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  1. Set up several "quick and dirty" plans and taxied to active runways. No problems with co-pilot "hi-jacking". I'll be reading the manual (finally, he said) re: the buttons you mentioned to gain further insight. Thanks again for your continuing support. Ken in Kansas
  2. Okey-dokey. Will do tomorrow and let you know if "hi-jacking" re-occurs. Thanks for the support!
  3. Hi Dave, I've read a couple of posts regarding this topic so I wanted to pass this along. I will continue to monitor the issue and will provide additional information when I get it. As mentioned in the title, I have experienced several instances in the past when the co-pilot "takes over" even though those options have been de-selected. In this specific instance (which has occurred more than once), I was monitoring the Speech panel settings while nearing the take-off runway as I taxied towards it. I had been "communicating" with ATC and controlling frequencies to this point. Neither the "Responds To Radio" nor the "Changes Frequencies" boxes had check marks when I began taxiing. As I drew near the active, Ground instructed me to contact the Tower. At that point, I noticed the "Responds To Radio" and "Changes Frequencies" boxes became "checked" and the co-pilot changed the frequency (which was set to Ground) to Tower and contacted the tower. I have attached screen shots of both the Speech Panel and the Buttons Panel in hopes they will assist you in telling me what I'm doing wrong. I will continue to run P2A with the Speech Panel open as I fly, to capture any additional instances of this "unrequested" change and will provide you with any relevant screen shots to, again, assist in determining where I have erred. Thanks. Ken in Kansas
  4. Thanks for the information, Dave. I'll try the things you mentioned and read the referenced post in this forum over the next several days. No rush, my demo is now a purchase. I look forward to learning/using Pilot2ATC. Ken in Kansas
  5. Well, despite numerous ongoing intermittent audio problems (none of which are the result of using P2A), I have two days of testing left and am very close to "pulling the trigger" on the purchase of the software. I do have one puzzler though. Sometimes the flight plan loaded into MSFS, having been exported from P2A, does not match the flight plan created in P2A. The P2A creation may have been from SimBrief or it may have been generated entirely within P2A before being exported to be loaded into MSFS. Can you give me any insights into this? Or could you point me to something in the documentation or perhaps a forum post relating to this topic? Thanks. Ken in Kansas
  6. Thanks for the prompt response, Dave. I'll take my eggs sunny side up, please - the ones on my face, that is. I apparently have had a sudden failure in one of my audio components. When I attempted to watch a video related to Pilot2ATC, I had no audio output either. At that time neither P2A nor MSFS were running, in fact nothing was running except the video in the browser and that was after a reboot (just in case). So now I have to troubleshoot the audio system to locate the faulty component. Then I can get back to testing P2A. I hate it when this happens and, initially at least, points to a totally innocent app as the culprit. My apologies, the timing of the failure was just weird enough to make me suspect an improper configuration of P2A - not the case. Ken in Kansas
  7. I just downloaded and installed the test version of Pilot2ATC. Watched a couple of videos re: installation and configuration. I think I have it configured correctly but cannot now hear ATC/ATIS. I was able to hear both initially but they are gone now. I am connected to MSFS, the Pwr button is green, the Speech Output Device is set to my speakers which are the Default Playback device in the Windows 11 Sound settings. The box in the lower right corner shows Simulator Connected Recognition Engine Installed Grammars Loaded ATIS Freq: 124.52 (my departure airport - EIDW, also the active freq in Com 1) Clr Del Freq: 121.87 (in Com 1 standby) ATIS does not play (or at least I can't hear it) on startup and connection to MSFS. I also tried quitting and restarting Pilot2ATC - no joy. I know I'm doing something wrong, but I'm too stupid/inexperienced to determine what the problem is. Any hints/suggestions/directions to documentation, etc would be greatly appreciated. FYI: I supplied the following links (not in any way related to my issue) in a reply to another post in the forum earlier today. I found the videos while researching Pilot2ATC setup, use, reviews, etc. You may find them useful. Adding Free Voices to Pilot2ATC Improving the Sound in Pilot2ATC Ken in Kansas
