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  1. Hi @g-ciao are you talking about the turbo-mod or the normally aspirated improvement project? If the normally aspirated improvement project we're always interested to hear from real pilots as to the feel of our changes. What mod version are you running?
  2. I've just discovered LittleNavMap has a metar available when clicking on each airport. 🙂
  3. Not sure the budget can stretch to another subscription sadly. I suppose I need to look at weather in the flight planning stage rather than enroute. I currently use the windy app (https://www.windy.com/?50.371,-4.143,5) which is good for getting an idea on winds and clouds etc. Does anyone know of other weather apps that are good globally?
  4. Hi All I have recently got a subscription to Navigraph and it has really transformed my flight planning and all round understanding of flight procedures on my flights. I feel that at the moment though I have a missing link in that I plan my flights with no detailed information as to the weather conditions I will encounter. (Even though all we get is 225 @ 3 with real world weather!) The most I'm doing is using the excellent Windy App which I know is very accurate to get a feel for the weather. But I know I should be thinking about winds, clouds, icing etc. I'm flying the Bonanza mostly at the moment. From a flight planning stand point what do the rest of you do? Also, when looking at alternate fields what sort of distance is recommended in the real world? Many thanks Matt
  5. I've just bought a subscription to Navigraph, which is mostly for IFR but the team are developing VFR maps. The moving map on the tablet with approach charts has made a massive difference to my flying. I also have Plan-G (Beta) and Little Nav Map which are good for VFR planning. Until there is a catch all I think we are going to need to move between tools.
  6. Hopefully we'll catch up at some point, somewhere 🙂 My outline plan at the moment is to stream/video: With the Diamond DA-60 - Tail number N628DC (real world reg) Plan on weights/balance for two people aboard Use real weather, online, but with sim-times that match how I'm feeling. For example when I eventually make it to the other side of world to the UK I'm not continually flying in darkness. Fly in hops of around 70nm to 900nm in length (ish) Plan the flights using Navigraph charts, Bing/Google maps, and reference materials (https://flightloc.com/map) about places to make it interesting I won't be getting too hung up about flying the shortest route, I want to experience the world! So not only West going but a lot of detours to intereting places. 🙂
  7. Thanks @Chock! Not had much experience at all. Not flight related but this was my first video I edited and put together. Thanks for the info, will have a read.
  8. Great! Thanks for the links and info for ShadowPlay, i'll have a look! It would be great to fly with people online; I've watched a few videos and I think it would be great fun! Once I get my head around sorting video recording (and ensuring I don't kill my laptop) I'll give you a shout when I'm planning on starting out!
  9. Hi All. Slightly off topic but bear with me. I'm planning on (probably along with a lot of people) having a bimble around the World; this sim has inspired me to experience the world in all it's glory. My wife suggested that I should Youtube it but I'm not sure what the your thoughts are? I realise that watching a full 2hr flight might not be the most exciting thing to watch in the world and thinking that either a Youtube video with highlights from the leg or a blog with pictures might be the best? If I go the Youtube route, what capture software do people recommend? I'm planning on flying the Diamond DA-60 on mostly VFR flights from 70nm to longer depending on geographic limitiations. I'll be flying using real weather but setting the time myself to suit what I feel like flying. My departure airport is going to be from the Diamond factory in London, Ontario. The other slightly closer on topic is are there any people who might like to join me? It would be great to fly with other people!
  10. I can attest to this happening across the whole fleet. It's happened to me in the Bonanza loads; mostly when I'm trying to crawl my way to altitude and only just being able to keep a 300ft per minute climb! 😉
  11. I'm not sure if it was me but I used the live pause on a flight with the Bonanza the other day and I'm sure that on un-pausing my airspeed had bled off and the plane stalled. The autopilot was in a 200ft climb with heading hold enabled. I've also had a problem on both types of pause whereby the autopilot adds full up pitch trim and causes all sorts of issues; could be related to above. The only answer is to disengage the autpilot, fight the stall, trim back down, and wait for it to 'get a grip' 🙂
  12. You definately need some beefy hardware to run it at Ultra but I'm runnning it on medium on a £700 laptop with an acceptable frame rate. 🙂 My Specs: Lenovo Ideapad 330 Intel Core i7-8750H @ 2.21GHz 20GB of ram (most the laptop wil take) Nvidia GTX 1050 (4GB) Get's pretty hot after a couple hour flight up the US West Coast. About to purchase a laptop cooling mat to try and help that. 🙂
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