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  1. Rusty Gunz

    Ultimate Traffic Live issues

    OK, another update. After all the above-mentioned steps and having not made any apparent progress, I began researching once again. I found references to possible SimConnect issues and the UTL utl_client.exe file as possible contributors to my situation.One forum post cited the possibility that the SimConnect version being used might not be correct for FSX-SE. I found a youtube video with instructions for reloading/restoring SimConnect. I followed those directions, but my results didn't look like the video. Remembering that a version of SimConnect was apparently installed by UTL, I wondered if the version was incorrect for FSX-SE. I went to Steam and validated all my FSX-SE files. Some 480 were in need of updating so that was done (automatically by Steam). Back to the sim, hoping that was the answer I was looking for. Nope, still no traffic.More searching of forums until I found a post that talked about making sure that the utl_client process was running while the sim was running. Started the sim and then started Task Manager. No aircraft and no utl_client process running. So I started the utl_client manually (it's in the UTL directory that contains the Imagery, SimConnect, Uninstall and utLive Aircraft folders). Back to the sim.BINGO!! 😄Aircraft on the ground everywhere. Wait 8-10 minutes (as per recommended in some other forums) and the Ground Controller begins to chatter, planes begin to move on the ground, planes takeoff and planes land.Now, everything I had read in other forums indicated that utl_client was supposed to start when the sim started. Apparently not, in my case. I will, until another solution comes along, have to manually start the process. Either before the sim is started or after - both ways work and planes appear relatively quickly when utl_client is started.I hope my 20+ hours of work will benefit someone else struggling to get Ultimate Traffic LIVE working.Excuse me now while I go fly in some heavily populated (and hopefully, friendly) skies.Ken in Kansas PS for Dave: The frame rate was set to 0 all along and I don't know if the SimConnect was an issue because it didn't seem to help as per the statements above. Of course, it could have been a combination of SimConnect and utl_client - both needing to be done in order for things to work. 👌
  2. Rusty Gunz

    Ultimate Traffic Live issues

    Norman, After re-installation still no joy - no notification from UTL when starting FSX-SE and no traffic anywhere. All airports are barren. I re-installed as follows: Uninstalled UTL Ran RegCleaner Ran CCleaner Removed all folders/files associated with Flight1 and UTL, including those on C: and in %\AppData\Roaming Restarted Windows 7 in Safe Mode Made certain AV was off and no other programs were running Re-installed UTL per instructions in Install Guide, including setting app to Run as Administrator and starting UTL to verify FSX-SE was selected Checked FSX-SE config file to make sure SimObject entry was present and pointing to the utLive Aircraft Started FSX-SE Results - NADA, BUPKISS, ZILCH, ZERO, MIA!! 😢 At the end of my rope, now. I've not been able to find any information anywhere to help with my problem. Very frustrated and angry. 😠 Ken in Kansas
  3. Rusty Gunz

    Ultimate Traffic Live issues

    Thanks for the response, Norman. No, I do not get any UTL notifications when I start FSX-SE. In researching my problem, I did find mention of something like that and wondered why I wasn't seeing it. When all is working as it should, does UTL start itself whenever I start FSX-SE? I will do an uninstall and re-install as per your suggestion. Hopefully that will resolve the matter. I will report back here on my results. Ken in Kansas
  4. I know this is not the UT Live support forum, but there are a lot of knowledgeable users here. Perhaps someone will have some information that will help me. I am also posting this in the UT support forum.I just purchased and installed UT Live. The installation went smoothly without errors and I followed the InstallGuide to the letter. After the installation completed, I started UT Live and proceeded to configure it as per the InstallGuide - set the UI to run as an administrator, started UT Live and checked that Dovetail Games FSX Steam Edition is the current active flight simulator and attempted to start the simulation.First problem - the hide/expand/close options are not visible on the screen and neither are the Save Settings or Start Simulation buttons. The UT Live window extends above and below the limits of my monitor's display area. (Screen resolution is set to 1920 x 1080.)I am only able to exit the application using ALT-F4. For some reason the hide/expand options do no respond to keyboard shortcut keys. Through a process of trial and error, I was able to determine the sequence of buttons accessed by the Tab key and then by pressing Enter could save settings and start the simulation. I know this because text appeared indicating the save process was successful and the simulation was initialize and running.I have FSX-SE running with no default (or any other) AI. My airports are completely devoid of aircraft other than the one I am using in the sim. I next start UT Live. (NOTE: I read in another post somewhere that UT Live starts automatically when you start FSX-SE. Is that correct? If I start the ui, the flight map and the status are not active until I start the simulation as outlined above. I can see flights moving on the map and the status board changes as flights arrive and depart, but nothing happens in the sim.)Second problem - there are still no aircraft at any airport I visit Lambert Field in St. Louis, JFK, Heathrow, etc. Nothing at the gates, nothing on the ground anywhere, nothing in the air, nothing landing or taking off. I have a flight world inhabited only by my own aircraft. How frustrating!The only way to get traffic is to put the trafficaircraft.bgl back in to Scenery/World/Scenery.What have I done wrong? Is there, perhaps, an entry missing in the fsx_se.cfg? Was it an error to install UT Live on my G: drive where my FSX-SE lives rather than the default 😄 drive? I can't find any help anywhere at this point.Can someone point me in the right direction, please?Ken in Kansas
  5. Rusty Gunz

