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  1. Richard McDonald Woods

    Airline assumed temperature v derated thrust takeoff usage

    Many thanks for your thoughts so far. I have a feeling that BA used not to use any form of thrust reduction on their original B747s, but I have no evidence for this. Currently, I do not use any thrust reduction either, but I would like to know what are current practices amongst the main widebody airlines if anyone has knowledge.
  2. Which airlines normally propose assumed temperature takeoffs, or derated takeoffs or forbid their use? How do they decide?😃
  3. Richard McDonald Woods

    Apron Z @ EGSS- L8 in the afternoon, notice anything NEW?

    You are a teaser, Carl! But it is looking so good.
  4. Richard McDonald Woods


    How about buildings and cockpits having hard surfaces so that they can't be 'penetrated'?
  5. Richard McDonald Woods

    B77W pilot looking for an additional aircraft to purchase

    Hi John, At present, as I originally explained, I am waiting to decide which will be my next aircraft purchase. This comes down to the B748, or the longer wait for an equivalently updated B777, or even start to learn something as different as a KA 350i. I was intrigued to see how the regional airport sceneries stack up. So far, I am very impressed! Perhaps I will eventually visit them in a 350i.😃
  6. Richard McDonald Woods

    Difficult to slow her down during descent !

    I have been amazed at how my descents/approaches have improved into many airports with practice. All of the above posts are most valuable, but in the end, you must just keep practising😉
  7. Richard McDonald Woods

    B77W pilot looking for an additional aircraft to purchase

    John, Many congratulations🤸‍♂️
  8. Richard McDonald Woods

    Difficult to slow her down during descent !

    As I learn more and more I find that having accurate descent winds, using the calculated TOD and careful deployment of flaps and associated speeds gives me accurate descents. Practice makes perfect❗ The easiest way to get the descent and approach wrong is to not fully concentrate on instruments, not thinking ahead and looking out of the window. Get things wrong at any stage and problems soon mount up. HTH
  9. Ideally, I would like to add either an updated B777-300ER or a B789, but I don't know how long I will have to wait. In the meantime, I may have to look at a B748 or a Milviz KingAir 350i, when available. Any thoughts on my options❓
  10. Richard McDonald Woods

    Aivlasoft EFBv2 or Navigraph Ultimate

    Hi Simon, It will depend on which aircraft you will use. If I am correct, PMDG commercial aircraft will successively introduce EFBs integrated into their flight decks. If you choose not to wait or you fly other airframes, then EFB 2 may be an excellent choice for you. HTH
  11. Richard McDonald Woods

    Much better performance in P3D V4.3

    I am fed up with hearing unsubstantiated statements about FPS.🤔 Clearly, LM have spent their resources on creating v4.3 for a variety of reasons. These may be: including changes required by dependent vendors to enable/improve their own existing/new functions preparing new/changed functions in preparation for the next P3D release and enabling us to approve/criticise them testing users attitudes to potential new functions for the future. It is certainly not an attempt by LM to purposely degrade any existing P3Dv4 functions. We can but wait and see, and in the meantime enjoy what we already have😃
  12. Richard McDonald Woods

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 coming soon

    PMDG will gradually be rolling out their EFB to their B748, B777 and B737 giving 3D access to Navigraph charts, among other things. So I envisage that shutting off an aivlasoft EFB market segment.
  13. Richard McDonald Woods

    [12MAY18] First Cockpit Video Preview of the PMDG 747-8

    The PMDG implementation will be much the same as its real-world equivalent.😃
  14. Richard McDonald Woods

    Cape Town (FACT) finally getting some FSDG love

    I am very happy with the NMG FACT scenery, but then it is not one of my regular destinations.😉
  15. Richard McDonald Woods

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    I am quite prepared to wait for the product announcement and some early feedback before making my purchase decision (although my faith in PMDG makes my purchase highly likely). Until then I shall remain interested in any information that PMDG may provide and in potential customers' comments about likely functions. I am certainly not going to make rash decisions before its announcement.