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  1. Kyle, you cannot stop teasing us, can you! That suspense... you'd better watch your back when walking in the street, you may be abducted just to know what is coming! P.S.: If you tragically happened to be abducted for real, don't consider ma as a suspect.
  2. In the button version of Fs2crew, you have three keys/buttons to assign: One to open the main panel, another designed as main button and the last one designed as secondary button. The main button and secondary button are used to make actions. The secondary button is usually used for alternative options in the flows (like for landing, the main button is used to confirm the landing and the secondary button is used to trigger a go around). I would advise to dig into the SOP2 tutorial pdf (again) if you missed that info or if it was not clear to you.
  3. You need to define the key/joystick button you want to use as a secondary button by assigning a key/joystick button to PROPELLER SYNC (ON/OFF) in the sim controls. (see NGX reboot SOP 2 tutorial button pdf page 5).
  4. I have never used the SOP2 button version but I can see the following in the manual: +1 Minute: Boarding is complete. FA will ask you if she is clear to close the cockpit door. Press the SECONDARY BUTTON to acknowledge. I cannot test it now as I don't have the aircraft installed but I can only assume that cockpit door means actually the 1L door. So you need to press the secondary button to get the door closed. As for the no stairs, you have an option to select in the config-misc(2) page of the secondary panel "Use airstairs at stand: NO/YES". Is it on YES?
  5. Hi, The question was already asked in two threads: There is no plan for now. Bryan is already busy with other projects (Fs2crew QOTS II and UGCX to name some).
  6. If I recall well (but I don't have the FCOM at hand and didn't fly the NGX for a long time), the FMC should change to descent mode when you set a lower altitude on the MCP and press the alt intv button only when at a certain distance of the calculated TOD (maybe 150nm). Otherwise it should interprete it as a change of flight and just go to cruise descent mode until reaching the new flight level and revert automatically to cruise mode. But I fly much more the 744 and the 777 which for sure work that way. Do you remember at which distance from the calculated TOD you were when you initiated the descent to the lower flight level?
  7. Can you please describe how you initiated the 1000ft descent for your change of level what was displayed on the FMA before and after the change?
  8. Hi, Just enter again you cruise level in the CRZ page of the CDU and the FMC will revert to cruise mode. And by the way, forum rules require to put your full names in all your posts.
  9. Ok. FS2crew controls only the 1L cabin door and the cargo doors. Would you possibly start the scenario with a door other than these doors opened that would not be controlled by FS2crew? Regarding the jetway, FS2crew controls only the jetways that work with the default FSX control key. If a jetway of a 3rd party scenery works on another principle (like SODE) then FS2crew won't be able to control it.
  10. Hi, Just for clarity, when you start FS2Crew, what is the state of the doors and jetway? Are closed / away and then FS2crew opens the doors and move the jetways, or are already opened/connected?
  11. Hi "Jaccorn", You have dug up a 4-year old thread. Was it intentional? By the way, full names are required on this forum as per rules.
  12. Hi, As your request is made towards PMDG staff I would advise you submit a ticket directly to the support. The forum is merely a user-to-user support. However it is nice of you also to post it here as it may help some other users of FSPassengers to understand the reasons for some penalties if they need. Support here: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/ Be aware that you need a different account that the one used for purchasing.
  13. Hi, Have you check in the CDU>MENU>PMDG SETUP>OPTIONS>KEY COMMAND>MISC whether you have a key assignement for APU START/STOP? A possibility would be that if you have a double assigned key that you press for another function that also triggers the APU start? There is no APU autostart installed on the 747 as far as I know.
  14. Hello Jan, For reactivation issues the best is to submit a ticket to the support here: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/ For info, if you haven't yet, you will need to register there (the account used on the support is different than the one on the store site).