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  1. OK, don't have a finite answer as to cause but I did this: Reset as per ppgas Things really in a mess then, but noticed app kept disappearing to left edge of monitor #1 "Reconstructed" multiple-monitor settings Downloaded "Globe" data Re-loaded scenery All appears to be correct. Interesting - I've used multiple monitors for multiple years (pun intended) without problems. But I'm back in business and that's the important thing. Thanks for the input. Ken in Kansas
  2. Was not able to find any info on this, Alex. However, if there is a post dealing with this, just point me to it and I'll not inflict myself on you any longer. I have 2.6.11 installed but tried 2.1.10 and 2.6.7 as tests and got the same results. None of my toolbar icons respond when I click them. Additionally, when I right click an airport symbol on the map, I cannot select it as a departure/arrival point. In fact, most of the items in the menu that appears are grayed out. Also, when I click the map to center an airport (or other feature), the map will jump to a location several "inches" away from the desired location. Zooming in with the mouse wheel will also relocate the cursor to an area a considerable "distance" from the desire location. Hovering the pointer over a map feature does not display any information about it, either. What am I doing wrong? Ken in Kansas
  3. Kee-rect, CJ and all speakers were "present and accounted for". However comma ... There is another soundbar setting in the app that turns on surround sound. That was disabled. Turned it on and I now have surround sound. Configuring/testing the speakers in the Windows sound app also indicated 5.1 performance! Although I had downloaded the app several days ago, I just got it set up with the soundbar today (a little tricky). It is much easier to configure settings like surround sound with the app as the display on the Vizio soundbar's remote is almost invisible except in direct sunlight. "Now you know the rest of the story."
  4. Sorry (again), I meant Control Panel - Sound, not Device Manager.
  5. Sorry, my bad. I didn't make myself clear, CJ. Yes, that is what I was referring to in my last post - 3.1 Surround and 5.1 Surround. The Speaker Setup options available to me thru the Windows Device Manager are: 1. Stereo 2. Quadraphonic 3. 3.1 Surround and 4. 5.1 Surround. 1, 2, and 3 all test correctly. 4, however, has no sound from the rear surround speakers when testing.
  6. Thanks for the responses, fellow simmers. Sorry for the late replay - was visiting grandchildren the last few days. It does appear that the issue is related to Windows 10. I am working on it today and hope to have it resolved later in the day. Windows 10 lets me choose a 5.1 configuration but, when testing speakers, only the front left, center, front right and SW are in the "correct" places... rear left and rear right come from the front speakers. If I choose a 3.1 configuration everything is fine but, of course, no rear speakers. If I opt for a quadrophonic set up all speakers work as expected left and right front, left and right rear but, of course, no SW. Guess there has to be an answer in there somewhere. Yes, Waldo, I had looked at the link you kindly included. I actually checked it out before making my original posting. Unfortunately, my sound bar, as I mentioned, is not Atmos compatible, so no joy there. If I can find a solution, I will post it here just in case others may experience or be experiencing the same issue.
  7. I have a Vizio SB3651-E6 soundbar connected via a "display port-to-hdmi" cable using a display port on my Gigabyte RTX 2070S. I can get 3.1 sound (left, center, right and SW) when running MSFS but no sound comes through the rear speakers. I have found VERY little information about sound systems re: MSFS. I have read that support for Dolby Atmos is native for MSFS, but my system is not Dolby Atmos compatible. I read the post titled Sound in MSFS202, but unfortunately it does not apply to my configuration. Anyone have any ideas about this and how to use non-Atmos Dolby 5.1 with MSFS with all speakers functional?
  8. As an update and to close this topic: Ray and I set up a couple of TeamViewer sessions during which he looked a multiple items on my PC. Unfortunately, neither he nor I were able to glean much in those sessions. Ray certainly made a Herculean effort, however! We mutually agreed to do additional research and coordinate with one another. It was getting late for Ray while I still had multiple hours of daylight available, so I jumped right in. THUS - I started my sleuthing project by looking closely at the Installer window information. It consistently mentions Voice Activated Commands. I vaguely remembered some sort of experience with that as a software app. Following a diligent search of the internet, I was able to track down a product called (wait for it) ....... Voice Activated Commands. It is produced by a company called DWVAC.com (also the url for the company). You can download the software thru that website. So-o-o-o, thinking perhaps there was a link between the software and RC4 (why, I would have no clue), I downloaded and attempted to install the software. No joy! I got the same error message about needing a DVD - with ONE VERY HELPFUL addition. When I clicked Cancel, I was presented with a Windows installer error code - 1612. OK, this is new and exciting, says I, so back to the net. Eventually found a link to a Microsoft-supplied Windows Fixit application (http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/E/9/7E9188C0-2511-4B01-8B4E-0A641EC2F600/MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta.diagcab) which dealt specifically with install/uninstall issues. Ran it, told it I was having an install problem and, after a bit, I was shown a list of programs (rather lengthy) and was asked which one was the "problem child". Lo and behold, Voice Activated Commands was on the list. Selected it and waited while Fixit did its thing (something in the registry and more). I was next asked if I wanted to uninstall VAC. Within a nano-second, I clicked Yes. Fixit completed and I tried RC4 - same error message, so I tried installing VAC again. Success! Fired up RC4 and was immediately presented with the registration/activation page - NO 30 MINUTE WAIT!! Pasted ID into encrypter, then pasted resulting key into r/a page which then closed. Started RC4 again - BINGO, BANGO, BONGO! RC4 started normally - again NO 30 MINUTE WAIT! I can now start RC4 from either the 😄 or G: drive, at will. Many thanks and much appreciation to Ray & Ian for sticking with it and their efforts on my behalf!! Ken in Kansas
  9. Standing by .... BTW just tried to update FSUIPC got a message that I had a "later" version, but guess we can sort all that out once we connect.
