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  1. I figured out it was the same thing. Makes every flights different. 😃
  2. Hi guys, Just started to fly the 747-8... speechless. Congrats for rising the bar even higher! And by the way, love it: https://imgur.com/7a7XMfA
  3. Budbud

    Step Descent

    Yes the T7 FMC accepts both the E/ and the ECON/. The one on the 747 doesn't, only the ECON/.
  4. Budbud

    Entering NAT TRACK Points in RTA Progress Page

    I guess the idea here is to set an RTA up to say 6120N then a constant speed segment after that waypoint. As we all know, the NAT are normally flown at constant Mach number hence the constant speed segment from the entry point to the exit point. But the ATC may also give a "cross not before XXXXZ". I know I use constant speed segment often when crossing the Pond but I seldom use the RTA function and I don't recall having attempted to use both at the same time. In any case, if both function cannot be programmed at once on different segments, then you have to set the constant speed segment once you have passed the waypoint for which you set the RTA.
  5. Budbud


    Hi Yang Yang Nan, If you want people to help you, there are much better ways to ask rather than yelling in a forum. A "Hello", "please", "can you help", "thanks" would be appreciated. Despite I can understand your frustration, a such aggressive post will not make people want to help you as you can guess from the answers already received. Also, please have a look at the forum rules, it is especially necessary in your case... Now to be a bit more constructive, when you loaded the aircraft the first time, were prompted to enter the licence key? If not, check that Flexnet in the Windows services is set to automatic.
  6. Budbud

    Plane shaking

    Hi, The proper way is to have a default aircraft appearing in the scenario setup screen when you launch P3D, then switch to the 747 in the scenario setup screen before launching a flight. No need to launch the flight with the default aircraft first. You just need to ensure that when starting P3D, the aircraft by default is a stock aircraft.
  7. Budbud

    Plane shaking

    Hi, Do you use Chaseplane or EZDOK? If it is the case try reducing or even disabling the dynamic effects to see if the problem stops.
  8. Budbud

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    You may be well right I have checked. I just typed "787" in the search. But it would then be an indication how useless it may be to start another one again.
  9. Budbud

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    Was it really necessary to open another thread regarding a PMDG 787? There are already several ones around here in the same forum. Just a thought...
  10. Budbud

    Strange SID path in my B738 FMC

    Hi, Have you already entered the takeoff speeds and reduction and acceleration heights? Sometimes, it resolves such things.
  11. Budbud

    PMDG 747-8 Release Date?

    Hello Samuel, PMDG never gives release date. Their motto is usually "it is ready when it is ready!".😁 And for info, they also require all posts to be signed with full name even if your forum name is your real names.
  12. Budbud

    Ap will not engage

    Also keep in mind to sign all your posts with your full names or they will be deleted as per forum rules.
  13. Budbud

    Ap will not engage

    This is a known issue/limitation of the sim. You cannot reload a complex addon like the NGX on top of itself or another one. Once you have loaded a flight with a complex addon, you have no other choice than restart the sim if you want to restart your flight. What you see is the consequence of load a complex addon on top of another one in the same sim session. This is the manual trim wheel but the normal way to trim the aircraft is to use the trim buttons on the yoke. In the sim you can assign the normal trim up/trim down command to two buttons of your yoke/joystick Well flying manually over long durations can be tedious but if you don't even know how to trim the aircraft it becomes a real ordeal! 😉 .
  14. Budbud

    Ap will not engage

    MCP is the autopilot control panel (Mode Control Panel if I recall well).
  15. Budbud

    Ap will not engage

    By the way, you can perfectly fly ILS approaches and land manually. You may mean you cannot perform autoland? ILS approach and autoland are two different things.