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  1. Hello folks, Looking for some advice regarding X-Plane 12 specifically, and having both XP11 & XP12 on the same machine. I just updated P2ATC to the most recent version,, and when I fire up XP11 as before, all is well and it connects no issues. However, no so with XP12. What do I need to do to get it to connect to XP12?, as I can't see any way to direct it to the folder or change any settings related to XP12. I get an error message saying there is an issue connecting to the sim, but not sure how to fix this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. A bit more playing around in XP12. These are with Orbx TE UK in place (but possibly not the correct place - I haven't gotten back into setting up the scenery.ini file properly yet - just dropped a few symlinks into the folder). Takes a bit of getting used to flying in XP again. I prefer the "flying on rails" approach of MSFS with all the easy options on as I have no great desire to pretend to be buffetted about by the wind/rain/atmospherics etc - I mostly just want to focus on the views and the scenery. A flight from EGLL across London down to Southend. Lots of EGLL itself seems to be missing, but that may be my scenery ini setup. Also not sure how much of the city is from ORBX and how much from XP, but that's not important at this point. What I do like is the general atmospherics, more so when it's murky as in the later shots here. I doubt that I'll be spending much, if anything, on addons for XP, as I'm hoping to be able to use a lot of my XP11 stuff. But while I'm waiting for SU10 to drop in MSFS (as I've gotten fed up with all the crashes and stutters I've had lately in there and haven't been flying it much), I shall re-familiarise myself with XP. If I can get some of the old XP11 tweaks working in XP12 it could be a fine sim, but only in those areas whre I have good scenry addons already, I suspect. I'll try some of my older aircraft next, and see how they move across. That's one of the other things about keeping XP going - lots of aircraft I can't get (yet?) in MSFS. Missing buildings at EGLL over London heading out down the Thames Switched to some murkier weather here. Looks a lot better to my eyes Roads not working well at this point coming up on the Pier Nothing's going to tempt me away from MSFS at this point (although there are times when I feel like Asobo and MS are trying pretty hard to do that), but this is a fun option too.
  3. I'm loving this early release so far! The lighting is great. The weather is great. Seasons are great. The new aircraft are very nicely done. Even the new autogen-based scenery is very sold (I'm sure your mileage will vary depending on the availability of accurate OSM data). Overall, I think it's a great release and to think it will continue to improve for a number of years just like Laminar did with XP11 is fantastic. Here are a few shots of flying around KJAC in snowy weather (and yes, you can see snow hit your windshield... and breaking action sure suffers according to the level of snow and/or ice in the weather settings). This last one is near L.A:
  4. hi everybody, i have a difference in the live weather. i think i follow the right steps, on p2a config, i choose sim weather, then xp12 path, output, realweather folder. but when i check the live weather txt file there and the p2a wx weather, i have different values. any ideas? how can i be sure the right weather file is being read? or is there an update button? thanks
  5. I re-posted some pix as a reply recently in another topic, to show some lunacy/fun I had in MSFS originally. I commented at the time that I wondered if the much vaunted flight model in XP would even let me do such things or just bounce me out of the sky due to some arcane rule of aerodynamics or somesuch. So I thought I'd recreate the event in XP12. And hey - it seems Austin loves a loony too! (or at least is prepared to tolerate one). So here we go, out from Heathrow in the Tollis A319, one of my faves for XP, and off east over the Smoke. Over Hyde Park Chas and Cam's bijou city pad Swinging round to follow the river now Post Office Tower (as I still think of it) in the background, along with Centre Point. All good memories but I haven't been near any of that stuff for probably 35 years now Piccadilly Circus below. Notice the plug for Orbx, which is fair enough as it's their splendid True Earth that makes XP12 work for me Easing in to position For some reason, I can hear John McEnroe's voice in my head at this point "If you look out of the left hand window . . " 'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go. . . Mmmm, that was ok. Wonder if we've got enough sick bags to try that inverted . . ." Wonder if they do a floats version of this And away! Hey! I'm a sherious simmer, me As ever, no pixels were harmed in the making of this episode. The management does not recommend trying this without the aid of immensly impressive serious flight simming experience and skills. Or a large glass or three of Bushmills. Whichever comes more naturally. Life is short, Any sim is meant to be fun. Enjoy it all!
