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  1. I use FSUIPC to open and close various programs with P3D. It was useful for hiding AI Ground and Flow when I first started using them but I see now that they do hide and close with P3D. At least AI Ground and AI Flow do but AI Cull still gives the dialogue box when P3D shuts down
  2. I have it and upgraded to the P3D version. It is a very powerful program but to me it is overly complicated and not at all intuitive. I guess the reason it comes with a 100 page user manual. At least prepare to read up to get the maximum benefit out of it.
  3. When closing down P3D I find that AI Ground and Flow close OK but AI Cull gives an error message. This is using the CLOSE or KILL function in FSUIPC. AI Cull is HF2. I have tried using Run as Administrator as well just in case.
  4. Hi Roland, Firstly many thanks for developing such a great series of AI apps. Very much appreciated. I know that this has been mentioned before but it would be great if you could reconsider amalgamating all 3 programs into 1. Even though I have them all set to open and close via FSUIPC I end up having so many apps/programs running now that it is becoming an issue. For example a session for me requires Ai ground, Ai Flow, Ai Cull, ASPD4, Chaseplane, Navigraph charts, MSI afterburner and RTSS, Simserver (for remote CDU). Then there is the VATSIM client etc if flying online. Tidy desktop management.is becoming an issue! I have started noticing that the AI are now conducting some very hard landings. Could certain settings in Ai Flow or Ground be causing this behaviour? I'm using the ORBX AI NZ/AUS pakage Also is anyone else having an issue when closing AI Cull with the FSUIPC CLOSE entry in the Run N command line? I get Ai Cull did not close properly blah blah blah.
  5. I am curious to know why a viewpoint would have any effect on the functioning of these apps.
  6. I went from 4.4 to 4.5 and only updated the client. Works well and I think the only thing that I would have considered useful in the content would have been an update to the C130. Much easier just to use the client. After that just wait for MSFS to come out.
  7. I assume that you had selected GSX or GSX 2 in the selection window? The app manager has many products that are activated through this manager.
  8. 50% CPU load on a 4770? Mine is maxed at near 100% and that's on V4.5. Are all your sliders hard left?
  9. Dane the flatten BGL created, when compiling with ADE, should be named something like CYHE_XXX_ CVX.BGL. Thinking about it I'm sure all you need to do is just put this file in the FTX_NA_PNW05_SCENERY folder. You shouldn't need to put in the other AFCAD file that was generated. So to be sure: 1. Go to the FTX_NA_PNW05_SCENERY folder. 2. Remove the bgl file you created with ADE and placed in there. 3..Restore the original file suffix back from .BAK to .bgl 4. Place the CVX file in. Hopefully this fixes it. I don't mean to be patronizing but just want to try and be clear so as to avoid confusion.
  10. Yes all you need to do is open up ADE and choose File - Open airport from BGL, and then navigate to the scenery folder where The AFCAD is located for Hope (FTX_NA_PNW05_SCENERY folder). Look for a file with the airport ICAO name included )I don't have that scenery so cant help). ADE will tell you if the BGL file you tried to open doesn't contain the airport so move onto to so move onto another until it does open. When it opens it should show the parking areas. This should help with how to add the flatten: https://scruffyduck.screenstepslive.com/s/help_docs/m/20268/l/199763-how-do-i-add-a-background-polygon-to-an-airport When finished go to File - Compile and this will create a new BGL file. Place this in the same FTX_NA_PNW05_SCENERY folder and just rename the original to say .BAK instead of .BGL. That way you can always undo it if for any reason there is a problem. If you have any problems....or don't feel confident using ADE then send me a PM. Cheers
  11. Not just Cathay. We used to operate 747-200s and then 400s into Kai Tak and also adopted the same method of drifting left of the LOC after visually acquiring the checkerboard. Some operators would "cut the corner" and this would certainly make life very difficult. Fun days for sure
  12. I'm using the P3DV4.5 client but still with the 4.4 content and scenery. Hope appears fine and flat however has no parking spots in the AFCAD. If this is a problem with 4.5 scenery then you could use a freeware tool like ADE (Airport Design Editor) to create a flatten around the area and even put in the parking spots if not already there. If I had 4.5 scenery I'd be happy to do it for you but I just don't have the need to update. Hope airfield is certainly in a scenic and challenging spot. ADE can be found here: https://www.scruffyducksoftware.com/shop-and-downloads
  13. I'm not sure what add on you are using but some complex add ons don't like multi sectors and can do odd things. It can lead to reduced frames and stutters.
  14. Try disabling those sceneries temporarily and seeing if it still happens.
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