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  1. Is there a procedure to get this ac's autopilot to follow the FMS route (ie LNAV). I haven't been able to figure it out. I'm new to the ac and hopefully have missed something simple ~:) Thank you, Ken
  2. Is it possible to enter an entire flight plan, perhaps created in Flight sim Commander (or other) FP creation utility into the FMS in one step, or is it only possible to enter the plans one waypoint at a time? It wouldn't be so terrible entering the wps one at a time if the procedure and the MFD controls were easier to manipulate ~:) I find that typing thing with the MFD /FMS knobs do-able, but very time consuming, awkward, erc Best to all, Ken
  3. Thanks again Ray. I have only had this issue when flying the QW B788. Best regards, Ken
  4. Hi Ray, Thank you for the fast reply. I am using FSX with FSUIPC 4 and that line doesn't appear in my FSUIPC.ini. Best regards, Ken
  5. Please see screen cap of the error at the link below. I have not seen this before over my many years of RCV4 usage. I've seen it twice in past three days and afterwards RCV4 stops responding. Has anyone else experienced this who can explain what it means or how to avoid the problem ? I use RCV4 via WideFS with FSX and Win 7-64. It happened while flying the QW B788. https://www.dropbox.com/s/734wrox8wiyj2ld/RCV4 Error.jpg?dl=0 Thank you, Ken B.
  6. I have had Pro Pedals sticking issues in the past also. If you are mechanically inclined, they can be carefully disassembled and monkie'd with a bit to determine the cause > perhaps broken or worn piece. If lube is needed, I use "high pressure" silicon grease which won't attack the plastic parts. It can be found at one of the big auto parts stores, but I order mine online. Mine is in a squeeze (toothpaste type) tube and I use it for lots of stuff where plastic, rubber, etc are involved. If replacement parts are needed you could contact CH Products (now "Apem") in Vista, CA. I have had recent good fortune dealing with their support staff. Jon Soucy can likely point you in the right direction for parts and repair. Ken
  7. Many thanks for the helpful replies. The Pro Pedals are very old, at least 10 years. The null zone tinkering seems to have remedied the problem (at least for now ~:) I cheated a bit during a pedals' brake calibration in the CM by not seating the brake pedals fully before "clicking". I held both Brake pedals off the "seated" spot about ½" (then clicked). Hopefully that may have created a small Null Zone at the seated / "rest" position. I then tested in FSX with the Cessna 172 and two different PMDG (NGX and T7) AC and the Parking Brake now stays engaged. Best regards. Ken
  8. Parking Brake won't stay engaged. It will set OK, but then after a few seconds it disengages. I use FSX Acceleration and CH Controls Manager to calibrate and program the CH Fighterstick, Pro Throttle and Pro Pedals. Best to all, Ken
  9. Ref > I use FSX Acceleration in Win 8-64. And program the CH Controllers with the CH Manager.. My question is about use of the subject controller with Majestic Q400. When I press button 2 it sends me to external view as if I'd pressed the (FSX default) "s" key. I have button 2 "DX" box checked in CH Mgr so that I can use button 2 to disengage the auto pilot using parameters I have set in the J stick "Connector" section of the Q400's .ini file. The problem > when button 2 is pressed the auto pilot disconnects as it should; however the view switches to outside view also. Is there a practical way to inhibit this apparently default view switching behavior of button 2 while using it in DX mode, so that only the auto pilot disconnect function does it's thing ? Thank you, Ken
  10. My system : Win 7-64, FSX Acceleration and ADE v178 Hi, I added a small "flatten" rectangular poly to a hilltop and then added an NDB NavAid and NDB Building to it. Somehow I wound up with two NDB type building objects. One of them was on the hilltop at ground level and the other was suspended 180' above ground level. While trying to fix the duplicate NDB building issue by deleting the NDB nav aid and the two buildings I was unable to delete the "suspended" NDB building or the "flatten" poly. The NDB building at ground level deleted properly as expected. Can anyone suggest how I wound up with two NDB Buildings ? I would also appreciate any suggestions regarding removal of the apparently "orphaned" NDB Building and "flatten" poly. Please see images at the links below : https://www.dropbox.com/s/v831kz9scgy7xk1/MG_023.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8puutntmwz746kb/MG_022.jpg?dl=0 Best to all, Ken
  11. Thank you for the tip Gary. I'll be looking at it. Ken
  12. To all, I'm fairly new to VATSIM and I am after mic recommendations. Ideally (for me) it would be > 1. an over the top of head type with only one ear pad with ear pad side capable of mounting Track IR5. 2. prefer (USB or BT ?) wireless capable of configuring / assigning a PTT transmit button to my CH controllers via a keyboard key assignment. Anyone using anything like this or know who makes one of these ? Best to all, Ken B.
  13. I updated my Navagraph Nav Data tonight and ran makerunways.exe, and RAAS seems to have come back to life. Best to all, Ken
  14. I have been using RAAS Pro Ver with the FSX PMDG planes for some years. The error message raised it's ugly head last night. If I select the "yes" then FSX promptly exits. If I select "no" then FSX will continue to load but of course there is no sign of RAAS. . Please see image at the below link >> https://www.dropbox.com/s/530a5db8n4h86c9/MG_083.jpg?dl=0 Any tips regarding how to fix will be appreciated. Thank you, Ken
  15. Thank you Patrick . I could not get `1946 to install from my DVD.so I downloaded it from GOG. The installation went great and so far I've been very happy with GOG's download. Even setting up my CH Fighterstick, Pedals, and Throttle went very smoothly. Ken
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