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  1. Ok... I'm really not making this up.. and I've searched and searched to find a solution... (it's not really sim related but I'm desperate for some help).. Windows 10, 64 bit... fully patched.. I've got a really weird issue with my 1080TI... basically.. I'm running 457.51 of the drivers... and it's fine... good as gold.. no problems whatsoever.. all systems normal. IF.. I update to any version after this... I get this very odd behaviour.. I start the computer (windows 10 64 fully patched as of today)... after a few seconds after logging in i.e. I have my desktop mouse.. etc... can see the screen.. wappaper.. etc.. the screens both blank to a solid colour.. and it's not just black... it's the most predominant colour being shown at the time of blanking.. and that's different for both screens.. SO.. if I have say.. a webpage mainly white.. on screen 1.. it blanks to white... if I have a blue page on my second screen.. it blanks to blue... Once this happens I can do nothing... CTRL+ALT+DEL.. nothing... zero... I have no option other than to hard reset.. and restart Windows.... I do this... the problem returns... it's about 10 - 15 seconds.. First, I figured.. ok corrupt drivers... so.. I did a clean uninstall of nvidia drivers... using the DDU tooling in safe mode (I had to be quick to get it to boot into safe mode before it blanked).. once all off.. I rebooted into windows.. no display drivers.. then re-installed the latest from nvidia.. the problem returned. Secondly... I installed my old driver.. and then let GeForce Experience do the update and installed over... the problem returns... I have just repeated the first thing, full removal using DDU tool.. but installed 457.51 drivers... and I'm using it now... it's good as gold... I mean.. I am at a loss here has anyone seen anything like this before? Has MS pushed something that breaks older driver revisions? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Craig
  2. I'm seeing exactly the same thing... it's only after long operational time.. I've only got P3Dv5 (latest version as of 06/12/20) installed. I'm using an Nvidia (latest drivers) 1080Ti on my system. Like you I tried changing graphics settings etc, no change, even if you reduce everything to practically zero, performance goes up as you'd expect but every second (ish) I get a slight pause... sound doesn't stop... it's happened with two totally unrelated aircraft addons and at different locations now.. Is anyone else seeing this too? Thanks Craig
  3. I saw your post on PMDG forum, I don't participate much (well... at all now actually) there anymore for reasons I'll keep to myself. I was actually invited in as a beta tester for PMDG's MD-11 way back when (seems so long ago now). I just couldn't really give them the time through studying and social life so mailed RSR telling him to drop me and I'd pay for it due to 'low contribution' to bug reports, he was pretty good about it actually and sent me a free copy regardless. I guess what I'm saying is he's a pretty decent chap overall, if he says he's (or his team are) trying, he / they probably are. But I guess it comes down to 'priorities' unfortunately. Anyway.. unfortunately I think you might well be out of luck here. Once something goes 'out of support' it's kind of up to you to ensure you can still run it even if their infrastructure etc. is no longer present. This isn't that much different even in the corporate multi-national world either. In the case of the MD-11, the only way would probably be to have taken a HD image once installed for backup purposes, perhaps have a look around to find out if you have one? This would probably mean you could simply restore the image and be on your way, you could even re-image onto newer hardware and you could even, clean up the sim how you like, update the OS and re-image again.... lots of options.... For many years I used to do this with my FS setup, in the 'old days', because I got sick of having to re-install things.. I'd make a clean build, image it and restore when I had trouble. With P3D of course addon xml makes it easier to handle so data can sit on drives, you copy over the addon.xml and boom.. you're away.. it's really fiddly though and takes effort to get it sorted and working properly (probably waste of effort now with MSFS 2020 coming along though). It's probably unreasonable to give a software house a hard time to support entertainment code 12 years after creation, it's up to you but if it were me I'd take a more 'accommodating' approach than a 'guns blazing' one, might work out better for you. I can't remember when they did it, but they did state publicly that they would 'end of life' the MD-11, although not stating it explicitly this does imply owners would have needed to take the 'necessary steps' then to safeguard their use of it. Not a lot different to any other 'end of life' software really. I hope you get a good outcome, but anything they do is good will only at this stage and I think you might just have to accept that I'm afraid. Generally, these things are only handled if you have a 'proper' 'support contract' with the vendor; something relatively large multi-nationals like RedHat / Microsoft / Oracle would probably do but not (and I say this with respect, but it is true) a (self professed) 'hobbiest sim business', often saying they are 'simply simmers too'... Word of warning, they have already mentioned deprecating FSX and P3Dv3 software, so it might well be worth making yourself 'unsupport' proof there in the coming months, I suspect you still have a lot of time though so don't panic! But it means no updates, etc... https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/2624-23feb19-weekend-update-the-future-of-fsx-and-p3d-v3-development-and-technical-support-also-some-pbr-update-information Although this isn't the same as ceasing support altogether, but it should be a consideration given your MD-11 experience, perhaps bag a copy of Acronis? It's not the expensive... you could then install P3Dv3 or FSX with PMDG aircraft and image it to keep it safe.. for allll time... Many vendors are also doing this now, and I don't blame them to be fair, too many sims to look after just causes headaches. Don't give up, but I think the image option is probably the most likely to bear fruit for you... Cheers Craig
