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  1. I totally agree with Sparkrite, are we talking about third-party support for V6 or about evolution regarding anti-aliasing in 2024? I think we should only consider the evolution of V6 rather than asking ourselves if this version interests third-party developers, right?
  2. I've been using GSX with P3D V6 since it came out and I've never encountered any particular problem. There is also a possible interaction between GSX and FShud
  3. I didn't receive anything either, just saw a message from a Facebook user. I actually uninstalled before because it's a new complete version
  4. Description FEB-24 Update for P3D V5 Milano Linate LIML is a major airport in Italy, ranked 4th in 2015 with more than 9 million passengers a year. It is also the second airport of Milan, behind Malpensa airport. The airport is named after Enrico Forlanini, a famous Italian aeronautical pioneer born in Milan. Linate is conveniently located just six kilometers away from downtown Milan, this makes the airport very popular among business travelers. Main destinations are domestic and European. The airport is also home for "Milano Linate Prime" Corporate and General Aviation center, first Business Aviation center in Italy and fifth in Europe. Our Milano Linate scenery for FSX/P3D V3/V4/V5 comes with the following features: Scenery configurator for seasons, levels of detail, etc. Native P3D ground polygons with reflections, rain, etc. Animated jetways Volumetric grass Detailed airport objects and vehicles Animated airport vehicles 3D runway and taxiway lights with halos Ramp lights with halos 4 seasons (snowy conditions included) Realistic ground layout with HD textures Extended custom autogen Night environment (dynamic lights for P3D V4-V5) Custom taxiway signs with realistic night textures GSX© compatible Static GA aircraft And much more! The scenery is fully optimized with the latest techniques for better performance.
  5. Glad to see there are still developers still bothering to update the P3D decorations. Here's Milan Linate's update from Jetstream.
  6. I also use these settings, I don't encounter any temperature problems either.
  7. I encountered a freezing problem recently. I built a new PC, Asus Strix Z790 motherboard, i9 13900K, 32 GB Kingston Fury Renegade DDR5 memory (7200 in XMP) 4800 MHz by default, BeQuiet power supply! 1600W It turns out that by applying the XMP profile, I got the blocking, no blocking with the default profile.
  8. Sorry, but when I reported a new hack was there, it is now back to normal.
  9. Here, https://www.pilots.shop/3728ac0a-1147-4f33-8e1e-383e1811d481/AFM2_RC4.zip
  10. Budapest (LHBP) LHSimulations does not work in V6 no buildings
  11. Hello Matthias,I can't download Spain, when I select a region I get a blank page with an error message.Not FoundThe requested URL was not found on this server.Regards,Jean-Marc
  12. Bonjour! La version actuelle de Self-Loading Cargo est « 1.6, The Interactivity Update » qui est sortie le 31 juillet 2023! https://www.selfloadingcargo.com/
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