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  1. hi everybody, for me also. full price for all of them
  2. hi everybody, did anybody tried to get a refund from the marketplace? if yes, how did you do it? thank you
  3. you are absolutely right. they connect as "legacy" fsx p3d to the apps. i have not tried that 🙂 thank you very much !!
  4. hi everybody, does anybody know if there is a moving map app that works with msfs 2020? it would be so nice to know the exact places we see from the sky 🙂 i was using mostly navigraph and littlenavmap but they don't work yet with msfs 2020. thank you
  5. this is what i was doing also but in a more... "proficient" way: i was comparing the seconds of the fly time, with my computer clock seconds, to be sure they change in the same rhythm so i was sure i got it back to the 1x 🙂 🙂 🙂 hope they will fix it soon
  6. hi everybody, with the R key and then crtl and num + or - we can adjust the time rate. but how can we view it? so we will know in what time rate we are in every moment? also i can't find a way to watch the frame rate inside the sim. i use afterburner to do it externally but i don't trust it 100%. thank you
  7. hi andyjohnston, i installed it to an empty drive (f), the prem-del version took around 120gb. i don't know if they put something inside the drive c also.
  8. hanhamreds: i bought it from the microsoft, so from my microsoft account. inside the game, up right. from there i logged out
  9. hi everybody, i had the same problem. but unlike carlsox, not only i couldn't download the deluxe and premium versions but i had only 20 planes. so i was clearly in the standard version. as i was in the game, i logged out of my account, the game me took me to the initial "press any key" screen, then i logged in again and there i got a new 4gb update from the content manager that took me directly to the premium version so maybe that is a walkthrough till everything is solved in the future by microsoft
  10. hi bert !! progress 🙂 i pressed shift 4 and 5 and i got both of them working 🙂 now i was able to shift, right click on them, and check USE GPS simulator commands are you told me. they also both have the XP sign now 🙂 then i went to add ons menu on p3d4, setup the gns panels on the plane and ... now everything is working 🙂 except the animations on the vc gauges. thank you very much
  11. thank you frank, yes i will wait for rxp answer 🙂
  12. i reinstalled both 530 and 430, this time with the garmin trainer. but again the same problem. no picture in the rxp 530 430, the 430 only has XP letters on it. they seem to be dummy. i can't click anything on them. like they are dead if i switch back to default 530 430, they work. thanks
  13. hi frank, no i didn't install it. but i installed the rxp in the default location, c:\realityxp i will reinstall everything then and let you know thanks
  14. hi everybody, just bought the 530/430 combo to use it with the milviz turbo otter. but it does not work 😞 in the MVAMS i choose different RXP options but always i have 2 different problems: 1. i get a 530 gauge without the XP sign. i get a 430 gauge with the XP sign. but both of them, don't work. the rest of radios, rx radar work fine. 2. somehow i manage to make them work, but instead of getting the rxp picture on them, i get the old p3d4 picture. in both cases, if i open the 530 in a window, i get no picture. and i can't switch it on. any ideas? thank you !! ps. in other aircrafts, a2a for example or in any xplane aircraft, the rxp gauges work out of the box.
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