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  1. Well spoken by a PMDG sycophant troller. How many hours do you have on the 747 there RB to make you such an expert on 747 flight dynamics and engine sounds? An LNAV descent? What was the pitch mode then as LNAV is not a pitch mode? I have flown this model a lot and it is a pleasure to much as it was to fly the real ones for 14 years. Oh and the RW 747 it will go nose down 10 degrees at 5-6000 ft if you are clumsy or agressive with it. all depends what you did to get it there JB. I also fly the PMDG 777 and love it although it has some issues too.....but I wouldn't openly bag it. If you are having issues with the FDE then there may be an issue with YOUR set up/installation. Very hard to get these things perfect, what with the many varied computer/controller hardware options and settings, variable sensitivities and null zones and there is FSUIPC tweaks as well. .
  2. cowpatz

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Nice to see another RW 747 driver involved in flight simulation and your knowledgeable comments on the iFly/PMDG 747s. RW I flew the 747-200 for 4 years and the 747-400 for approx 14 yrs Some 10,000 odd hours between them. They are fantastic aircraft in every respect. A pure joy to fly. I helped out a little bit with the iFly team when they put this together along with a little bit of beta testing as well. Their dedication to accuracy was surprising and really challenged my own knowledge of the systems. I did a type change back to the 767 during the development process so trying to remember the systems and procedures was a challenge as my head was now filled with 767 details, and although similar to the 747 in some systems, it is quite different in others. It is a bit like being asked to recall the colour of your wife's eyes, after having stared at them for many years! I'm now on the 777 but would still prefer to be on the Whale. I was interested in your comments on the aborted start with autostart engaged. I have attempted this on both the GE and RR engine variants and found that it works correctly with the Fuel flows reducing to 0 and the start discontinued with N2 or N3 reducing to max motoring or 0 depending on whether the start was aborted before or after starter cutout. I did not check to see, that despite the zero indicated fuel flow, that fuel was actually still being consumed from the tank. I can see that there is a slight error in that when a fuel cutoff switch is placed to cutoff, prior to starter cutout, the N2 or N3 should register max starter speed where as they are indicating the %RPM at cutoff selection. Not a biggie and may be a P3D simulation limitation. As you stated for some reason the stick shaker/buffet is happening some 20 to 25 kts below the top of the bricks (GE FL340 225T 28% MAC). I cannot recall this happening during the beta tests. Buffeting may occur at some speed below the top of the bricks (depending on flight regime) but certainly not to that magnitude (that I could recall from sim details and If a simmer were to get themselves into that position in the first place then they sure have more problems to deal with other than sim fidelity!!). The secondary stall works for me as it did in the RW sim. Safe flying.
  3. cowpatz

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    I am pretty sure you have all the liveries for the passenger versions. The rest would be fictious. I dont think the Air Force One 748i is operational yet.
  4. cowpatz

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    When I last updated from 4.2 to 4.3 and ran ORBX FTX central it re downloaded all the sceneries. Is this still the case or did I do something incorrectly last time?
  5. cowpatz

    Prepar3D v4.4 Is Available Now ! 

    That is one extensive feature/fix list. Well done LM. Any word on FSUIPC compatibility?
  6. cowpatz

    RTX 2080 installed

    I'll wait for the new graphics engine coming in P3DV5 before updating my system.....😉
  7. cowpatz

    Flysimware Releases Falcon 50 Beta Purchase

    I'm pretty sure that this can be adjusted via FSUIPC if needed.
  8. cowpatz


    Hi Will, You can easily update your flightsim navigation database at It has an installer and backs up the original data. Click on the Navdata tab. There is a worldwide database and a regional one for runway and ILS corrections for areas other than Europe. Fixes can also be updated on a regional basis. The only real drawback is that it can mess up the flight planner and map functions in FS. However there are many other flightplanning tools available with easy to use maps and flight plan export functions such as Plan G, Little nav map, Vroute and Simbrief.
  9. A really nicely put together video. Well choreographed and a good length for a quick overview. You should be doing promo videos for some add on developers.
  10. cowpatz

    Is adverse yaw well modeled in P3D?

    The affect of adverse yaw can vary with airspeed. To demonstrate adverse yaw to students (C152, C172) I would have them reduce the IAS to a safe margin above the stall and then move the aileron relatively quickly from one way to the other. The student would then observe the nose move left or right, opposite to the direction of the applied aileron. Most modern aircraft do have differential ailerons that reduce the affect of adverse yaw. However it seems optimised for a certain speed range. Adverse yaw is due to the drag of the down going aileron being greater than the up going one. To compensate the up going aileron will go up further than the down going goes down. The affect is only evident when aileron is applied as in entering or exiting a turn, not when it is in the turn as the ailerons will be basically central. To the original poster, to see how well a model's FDE is I would suggest trying the above demonstration method and see what happens. Don't look at the ball, look at the nose against some point on the horizon.
  11. cowpatz

    Upgrading Cpu

    I hope you share your upgrade experience with us Eric. Will a 5.0 Ghz overclock be easily achieved or only on the "lottery" chips?
  12. cowpatz

    PC Pilot or Computer Pilot?

    I think that PCpilot is pretty much it these days. A very well put together mag that I look forward to getting in the mail. There is still something special about turning glossy pages instead of staring at a glowing screen. Good value for money on subscription....just don't take one out for too long just in case.
  13. cowpatz

    PC Pilot or Computer Pilot?

    As they did to me as well. Fraud basically.
  14. Spare a thought for this chap. Bad day