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  1. Richard McDonald Woods

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    Perhaps we shall get an updated B777 with EFB sometime?
  2. Richard McDonald Woods

    Objective of UGCX

    A ground crew?šŸ˜„
  3. Richard McDonald Woods

    Objective of UGCX

    Hi Bryan, Will there be any functions available for the PMDG B748?
  4. Richard McDonald Woods

    FS Aviation Academy

    The FS Aviation Academy will provide a wide base of aviation learning to the flight simulation community. Starting with the provision of a flying ground school for private pilots, there are already plans to extend this to other aspects of aviation training. Initially, we are looking for a system administrator who will take responsibility for software setup, site design and functions, student administration, file backup and recovery, and integration into a multi-national development community. No programming expertise will be required. An interest in flight simulation and in developing a deeper interest in aviation knowledge in others is key, although prior experience in teaching a technical subject is not required. If you might be interested in being involved in this exciting area of our hobby, then please contact me with details of your flight simulator experience and interests. Looking forward to hearing from you,šŸ˜ƒ
  5. Richard McDonald Woods

    777X new boeing plane

    You can see my long haul tutorial and many short haul flights in North America on my YouTube channel.šŸ˜‰ Always happy for feedback, particularly on each video.
  6. Richard McDonald Woods

    Start ChasePlane without needing it to require focus?

    Hi Keven, I only have the 777-300ER at present.
  7. Hi Keven, Whenever I start my PMDG 777-300ER under Windows 10, ChasePlane starts automatically. But until I give it focus, it remains in the Windows tray blinking orange. This seems to be a nuisance activity. Is there a way to get ChasePlane to start without needing it to receive focus?
  8. Richard McDonald Woods


    I feel that in the near future, products like PMDG and FS2Crew may significantly change their functions and interfaces. I shall await their delivery before making any further changes to my cockpit. HTH
  9. Richard McDonald Woods

    3 Days Off - Flying Anywhere Interesting?

    Hi Mark, Whilst waiting for all of the goodies to be delivered this autumn, I decided to install the Orbx NA freeware airports package. I wanted to experience the level of detail included with the airports. Having only the PMDG 777 to pilot, I plotted flights between each freeware airport that has at least 7000 feet of runway and are a suitable flying distance apart. I have been very impressed by the detail that is contained in these airports and gained a lot of knowledge of NA geography whilst flying. I follow the geography using an atlas and also look up the places overflown in Wikipedia. I created videos of most of the arrivals and departures and uploaded them to YouTube (see the link below my signature). I hope this may give you ideas, Regards, Richard
  10. Richard McDonald Woods

    Shipping movements live in P3Dv4

    Hello Oliver, I fully understand your concerns re pricing. Shame. I had thought that, as ships move so relatively slowly, they could easily be depicted as static objects as you overfly them. But the pricing is really a show stopper. Thanks for your thoughts. Regards, R
  11. Richard McDonald Woods

    Shipping movements live in P3Dv4

    Hi Oliver, Would you be interested in developing as attached: Kind regards, Richard
  12. Richard McDonald Woods

    Shipping movements live in P3Dv4

    Hi Dave! I understand that the number of vessels worldwide is very great, but a pilot only needs to see those in his vicinity. And I am led to believe that ships don't move very fast (compared to aircraftšŸ˜‰) so update frequency shouldn't be much of a problem. I hope someone can develop such an app. Cheers, Richard
  13. Richard McDonald Woods

    Shipping movements live in P3Dv4

    Has anyone come across an app that would show all live ship positions in P3Dv4? I currently use the AI-based shipping app available from the Avsim library. It would be much more realistic if an app could use the available ship AIS data to inject all ships into P3Dv4.šŸ˜‰
  14. Richard McDonald Woods

    How long before the 747-8 is released?

    Sad that we get so many negative posts. I am sure that PMDG are working their buts off to get these developments to us as soon as they are able. They will also want to keep the $ flowing in. Come on guys. We are soon to be able to enter a whole new world of exciting new facilities.
  15. Richard McDonald Woods

    Recommended Settings P3DV4.3

    Hi! You might start by looking for 'prepar3dv4 settings' on Youtube. Q8Pilot has a video of his recommendations. I hope this helps. Cheers, Richard