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  1. Thank you Pat. I love tinkering and appreciate the tips. I'll backup the .cfg and start tinkering ~:) Best regards, Ken
  2. Runway approach lighting

    Yes Stans. That's what is puzzling me most. I selected 20 strobes. Also dropped in on LAX, ANC and HNL (at night with fog) to test their strobes and they all looked great. Thanks for trying to help with this. Ken
  3. Runway approach lighting

    I followed your procedure Stans using AFX V1.10a, and saved the airport file. The operation appeared to go well; however the ALSF-2 approach lights don't flash even at night in low visibility. Is there something else that must be done to activate the flashing? BTW, I didn't see anything indicating that the runway is locked. I'm flying FSX Accel with FSGU NG, Orbx Global LC, and Orbx Vector. Thank you, Ken
  4. Runway approach lighting

    Thank you Stans. Look forward to working with this. Best regards, Ken
  5. How is runway approach lighting (sequenced flashing lights / rabbit lighting) added to FSX runways? I haven't been able to determine a method of doing this with AFX or ADE. Is it even possible ? Can't even find the existing approach lighting when I open / view an airport in one of these airport editing / creation programs. Thank you, Ken
  6. Hi Per, This is an older post; but I'm having the same problem; but with FSX Accel. Have you determined what caused it with your FSX-SE ? I did get the Scenery Tool to work properly with help from Aerosoft Support (Mathijs). But Still no sequencing approach lights at the McMurdo runways. Ken
  7. Pilot's Software web site

    Thank you Martin. Ken
  8. Pilot's Software web site

    The Pilot's Software site (authors of FS Global mesh) has been inaccessible for a few days. Anyone know what's going on there ? Hope this is the correct place to ask about this. If not I apologize. Please redirect me to the proper forum if necessary. Pilot's Software doesn't appear to have a dedicated forum here at AVSIM. Thanks, Ken B.
  9. Many thanks for the link Robert. Best regards, Ken
  10. Hi Robert, I had this same FSX issue for the first time today. It did not alter my flight or stop it and the graphics returned to normal after I moved out of the Denmark area. I think I know how to clear the shader cache folders; however I do not know how to repair the ShadersHLSL folder. How is this accomplished ? I'd like to try it. Screen caps at link below: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gbith46j4b0c0cb/AAA_ByDRhG26xQszcIVj0oWNa?dl=0 Thank you, Ken Boardman
  11. Many thanks Chris. Best regards, Ken
  12. Thank you Scott. You guessed correctly about the aircraft (L1011); My bad. Looks like the search may be over ~ Best regards, Ken
  13. How do we turn on the instrument / gauge lights on the engineer's panel ? Thank you, Ken B.
  14. Chris, This is an old thread, but I'd like to know if it would still be possible to somehow obtain the VIP test version of RFP to try in my FSX. I've missed this bird since switching to FSX. Best regards, Ken
  15. L-1011 ACE

    To all, I added a new Aircraft Type, "L-1011 Freighter" to the ACE utility. Also added a "FedEx Freighter" Variation (to the L-1011 Freighter AC Type). I haven't been able to get the ACE utility to send / save the selected pax and cargo load to FSX. Perhaps I've missed something. Any suggestions for a solution will be appreciated. In meantime, will loading cargo and pax using the FSX pull-down menu create any problems? Thank you, Ken