  10. OK, once again I was not observant (spank me, it's the only way I'll learn). A lot went on while I was blissfully snoring away over (my) night. I will check the version # of FSUIPC immediately and install the newest if it is not already there. The "installation" log did not that I had "a later version" than what it was attempting to install, so it wasn't replaced. Ray, I am available right now if it is convenient for you. I have the latest version of TeamViewer installed and am standing by. Ken in Kansas
  11. Thanks for your interest and assistance, not to mention your time, Ian. Will the Panado make me feel better? Could it possibly be medicinal in nature? Just asking. Ken in Kansas
  12. Ray & Ian, SFC found nothing out of kilter. Drive C: (SSD drive) has 745 GB free space. My apologies, Ray, I didn't make myself clear (I do that sometimes). I sent rcv4.exe to the desktop as a shortcut, I did not create the shortcut in RC4x. So-o-o-o Uninstalled. Turned off Defender and Firewall. Re-installed. Created shortcut on desktop, gave it admin rights. Double clicked to start. Got the Windows installer, preparing to install. Thirty minutes later got install server error message. Clicked Cancel. Registration window opened. Copied product ID. Ran encrypter & pasted product id into it. Clicked Encrypt 4 button. Copied generated key to registration window - no other entries in window. After short wait (2-3 seconds), registration window closed. Started RC4 from desktop shortcut again. Windows installer window appeared (as usual). Clicked Cancel. Windows installer says Preparing to install. Thirty minutes later got install server not responding error message. Clicked Cancel. RC4 starts. Do I get the Headache of the Month award? Ken in Kansas
  13. G'day, Ray (as they say in the land down under). Here is the info you requested: W10 64-bit done as an upgrade. A clean install would have been a nightmare for me to re-install all the software I have on my PC (the main reason I have a multitude of disk backups). W10 Defender was running during installation. I can try turning it off and doing the uninstall-reinstall again. Hardware - Intel i5-4670K OCed @ 3.40GHz, MSI Z87-G45 Gaming MB, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB, multiple SSDs (C:, D:, E:, F: & G: w/most all FSX S/W installed on G:) With FS 2020 coming out in the (somewhat?) near future, I'll most likely upgrade to an i9 series, 32 GB RAM, new MB and GPU. Looking forward to doing that if the corona virus doesn't destroy all my investment portfolio. I'll check out the link you provided to see if it can supply any options. Thanks. Ken in Kansas
  14. Ray, the G: drive is an internal ("non-removable") SSD (1TB). I uninstalled RC4 and re-installed it using your C:\RC4 "method". Once installation was completed, I checked the directory. Two directories had been created on 😄 - one called RC4, the other called RC4x. RC4 has little in it beyond the uninstall app and some internet shortcuts. RC4x contains all the executables, guides, data, scripts, tutorials, etc. I created a shortcut from the rcv4.exe in RC4x. I set it to run "as administrator" via the properties tab. I then started RC4. After about 30 minutes it displayed the window with the info for "activating/registering". I generated the key and entered it. After several minutes the window closed. I then started RC4 again using the shortcut. The usual "installation" window appeared and I clicked Cancel. Thirty minutes later I got a message about an "install server error". I clicked Cancel again and RC4 window appeared. I closed RC4. I started it again, clicked Cancel at the "installation" window, waited thirty minutes and RC4's window appeared. I loaded a flight plan, started FS Steam, loaded a flight plan there, went to RC4 and clicked Start. Back to FS Steam - everything is functioning correctly. However, I would agree with you, 30 minutes is far too long to wait. Any other ideas? Ken in Kansas
  15. Thanks, Ray. I have RC4 installed in a folder on my G: drive where I keep all my FSX Steam "add ons". I will uninstall it and try your method of installing it in C:\RC4 and report the results.
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