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  1. My guess for the announcement is for an implementation of CPDLC. It has been a big hole in the flight sim products for a long time. I can always just live in hope🤣
  2. Richard McDonald Woods

    A P3Dv4 scenery audit

    There are still a significant number of available scenery products unable to perform correctly in P3Dv4. I have 35 sceneries of international airports installed from a variety of developers. I am therefore having to test which sceneries are performing correctly. To do this, I am flying into/out of each airport in a grand tour through The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. At the same time, I am videoing each approach and departure so that you can view my experiences. You can view the videos at the link below. You may also press the YouTube red Subscribe button to ensure that you keep up to date with my ongoing tests. Your comments added to each video will help others and can also be used to feedback on my flying techniques so that we can all learn. I hope that you will find the videos useful and I look forward to your contributions.
  3. Richard McDonald Woods

    Meaning of 'Mark site read'?

    Hi Jim, Many thanks for your fullsome explanation! I guess then when I am looking at the PMDG forum and then click 'Mark site read', it means that all AVSIM forums, not just the PMDG forums, will be marked as read. Thanks for your help,
  4. Richard McDonald Woods

    Meaning of 'Mark site read'?

    Until recently, I have always assumed that this function only applied to the vendor's level i.e. it was a 'logical site' being marked as read. I am now unsure Can I have clarification as to whether it means 'logical site' or the whole physical Avsim site that is made as read, please?
  5. Richard McDonald Woods

    Tokyo Finally!

    Yes, discounted to 29 Euros plus VAT if applicable.
  6. Hi Keven, I have just installed TechnoBrain RJTT scenery and am getting a lot of flickering which stops when I close ChasePlane. Moving the cursor seems to remove the flickering but only for about 1 second. A video of the effect is shown at Can you help, please?
  7. Richard McDonald Woods

    New freeware Abuja (DNAA) scenery

    Hi Raheem, Well done with your Abuja scenery. I will love to fly more in Africa if more airfields are available. I feel that you will be much better placed by developing for the current P3D and/or XP11 rather than FSX. Most simmers are now users of P3D or increasingly will be. Enabling for FSX in addition is good if it can be done. HTH
  8. Richard McDonald Woods

    ImagineSim ZSPD Black Building

    It's a great pity that imaginesim do not appear to have a website where all this can be discussed. That said, Fran reacted to my recent problems promptly and courteously.
  9. Richard McDonald Woods

    FMC POS REF update

    Hi Kyle, Many thanks for your usual concise explanation. I shall look up more on INS.
  10. Richard McDonald Woods

    FMC POS REF update

    Pressing R6 POS REF on the Progress page displays the POS REF page. On my current flight, the FMC (GPS) position is shown with the R1 ARM key displayed. The Inertial position is shown as 4.01 nm different (from what?), and the GPS and RADIO positions different by 0.07nm and 0.03 nm respectively. The last line shows the Required Navigational Performance as 2.00 nm and the Actual Navigational Performance as 0.06 nm. The VOR DME at R6 shows PLR. Can someone explain the meanings of the items on this page and what is the meaning of 'update', particularly as applied to inertial reference position? Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Richard McDonald Woods

    Tokyo Finally!

    I shall not be purchasing Haneda at this price! What are they taking me for
  12. Richard McDonald Woods

    P3d4 on system ssd only, anyone have that

    I have a 1TB SSD with a C:\ partition of 194GB and D:\ partition of 758GB. Everything on D: except Win10. All OK. HTH
  13. Richard McDonald Woods

    FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    I am already spending too much time as a flight simulator maintenance technician. I am happy for LM to make their own code changes as they see fit to give their customers the best experiences possible. I do not want to understand all of the techniques employed in flight simulation, just to try to learn to fly as well as I can.
  14. Richard McDonald Woods

    RNAV approaches

    Gentlemen, I have eagerly read each of your contributions.Many thanks. I originally posted this topic in the General Forum because I didn't realise that there are variances between aircraft. Now I know better! I have now flown my B77W into YMML rwy34 successfully using RNVZ34. Again, many thanks.
  15. Richard McDonald Woods

    Fly Tampa Boston release "should be this weekend"

    Great news! I shall be ordering it as soon as it is available. I feel that it is time to forget the small markets remaining for FS9, FSX and P3Dv3 products. I would like concentration on XPlane 11 and P3Dv4 from now on.