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  1. thenikos

    737 night flight how to switch on the lights

    final working easy solution: i emailed lorby, they have a new version 1.. b06 of their flashlight. now it works perfectly with p3d v4.4 and chaseplane. so the problem is solved 🙂 thank you all again
  2. thenikos

    737 night flight how to switch on the lights

    thank you ph-cxz but it is absolute dark. i cant see anything. black screen. i know where are the switches i just can't find them in the dark. what else should i write except my full name? this is what i have been asked in the past by a pmdg official member
  3. hi, i would like to ask if there is (or are) any good, study level, jet planes for p3d. im not sure if the term jet is the right one, i mean the ones the rich people use :) the small ones :) we have seen pmdg, qualitywings (flightfactor for xplane) to make top level airliners, also other companies make ga aviation planes or prop airliners but i dont know if there is a jet. can you pls help me with suggestions? thank you
  4. thenikos

    pmdg 747 v3 cold and dark problem

    i found the solution !! (i think) but i dont have much time to test it. when we shut down the plane (or we start from cold and start) everything is switched off. the plane is at 0 state. we switch on the battery or the external power unit and we have the 1st electronics work in the plane, together with the radio the radio starts with vhf l button, light on. if we try to get a radio freq by pilot2atc at that moment, whatever it happens we get 136.975 freq. but if we switch on the radio volume of vhf l, 1st arrow in the row there, then the pilot2atc gets the right freq !!!!
  5. thenikos

    pmdg 747 v3 cold and dark problem

    hi dave ! thanks for your answer. i am not sure if i understood right what you wrote (sorry my english...). or maybe i didnt replicate the problem right: i give power to the plane. it is working fine. it even ... fly 🙂 but the problem is that the radio on pilot2atcget the freq 136.975 (all of the radios, atis, grd, twr) and it never work again. the radio on the plane, works fine but whatever freq i give it, it doesnt pass to pilot2atc. pilot2atc remains at 136.975 this happens only if i start the pmdg 747 v3 from start and cold. if i start it with the default state everything is working. and thanks for the work around, i will try it 🙂
  6. hi (again), since yesterday i started using the pmdg 747 v3 in cold and dark mode. but i cant make pilot2atc connect right to it. the problem is with the frequencies of the radio. i connect to the simulator, i see my plane on the map in the right position, when i go to nearby freqs page, i see them right but when i click on one, in the stby freq i get a number which is not right. for example in lgsa airport, the atis freq is 130.17 and i get 136.975. the same happens with the gnd the twr etc. i always get 136.975. when i use the plane in the default mode, ready to take off, everything is working right. i also tried to put the freqs inside the plane, i see them right on the panel of the radio, but they dont change in pilot2atc. the problem is with the stby freq because when i face this problem if i disconect and connect again then i get the atis right and i hear the msg. but when i try to change to any other freq (twr, gnd) i always get the 136.975 freq. even if i go back to atis again. any ideas ? thank you !!
  7. thenikos

    vnav problem 747 v3

    berts i never said it was plane's problem !! 🙂 ******* !!! i clearly said i was sure something i forgot 🙂 or did wrong. or didnt switch on. in our case if the reserve is mandatory to make vnav work, then it was the tutorial fault not mine 🙂 it said the entry is purely advisory. there should be written that in case you dont fill it , vnav will NOT work 🙂 so people like me (yes i know bad ones who accuse the plane), would put the entry from the beggining. saying good night, i made a test flight with vnav and is ... amazing 🙂 what i was missing so long time i didnt use it 🙂 thank you all for your help !!! ps. im sure i will ask more stupid questions in the future because just now i found time to read the 2500 page (in total) manuals 🙂 so i do experiments on what i read.
  8. thenikos

    vnav problem 747 v3

    hi again: i found a mistake comparing to the tutorial: i didnt put reserve fuel. at the tutorial it says that this entry is purely advisory. i left it empty and vnav didnt work. now i put a value and vnav works. do you think that was the reason? thanks
  9. thenikos

    dark and cold crashes

    dana, the trick is to start the flight with a default airplane, then switch to the pmdg 747. is not so big problem, we just lose some seconds because the default planes load very fast :)
  10. thenikos

    best atc for p3d v4

    to bob: hmmm like this works atc in the real world? :) you fill a flight plan and it follows it? i imagined something different. like when you are in trouble , you ask atc for specific instructions. or if the airport is busy at the moment you land (that needs connection with ultimate traffic live that i use i think), then the atc tells you to circle around till you get your turn to land. to simbol: i watched many videos but 99% of them are in conditions you don't need an extra help from the atc, like fog = bad visibility. for example i would like very specific instructions, like "you are too high, go down 500 feet" , or "turn left , turn right" depending the position. i use pmdg 747 v3 and majestic dash, at the filled plans with ils on fmc i think im the ... best in the world :) i manage to do perfect landings (automated of course). the problem is when i have to take control under bad conditions. or maybe this is real life, when there is bad weather or too much fog, the planes dont land even with the help of atc :)
  11. hi, i would like to know if there is a way to start always in the default mode (engines running, ready to take off) and not in dark and cold mode. maybe an .ini or .cfg file? or maybe automatically from the cdu? thank you
  12. thenikos

    dark and cold crashes

    new data to my problem :) when i load any other aircraft (maule default or majestic dash q 8) and then i switch to the pmdg 747 inside the current flight, everything is working right !! i start dark and cold, the initilization countdown goes to 0, without any problems !!! so only when i load the pmdg 747 as 1st aircraft in dark and cold condition it crashes p3d to the desktop. thanks
  13. hi, today I got the pmdg 747 queen of the skies v3 for p3d v4. I installed it and updated it to the latest version. I flew once with the default condition of the aircraft around and everything was ok. several hours after, I loaded the plane, I went to the central fmc to load the cold and dark condition and while in the countdown procedure, at 4 seconds, the game stuck (not responding). since then every time I load the plane, p3d crashes and gets me to the desktop. any ideas pls? thank you