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  1. thenikos

    real pilot procedures

    Brian, safety reasons maybe? i watched many videos of aircrafts crashed and most of them was because of human error. thats why i said that at least on the computer, the flight plan/ils never made a mistake. even at total fog or windy conditions, the aircraft landed perfectly aligned.but of course in real life, maybe these auto systems are not as much trusted as in computer enviroment
  2. thenikos

    real pilot procedures

    thanks kevin !!
  3. hi, i am not sure if this is the right thread to post this topic but i couldn't find another. my question is this: in many videos of real flights, almost all the pilots take-off or land, manually. for example, in the depart procedure, they don't go to autopilot and lnav mode after 1000ft, but they keep to turn based on the flight plan manually. the same with the landing. some of them, even if there is ils. at 1000ft, they turn off the autopilot, the autothrust and they land manually. why is that? are in real life the auto-help systems (toga, lnav/vnav, autothrust, ils etc) unreliable? because in our sim world (fsx, p3d, xplane) they all work fine. for example when an airport supports ils landing, i turn off the autopilot around 100ft before touchdown. thanks
  4. thenikos

    top quality jet airplane for p3d

    thanks, yes business jets 🙂 it sounds like the exact term to what im searching for 🙂 i will check on the xp lear 25, reviews, youtube etc
  5. hi, i would like to ask if there is (or are) any good, study level, jet planes for p3d. im not sure if the term jet is the right one, i mean the ones the rich people use :) the small ones :) we have seen pmdg, qualitywings (flightfactor for xplane) to make top level airliners, also other companies make ga aviation planes or prop airliners but i dont know if there is a jet. can you pls help me with suggestions? thank you
  6. thenikos

    vnav speed differences

    thank you very much !!
  7. hi dave and everybody else !!! some time now,i started using vnav on both pmdg 747 and qw 787.but i always have some differences between pilot2atc vnav speeds during sid and starts. for example today the vnav of 787 during sid was having a speed restriction of 250 and pilot2atc , 230. so pilot2atc was complaining to reduce the speed. i suppose both of them take the vnav restriction speeds by the 1807 cycle. why then there is a difference? (of course i can correct it by hand at the fmc of the plane but it takes time 🙂 ) for both of them and pilot2atc and 787 i enter manually the flight plan to be totally sure its exactly the same. in our example when i depart from lgsa airport using 29 runway and sokri5a sid, i get 230 speed from pilot2atc, 250 from 787, using both the 1807 cycle. thank you
  8. thenikos

    real atc procedures

    hi everybody, i dont know if it exists (i searched but didn't found it-bad me if it exists), a sticky topic about real life atc procedures we should follow on pilot2atc to make the flight as realistic as possible. i will give an example and if dave or somebody else who is responsible and know how to use the forum, can make it sticky. when i start a flight i do this on pilot2atc: 1. i connect to atis and listen the atis transmission. then based to active departure runway i make my ifr plan (without choosing arrival star and approach) and fix the altimeter 2. request clearence on my ifr plan and get the squawk code 3. request pushback and engine start 4. request taxi to active runway 5. request takeoff 6. during flight i follow some basic procedure , alt changes, radio freq changes. 7. when i get close to the arrival airport i get from atc the active arrival runway and the star (because i think this happens in reality) 8. i land and ask for taxi to a gate now the questions: is it like that in real life? also when we get to the gate, is there a final request or info to the atc that we arrived and we get off the plane? i think if any of you would have to add any real life atc procedures that might exist or not in pilot2atc, it can help dave in the future to improve it thank you
  9. thenikos

    pmdg 747 v3 cold and dark problem

    i found the solution !! (i think) but i dont have much time to test it. when we shut down the plane (or we start from cold and start) everything is switched off. the plane is at 0 state. we switch on the battery or the external power unit and we have the 1st electronics work in the plane, together with the radio the radio starts with vhf l button, light on. if we try to get a radio freq by pilot2atc at that moment, whatever it happens we get 136.975 freq. but if we switch on the radio volume of vhf l, 1st arrow in the row there, then the pilot2atc gets the right freq !!!!
  10. thenikos

    pmdg 747 v3 cold and dark problem

    hi again. unfortunately not even the walkaround works: when i start the plane in cold and dark state, even if the ignore avionics switch or/and the ignore battery switch are checked, the radio on pilot2atc gets always the 136.975 freq. for dave: do you have pmdg 747 v3 to replicate the situation? thanks
  11. thenikos

    pmdg 747 v3 cold and dark problem

    hi dave ! thanks for your answer. i am not sure if i understood right what you wrote (sorry my english...). or maybe i didnt replicate the problem right: i give power to the plane. it is working fine. it even ... fly 🙂 but the problem is that the radio on pilot2atcget the freq 136.975 (all of the radios, atis, grd, twr) and it never work again. the radio on the plane, works fine but whatever freq i give it, it doesnt pass to pilot2atc. pilot2atc remains at 136.975 this happens only if i start the pmdg 747 v3 from start and cold. if i start it with the default state everything is working. and thanks for the work around, i will try it 🙂
  12. thenikos

    pmdg 747 v3 cold and dark problem

    sorry to write more 🙂 i also did another test: started the plane in default state, switched it off, to dark and cold state, manually. i followed the tutorial of pmdg. then i started it back and again i lost contact with pilot2atc. when i do everything step by step, the last moment pilot2atc loses the freqs is when i turn off the battery (without external power of course). if that moment ext pwr exist, everything is ok. but when i cut off the electrical power to the plane, the freq in pilot2atc change to 136.975 and does never come back. i have to load default state.
  13. thenikos

    pmdg 747 v3 cold and dark problem

    more observations: lets say i start the plane in default condition. pilot2atc freqs work perfectly. now, without disconecting, i change to cold and dark. freqs dont work. then again, without disconecting, i load again default, freqs work !!
  14. hi (again), since yesterday i started using the pmdg 747 v3 in cold and dark mode. but i cant make pilot2atc connect right to it. the problem is with the frequencies of the radio. i connect to the simulator, i see my plane on the map in the right position, when i go to nearby freqs page, i see them right but when i click on one, in the stby freq i get a number which is not right. for example in lgsa airport, the atis freq is 130.17 and i get 136.975. the same happens with the gnd the twr etc. i always get 136.975. when i use the plane in the default mode, ready to take off, everything is working right. i also tried to put the freqs inside the plane, i see them right on the panel of the radio, but they dont change in pilot2atc. the problem is with the stby freq because when i face this problem if i disconect and connect again then i get the atis right and i hear the msg. but when i try to change to any other freq (twr, gnd) i always get the 136.975 freq. even if i go back to atis again. any ideas ? thank you !!
  15. thenikos

    ter map mode not working

    hi again, now everything is working fine. maybe it was a server problem. thanks