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  1. thanks everybody. i will go with toposim for ... now. maybe in the future if pilot has a bigger discount, i will get also their mesh and i will compare them and let you know 🙂
  2. ian s: i use freemeshx some years now. plus some taburet meshes. i just wanted a change 🙂 to see if things go better. vgbaron vs ... skywolf : hmmm you put me difficulties you too 🙂 i will read skywolf's thread thank you
  3. hi everybody, this weekend there is an offer for pilot's mesh global ultimate and also toposim. any suggestions? in general , reading the posts in the past, i see many of the users favorite toposim 19m. but as i can see the pilot can go down to 1m in some cases. the problem is that they don't say exactly where 🙂 anybody used both? and have any photos? i think the benchmark is the Matterhorn in Switzerland. thank you
  4. thanks for the dcs info but i will start with vrs i think. i watch youtube videos and it is very close to what i was searching. and of course i will keep an eye to milviz. e69, i like the very complex planes with modern technology. imagine i didn't manage to fly right aerosoft antonov an2 yet 🙂 🙂 🙂 i always forget to keep an eye at the temperatures 🙂
  5. thanks guys, it looks good also.
  6. yes simicro. thanks, i am looking at it right now and it seems very nice 🙂
  7. yes they have plenty of planes, i just don't know how realistic they are. and scott, i wanted to fly them in my ... real world of p3d between my nice airports 🙂 thanks everybody
  8. very well. thank you very much. i will check all these options 🙂
  9. hi, is there a company like pmdg that produces fighters study level planes for p3d? i am interested more in the latest technology, like f35, f22. but if you think there is something else good enough, i would like to hear opinions. thanks everybody
  10. final working easy solution: i emailed lorby, they have a new version 1.. b06 of their flashlight. now it works perfectly with p3d v4.4 and chaseplane. so the problem is solved 🙂 thank you all again
  11. headley, couple of times i did that 🙂 so nervous i was with that situation 🙂 sloppysmusic, i already followed the advice of headley and i mapped already the dome button. so now i need only to read how to use linda (or fsuipc) and map the battery button. thanks everybody
  12. yes this is what i do pete, but if the camera moves even a little, then it is a ... torture to find it 🙂 last night before i write here at the forum , i lost maybe 10-15 min in the dark trying to find the battery switch 🙂
  13. thank you MrDirt, with p3d v4.4 and chaseplane it does't work unfortunately. at least for me. but it would be perfect if there was a working tool like that even payware.
  14. thanks again, i will give a try to linda to see what i can do 🙂
  15. thanks headley, very clever 🙂 but now i need something ... more 🙂 the dome lights will not light on without the battery switched on 🙂 is there a key combination to switch on the battery? again the default one didn't work.
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