  6. Still putting my XP12 together. Going nicely and I'm really enjoying it. Here's a few of the 747-100 from XP11 happily burbling along around Seattle. Heading south out of KSEA, then turning back and heading north. Don't ask me why, I just felt like it! Weather gets a bit rough as well. I haven't abandoned MSFS by any means, but this is looking and feeling as good as MSFS in my book, where stuff like TE is available, And actually, if I stay up in the big birds a bit higher than my ususal thing it looks pretty good in most places with the SimHeaven stuff and VSims ortho. To the point where I actually went and blew over 100 USD on some XP planes on offer at the org site today. Expect to see a new 747-200 and an MD-11 sometime soon!
  7. Last batch for today. Out of a rather fine freeware Palm Springs (XP11 but ok) en route for KONT, the XP version of their recent and very splendid MSFS product. Actually the XP version is the original and is supposedly XP11, but again, works fine here. All over the very fine TrueEarth SoCal, along what has always been one of my favourite routes in any sim. This first set takes a look around KPSP and then heads off towards KONT, but the arrival will follow in a later set. We start waiting to go on the runway, but than have a look round the airport And this is freeware (on the .org forums) And away. I've been to Palm Springs, but not the airport. One year we gave ourselves a treat and had a few days in San Diego, then drove to Tucson stopping for one night each in Palm Springs and 29 Palms. That was one fine trip. Just to prove I do go inside sometimes! Just up ahead there used to be a couple of life sized dinosaurs at some kind of attraction, but I guess they've gone now (but I have some great shots of them from P3D) I really do think the True Earth stuff was the absolute pinnacle of Orbx's scenery business, which pretty much made it the best anywhere before MSFS came along. Shame that version of the company apparently no longer exists. And as we approach San Berdoo (as I believe the locals might call it?) that's where we stop this segment of the trip
  8. Yet more XP stuff. Out of KCLE, which is a free offering from a payware company (TWD) and comes with its own ortho tile. And I think that's what's being shown here but I need to double check (the instructions are a bit unclear, to me at least). Either way, whatever is showing up here, whether it's TWD's tile or SImHeaven and VSim's ortho, it's looking pretty fine. Messed around with a bit of pushback and taxiing this time. but that's all a bit boring so let's get out of here! turning east now Spotted this strip as I was flying over, can't remember what it's called, but thought I'd turn round and see about putting down there which actually went ok but as it was a bit of a last minute decision I came in too fast and well overran the runway (and a couple of fields). Wonder if the 319 has a tundra tyres option.
  9. Just one on the ramp...this is my first go with any iteration of X-Plane.
  10. Ortho4XP, SimHeaven X-World Europe Glasgow suburbs heading south Huddersfield Bradford
  11. Grabbed all the SimHeaven freeware packages, along with the payware Global Forests via Orbx, and thought I'd check it all out in somewhere default (no True Earth), so came to Cape Town. No ortho tiles here - I had made a load for XP11 and I might dig out the drive where I stashed them and try them out later as well. Wouldn't put this up against MSFS at any detailed level, but it's not too bad at all if you keep up a wee bit higher. The experiment continues! Huge improvement over the default, for me. I will be checking out other regions over the coming few days as well.
  12. from a couple of trial flights around Heathrow. First in the Duchess, out of Southend, up and across London into EGLL, and second out of EGLL in the cub and off towards Reading. All pretty much out of the box, no tweaking or even proper setting up (still haven't mapped my controls again - shows how much I use the aircraft's systems!). Scenery around Southend is from an older XP11 package, not sure where the boundary with TE is. London itself in the XP/TE package is not as good as MSFS for me (even with the what I feel is the awful London PG at the moment), but it's the light and atmospherics I'm finding addictive. Plus, oddly, I actually enjoy the flying a bit more - maybe it's the lack of stutters and pauses. Visually, I shall start playing with re-shade/Gshade in MSFS and see if I can get any sort of approximation of the XP hazing/distance effect. Beginning to think that's one of the major things that is appealing to me here. Wish I had a magic wand and could just somehow merge the two systems and keep the best of both. Hey, maybe if I set up my own company to do that - Laminobosoft? How's that sound? These pix are a bit darker than I'm seeing on my actual system. Feels like the XP screenshot mechanism takes them a bit darker than the X-Box Game Bar capture that I use for MSFS
  13. Just a couple from my first attempt up in my shiny new 747-200. I must be serious about XP if I'm buying aircraft for it again! Purrty, ain't she?
