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  1. Christopher did you apply a change to the pitch axis stability in a similar way as you did with the Yaw axis? I have just recently installed MSFS and I'm trying to get to grips with the UI and control settings. I'm using a mixture of the MSFS control inputs and FSUIPC. One annoying issue I have in FSUIPC is disappearing view setting that I have mapped to a hat switch. That may have been an issue with Windows file permissions. I notice that the Cessna Longitude has quite an annoying bounce in pitch, similar to what you described, and I am hoping that I can just vary a pitch stability setting (unless there is an inertia setting as found in .air files on other sims if my memory serves me correctly). I haven't really tried anything "under the hood" yet. I am simply enjoying the eye candy for the moment.
  2. The beauty of the iFly products is that FMC Navigation uses proper AIRINC 424 leg types (especially the RF leg type). For some reason PMDG is really dragging the chain on this one. You can fly proper RNP (AR) approaches, and it does them well.
  3. I can recall, some years ago, that the FSUIPC auto save function was causing stuttering/ freezing during the auto save process for some users. This may no longer be an issue with more powerful hardware.
  4. Could anyone please point me to which folder the FMS nav data should go? After installation I have tried unsuccessfully to update it. The Navdata folder updates but the navdata on the FMC shows as out of date. Thanks It currently resides at D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Flysimware\navdata
  5. Correct. Good to see that MSFS has this sorted. Just a shame LM didn’t jump aboard as well with V6.
  6. I find it difficult accepting that this is the same simulator that commercial operators use having such an outdated and non updatable navigation database and with obsolete MagVar data.
  7. Is the base sim navigation database in V6 updatable or are we still stuck in some far gone decade?
  8. Could you maybe try looking at your V5 cfg file and copying any relevant entries over to the V6 cfg and see if that turns them off? Just a thought.
  9. I guess the expectation was that V6 would offer a lot more than it is, especially in the graphics department. Really it is more of a dot point release from what I have seen (A tick rather than a Tock). Naturally this leads to speculation that the next release will address this and other issues. Maybe V6 was designed just to keep us interested and invested in P3D, rather than all abandon ship to MSFS, whilst they continue the development with the Unreal engine (which will require all new addons). At some point LMs big contract customers are going to have to modernise, it's just a question of when. In the meantime, there is a whole heap of eager beta testers here that are willing to assist with the upgrade testing process before it releases to the big commercial sector.
  10. Are you implying that the P3DV6 updates will be forced? I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere yet, just that the updates will be easier.
  11. The problem is that your navdata is very old. Those approaches no longer exist. Even the naming convention of RNAV or RNV, as Navigraph might code it, is outdated. It is now RNP. At EGHI the only GPS based approach is the RNP 02 approach. There are no approach transitions for it as it's all radar positioning on to final.
  12. No it's not hidden I just gave you the wrong location. You will find it in the PMDG folder but in the folder SIDSTARS and not NavData. In the current cycle EGHI file you would find: APPROACH RNV02 FIX BAMTU AT OR ABOVE 2500 SPEED 185 FIX HI02F 1700 RNW 02 TRK 019 UNTIL 3000 If all you want to do is change how the approach name appears in the CDU then just change RNVM to RNV02. The fixes may have different names and positions as well, as it is an old cycle you are using. There is no RNAV approach for R20.
  13. From memory it should be in your PMDG folder in the P3D root folder. It’s called Navdata. You can locate and edit the approach with a text editor like notepad or word pad. Needless to say just back up the file or folder first. Im home from this trip later this morning so I will take a closer look then.
  14. Something is amiss as there is only an RNP approach for Rwy 02. I would suggest it is a typo. I’m away from my PC at the moment otherwise I would check my nav data and take a look.
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