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  1. What would PC gaming be without these modder heroes who give their time for the rest of us to enjoy. This looks fantastic and has rekindled my interest in the C152. I got my PPL in a Katana but did also go up in a faithful old C152 so I have real world memories of that noisy old thing! Thanks for sharing that link!
  2. Oh I see, so with Standby you mean the audiio will still play but the screen turns off? With Sleep everything is turned off..
  3. Ok I feel dumb for asking this but here goes! Just got a new Android TV. I tend to fall asleep while watching it at night and want it to switch off automatically after a set amount of time. The menu system shows two choices: Standby Timer (3hr/4hr/5hr/6hr) Sleep Timer (15min/30min/1hr/2hr/3hr/4hr) Whats the difference? The documentation isn't clear. Thanks much.
  4. I have the AOL installed. Like you I just want to start MSFS and go flying. I have the AOL for one reason only - organization & (like @Fielder said) - management. I dont enable/disable stuff, everything (all 300GB) is always enabled. My folders: Airports (with country subfolders) Airplanes Airliner liveries (with a/c type subfolders) GA Liveries Scenery (with area sub folders) Misty Moorings will go in here Sky Ground Water Other (hide toolbar etc) Libraries If you dont have a huge community folder then management is easier. And even then if you've renamed folders to reflect content within them then that also makes it easy to manage. So AOL is not absolutely needed but it does make things easier to manage , organize and troubleshoot.
  5. I totally agree its a marketing term. Any plan can be "study level" depending on *how* its used. I can fly upside down under bridges in C152 Aerobat or use it to do realistic cross country flying with flight planning, setting up approach into the pattern etc. For my friends who are hardcore into MSFS its the airliners that they mean when they use the term "study level" - and more specifically the systems in those airliners. Dreamliners and A350s are powerful computers with wings and a tube attached to them and learning to work the software that drives the avionics is a big attraction to home gamers who want "as real as it gets. (In addition to of course the flight planning process).
  6. How I wish the default MSFS world had running water when it came to creeks, streams and rivers. This looks amazing. MSFS can slowly become a Second Life. We could craft houses, drive cars, boats, open bars & clubs, have beach raves with our avatars in multiplayer. Gonna be exciting!
  7. I agree, I find it grating as well and much prefer "custom made"
  8. Great pics and your post title got me for a bit as it has the names of two airplanes in it! For a moment thought you were flying circles around the Quest machine that was parked on the ground 👀
  9. Im on Steam, the update was flawless, came down the pipe pretty fast too despite the servers being hammered.
  10. I dont have the Fenix but what you described there I have experienced in other planes, from FSX, MSFS and XP11. I know EXACTLY what you mean. When I fly as a pax on heavy airliners I like sitting in one of the last rows so I can be well behind the wing for a good view - and I like the loud powerful exhaust roar too. As you walk up the aisle towards the front that roar diminishes and even sitting beside a GE90 is a more gentle whine+wind. While on the flight deck its mostly wind. So to hear immense exhaust roar while in the pilots seats on an Airbus or Boeing does spoil the immersion for me. Getting the sound right really adds to the fun!
  11. I still cannot get over what happened to this airport IRL. The way the city authorities sent in the dozers at night to trash the runway I couldn't believe it.
  12. Yes, the people I worry about are the absolute newbies to MSFS who see such a thing and buy it. Every 3 purchases and they've made close to $100 on ReShade* presets!! Granted they would have to be unfamiliar with gaming in general also to be aware of this. ReShade after all is well known in gaming as a free way to enhance the visuals. *free free free
  13. Also the before and after pics look like a downgrade. Looks like it turns MSFS into a blue cartoon haze.
  14. Whoa! I searched for this and ....are they serious?? https://secure.simmarket.com/wings-of-fantasy-atmosphere-reshade-msfs.phtml 30 euro for ReShade profiles?! ReShade is free, you can find lots of presets online for free . I wonder what Crosire (the creator of ReShade) will say if he spots that!
  15. It shouldn't take that long I have 522 addons totaling 132GB MSFS and the addons are installed on old school spinner drive The game loads in 2mins 10 sec Have you tested the load times with an empty Community folder? If not give that a try so you know the load time for a base unmodded MSFS. Also +1 for AddOnLinker, its a fantastic bit of software. Edit - just saw your latest post above mine. Glad you fixed it!
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