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  1. Hi guys, Thought I'd point this out in case people are interested. All DCS modules except the Black Shark Republic Campaign and the L-39 are on sale on Steam right now. You can activate the Steam keys for your standalone version of DCS. Merry Christmas!
  2. FlyGuy42

    RAZBAM: Mirage 2000

    The Mirage 2000 is one of my favourite fighter aircraft. I can't wait for this to be released! Not to mention the new engine. :wink:
  3. FlyGuy42

    Thai Creations 50% off sale

    I don't think they officially support P3D yet, but you may still be able to get it to work.
  4. FlyGuy42

    Seeking To Improve Sky/Weather FPS Friendly

    Once you start using ASN you'll probably never look back. Aside from the features already mentioned, it has some excellent turbulence and weather depiction, as well as a hail simulation which I encountered last night for the first time. It definitely made for a very interesting flight! Best regards.
  5. FlyGuy42

    Cost Index "database"

    Would it be possible to obtain a list for the Cathay Pacific and Singapore fleets? Thanks and best regards.
  6. FlyGuy42

    777 Afterburners?

    If you've ever tried to take a video with your phone of the sensor of a TV remote while it's being used, you'll often be able to pick up the infra-red light it emits to tell your TV what to do (on, off, etc.). I'd imagine a similar sort of thing is going on here, where the photographer's camera is able to pick up light in the infrared spectrum that has a frequency that is very close to the visible spectrum. Hence, with his current camera settings and lighting conditions, he is able to pick up the infrared 'glow' of the exhaust gases coming out from the combustion chamber. Regards.
  7. FlyGuy42

    Cost Index "database"

    Apparently, Emirates use a CI of 400 to make up for delays, according to PPRuNe. Regards.
  8. FlyGuy42

    [09OCT14] PMDG 777 200/300 SP1c is pending...

    Agreed, I'd rather have a more polished product later, than a less polished product sooner. Thanks for the update! Best regards.
  9. FlyGuy42

    Need to use takeoff flaps >5 ?

    In the -300ER I use flaps 15 under 90% of circumstances, due to higher gross weight, reduced tail clearance, etc. Only if the aircraft is incredibly light, with a TOW of less than around 240 tonnes, do I go for flaps 5. Not very precise, I know, but it seems to work quite well. Best regards.
  10. FlyGuy42

    A 777 Challenge

    Here you go, guys. Sorry for the delay, but I finally got round to doing this. Before we start I'd like to apologise for any procedural errors that I have made, and for my use of default scenery. However, if you do spot something, do let me know; I'm always willing to learn! I used Active Sky Next historical weather set to the 4th of September at 1040-ish Zulu and I decided to do the flight in a -300ER. So, without further ado, let's get to it! I set myself up on the BARIN 1 arrival, now passing through 9400 feet. As you can see, it's a pretty blustery day here in Washington D.C. with plenty of in-cloud turbulence on the way down. Approaching 5000 feet, I've broken through the cloud layer and start my preparations for landing by beginning to slow the aircraft down to 230 knots. Coming up on STAYO, I descend to 4000 feet and start looking for the airfield off to the left. ..and there it is! Airfield in sight, 11 o' clock. I'm now cleared for the visual down to Runway 19L. Perfect! This will save me a whole bunch of time and keep the passengers happy. I start slowing to 185 knots and begin a descent to 2000 feet in preparation for the turn to base. Passing through 220 knots, set flaps 1. Now abeam the airfield. Set speed to 170, altitude to 1500, and flaps to 15. Autopilot off, I'll now initiate the turn to base. Gear down, flaps 20. Slowing to 148 knots for landing, flaps 30. And I have a visual on 19L. Since the 777 is such a heavy plane with a lot of inertia, I'm going to have to initiate the turn to final pretty early. So it's at this point I decide to start the turn. There's a little bit of overshoot, but that's going to be easy enough to iron out. Established on final, speedbrakes armed. Continue approach. And landing! This was definitely one of the most enjoyable approaches I've done in FSX. I highly recommend you try it out! Thanks for viewing! TL; DR: I landed the plane in one piece.
  11. FlyGuy42

    A 777 Challenge

    This sounds like fun, I'll definitely give this a go once I've finished my Vienna-Dubai flight. Thanks for sharing, Kyle! Regards.
  12. FlyGuy42

    Question about PMDG 7** and failures

    Yeah, I'd be interested to see how I do with an unplanned failure as well. So far with service-based failures I've only encountered pretty minor things (failed bleed high pressure shutoff valve, etc.) which don't really have much of an impact on the flight. However, I guess that's the beauty of the PMDG system, as the more serious failures tend to be much rarer, just as in real life. Best regards.
  13. FlyGuy42

    Question about PMDG 7** and failures

    Hi Nathan, The 777 failure system is very similar to the one that exists on the 737. You have the option of selecting service-based failures, random failures, or specific component failures. As far as I am aware, the DC-6 will not feature a failure system, as it's mean to be a 'lighter' product. You'll be able to expect a detailed failure system in every PMDG modern airliner add-on following the NGX. Best regards.
  14. Nathan, please send a ticket to PMDG here about this. They are currently working on collecting as much data on these freezes as possible, so the information you provide would be extremely useful. Regards.
  15. FlyGuy42

    777-300ER ETOPS Planning

    Thanks Jason, I had a look through them, but they didn't seem to answer my question. There didn't seem to be any information on the speed schedule for diversion for the -300ER. Regards.