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  1. This is quite a common thing unfortunately, it's referred to often as a 'long frame' where the simulator appears to crash but is actually functioning.. It's most frustrating when it happens on short final. I don't know the cause, I had always assumed it was to do with how P3D handles the caching / loading of scenery. Not a lot that can be done about it I am afraid other than remove all scenery from the sim or wait for the problem to be tackled by LM (assuming that's where the problem lies). Apologies that's not much help, but you're not the only one, this happens to me a lot too, I just 'ignore' it the best I can.
  2. craig_read

    External Power can't be removed

    Just in case anyone else ever has this problem, a fix for it if you're in a flight is to go to your FMC aircraft options, and set connections from animated to instant.. that disconnects the power if it's stuck in the 'disconnecting' state. Thanks
  3. craig_read


    Pretty sure this isn't a fault, but I got this message on departure from ZBAA RWY 01 (essentially replicating CA981). I wasn't on the incorrect runway, and I've been doing some reading, occasionally this error is generated in error (bit of mouthful) in the real aircraft. The feature is a safety feature to ensure line-up happens on the intended runway for departure, but GPS datums are perhaps 'not as good' in some parts of China, and I've read a number of posts from real world pilots that have noticed this and consequently inhibit GPS for departures. Is this happening because Navigraph is using real data and the GPS is incorrect in that data? Or is it something simpler. Cheers
  4. craig_read

    PMDG Operations Center and Adobe Reader

    I had this problem... the PMDG Operations centre attempts to open the PDF when you click on it.. and an instance of Adobe Reader starts.. but the PDF doesn't actually open, however the instance remains running... so even if you close the Operations Centre and attempt to load manually it just opens another 'silent' instance.. If you check task manager after clicking on a PDF in the Operations Centre.. and shut down the Adobe Reader process it has kicked off, then attempt to load manually it'll work fine.. I raised this as a ticket some time ago, it was acknowledged by Ryan as an issue, and the response was that there are a number of improvements they want to make to the Operations Centre and this was one item on that list.. initially they thought it was a problem with my file associations.. but it wasn't... (because Foxit worked, but Adobe didn't) Ryan agreed that the operations centre "view inside the OC" feature wasn't working properly, and they should probably just remove it. Weirdly if you use 'Foxit' rather than Adobe, everything works fine... In short.. check your task manager.. I bet Adobe is running.. end the task and start from the directory and you'll be fine.. or use Foxit instead and it'll work fine.. or.. wait for the next instance of the OC (hopefully not too long around the corner now). Cheers
  5. craig_read

    Autothrottle OFF Alert Question

    Yeah I thought there might be differences, I guess the Boeing procedure for arming during pre-flight makes sense.. most of the time I imagine it's just left on. A lot of real flight deck videos (in fact nearly all) I have seen have the Autothrottle switch set in the ARM position, event at the gate/ramp during loading. That part must be company SOP based I guess, what makes me suspect this is this company checklist which has autothrottle armed at line-up. The FCOM at no point in normal procedures actually sets the Autothrottle to OFF either as far as I could tell... Anyway just so long as my mode of operation is not 'incorrect' I am content! It would seem the autothrottle selection used by his company is a bit unusual. But on the subject of the audible alert.. for Autothrottle to OFF while taxiing to the gate, the pilot here is specific in saying this doesn't happen in the real aircraft.. I guess the question is.. do we know if this is a configurable item and therefore is probably correct for his company's 747's.. or is it an oversight? I don't know the answer so I was just asking the question, I didn't consider it a 'support' item as I don't know whether or not this is an error... I appreciate regardless you'll see the EICAS message.. it's the audible that I was querying.. Cheers
  6. Hi, I was watching a video of a real 747-400 pilot flying the PMDG QOTSII and he made a comment re the audible alert of the Autothrottle being turned to OFF.. Ref: @ at 50:50 ish... "and that autothrottle alert, doesn't actually happen.. in real life." My question is.. is he correct for all 744's.. should it be audible if disarmed during taxi? Or is it a company option thing? Also.. I noticed on startup he has Autothrottle OFF and switches it to ARM during taxi to the runway.. in most of my flights it's in the ARM position all the time.. even when shutdown at the gate.. again is this simply a 'company procedure' thing? Cheers Craig
  7. I love it when these year old posts are resurrected :) I noticed the fuel density and temperature when trying to bring the tanks in a hot part of the world.. wondering why on earth I couldn't cram anymore in when the tank capacity wasn't yet exceeded.. then of course it was pointed out to me why this was happening.. The lighting model and the curved displays for me really add some depth and realism too.. many other things that I could go on to talk about. Cheers Craig
  8. craig_read

