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  1. reality xp 750 install prob's

    Frank To answer ur question ( Thurs ) I do NOT GET THE "ADD-ON" at the tool bar , never have .....been trying everything now 2-weeks ....Do not use FSUIPC Something new I discovered in FSX when I go to home page IN FSX I get the " script error has occurred in this page " .......been on net to try to get rid of this ? wondering if this may be causing the install issues with the 750 install? . I deleted STEAM thinking it was related to the 750 install? . This has got me puzzled ? I really want the 750 to work , so far everything everyone has suggested has not worked . How do I get a refund ??? it appears that I can not get this to work My 530 works just fine
  2. reality xp 750 install prob's

    RXP Trust me I want help , I again tried to install 750 , it installed , its in the REALITY XP -program folder but not in FLS X . I just went thru my virus protection to look up the EXE . issue but could not find a setting for this issue , did make some changes in virus prot. but didn't help ( Steve suggested this ) Will stay on this link RXP to get help appreciate anything , very frustrating , beed FLS SIM nut easy 15 yrs , been able to resolve most issues but this one has me stumped !!!
  3. reality xp 750 install prob's

  4. reality xp 750 install prob's

    during install it ask where do u want to install 750 psd 1/2/3/4 fsx/fsxsteam I installed in fsx
  5. reality xp 750 install prob's

    Ok on install try today ( had to get F1 to re-up me , after so many tried I guess I ran out of installs ) start/ program file/ reality xp / open go to 750 / open it/ get 750&650 folders/ install trainer ( today got error 404 could not get trainer installed /once 750 is installed menus asks where to put 750 / fsx-ok / open fsx/ choose hana HI airport / choose thr 850 plane / look at top tool bar/ hit ALT / look for ADDONS in to tool bar/ not there Do not know how to do a screen shot for U ....... went to control panel , 2- reality xps in there / the 530 & 750 / 2- diff lines I now understand what to look for per ur instruction in tool bar once 750 gns is installed ( did not understand manual ) but its just not there . When I fly the king 200 there is a ADDON in the tooll bar but hitting it bring the options for the king 200 Hope this helps This is a new computer win7 , 6700 , less than 1yr old , I have had 3- alien built computer just for FLT Sim , been doing it since FALCON days so I'm not that un-computer literate but I'm dangerous Sure hope this helps a bit , the 750 looks great .....the 530 is also great . Appreciate ur time Phil
  6. reality xp 750 install prob's

    Frank , tried again ...when I hit ALT the top bar disappears .........I have the menu bar on so it come up when I run FSX I go int view and I see my REALITY XP 530 is in there but the 750 is nowhere as stated the 750 is in the programs folder of my computer Phil
  7. reality xp 750 install prob's

    Frank Ok did as instructed , ALT , loaded pland king air 200, add-on came up but it was for the king only No option for 750gns ? Phil
  8. reality xp 750 install prob's

    will try now thank you for help I read the manuel but just didn't get it on the loading to planes will try now Phil
  9. reality xp 750 install prob's

    I have the REALITY XP 750 in the computer ( built for FLTSIM ) , its in a folder under PROGRAM FILES When I try to open folder in program files it shows another folder 650 gns , I try and open both and the just take me to the manuel the XP TRAINER opens but its just a view of how the trainer is set up etc........... I have REALITY 530 already installed in several planes ..........but I do not see where / how to install the 750 into planes have deleted / re-installed several times / using different browsers / same thing / trying to go to the REALITY XP site / help / teck/ page seems worthless spent the last week just trying to get inot AVSIM site , think that's resolved any help appreciated Phil Hazelton
  10. bought reality xp 750 its in computer , theres a folder for it but each time I open it it goes to manuel ? , can not get it to open so I can install into planes have deleted many time & re-installed with / without virus prob on/off frustrating .........very cool program , I have the 530 installed & works fine please help Phil Hazelton
  11. 737 brakes inguaging

    ok I'll try and find what may have been changed ........appreciate the info Phil Hazelton
  12. 737 brakes inguaging

    the brakes engage and lock when I tap them as I'm taxing . FSX ....... computer set up for FLT SIM ......15 yrs sim pilot ...... and reverse lock is set correctly this just started happening , it does it on all planes now error messages , no other FLT probs with it ?
  13. 737 brakes inguaging

    has anyone experienced the brakes on aircraft keep coming on when I tap on the brakes . I then have to set parking brake the nrelease it several time on taxing phil Hazelton
  14. reality xp

    1st order # : 1119755-xyncar , approx 2-yrs ago win 7 flt sim x new computer built for flt sim , month ago simmer over 15 yrs Got it in finally working on trying to get all aspects to work had to re-purchase same program 530 gps didn't understand why if purcheased from REALITY XP , flight One was involved as most computer issues it takes tie to sort out issues , Appreciate UR response , think I may have issues resolved Phil
  15. reality xp

    just purchased REALITY XP .........again ! trying to install into sim it ask to install into flt sim folder wich I did ( in programs 86/ flt sim x ) and i get error saying wrong folder ? , then install into gauges / into nav's ??? try to install into REALITY XP folder ......get error " wrong folder " have purchased this before and have tried to re-install multitude of times .....get into FLIGHT ONE install page , download e-commerce installer and it still will not give me new code FLIGHT ONE says that I need to go to reality XP site to get new code ........really !!! where is the install area ? completerly frustrated here as U can tell , I even went to the route to re-purchase it and still can't install it have "old " install order number and when I enter it on the FLIGHT ONE site it cant find the order number , says I need to re-install from REALITY XP site . round and round we go ? So can any one help here Phil Hazelton