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  1. Budbud

    Ap will not engage

    Also keep in mind to sign all your posts with your full names or they will be deleted as per forum rules.
  2. Budbud

    Ap will not engage

    This is a known issue/limitation of the sim. You cannot reload a complex addon like the NGX on top of itself or another one. Once you have loaded a flight with a complex addon, you have no other choice than restart the sim if you want to restart your flight. What you see is the consequence of load a complex addon on top of another one in the same sim session. This is the manual trim wheel but the normal way to trim the aircraft is to use the trim buttons on the yoke. In the sim you can assign the normal trim up/trim down command to two buttons of your yoke/joystick Well flying manually over long durations can be tedious but if you don't even know how to trim the aircraft it becomes a real ordeal! 😉 .
  3. Budbud

    Ap will not engage

    MCP is the autopilot control panel (Mode Control Panel if I recall well).
  4. Budbud

    Ap will not engage

    By the way, you can perfectly fly ILS approaches and land manually. You may mean you cannot perform autoland? ILS approach and autoland are two different things.
  5. Budbud

    Ap will not engage

    Hi, I didn't go through the other topics to guess what you have tried so far but here is a couple of questions: What is the configuration of the MCP and FDs when you try to engage the AP? What is the panel state when you load the aircraft? I guess it means you were able to engage the AP before you installed GSX? I don't how this could be related but have you tried disabling/uninstalling GSX? Also a picture of the MCP, upper overhead and main panel (PFD/ND/Upper EICAS) could help spotting something if it were to be a configuration issue. If all the other buttons work, I would be surprise that it is an issue with the aircraft. Without knowing anything about your knowledge and experience with the aircraft, I would suspect a possible mistake or misconfiguration. For a moment, I also thought of maybe the aircraft would be out of trim or your joystick not at neutral position but it would trigger the autopilot warning with aural alert. On a side note, please be informed that PMDG requires all the posts to be signed with full names (first and last) in their forum rules.
  6. Don't remember of Doctor Who but H2G2: guide to the Galaxy. 😉
  7. Budbud

    Windshield rain effect

    Could be because they are waiting for the feedbacks from the beta testers and then from the simmers after release to be sure that everything works fine since it is a new technology for PMDG as well. Difficult to tell how long it takes to port that new effect to other addons until you don't put the finishing touches to it.
  8. Budbud

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    Lockheed created confusion writting it Prepar3D and not Prepared while it is supposed to be pronounced Prepared. Difficult to blame someone who has always read the name and never heard it out loud for pronouncing Prepare 3D...
  9. Budbud

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    No, just uninstalled and installed the new client, content and scenery exe of P3D. And off course updated ASP4, FSL320 and FTX central. That's all. I didn't touch any scenery or other addons.
  10. Budbud

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    I have updated to P3D v4.3. So far, no issue with PMDG 744 and 777 (77L & 77W). No issue either with FS2crew, RAAS, chaseplane, ASP4 (Beta for 4.3), FTX, GSX, and various sceneries from FSdreamteam, Flightbeam, Flytampa, T2G, LatinVFR... Not relevant to PMDG but no issue either with the FSL320 updated, and QW787. It runs smoother than 4.2, especially regarding the dynamic lighting. So far, so good.
  11. Budbud

    RAAS for P3D V4 (64 Bit) Released!

    Just completed two flights with 4.3 (one with the FSL 320 and one with QW 789) and no issue so far. No error messages, correct rwy announcements... So far so good.
  12. Budbud

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    Thanks Chris for the good news!
  13. Budbud

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    Another developer has already confirmed that their product is not compatible as is with P3d 4.3 and requires an update. What about PMDG's? Has someone already tried them?
  14. Budbud

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    Prepar3d 4.2 works flawless here but I'll wait to see feedbacks from the 4.3 from developers and simmers before updating as well.