  14. Definitely one of my favourite places in the sim, been several times in RL (we had a training facility in Orange County), enjoyed every visit but wouldn't want to live there. And in sim terms, I've always felt XP and TrueEarth, plus many and various little freeware VFR addons, just can't be beat, and I still think that's probably true for me, even though the MSFS version is very nice as well. You won't be surprised to hear that it's the road and track network that makes it so special in XP for me. Anyhoo, a few from a flight that I had to stop for time reasons, but I will be back to explore a lot more. (excuse the annoying little menu arrow on the left of the screen - it's for the Duchess and I haven't checked how to hide it as yet) Oooh! Oooh! freeways! This is such a sad thing in MSFS. I can see that getting the roads and bridges is not a priority for MSFS but if XP (well known for its "we're a serious sim and we don't care about looking pretty") can do it this well then MS/Asobo ought to be able to do it in MSFS. Heading towards downtown And that's where I ran out of time. Saved the flight though so I'll pick it up again later sometime. As Randy Newman never quite said "I love LA (in the sim)"
  15. This is primarily for @bernd1151 re your request as to the state of the 747 VC. Here's a bunch of shots, and as I was in there I took a look round the rest of the aircraft as well. This is the "old" XP11 aircraft, not the new 747-200 I just got. I waved the mouse across the panels, a lot of things look like they work but a lot don't. I, of course, wouldn't know! Looks like the basic model must have been United, and the PanAm skin hasn't touched the interior.
  16. Continuing my re-acquaintance with XP-12, I wanted to see what TE Florida would look like in XP-12. Pretty stunning, is the answer. I've always thought this might well be Orbx's best bit of scenery, loved it in XP11, can't actually remember if I had it for P3D - I may have stopped using P3D by then. So, symlinked it in to XP-12, along with all the rest of my Orbx XP stuff, and headed out from KEYW (Orbx). Still not set up properly for the various controls etc (which shows how much I'm enjoying XP - don't want to spend the time messing around with key bindings - just want to get in the air and go) but I'll maybe do that this weekend. It's beginning to inhibit my moving around enough that I'm not getting some of the shots I want. Still, I may have recorded this flight, and if that took I'll go back and explore more at ground level later. So we've got XP-12's lighting, Orbx's colouring for the scenery, and all without stutters and pauses. Smooth as a baby's b*m (probably word not allowed, gawdelpus). All 4k, best viewed large. Enjoy! Out of KEYW, and off to follow the highway back to the mainland I have always found this to be one of the major disappointments in MSFS. I had really high hopes at first but the colours in MSFS are not that good and more to the point, the water levels and water masks are all over the place. The road keeps vanishing under the water, and of course there is the usual problem with all the bridges. (Not getting into a which sim is best thing here, there are whole CONTINENTS done better in MSFS still and I still love it for that). But I really do think the TrueEarth version of Florida, and particularly the Keys, is magnificent Oh, and I realise that the A319 is not really meant for "low and slow" work, but here in my world . . . skipped ahead a bit here, now heading over Miami. Thought about putting down here but decided to carry on a little bit further to KFLL Swinging out to turn in to KFLL Too busy trying to get it down in one piece without bouncing (that's one side effect of flying it like a Cub or similar) to get any pix of the landing, but if the replay works I'll grab some then. But this is where I ended parked up.
