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  1. saab 340 x plane can not get left engine to start ,,,,,,get RT started ok and use the same procedure for left deleted and re- installed ....have tried all I know appreciate some advice thanks
  2. thanks I have watched mostly all of his and they are wonderful when I try to input as he states to my CH Pro yoke & peddles I ca not duplicate my computer is built for FLT SIM and runs X-Plane at FULL / MAX setting w/ 30-40 frame rates so its not computer issue Im just frustrated that some of the standard enjoyable things were left out I also am experiencing many freezes and sim shut downs apprec ur comments
  3. question Some of the most popular things in FLT SIM is the pop outs of instruments ability to have instant replay ability to use 2- monitors A MANUEL ……..No brainer this product appears wonderful but where can one find info on the KEYS ? easier VIEW selections , U have to be a road scholar to remember all the buttons and still be able to fly the plane having many problems in flights and my flights are basis because I just cant get all to work extremely disappointed with this product appreciate others comments
  4. I haver to prim deluxe version CH Pro yoke & peddles ……...I can not get external view , cockpit views ...nothing to work no manual , no instant replay , no pop-out instrnt ???? REALLY , $ 119.99 Have read on line extensively , watched every viedo and still can not do a flight in Sim 15 yrs , computer built fof FLT SIMMING ………….very frustrated and dissapointed graphics are great but can not fly , can not get ANY views to work I read that I am NOT the only one
  5. yes the strange thing is that my computer is flight sim built / I run X plane & FSX at full load ? So its not the computer I go to the forum and see others having prob's with this planes .......wish I could figure it out plane look great but can not even get into it to make it work Phil
  6. DOES ANYONE HAVE PROB'S WITH THIS PLANE On install get error " INVALAD FILE HANDEL" ........e-mailed Caranado on this but no response when opening plane , yoke will not open at all ( no movement ) / the top left tool bar incons in sim are black/ the VIEW automatically rotate from inside plane to several view outside plane , on its own ? Hitting interior buttons screens are delayed on opening , if they open / computer has froze several times FSX sim runs fine at MAX with " all other planes " and smooth / running at ADMIN mode / deleted & re-installed several times w/ virus protection off computer : win7 / cpu i7-6700 / asus Z-170 Pro Gaming / ge-force 980 .......built for FLT SIM ........Plus just had computer cleaned up and up-dated Very weird cause I have prob's with the Saab340 as well ........BUT not nearly as bad as the FA-50 Appreciate all input Phil
  8. yes I'm have multiple issues with this plane just getting it to run For $ 45.00 we should not be having this many issues I see others complains as well Phil
  9. Bought Saab 340 and having major prob's with it 1. FMC doesn't work ? turns on ok displays screen shows data/ but delay's when hitting buttons to enter anything / most time just will not work period 2. Opening plane in FSX - ok / when I load up plane ( turn lights on /turn FMC on / turn on generators/ .... Frame rate go to zero ...major hesitation / just will not fly 3. RUNNING WIN-7/ 64BIT/32RAM/GE-FORCE980.... computer built for sim ( have sim full max on everything) ( scenery/ aircraft/ traffic / weather and runs great 4. All other planes run fine ......Have contracted JUST FLIGHT & CARANADO but no fixes It's a well done plane and I need to find out how to get it to run ...HAVE TRIED THE " LITE" VERSION ALSO ...same results Phil
  10. Have had REALITY XP 4/YRS .....Just bought Orbx Global / installed it ...all good the installed Orbx FTX central and FLT SIM just blew up Got black patches all over scenery where trees/ buildings/ structures go .After deleting FLT SIM X several times got Sim back and running after deleting Orbx Global & FTX central NOW - new issue w/ REALITY XP ......its still in all planes but when I open gps panel it will not open .......I just get the panel with a clear area where gps info goes ? Have deleted / re-installed REALITY XP several times and same issue. running win7/geforce980/ 32ram ......computer built for FLT SIM .......have contacted REALITY SEVERL TIMES ....NO RESPONSE? Appreciate help .......really frustrated here .....have enough computer knowledge to be dangerous !! / in flt sim 15+ yrs Phil also thought I deleted Orbx ? but still see it in FLT SIM WEATHER area where U imput ur weather conditions ???
  11. Have had REALITY XP FOR YRS........Just installed Orbx Global and FLT SIM just blew up .........got black patches all over scenery After many deleted / re-installs of my FLT SIM X & deleting Orbx got FLT SIM back "NEW ISSUE" in doing so my existing REALITY XP does not work . I get the gps panel in my planes but the will not open .I get a clear window in the gps XP panel in plane Have deleted & re-installed REALITY XP and same issue . I get the 2en XP panel w/ the ALTITUDE / NAV in the plane just fine . Have tried support w/ REALITY XP but no response Appreciate help Running : win7/ geforce980/ 32ram .....computer built for flt-sim phil
  12. Frank To answer ur question ( Thurs ) I do NOT GET THE "ADD-ON" at the tool bar , never have .....been trying everything now 2-weeks ....Do not use FSUIPC Something new I discovered in FSX when I go to home page IN FSX I get the " script error has occurred in this page " .......been on net to try to get rid of this ? wondering if this may be causing the install issues with the 750 install? . I deleted STEAM thinking it was related to the 750 install? . This has got me puzzled ? I really want the 750 to work , so far everything everyone has suggested has not worked . How do I get a refund ??? it appears that I can not get this to work My 530 works just fine
  13. RXP Trust me I want help , I again tried to install 750 , it installed , its in the REALITY XP -program folder but not in FLS X . I just went thru my virus protection to look up the EXE . issue but could not find a setting for this issue , did make some changes in virus prot. but didn't help ( Steve suggested this ) Will stay on this link RXP to get help appreciate anything , very frustrating , beed FLS SIM nut easy 15 yrs , been able to resolve most issues but this one has me stumped !!!
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