    Virtual Reality in P3D with PMDG Machines

    Has anyone tried the Pimax 4k VR headset? This boasts much better resolution than HTC or Oculus so in theory should give you a better view of instruments when flying? Cheers
  9. Hi, Appreciate this is slightly off topic, but I'm currently putting together my personal xmas list.. and I am consdering moving from my current setup to a triple monitor solution. Information you might find useful: Haswell i7 running at around 4.2GHz 24GB RAM Windows 10 Pro 1080TI The current screens I have are a 1080p 42" TV.. and a 22" wide (I think) LG LCD.. the LG is quite old.. I'm just wondering what setups people have got and if they have any recommendations.. I generally fly PMDG, FSLabs and Majestic A/C... rarely.. GA these days.. Some have suggested I get an ultra wide screen.... others have said get 3 28" screens 1440p.. others say just get a new 4k 42" panel.. (TV) Thoughts and opinions welcome. What about... a single curved ultra wide?... perhaps with 2 standard wides either side? Regards Craig Read
  10. Personally I had a lot of OOMs with P3D v3.4, I do have many addon airports and a lot of orbx scenery though so it's no wonder really, but I do like the rich look and feel that all gives to the experience. As for porting over, I've not found it particularly difficult, most addons worked in P3Dv4 within a few weeks, airliners took a bit longer but I had a decent hanger in a month or two of release, essentially I am now right back where I was on P3D v3.4 with all my addon aircraft installed and the majority of my scenery (I think bar about 4 airports). Once P3Dv4 came out I started a clean slate, and v4 was my only sim, didn't think it was worth muddying the waters running multiples, just a bit of patience needed. Cheers
  11. craig_read

    PMDG 777 Tutorial (Paid) Who'd be Interested?

    Thanks for the reply Alan, a lot of really useful information there.. Agreed the first one has some major faults with it, this one is much more thorough and more time has been spent proof reading. I've obtained permission from all relevant parties now so I'm good to go, will be looking at Amazon as a potential medium, then might speak to Avsim directly about what I can do with them and how that works. Thank you! Regards
  12. HI, I have been having this for some time, P3D V4 will pause, go to 'not responding' then come back again. It can be quite annoying particularly if you're on approach and it does it. I've not managed to limit it to a single aircraft either. The best way I can describe it, is it's as if FSUIPC is saving the flight.. the pause is for a few seconds, however FSUIPC is not set to do so and also it generates no saved flights. So I am not sure where to start really, apologies if this is already covered.. if so please point me to the threads.. Regards
  13. Hi, I've written rather an extensive tutorial about how to fly the PMDG 777 from EGLL to KSFO. It takes the simmer through all the stages of planning, fuel, weight, weather, alternate selections (ETOPS, on route), step climbs.. etc..... Setting up of the aircraft from a typical "Gate State", taxi.. takeoff.. climb.. cruise.. It's rather long, and I've obtained permission to include the images of the appropriate charts for the flight from Navigraph, and weather files from AS2016. It's written for P3DV4, but the tutorial is really about the plane, rather than the simulation platform.. so could be read across to other platforms that have the PMDG 777. I'm trying to gather interest for this, I wrote a tutorial many years ago for the PMDG 747 back in 2007 or so.. (can't remember when exactly).. from EGLL to KLAX, you should probably find it on AVSIM or knocking around the internet.. just search for "PMDG 747 Craig Read EGLL KLAX" and you should pick it up.. The 777 tutorial is a level of detail above this however.. I'm trying to gather interest for this, but this time I'd like to charge a modest fee for it. At the moment I'm thinking £5.99 per software copy. I'm really coming here to see if the community would be interested in this? Regards Craig Read
  14. craig_read

    EICAS message

    Any chance you could put the new panel states on a download somewhere so I can just pull them down and overrwrite just in case (I have done the update so I've either changed them myself or its something else)? I've had to remake my "LONG" panel state manually using the default cold and dark state, this appears so far to have fixed the problem. Thanks
  15. craig_read

    EICAS message

    I'm having a master caution show (no reason and I can't cancel it) on engine start using the LONG panel state. Trying using the default now and re-saving a LONG panel state. Regards