    SPAD.neXt and X52

    Never found a site that had the fix executable file. Even searched the SPAD.neXt site with no success. Also: So, for now, I'm going to consider this matter closed - unless something else jumps up and bites me in the --- May your number of landings always equal your number of takeoffs. Ken in Kansas
  6. Rusty Gunz

    SPAD.neXt and X52

    I have checked all USB & HID entries in the Windows 7 Device Manager. None that have a Power Management tab were set to allow the computer to turn off the device. However, while researching the whole Windows Power Management scenario outlined by Frank, I came across a post that mentioned a problem when using a USB hub for a device. "Aha!", I said to myself, "I have my X52 plugged in to a hub, don't I?". "Why, yes I do", I replied, "maybe I should move it to a free USB port on the PC.". So I did. In addition, I started SPAD.neXt and disabled support for all devices I either don't have or don't want SPAD.neXt to "control". (I learned of this capability while watching the video mentioned in the P.S. of my original post.) I then saved that information and exited SPAD.neXt. I rebooted the PC (always a good idea when making changes of this sort), waited till all the startup procedures, etc. had quieted down, loaded my X52 profile using the Logitech software and started FSX-SE. As expected, the X52 functioned as desired without any problem. No panels active yet since SPAD.neXt had not been started. So far, so good. I started SPAD.neXt. The first thing I noticed was the absence of the Controllers option on the menu bar. Thinking to myself that this was a good thing since I disabled all joystick support, I looked at my panels to see if they lived - all lights on and panels responding to button pushes and knob turnings. So far, so good. Now the "acid test". I returned to the X52 and started using buttons and toggles which had been configured in the loaded profile. Houston, we have liftoff! The X52 performed all functions of the loaded profile without exception! BUT, could this be a fluke? Enquiring minds want to know, so I duplicated the entire procedure. I moved the X52 back to the hub, rebooted, started all the apps and experienced the original problem. I returned the X52 to the PC's USB port, rebooted and was able to, once again, successfully use the X52-FSX-SPAD.neXt combo. At this point, I'm a happy camper. I need to purchase and register SPAD.neXt now, then I need to get a USB extension cable - the short X52 cable being the reason for connecting it to the hub in the first place. Sign on my door now reads "Gone flying." Ken in Kansas
  7. Rusty Gunz