  4. I just clicked on "verify files" in orbx and the system appears to be running... it might work for you?
  5. I just clicked on "verify files" in orbx and the system appears to be running... it might work for you?
  6. I just clicked on "verify files" in Orbx and the system appears to be running...
  7. Hi, I've transferred from the normal installation to the Orbx based install. Immersion manager fails to start and I get the following error reported in the log; "Could not load file or assembly 'Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified." Any thoughts?
  8. I'll be keeping these monitors for years (the BenQ PD3200Us).. probably 5 to 10. For example the HD 42" TV I use now for, 7 years... and the small 22" L226WTQ-SF monitor, which I've had for over 10 years.... I guess what I'm saying is these things need to last.. quality and capability wise.... "it won't do 4k well at the moment and your PC can't drive it" are almost mute points, because in 5 years I'll probably be on PC3.. and next year I plan on upgrading this machine.. probably to a 3080TI based system... What I'm really after is, views on the panel.. I guess the main question is what will I be doing with them? Flight simulation; mostly P3D and usually airliners. Office; Standard Applications. Internet Browsing; Watching Subscription Services; Strategy Games; primarily something I do rather than first person shooters, although I do dabble in these from time to time. "Programming" the different screens come in handy. Retro Gaming; I plug in an Amiga 1200 (yes you heard me right, a computer from the 1980's) and play that. RPis; I use RPis on the same screens, (one of the appeals of these monitors is their KVM) I've watched many videos, I'm fairly convinced IPS is the way to go... 4k for future proofing... I am after opinions and views.. mainly if someone things I'm about to make some catastrophic error of judgement.. I'm reaching out here mainly because you're all like minded and there might be others that have similar setups.. Thanks in advance... Craig
  9. I appreciate the point of view.. Before I respond to it, if I am being honest what you said here is probably something I myself said 2 years ago, so I completely understand where you're coming from, determinism.. etc... Also AI is banded around to cover highly deterministic systems based on rules... such as computer game AI.... and in the FS world... aircraft AI... this of course isn't AI at all, highly diluting the topic and a reason why many dismiss it quickly.. In my humble opinion it is unwise to dismiss the research and development into AI systems where the end goal of AGI. AI will, in a shorter time than you think be able to very effectively program itself, improve itself, better itself, in exactly the same way you do biologically with neuron pathways... but with one major difference, a computer unconstrained by biology will be able to do this several million times faster than you ever could.. biological systems such as us are restricted in the passing of data to around 110m/s, sounds fast but is practically stationary compared to data 'speed' in a machine and hence the ability to process at pace. At the end of the day we're all subject to physics, if you are capable of reasoning, self-learning and self-enhancement... I see no reason why an AI (read AGI) system couldn't exist that could do the same.. It's fascinating.. there are some really good papers and talks on the subject I'd recommend you check out... I'd just respectfully caution you with that stance on this.. I won't mention this anymore in fear of boring people too much!
