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  1. It’s much less expensive than that. Only $9.69 USD for a month. Makes his advice even better. Try it for a month. If you don’t like it you’re out less than 10 bucks.
  2. As sd_flyer said, click this button. I believe it is right-click by default but for my setup I have to use a middle-mouse button click.
  3. I HOPE you’ve signed up for the beta! Would love to have a real controller’s input.
  4. My buddy has season tickets so I flew him back to ABQ from the Raider’s game in Vegas in the Honda Jet. An hour and 22 minutes. I bet he wishes I really had one. Well, if he didn’t have to pay the $2,300 worth of fuel each way. 😆
  5. Even using the available assets this will be a huge improvement. If nothing else, just getting those blue lights out of the middle of taxiways! I did over 100 airports in X-Plane and plan to do the same in MSFS. I literally went to Wikipedia and found a list of all the airports in my state and started doing them and checking off the list. If only a handful of people are interested and do this imagine how much better the default airports would be. Looking forward to this finally becoming a reality and hope it runs as smoothly as it does in XP.
  6. Nope. Held on to XP11 for about six months. Went back one time and the difference was too much for me. So I recovered the HD space and am solely MSFS!
  7. 100% AAO is money spent I have never regretted! I can ALMOST write an RPN script 🤪
  8. Some people bought Teslas and the next day they dropped the price $5,000. They were mad too. But that is how the market works.
  9. Nope. I have the G2 and my workflow is: Start WMR Start MSFS Load flight CTRL-TAB to start VR Fly in amazement! No need to use Steam VR at all
  10. Press the SURV button above the throttles and it will show up on the MFD
  11. I noticed that as well. I couldn’t find any way to cross-fill the flight plan.
  12. I am a stickler for fonts matching the real plane. But I think a couple of things could help: Make the screens bigger. In the real plane there is no gap between the PFD and MFD. No idea why they did that in this version and, while a small difference, it would make the screens larger. Make the font heavier (bold.) At least it would make it more readable (like in the CJ.)
  13. 100% Especially setting an ALT. The font is so light and hard too see. I’ve given up on using it in VR as the eye strain of trying to read it is fatiguing. Non-VR I have to pop out the PFD panel and it’s readable. But I really love VR flying. So maybe this plane isn’t best for that.
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