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  1. OK, here's what happened. Since I had never before uninstalled and reinstalled FTX Vector, I went looking for instructions. While doing so I came across a post concerning FTX Central and, on a whim, started my FTX Central 3. When I did so, I was notified of updates to both the Orbx libraries and FTX Global Vector. I downloaded/applied the updates then started FSX-SE to see what, if any, difference the updates made. My tree problem was no longer evident. The airport elevation problem, though, remains. Do you still recommend the unistall/reinstall procedure? If so, would you be so kind as to provide instructions for someone not having experience with the necessary steps? Also, please note that I have both FSX and FSX-SE in "cohabitation" on my PC (different drives, though) and I am using a symlink to eliminate the need for the Orbx files to be in both FSX root folders. As it stands the files are actually stored on my D: drive under the FSX root folder while the symlink resides on my G: drive under the FSX-SE root folder. Thanks again for your help.
  2. In response to the two posts above - I have both Global and Vector. I did run the Vector Configurator AEC as suggested in the installation instructions accompanying FMX 2.0 and nothing changed. However, I have not done the uninstall/reinstall FTX Vectors as mentioned above. Will do so now and post my results once done. My thanks to you both.
  3. I have been using Orbx and FreemeshX (initial release) for most of three years without any significant issues. Now I have a problem, though. I just finished installing the latest versions of FreemeshX (Global 2.0, USA and USA HotFix 1). I started FSX-SE to continue my "Aerocommander 500 cargo operations" from Macon to Tallahassee. The taxiways and runways were littered with trees! I mean, I believe in going green, but this is ridiculous. It looked like Treebeard had moved in most of his relatives! So I slewed to the active and took off (luckily it was mostly "tree free"). Upon arriving in Tallahassee, I found Treebeard had staked his claim there also AND the airport elevation was incorrect as there are "canyons" scattered throughout the airport (between runways, taxiways, etc.). I then checked several other airports in the world - Cam Ranh, Vietnam; KDEN; KMHK and 1 or 2 others. All had misplaced trees/textures and/or incorrect elevations. I can eliminate the trees by setting Dynamic Scenery to None - naturally, that eliminates most all buildings, etc., and the misplaced textures and elevation issues still persist. If I turn off FMX's North American folder within FSX-SE, the canyons disappear but the trees remain. I tried placing all FMX libraries below the Orbx libraries in the Scenery Library within FSX-SE - nothing changed. Please note that all was fine until I installed those new FMX versions. Any help?
  4. Thanks, again, Alex. That's exactly what I wanted! BTW, that sound you hear is my mind being blown once again. Ken
  5. What a fantastic add-on for FSX! Every time I use it, I learn something new about it's functionalities. I'm just blown away by the intricacies of this program. That's why I made my contribution. I do have one question/issue: is there a way to have the city/landscape names, etc. displayed in English rather than the language of the country shown on the map? I can do fair with French and some Spanish. My Japanese, Russian, Portuguese (and the rest) language skills are non-existent. I can live without it, but it sure would be handy to find, say, Tokyo without having to resort the the airport code. Thanks. Ken Lamoreaux