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  1. Hello Matthias,I can't download Spain, when I select a region I get a blank page with an error message.Not FoundThe requested URL was not found on this server.Regards,Jean-Marc
  2. Bonjour! La version actuelle de Self-Loading Cargo est « 1.6, The Interactivity Update » qui est sortie le 31 juillet 2023! https://www.selfloadingcargo.com/
  3. I do not understand why you continue to intervene in this post since this software does not seem to interest you. I created this post only to inform and not to attract individuals who emit negative vibes. So please pollute more here
  4. Response from Fly Elise following a request for a new key after modifying my computer."This is a 10 years old software.Unfortunately, we are unable to issue licenses for this software any more. "I did not know that my purchase had a validity date, Bravo !!
  5. Je l’utilise sur chaque vol, fais ce que tu veux, ne te sens pas obligé. 😉
  6. Self-Loading Cargo v1.6 - Démonstration de la pré-version - YouTube Espoir bientôt
  7. 24 heures passées, ça marche maintenant
  8. Yes, same as you. Penalize identified and loyal customers, I don't understand everything!!
  9. I get this message now ! what is this joke ?
  10. Hello,FSHud it is now supported in latest BETA version.
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