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  1. ok Bob will re purchase and try again thank U for ur time phil highlights @ 11
  2. ok Bob yes xp12 in C:drive created a F drive and moved xp12 to that ( nothing in that drive ) and same installation error comes up when dowloading trainer I see others with same issues guess best to just rely on what i have and enjoy alsp better on my B/P ) thanks for ur feed back .......reality xp STILL NO RESPONSE that also says alot
  3. I have same issue do installer and get error ...then turn off virus been trying to get reality xp 530 in xp12 for 2 weeks and can not finally gave up and FLIGHT ONE refunded $$ just wonder why REALITY XP never responds to tec support have tried several tickets and e mails and still nothing from them
  4. morning Bob yes ...have turned off all virus protections ...gotta tell ya I have given up with all the other programs that install so easy I wonderv why this on is so difficult and for get any support from REALITYXP ....after severs tickets , e mails and a nothing burger take care if u have anymore sugguestions let me know
  5. Bob have tried again and keep getting error when i download the trainer RXPGNS2-530 XPLANE ISNT COMMONLY DOWNLOADED, MAKE SURE U TRUST " so I hit KEEP AWAYWAY after I ck xp12 box and highlight it and go next and get C;\...I look in browse and nothing then type in xplane 12 and get ERROR: " NO FOLDER So ....I can not believe this can be so hard Im a 20 yr flt simmer and familiar w/ flt sim stuff wit new up dated computer built for flt sim it seems prob is in downloading the trainer help please phil
  6. morning Bob did ur instructions and where I ck xp12 box ...then to path ... then I C:\ n NO FOLDER TO SELECT FROM ?...I type in xp12 and get error now rxp is in computer but I just cant seem to get it in xp12 have e mailed reality xp multipe times and still no response ??? Flight 1 has tried to help
  7. thank u appreciate ur effort and will try thanks again
  8. ONE BOB please show/ tell me how to do that when i get to install ..it asks what folder ? i highlight xp12 and ck box ...hit next and only get c:\ I hit the search to find folder but nothing appreciate ur help ....had it in FLT SIM 10 ....so much better thank u phil
  9. cant get reality xp to install in xp12 get to installer ..asked what folder ?...i hit xp12 box then next ...it gives me C:\..i hit browse and nothing i go back and hit / highlight xp12 ...then it installs i go yo xp12c pluggins but its not in there FORGET ABOUT TRYING TO GET IN TOUCH WITH "REALITY XP " PEOPLE
  10. i have samecerror message cant install rxp in xp12 frustration cant get intouch with vreality xp people at all
  11. can not get ur program to install tried everythinging 3 days now at install page i get to WHAT PROGRAM TO INSTALL IN ...I CK XP12 IN BOW ...IT SEND TO NEXT PAGE WITH C;\ i hit browse and no folders come up i go back unck xp12 but highlig xp12 hit nest and it installs ..but not in the xp12 pluggins have tried everything please help phil
  12. bought REALITY XP and have been trying to get it in xp-12 with no success program is downloaded and in xp-12 plugins folder BUT it does not appear in xp-12 plugins program i have tried everything I know ...firewall off / re-install/ read instructions i get to install page to where it asks what folder to put rxp in I hit xp-12 box then it sends me to next page with C;/ and asks to brows ?? nothing happens ....i hit brows and not programs show up I back spact and hit xp12 option but do not hit box with xp12 ....just high light xp12 it allows me to continue and installs but is not in xp12 I have tried sending a ticket to REALITY XP but get error message "error in server ..can not send messagr " so i can not contact REALITY XP im stumper here .....have tried 3 days now appreciate help phil
  13. saab 340 x plane can not get left engine to start ,,,,,,get RT started ok and use the same procedure for left deleted and re- installed ....have tried all I know appreciate some advice thanks
  14. thanks I have watched mostly all of his and they are wonderful when I try to input as he states to my CH Pro yoke & peddles I ca not duplicate my computer is built for FLT SIM and runs X-Plane at FULL / MAX setting w/ 30-40 frame rates so its not computer issue Im just frustrated that some of the standard enjoyable things were left out I also am experiencing many freezes and sim shut downs apprec ur comments
  15. question Some of the most popular things in FLT SIM is the pop outs of instruments ability to have instant replay ability to use 2- monitors A MANUEL ……..No brainer this product appears wonderful but where can one find info on the KEYS ? easier VIEW selections , U have to be a road scholar to remember all the buttons and still be able to fly the plane having many problems in flights and my flights are basis because I just cant get all to work extremely disappointed with this product appreciate others comments
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