  10. I think you'd be shocked if you knew what Azure and AI engines are capable of these days in all seriousness, I certainly was. I have been lucky enough to see some of the new Azure AI and Machine Learning systems developed by MS and I was.. frankly.. amazed.. If you think generally about 'AI' these days and do some reading around the topic it will shock and in all likelihood terrify you. We've already gone from machines that are pre-programmed and can beat grand masters at chess and go most of the time.. to single AI engines that you just tell it the rules to a game (meaning it can play anything) and within hours it beats grand masters pretty much all the time i.e. at super human level... That in itself is a massive leap. Some think we're probably 20 years away from AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that's capable of reasoning and operating at 'human level'... we should all let that one sink in because it has quite profound implications.. because the next step is ASI... or Artificial Super Intelligence (totally off topic but it gives context)... and that's where it gets... exciting and terrifying at the same time.. and that could be quick... anyway.. massively off topic!! If you extrapolate that development pace.. to something like this.. I think you'll see an AI that only gets better.. and better.. and better.. at procedural generation of landscapes and regions.... I guess in a round about way.. I am saying be careful to underestimate the power of this technology.. I think this kind of thing is easily achievable personally based on what I've seen... This was meant to prompt thought, not be a 'contradiction' post... Thanks
  11. Interesting perspective and I am inclined to agree with most of this. Interesting second point too, the only addition I would add to that is that MSFS 2020 will be 'properly' multi-core in its implementation (at least that's what's been implied to date) so it may be the case that this 'better' use of multi-core CPUs offers some respite to any performance loss in the emulation of legacy products. But like you I am excited, looking at the images, if they're as good as they seem I personally don't see a reason for me to buy regions again, I'm normally an IFR flyer in my simulator so this, if its accurate, is more than enough for my purposes. I have made the decision that from this point forward I will be buying no new addons for P3D or X-Plane until this is released and we really understand what it means for the community.
  12. Hi, Some parking positions when I am in the PMDG 747-400 appear to be too far forward when I am warped into position, the left inboard engine is interfering with the Jetway and the nose wheel is actually away from the line marker '3'... I can do a short push (shift P) to get into the right position.. is this intentional? I am at E5 now.. I'm too far forward. E7 is the same, E8 seems ok nose wheel on position 8, same with E9.. I haven't gone further with checking them all.. it's not a biggie.. I can just push back a bit.. but I think a couple of positions might have slipped through the cracks, easy done.. I've tried to do something similar with my airports, it takes forever and is hard to get right all the time! Glad you're back doing videos... EDIT: Just reading your sticky are these just examples of where the tweaks have limitations? 🙂 EDIT 2: Yep.. just looked at the sheet.. E5 is optimised for the 787-8 not the 747-400, as is E7 for the 777-200... where as E8 is for the 747-400.. I think this explains it! Please disregard.. Thanks Craig
  13. This has happened to me before as well, bit of laziness on my part properly configuring the aircraft for parking I think, and of course that previously I'm so used to just shutting the sim down and starting a new flight with a fully serviced 747 every flight. For giggles, try flying multiple routes using the turn around feature and not 'turning off the sim' i.e. just using the turn around feature.. and don't conduct any maintenance.. after a few successive long hauls you'll see low oil amber indications and all sorts.. 🙂 I imagine aircraft maintenance (status, fluid levels, oxygen levels, etc) will become something we need to pay careful attention to with Global Flight Ops, and we'll also need to be careful how we leave jets for the next 'crew' as well, a totally new experience. I really like using the turnaround feature where I have time now, it's a nice touch.
  14. I just did exactly the same take off, same weather conditions via Activesky, same day, same weights, same fuel load, same take off performance calculations used. There was no overspeed indication, aircraft rolled up to EPR 1.72, I did this 3 times, I can't replicate what I saw the first time. So I just did another takeoff, choosing performance SEL (on purpose) of 28 to give me the highest possible EPR demand (1.74) with the exact same conditions, conducted the take off roll again, first time no indication, second time I got an overspeed indication. Watching more closely to see what's going on, I am swayed to it being outside temperature fluctuations in the weather. Sometimes outside temperature reads 1C or so lower, sometimes higher, and changes in the roll. My theory is, where the de-rate SEL calculation (using TOPCAT in my case) gave me a SEL temp close to OAT temp, it should probably be ignored and no de-rate used, this seems to be collaborated by doing 3 takeoffs with no de-rate that were uneventful. So it would seem that overspeed in this case could have been caused by deviations between 'reality' and what was programmed, specifically the low tolerance in this particular case caused a problem where as in most of my other takeoffs there was probably sufficient 'tolerance' for it to go undetected (that is at least my interpretation). EDIT: thanks for all contributions to the thread.
  15. Thanks for the reply Bert, assumed temperatures aside (this was useful by the way)... I guess my original question still stands, since I didn't advance the throttles to their commanded thrust position for the takeoff, it wasn't 'me' that put the engines into a commanded thrust that would exceed N1 limits, and my query was, can the autothrottle actually do that? or.. what condition will make the autothrottle do something like that? can I give it a commanded thrust that is way over limits and it'll simply set it? I could completely understand if I pushed the throttles too far and did this manually, but the autothrottle? I've not tried to replicate it yet, but I will hopefully have time later today. Thanks
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