  17. Just playing around with XP12 again. Checking out what works in XP12. This P51 seems fine, as does the Spitfire to come in another set shortly. So nothing hugely fancy here. There's a fairly lousy EGLL in the bacground here. The default is not nice and I feel the Aerosoft one from XP11 is almost worse. Have to confess I just bought my first bit of XP scenery in three years - a new Heathrow, and I'll get some shots of that later as well. Pix are from two different flightrs with two different liveries. Still struggling with a couple of things.The roads don't look as good as I remember them from XP11 but I can't at this point remember what trick I used back then. And it all feels a little bit too green in places. Still more than happy to spend time in both sims at the moment. Trouble is, it's beginning to seem like I might be buying addons for two as well!
  18. This is actually a freeware Spifrire, from .ORG. And it seems quite happy in XP12. So I'm happy too! Started out from Gatwick, was planning to head to Southend or maybe round the Kent coast to Dover but then I spotted the Dartford Bridge and thought "hey, I haven't done anything silly in XP 12 yet . . ." And so off I went and as I'm pointing this way now, I thought I'd head off to the Smoke And more silliness You know what's just up ahead, right? But I was going a bit fast and I'm a bit out of practice with XP so I pulled up and over this time. (But I did get an A318 throught there in P3D once!) Carrying on westwards Was going to put down at Heathrow, but still only had the Aerosoft one in place here, and that's too ugly for me, so I just skipped past and headed on out west. But more opf that in a later post
  19. Half a dozen shots just checking to see if my XP11 A380 works ok in XP12. Seems to be fine for my use (no idea if any of the systems actually work, of course) This is the default EGLL. I bought the TaiModels version, and it looks great, but I think it might be causing a weird ground tile problem out east and I've stopped using it till I can figure it out. Coming up over Southend I (mis)spent my youth in Southend, from age 5 to 20, and it sort of disturbs me to look down on a shot like this and think that my entire formative years were spent in a patch of the planet pretty much covered by one smallish cloud shadow. That WAS my world for all that time. But now the world's my lobster, as Del would say
  20. So, just grabbed the Wilga half price in a sale, the KABQ is from Short Final Designs (MisterX) and is a bring-over from XP11 that seems to work fine, and the background scenery is the SimHeaven and Vsim Ortho combination. So not TrueEarth quality, like the SFO stuff I've posted recently, but to my eyes, perfectly acceptable. So starting with a few around the airport From what I remember, MisterX originally did (does?) a bunch of pretty fine freeware airports, but then started to sell upgraded versions as Short Final Designs. I have a few of these and they're all pretty good. Not sure if the townscape as here is part of the airport package or the Simheaven stuff. Off into the hills to the east of the city Oooh! I think I see a freeway in the distance! I really am going to have to get to grips with the flying car I got recently. That should be fun. Up and away OK, so no, it's not quite MSFS quality at this level, but to me it's very acceptable. And I don't know what it is, but even as a confirmed non-pilot I do find the flying experince more engaging in XP. But I'll be back in MSFS soon - got a load of airports there that I haven't visited yet.
  21. A quick tour round one of my favourite places (sim and real life) in the default S-76. Have just found that there's a free XP12 upgrade version of one of my other helis so I'll try that later. Meanwhile - enjoy! Waiting to lift, at the cargo terminal area Actually a payware KSFO, but I'll come back and do a tour of that later Off to the city As you know, I'm a big fan of IFR flying in XPlane <grin> The roads and particularly the traffic are streets ahead (can I say that?) of MSFS Yeah, yeah, I know it's a flight sim, but c'mon! I assume that's TrueEarth's SF city stuff down there. Thought tthat must be dodgy modelling in the sim at first, but I guess it's actuall dodgy architecture instead. Coit Tower - one of my favourite places in the city It's a cliche, view wise, but there's a reason for that! I've always been taken with this little patch of Earth, it looks pretty much perfect to me. Plonk me down on a few acres of land there and then b*gger off and leave me alone and I'd be a happy boy. But then, where I do live is very much like this, but on a much smaller scale, so I guess all is well with my world I mean, what's not to like? Heading back now I probably took four times as many pictures as I've shown on this trip. A lovely place and extremely well done in True Earth. Such a shame Orbx lost the plot with its sceneries, they really were the absolute cream in their heyday.
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