    SPAD.neXt and X52

    Frank, Edits made per your request. The Windows 7 Device Manager shows no Power Management tab for the X52 (HID) entry or the X52 (USB) entry in the Human Interface Devices list. Will the SaitekUSBFix application work considering that I updated the original Saitek software to the Logitech software for the X52 (since it is now a Logitech product)? Ken in Kansas
  8. I am running the trial version of SPAD.neXt (the "latest" version). I am also using Logitech software version for creating profiles used by my X52 Pro H.O.T.A.S. I can load the profile I prefer (and spent many, many hours developing) then start FSX-SE. My joystick works exactly as I have programmed it. I do not have an active Multipanel or Radio Panel, naturally, because I have not yet started SPAD.neXt. FSX-SE functions just as you would expect with no problems. I then start SPAD.neXt to activate the flight panels. Once it starts, the displays on the flight panels are visible and function in their basic mode (I have not yet configured any changes to them with SPAD.neXt). However, my joystick now no longer functions according to the loaded profile. FSX-SE does respond to control surface commands, but the button programming I so diligently created has disappeared. Some of the buttons do have functions but I am not sure what they all do as I have only tried a few as a test. If I exit SPAD.neXt, I still have no Logitech profile functionality from the X52. In fact, once SPAD.neXt has been activated, the X52 loses the profile functionality and it cannot be restored without restarting the PC. This is true even if I exit SPAD.neXt and try to use FSX-SE, either by leaving it running or by closing and restarting it. Unplugging the X52 and plugging it back in has no effect either. My pre-SPAD.neXt research found mentions of deleting the Logitech drivers before using SPAD.neXt, but I'm not sure how to do that. I also understood that SPAD.neXt would work with the X52 without changes. Apparently this is not the case (unless you count the VERY basic functions I mentioned above). I know I can access the X52 in the Controller menu of SPAD.neXt, but I really don't want to start over with the programming of it to suit my needs. AND I don't even know how to do that, as I can find no detailed documentation concerning the programming of ANY device with SPAD.neXt. Yes, there are Youtube videos about how to make SPAD.neXt do this or that but nothing that explains the relationship between LVARs, Events, Actions, Data, etc. Most of the videos are concerned with things that are not of interest to me anyway. Having been a programmer in a former life, I know from experience that "trial and error" is an excrutiatingly slow method of learning a new "programming language" - training and/or a manual are greatly preferred. Is there anyone who can explain to me what I'm doing wrong re: SPAD.neXt, X52 and FSX-SE? Is there anyone who can explain to me the relationship that I mentioned earlier? And finally, is there any sort of detailed documentation beyond the "Getting Started" for SPAD.neXt? I have been simming since the Apple II and Sub-Logic and have found our "fraternity" to be very understanding, generous and helpful to one another. I'm hoping that will be the case here also. It is not my intent to belittle anyone or any product, though there have been a few over the years that deserved it. I'm just looking for information and help. Ken in Kansas P.S. Just before posting this, I found a video on the SPAD.neXt channel entitled SPAD.neXt 0.9: What's new Part #2 (Event configuration). Hopefully it will answer some of the questions I listed in my post.
  9. OK, here's what happened. Since I had never before uninstalled and reinstalled FTX Vector, I went looking for instructions. While doing so I came across a post concerning FTX Central and, on a whim, started my FTX Central 3. When I did so, I was notified of updates to both the Orbx libraries and FTX Global Vector. I downloaded/applied the updates then started FSX-SE to see what, if any, difference the updates made. My tree problem was no longer evident. The airport elevation problem, though, remains. Do you still recommend the unistall/reinstall procedure? If so, would you be so kind as to provide instructions for someone not having experience with the necessary steps? Also, please note that I have both FSX and FSX-SE in "cohabitation" on my PC (different drives, though) and I am using a symlink to eliminate the need for the Orbx files to be in both FSX root folders. As it stands the files are actually stored on my D: drive under the FSX root folder while the symlink resides on my G: drive under the FSX-SE root folder. Thanks again for your help.
  10. In response to the two posts above - I have both Global and Vector. I did run the Vector Configurator AEC as suggested in the installation instructions accompanying FMX 2.0 and nothing changed. However, I have not done the uninstall/reinstall FTX Vectors as mentioned above. Will do so now and post my results once done. My thanks to you both.
  11. I have been using Orbx and FreemeshX (initial release) for most of three years without any significant issues. Now I have a problem, though. I just finished installing the latest versions of FreemeshX (Global 2.0, USA and USA HotFix 1). I started FSX-SE to continue my "Aerocommander 500 cargo operations" from Macon to Tallahassee. The taxiways and runways were littered with trees! I mean, I believe in going green, but this is ridiculous. It looked like Treebeard had moved in most of his relatives! So I slewed to the active and took off (luckily it was mostly "tree free"). Upon arriving in Tallahassee, I found Treebeard had staked his claim there also AND the airport elevation was incorrect as there are "canyons" scattered throughout the airport (between runways, taxiways, etc.). I then checked several other airports in the world - Cam Ranh, Vietnam; KDEN; KMHK and 1 or 2 others. All had misplaced trees/textures and/or incorrect elevations. I can eliminate the trees by setting Dynamic Scenery to None - naturally, that eliminates most all buildings, etc., and the misplaced textures and elevation issues still persist. If I turn off FMX's North American folder within FSX-SE, the canyons disappear but the trees remain. I tried placing all FMX libraries below the Orbx libraries in the Scenery Library within FSX-SE - nothing changed. Please note that all was fine until I installed those new FMX versions. Any help?
  12. Thanks, again, Alex. That's exactly what I wanted! BTW, that sound you hear is my mind being blown once again. Ken
  13. What a fantastic add-on for FSX! Every time I use it, I learn something new about it's functionalities. I'm just blown away by the intricacies of this program. That's why I made my contribution. I do have one question/issue: is there a way to have the city/landscape names, etc. displayed in English rather than the language of the country shown on the map? I can do fair with French and some Spanish. My Japanese, Russian, Portuguese (and the rest) language skills are non-existent. I can live without it, but it sure would be handy to find, say, Tokyo without having to resort the the airport code. Thanks. Ken Lamoreaux