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  1. Just to clear a doubt, your IRS are aligned? I guess yes seeing the heading indication on both the PFD and ND but as I didn't fly the NGX for a long time I don't remember exactly.
  2. Hi. It's not supposed to do that. I would suspect that the control (either buttons or axis) you use for the trim has another assignement related with the roll axis. Double check the control settings in your sim.
  3. Hi, I think this has nothing to do with fs2crew but rather with the information you enter or do not enter in the FMC. What exactly happens when you cannot engage VNAV? what is displayed on the FMA?
  4. Hi, As far I know the only PMDG file altered by Fs2crew is the panel.cfg, which will removed and replaced by a new one when updating the PMDG aircraft. You may try to disable fs2crew before the update then re-enable it afterwards which will re-create the required entries in the panel.cfg. If it doesn't work then you will have to reinstall fs2crew.
  5. You are welcome. I'm a big fan of the T7 but the QOTS II is even more immersive, you won't regret it! Enjoy!
  6. Hi, Can you post screenshots of the PFD, ND and the takeoff performance page of the CDU?
  7. Hi, I think that post will answer your question: And please be aware that the forum rules require to sign all your posts with full names.
  8. Sorry. ANP is your actual precision in nautical miles. So the lower the better. 0.06 or 0.05 means that your FMC is actually calculating your position in a square of 0.05 or 0.06nm of lateral dimension. Which much better than the 2nm required. If your ANP was higher that would mean that either your IRS would be wrongly aligned or the positions given by the GPS would be somehow erratic.
  9. What would cause this> Aircraft nav working good! I bet you don't exactly understand what RNP and ANP are, do you? RNP is Required Navigation Performance. The precision in nautical miles of your position on your track that is required to comply with. The RNP depends on where you are. A STAR RNAV usually has a RNP1 which means that your aircraft must be able to calculate her position in a square of 1nm of lateral dimension. ANP is Actual Navigation Performance. The actual precision of your aircraft position. As long as the ANP is lower than the RNP, you're good. If for any reason your ANP becomes greater than the RNP of your track.
  10. Hi, "OC"=Operations Center
  11. Hi, You gave no information about your config. Which sim do you use? How did you configure your rudder pedals? Through the sim axis setting or through fsuipc? Do you have a signal from your pedals in the sim? And be advised tha PMDG require to sign all the post with full names in the forum rules.
  12. Hi, In the PMDG SETUP>AIRCRAFT menu, you can set a fixed config (RSK5). Just pick the tail number of the aircraft which has the config that suits your taste and it will be loaded for any livery you choose later one. You can have a look at the introduction manual pages 0.00.78 to 0.00.82 to have a complete explanation of how it works (specifically page 0.00.82 for the fixed config).
  13. Hi, If you first leg is limited to 18000ft or less, 16000ft in this case, you should be prepared to and expect the possibility to have to level off at that altitude until the end of the airway and therefore should keep it in your flight plan for fuel calculation. The lower you are the most fuel you consume. It may not be of a great difference but for the sake of accuracy, I would not get rid of it in PFPX. It would be better to plan for another route instead without that limitation. If ever for some reason the ATC doesn't allow you to climb higher, then you may end the flight with less fuel than expected. Off course it depends on the length of the leg.
  14. Hi, Have you checked the max flight altitude of the first airway V317? I don't have charts at hand reach to check myself but it could be one reason for the initial altitude to be that low.