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  1. Considering RR stated that they were using P3D for bug testing of LNAV 2.0 I'm surprised that it would be such a big deal to update the P3D models. Wouldn't you need to have it running on P3D to test the code for bugs? Maybe they want to appease the new "kid's on the block" with their Xbox consoles first.
  2. Surely if you are debugging and testing in P3D, because the MSFS SDK is so lacking, would it not be better to focus resources on getting LNAV 2.0 working as smooth as a Swiss watch in P3D and then transfer those learnings to MSFS? There would be a ready group of suitable testers here that I'm sure would be willing to help.. The updatable nav data base and LNAV performance was ground breaking in their initial product range, but due to a lack of ongoing development, it is now their products Achilles heal. With RNAV/RNP approaches becoming the norm in the real world,, PMDG's limitations with the implementation of this is very apparent.
  3. iFly is improving with every release. These aircraft are a delight to fly, have excellent support and the visuals now seem to be on a par with the best.. Once I have made my PC upgrade choice (and isn't that a hard decision at present?) this will definitely be the first item in the cart.
  4. I wouldn't hold your breathe. I'm surprised (given that RR is a RW 747 driver) that this hasn't driven him crazy and been fixed long ago......or maybe he doesn't fly his own product anymore and just doesn't really care too much. Really annoying considering that the world has/is moving to RNAV/RNP performance based approaches.
  5. I may be missing something somewhere but most of the presets do not have any description as to what setting adjustments were made or what the preset was created to achieve ie. Cockpit lighting/shading or environmental. Most don't even specify if they are for P3D V4 or V5.It can be a bit hit and miss.
  6. I find that if the GSX "restart Coutii" doesn't work then go to SODE in the add on drop down menu and select "reload SODE". Usually does it for me.
  7. If their past track record on product pricing is anything to go by they are very reasonable.
  8. Any news on a permanent fix for the terrain issue in P3D4.5? It seems that when a new preset is applied that the GPU Terrain.fx file has to be manually inserted.
  9. Congratulations on this MSFS production. From what I've seen in a review it is an outstanding piece of work. I'm glad that the graphics are now catching up to the systems and flight dynamics modelling. You are on the right track. Take a bow Mark.
  10. Yes I can confirm that from personal experience. 🤭
  11. Yes the way the FSDT Live update works is a bit confusing. When run it states that it is updating starting with a progress indicator showing Stage 1 of 35. It then updates various things such as PBR and liveries in sub stages, which hums along just fine. It then it all ends very quickly, with a split second flash of a dialogue box, before disappearing without even progressing to stage 2 of 35. It would be nice to know what that box says. I have since found out that the 35 stages refer to the FSDT programs that it can update and because I only have the FSDT GSX then it just updates that 1 of 35. It would be nice to know what that box says To me it seemed that the update was running correctly' so I tried all sorts of thngs such as disabling the antivrus and malware programs, running it in Admin mode and even downloading the universal installer to try. The reason that I didn't think it was installing properly was that since setting up a walk in gate it crashes GSX. In the error log I'm even getting something that refers to "name: MSFS not found". I don't have MSFS and I see nothing in the GSX settings that even mentions MSFS. Once I figure out how to set up the troubleshooting log I will run it again and post on the FSDT support forum.
  12. I guess, like a lot of other simmers, we are waiting for LM to show us their hand. If they communicated their intent (as in a proposed development roadmap perhaps) then it would give us (and developers) an idea of whether or not it is worthwhile continuing investment in P3D. Their lack of communication may not be "hurting" them but it sure is for those associated with them. At present I'm playing a waiting game. I purchase very few P3D addons because I can no longer be assured that the developers will update their product line with the next P3D dot point upgrade. Hardly surprising then that P3D addon sales are way down. So I remain on P3D4.5. I need a PC upgrade to go to V5 (with all the issues of choosing what hardware is needed and what is, or will soon be available), and MSFS is not yet mature enough to meet my tubeliner needs and the massive bandwidth required for enforced updates is an issue without a fibre connection.
  13. Vic if it is like the P3D4 version then all you do is go to the addon selection via the P3D menu bar and then select iFly737 > key assignment. Double click on the item that you want to select a key assignment for and then enter the key selection. I highly recommend using Voice attack so that you can assign voice commands to key strokes and macros. For example you could have LNAV, VNAV, Gear UP/DWN and each individual flap setting selectable by nominating a voice command. Just like having a co-pilot and does make flying single pilot so much easier. There is a free version that gives you 1 profile and 20 commands.
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