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  1. Just remember the lack of support before making your next purchase from them. Maybe post or email them stating as such. It's the only way that they will get the message.
  2. Does the CIVA unit work in P3D4.5 and 5? Does the ADEU (Automatic Data Entry Unit) work as well?
  3. From looking at the earlier French video it appears that the flight control sensitivity needs some work. Think I will wait this out for a while.
  4. You could always try the iFly product and if not happy with it then get a refund.
  5. This is a relatively dated product now and the exterior modelling is not as detailed as the current offerings. That said it really depends on what you're after. For typical inflight shots it is just fine but a close up walk around will be less detailed. I know a lot of work was done in getting an accurate model. It handles really well and the FMC/autopilot/LNAV/VNAV work very well. It is one of my favorites (I don't have the latest PMDG offering so I cannot compare).
  6. Thanks very much for the review Nick. Some off the model seems OK and then other parts don't. I wonder if the website panel instrument images were from the modelling program and not the sim rendered. Might pass for now.
  7. Still no video anywhere yet?
  8. It looks very nice. Hopefully a promotional video will be produced so we can see it in action..
  9. Any word on the navigation software update?
  10. A great product and a solid investment.
  11. Pretty sure this just uses the sim nav data base too which is very limiting and out of data.
  12. Unfortunately I believe that with the emergence of a new full on Gaming flight simulator (MSFS) that LM will reduce development for P3D as we know it. Any benefits we gain will come from development of the commercial simulator industry. Their needs are not always aligned with ours. With the "entertainment" sector well catered for I'm guessing that there just isn't enough market share to warrant investing the resources in developing it.
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