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  1. haskell

    Current wind conditions

    With the only option being weather themes, how can one get current winds for an airport? I know it’s snowing... but which runway should I use? Thanks.
  2. haskell

    25% Off Flight Sim World

    I'm in! It worked. LOL
  3. haskell


    There is pretty good documentation in the folder after you unzip it.
  4. Fredrick, I, like you, was going through the same decision process. I tried X-Plane 11 during the beta and, while I liked it, the bugs put me off. Now that is has been released I am really enjoying it. The issue is that neither platform is really acceptable out of the box. FSX default planes are horrible. And while X-Plane's are much better, they are still far from perfect. I have purchased two add-on planes in XP. One, a Carenado, is pretty and buggy. The other, a Carendado with REP add-on, is nearly A2A quality. The downside is that there are very few XP11 ready add-on planes. I know they are coming but it is a wait when I want to fly now. X-Plane pros: Beautiful scenery out of the box. And if you prefer photo scenery it is easy to use real photo imaging with Ortho4XP Much better default aircraft Better performance than FSX or P3D. Typically much higher frame rates and I have never had an OOM or CTD. It's 64 bit Easy to edit and create scenery. While ADE will allow you to edit FSX airports, WED is so very simple to use to create and edit scenery in XP X-Plane cons: Air Traffic Control is unusable. It's a joke. It just doesn't work. They know it and are working on a complete rebuild but, today, there is no ATC. There are add-ons, but nothing to the extent of what's available for FSX AI is poor. I mean, if you like that every 172 is N172SP I guess that's OK. LOL. I believe there are some add-ons but haven't gotten that far Weather depiction is bad. Clouds are cartoony. Depiction is wrong a lot of times. Weather "pops" as you move from area to area. Neither of the (expensive!) weather add ons is very good. One has a "weather circle" around the plane that moves with you (you can see it's clear in the distance even if it's not) and the other only has a few cloud textures that repeat often. And they are both very expensive. NOTHING like ActiveSky! Lack of quality add-ons. Most of the good planes (iXEG 737, etc) are not completely compatible with XP11 Ground handling is bad. The 172 weathervanes into the wind too much and is near impossible to taxi. You can easily run out of rudder with a moderate crosswind So, what I do... Fly both. I fly the C210 with REP in XP11. I edit airports when I feel like doing that instead of flying. I fly FSX when I want beautiful weather, ATC and the PMDG 737 or Majestic Q400. So I approach it like a PlayStation. Madden one day. Nathan Drake adventure the next. Interesting times here in flight sim land.
  5. My opinion. You are in the sweet spot. I bought AS16 and ASCA and am a little disappointed. I do like the cloud motion effect and dynamic themes but, in the end, I didn't feel like it was worth the extra money. The ASCA textures are not nearly as good as REX. And the weather engine is essentially the same in AS16 and ASN.
  6. I did a full reinstall of windows, FSX and the plane. Made the mods. Worked great for 5 flights. Now instant crashes when selecting the plane. I give up. Off to X-Plane 11.
  7. haskell

    affinitymask i7 7700k

    UNLESS you have hyperthreading enabled you should use 14
  8. haskell

    ICON A5 request again and again

    Agreed Ryan. Can't get it to slow down and go down. Also, seems it has flaps but there is no visual of them. The production model of the A5 has had flaps removed. Also can't get water rudder to work. Makes it unusable in the water. Would love to see this updated!
  9. Bob, I am having the same issue. Any time I try to use this plane with the mods I get a crash to desktop. I have completely deleted and reinstalled both the plane and mods 5 times to no avail. It worked fine for me before my last FSX reinstall. Now, unusable. And I really hate the CJ2 without the mods. good to know at least I am not the only one. Misery loves company. Eddie
  10. haskell

    ICON A5 request again and again

    What Stan said!! 😍
  11. Well I hope the developers read these forums. Because it has cost them each a sale. I just moved over from FSX and want the IXEG and Saab SO badly! But when I read of these inexcusable customer service issue I refuse to give XA the chance to treat me that way. So I "play around" with XP but still have to go back to FSX to use real planes like Majestic Q400 and PMDG 737. A shame. A black eye for XP.
  12. haskell

    L-1011 Engine Out

    Thanks for that Alan! So I have done some experimenting... up to 20000 feet and killed the engines. If all 3 engines are dead there is no hydraulics pressure and, hence, no controlling the plane. The RAT seems to not be modeled as it should deploy when the third engine dies. It doesn't. If you start the APU it WILL power the hydraulics system. But, if you've run out of fuel... you're dead. No escaping it. The second that last engine dies you have ZERO control. So, land before you run out. Cause there is no such thing as an engine out landing on this bird.
  13. So I grabbed the 1011 on sale and am loving it. Due to some headwinds and poor flight planning I ended up with an engine out on final approach. Since all the controls are hydraulically operated I had no aileron or elevator and couldn't maneuver for an emergency landing. I tried using the ram air turbine but it appears to not be simulated. What do do on engine failure? No controls at all. Or am I missing something? Thanks for your help!
  14. Just picked up the 737 and 1011. Now waiting for those pesky download links...