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  1. jdk2

    Activation on 777 Denied

    I meant the SPAM folder of your email client. Maybe the new ticket will solve the problem.
  2. jdk2

    Activation on 777 Denied

    Did it land in your SPAM folder? The email is usually instant, or at least within minutes.
  3. jdk2

    Activation on 777 Denied

    Here you go: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/Default.aspx
  4. jdk2

    OOM problem (Definitely not A pmdg fault)

    Can you try what David recommended with regard to disabling scenery that you're not flying to/near?
  5. jdk2

    Reverse Thrust Deployment

    Not rude at all. I didn't know they were working on a fix. It just didn't seem to be their issue as it's not consistent across the board. Thanks for clearing it up.
  6. jdk2

    Reverse Thrust Deployment

    Mine does not need the nose gear to be on the runway exactly like kevinh shows. i don't see how it's a bug with the B777 since some experience it and others do not. Sounds more like individual hardware issues.
  7. jdk2

    Activation on 777 Denied

    Did you just send an email? Or did you submit a ticket?
  8. jdk2

    Predictive Windshear Alert

    Funny but true :lol:
  9. jdk2

    Poor FSX peformance?

    Oh, sorry.
  10. jdk2

    Poor FSX peformance?

    I don't know but going from an AMD system to an Intel system would surely need a fresh install of windows. Maybe not but I've not seen many new builds that would work right without it. I would think there'd be all kinds of issues trying to shoehorn new hardware into an existing system. The registry will have erroneous entries scattered throughout. JMHO.
  11. jdk2

    Poor FSX peformance?

    Did you install a fresh copy of windows after the hardware upgrade? Same for FSX?
  12. jdk2

    new at PMDG, need some help

    Well per Ryan's post above, send a ticket here: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/
  13. jdk2

    Poor FSX peformance?

    How are your cpu temps? Is it throttling due to overheating? Excuse the pun but that system should fly,
  14. jdk2

    new at PMDG, need some help

    Try going back to precisionmanuals.com, login and check your orders.
  15. jdk2

    ** UIAutomationCore.dll ** This is the correct file

    Post #33 has a link to the file thanks to Zeljko Budovic.