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  1. tyron2000

    Poor FSX peformance?

    Ok, Just un-installed FSX and add-ons and re-installed FSX with add-ons and now working perfectly with both addon-ons. Very smooth 30+ FPS now at Gatwick with PMDG 737. Must be an issue with FSX keeping settings or something from the old GPU? Any how, all sorted. Thanks for replys!
  2. tyron2000

    Poor FSX peformance?

    No need to be sorry, my fault as should have stated that. Might still do a fresh install tomorrow though and see what happens. From what I have been reading i should get 30FPS on all settings maxed out... so maybe it is a registry issue or something.
  3. tyron2000

    Poor FSX peformance?

    I did do a fresh instal from the AMD to Intel, but not from the GTX 480 to GTX 780... might give it a go though and see what happens. Thanks
  4. tyron2000

    Poor FSX peformance?

    I would not think you need to re-install Windows every time you installed new hardware, so no. Same for FSX, I don't see how it would be necessary to re-instal FSX and Windows just because I updated to a new GPU. I have obviously installed all necessary drivers for new hardware etc. I have also deleted the old GPU from the FSX.cfg file so there are no conflicts etc.
  5. tyron2000

    Poor FSX peformance?

    Temps are sweet. I noticed a massive improvement from my old AMD processor, but since installing the GTX 780 today, its not really made any difference from my old GTX 480?
  6. tyron2000

    Poor FSX peformance?

    My tweaks are: highmemfix=1 AffinityMask=254 (as hyper threading on) WideViewAspect=True [bufferPools] PoolSize=0 RejectThreshold=131072
  7. tyron2000

    Poor FSX peformance?

    I have recently upgraded my hardware to increase the performance of FSX with my addons. 2 weeks ago I changed my AMD Phenom II 1100t Black Edition 3.3MHz processor to an Intel i7 4770k processor and Over-clocked the processor from 3.5MHz to 4.4Mhz. The difference was amazing, but still if I use the PMDG 737 with UK2000 Gatwick Extreme, my frame rates drop to around 15FPS. I used to have an NVidia GTX 480 Graphics Card, so I thought that may be throttling the performance, so today I purchased an NVidia GTX780 (MSI Over-clocked Edition) thinking that would solve the problem. But it hasn't really made any difference. I have most of the settings on high, but not all maxed out, I have played with the settings and unless I start changing them down too much, the performance is not great using those 2 add-ons. Now if I use the PMDG 737 anywhere else its fine, and if I use a standard FSX plane at Gatwick, its bearable (but not great). I thought with the hardware I have recently purchased, I should get a smooth experience with both add-ons at relatively high settings. My system stats are: Asus Maximum VI Hero Motherboard Intel i7 4770k (OC'd to 4.4Mhz) Corsair H100i Water-cooler 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz DDR3 Ram MSI NVidia GTX 780 Over-clocked Edition 1000W PSU 4 x Corsair SP120 Static Pressure 120mm fans on Push/Pull on radiator 3 x Corsair AF120 Case fans Corsair Carbide 540 Air Flow Cube Case