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  1. Hi, It happens also in my sim. I believe it is related to the fact that when GSX "puts the locking pin" it doesn't actually isolate the steering gear of PMDG's. There is nothing we can do as far as I understand.
  2. To be honest, I exclusively fly online so I'm always connected but I don't think you need to be for P3D v4. At least, when you loose your connection to internet, it doesn't shut down. I think you may only need a connection to activate it once, but don't hold me on that.
  3. Hi, The red message brake is not displayed when the autobrake are active at least in P3D 4 (I don't remember in FSX). But as long as the yellow advisory message "autobrake" is not displayed on the EICAS, it means the autobrake are working. So not seing the red message doesn't mean the autobrakes don't work! Next time even if the red message is not displayed, you should wait a little before using the manual brakes to see if the aircraft decelerates with the autobrake. In the meantime, check that the autobrakes are not deactivated by checking the EICAS for the white autobrake X (where X is the level selected) and no yellow Autobrake.
  4. Have a look at the intoduction manual for the information about the panel states and the startup panel states. Best source to understand how the system works and how to configure them.
  5. Hi, What panel state do you use? The fuel quantity is saved with the panel state.
  6. Hi, It is done on purpose: Specially the following paragraph: And for your information, PMDG require on their forum that everybody signes all their posts with their full names.
  7. Contrary to the T7 where the AT is usually left on even for manual approach and landing, on the 747 manual approaches are usually conducted without AT. But unless your hardware interferes with the AT, it should not be the cause of the autobrake not working. However, you may try with AT off (also to train yourself) and see if autobrake works in this case.
  8. Are you sure that the thrust levers are fully closed? If you use a hardware you may have a signal avancing slightly the thrust levers or even preventing them from being fully retarded.
  9. That's weird. Autobrake are not linked to a type of approach. As per FCOM, the autobrake application begins when: _ All thrust levers are closed _ Ground mode is sensed, and _ the wheels have spun up. To my understanding, the only prerequisites for the system to work is to set the selector to a valid position (1 to max auto) and the normal brake system in order). There is no check of the kind of approach selected.
  10. Hi, As far as I know, you cannot program altitude conditional waypoints in the FMC. These waypoints can only be programmed in procedures. So you have to fly it "manually". You can engage the AP at 400ft with HDG SEL then change the heading or enter a Direct to in the FMC when passing the desired altitude, or fly without the AP.
  11. Hi, You didn't specify which sim you use. No sure how it can be related (maybe a pure coincidence, I'm not sure there is any link between the ntdll and sceneries) but I had the ntdll.dll issue in P3D v4 when flying from/to a scenery that was designed for P3D v3. The only difference is that I had that issue with all aircrafts. You say you have the issue only with the -3000ER. Could it be that you flew only to/from a scenery only with that aircraft?
  12. Hi, The IRS alignment time setting is in the simulation menu of the FMC > Intro manual pages 96 & 97 (IRS options) & page 103.
  13. Hi, When a new installer is indicated, you have to uninstall the QOTS II using the Windows Add/remove programs then install again the QOTS II using the latest installer dowloaded. The process is external to the OC.
  14. Hi, I make all my flight plans with PFPX but I use several sources to check for real routes when available: _ Flightaware for all the flights to/from US _ http://www.edi-gla.co.uk/fpl/ very useful database of real flight plans _ https://www.eurofpl.eu/front_page real and possible routes.
  15. Hi, I have a slightly more powerfull system and I don't have P3D v3 but I have the QOTS II and the T7 for both FSX and P3D v4 and I found there are very similar to each other in terms of performances in both sims. So my guess is that if the T7 runs smoothly on your system, the QOTS II will do as well.