  8. Watch this step-by-step video. I did it and added 25 additional voices. Adding Free Voices to Pilot2ATC This video may also be useful to you for "normalizing" the voices or making them sound more "radio" realistic. Improving the Sound in Pilot2ATC
  9. Hi Ray, I have no problems or issues. I just wanted to say hi as it has been quite some time since we worked together to solve my last issue with Radar Contact - the one that wasn't really a Radar Contact problem, but another piece of software which was at fault - the "Voice Activated Commands" gremlin, back in Feb. 2020 (pre-pandemic). We even had a "remote control" session to troubleshoot the issue. Anyway just wanted to say "hello" and hope that you are doing well. Keep up the good work. Your friend and admirer, Ken in Kansas
  10. OK, don't have a finite answer as to cause but I did this: Reset as per ppgas Things really in a mess then, but noticed app kept disappearing to left edge of monitor #1 "Reconstructed" multiple-monitor settings Downloaded "Globe" data Re-loaded scenery All appears to be correct. Interesting - I've used multiple monitors for multiple years (pun intended) without problems. But I'm back in business and that's the important thing. Thanks for the input. Ken in Kansas
  11. Was not able to find any info on this, Alex. However, if there is a post dealing with this, just point me to it and I'll not inflict myself on you any longer. I have 2.6.11 installed but tried 2.1.10 and 2.6.7 as tests and got the same results. None of my toolbar icons respond when I click them. Additionally, when I right click an airport symbol on the map, I cannot select it as a departure/arrival point. In fact, most of the items in the menu that appears are grayed out. Also, when I click the map to center an airport (or other feature), the map will jump to a location several "inches" away from the desired location. Zooming in with the mouse wheel will also relocate the cursor to an area a considerable "distance" from the desire location. Hovering the pointer over a map feature does not display any information about it, either. What am I doing wrong? Ken in Kansas
  12. Kee-rect, CJ and all speakers were "present and accounted for". However comma ... There is another soundbar setting in the app that turns on surround sound. That was disabled. Turned it on and I now have surround sound. Configuring/testing the speakers in the Windows sound app also indicated 5.1 performance! Although I had downloaded the app several days ago, I just got it set up with the soundbar today (a little tricky). It is much easier to configure settings like surround sound with the app as the display on the Vizio soundbar's remote is almost invisible except in direct sunlight. "Now you know the rest of the story."
  13. Sorry (again), I meant Control Panel - Sound, not Device Manager.
  14. Sorry, my bad. I didn't make myself clear, CJ. Yes, that is what I was referring to in my last post - 3.1 Surround and 5.1 Surround. The Speaker Setup options available to me thru the Windows Device Manager are: 1. Stereo 2. Quadraphonic 3. 3.1 Surround and 4. 5.1 Surround. 1, 2, and 3 all test correctly. 4, however, has no sound from the rear surround speakers when testing.
  15. Thanks for the responses, fellow simmers. Sorry for the late replay - was visiting grandchildren the last few days. It does appear that the issue is related to Windows 10. I am working on it today and hope to have it resolved later in the day. Windows 10 lets me choose a 5.1 configuration but, when testing speakers, only the front left, center, front right and SW are in the "correct" places... rear left and rear right come from the front speakers. If I choose a 3.1 configuration everything is fine but, of course, no rear speakers. If I opt for a quadrophonic set up all speakers work as expected left and right front, left and right rear but, of course, no SW. Guess there has to be an answer in there somewhere. Yes, Waldo, I had looked at the link you kindly included. I actually checked it out before making my original posting. Unfortunately, my sound bar, as I mentioned, is not Atmos compatible, so no joy there. If I can find a solution, I will post it here just in case others may experience or be experiencing the same issue.
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