of this scenery how much I have (and continue to ~:) enjoy it. St. Helena is sorta like landing on an AC carrier >> with the angle deck 1K feet above the water, LOL!! Many thanks and best to all, Ken B.
  5. Thank you for your ideas on this Jethro. Like you, I am surprised to see this behavior in the desert with so few buildings present. Also it occurs when I have loads of VAS free and frame rates are near my set limit of 30fps. I use the Orbx Global Base textures also. I have noticed while in external view mode that if I pan the view up and down, I can duplicate the issue >> the buildings will disappear / reappear at the same point while panning vertically. Better stated > the buildings will disappear while panning UP and then re-appear while panning DN, and always very near to the same panning view point. Ken
  6. At some airports I see the airport buildings disappearing / reappearing (ie. "popping" in / out). I have read that this was a known, unsolved issue when the FSX Accel was released. I have NOT noticed the issue at many of the places that I like to fly to. But does anyone know of a cure for this disease ( other than installing P3DV4 ) . I noticed the issue tonight while flying into OEPA . Best to all, Ken Boardman
  7. Thank you for the fast reply Bryan. Best regards, Ken
  8. I am fairly new to the RAAS software and need installation advice. I have both FS2CrewRAASPro and FS2Crew_NGX_Reboot. I have a few "Locked" RAAS versions installed at present. >> Is it necessary / desirable to install FS2Crew_NGX_Reboot when FS2CrewRAASPro has been installed ? Does RAAS Pro preclude the need for the other (including "Locked") versions ? >> If nothing (RAAS related) has been installed other than Locked versions (PMDG T7 and B744v3), does it matter whether the "FS2CrewRAASPro" or "FS2Crew_NGX_Reboot" software is installed first ? Many thanks, Ken B.
  9. I have a locked version(s) of RAAS installed. I believe it / they only work with PMDG T7, B747 v3 and Aerosoft Airbus. What is the preferred procedure for installing my new RAAS Pro ? Should I first uninstall any locked version before installation of RAAS Pro ? Or should RAAS Pro be installed over top of what's already installed ? Thank you, Ken Boardman
  10. Thank you for the suggestion Enko. I'm good for now with UEEE. I have stored your tip for future use when the issue will (surely) raise it's ugly head again ~:) Ken
  11. Hi Bill, I am reluctant to confess this, but I've taken the wimp's "way out" with this UEEE problem >> Found a freeware UEEE at the Russian AVSIM site that is working well and looks better than the default.... The night appearance / lighting are great. The author also added an ILS to RW 23 . The installation was a bit tricky due to my VERY limited understanding of the written Russian in the readme installation instructions. Required use of my VERY limited imagination Link below: https://www.avsimrus.com/files.phtm...author=1&sopt_fname=1&sopt_comms=1&minrating= Best regards, Ken
  12. Thank you for the help Bill. This afternoon I disabled the Pilot's Software FS Global Ultimate (worldwide mesh) and FTX/Orbx Vector and flew a short route from UHPP to UEEE. On arrival, the airport appeared normal within it's boundary; however the whole airport appeared as elevated above the adjacent terrain by about 20' (think landing on a giant aircraft carrier > without the "wobble", LOL!!). On a "side note", I noticed a lake to the west of the airport that was also elevated ~20' above the local terrain.
  13. Many thank for all the great TS tips Bill. I'm guessing the UEEE that you created won't work for FSX. If I'm wrong, let me know and I'll be after it ~:) Just to follow up after my last night's actions >> I used AEC, and Pilot's Software (Global Ultimate) AFM2 to "fix" UEEE. Still have the issue. Very strange issue >> from ~4nm out on the RW 5R approach the runways appear as normal. Then as I advance on the approach at ~3.5nm out the mounds start appearing at the near end of the RW and build steadily, advancing farther across the airport ahead of me until when I arrive at the near end of RW 5R the runway is no longer there; and it is under a mound that is the entire length of the runway. It seems that the mounds may begin building when the moving / advancing limit of the autogen scenery arrives at the nearest airport boundary and then move away across the airport at my approach speed. I wish I could explain this more clearly, but alas........ Regards, Ken
  14. To all, Looking for suggestion(s) to serious "mounds" issue on runways at Yakutsk (UEEE). I am running Win 7-64 with FSX Acceleration. I have Pilot's Global Ultimate, Orbx Global LC and Vector installed. Also My Traffic Pro. Note: I have installed the AFM2 "fix" for UEEE, but no help. Please copy / paste the below link into your browser's address bar to view the problem. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mxgfdsdz0xdrxt1/MG_051.jpg?dl=0 Thank you, Ken Boardman
  15. One more question. Should all of the files be deleted, including those original files provided by PMDG ( Cold and Dark, Short Turn-Around, etc) ? Thanks again, Ken
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