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  1. Budbud

    Trackir and PMDG

    The cockpit!😁
  2. Budbud

    Automattically GPU Connect

    Hello Marcel, The options to get the GPU and air connected at arrival are in the Approach brief page 2. Have a look at page 30 of the main ops manual.
  3. Hi, It is a known issue with FSUIPC where the profile gets corrupted and though the flaps are retracted, they are still considered as deployed. Delete the FSUIPC profile and build a new one from scratch.
  4. Budbud

    Hardware issue

    Hello, What is the trim value when autopilot is engaged compared to the one when it is disconnected? Are you sure that your CG is within the limits? A strong nose up tendendy may be symptomatic of a CG that too aft.
  5. Budbud

    speedtape Question

    Maybe too heavy to fly at that altitude?
  6. Budbud

    777 Auto Step Climb

    A bit off topic, but IT support in companies usually does very well assume you don't know anything about computers when you call them for any issue even when you explain them what is the problem and that you just don't have the admin rights to fix it! 🤣
  7. Budbud

    Autothrottle on Landing

    In the 737, if you press the A/T quick disconnect button, the A/T is disarmed (A/T arm switch off), so you have to advance manually the thrust levers for a go around. In this configuration, pushing TOGA will only set the TOGA mode and the FD to command the go around but the A/T will no kick in.
  8. Even for separation they may rely on the aircraft air speed and the pilots, instructing them to maintain an IAS.
  9. Hello, ATC would give an ground speed, not an aispeed. Depending on the wind the different may get you out of the flight envelope.
  10. Budbud

    Assumed Temp. B747-8 GE nx-2867

    In absence of a performance takeoff calculator, we would need the FPPM, but I don't think it is available to public. 😉
  11. Budbud

    FAC in the PFD

    Hello, If the runway numbers are wrong, you can still use the ILS as long as you manually enter the frequency and course of the ILS from the map in P3D into the page RAD NAV of the FMS. Go to the map of P3D, check this data for the runway you want to land on and enter them manually in the CDU. That was what I guessed when I talked about frequency mismatch.
  12. Budbud

    Autothrottle on Landing

    It has been years since I have flown the NGX but if I recall well, the quick disconnect button also flips the A/T arm swith to off in which case, autothrottle would not be reactivated by pressing TOGA.
  13. Budbud

    Autothrottle on Landing

    TOGA button will still work and trigger the FMC to TOGA mode and the FD will command a climb. The only thing is that you will have to move the thrust levers forward on your own. You can perform a go-around without the autothrottle on (fortunately!)
  14. Hi, If you cannot rely or completely loose your speed indication, then you have to follow the QRH section that gives you the pitch and thrust to maintain for each step of the flight. In the QRH, in the chapter Performance Inflight, you are provided with the data for each aircraft model. Have a look page page 737&738 for the -300ER for instance. I wouldn't ask the speed the ATC since they would give you a ground speed and not an air speed. Depending on the winds, it may result in being way off the flight enveloppe.