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  1. I got my IFR in a Warrior (many many moons ago lol). Rock solid platform and I much preferred the throttle and mixture controls which was a more "airliner style" quadrant setup compared to the Cessna 150 & 172 "syringes" 😶
  2. You might be interested in this video shot by a coast guard helicopter of a SR22 near Hawaii. A fuel system issue caused the engine to fail and the pilot popped the chute. Amazing footage.
  3. Oh I see, thanks for the info. I was actually just watching a YT vid last night to learn how to use the TBMs Garmin system, its very impressive whats out there for GA pilots these days!
  4. That is an excellent idea. Low level VFR is exactly what Im after. I just checked out that plane and ended up on the real world manufacturers site, what an amazing thing! Definitely added to wishlist, exactly what I need to bumble around - like you said it has a light system load. Have you seen the vid of it doing a turn over a spot 😲 I did this already but I didnt check what the visuals looked like with it on so will have a look to compare. I had forgotten how to do that, thanks for the reminder. Will try this with MSFS too. I got MSFS with that train of thought but it didnt last. For some of us the urge to start tweaking is too great to resist 😁 Oh heres a blast from the past! This was to tweak the fsx.cfg Just look at all that. I hasten to add that this was THE advice to follow if you wanted the blurries gone in FSX. It really worked!😀 https://www.simforums.com/FORUMS/nvi-w7810-driver-setup-fsx-fsxse-and-p3d-update_topic59954.html Early days for me but so far no CTD, stutter yes! I have got a new rig planned but I will be on this old crate for a while so will have to stick to low and slow. Thank you, just wanted to post that for users who are new and those on weak systems. We cannot enjoy it full bore but what we do have is miles ahead of anything FSX gives. Wow nice intel there about dev mode aircraft swap thanks very much! 😀 Thanks for this interesting info. Fortunately Im not!
  5. Thats a good point. I have tried adjusting it manually and using the presets (Office, Movie etc). It also has a Game mode and that does reduce the bleachyness but also increases the sharpness to ridiculous levels so I play with it turned off. However I have just installed ReShade and its helped a lot. Using its Levels setting slider I have reduced the brightness. Also used its Color boost mode to make the Asian and South American rainforests look more verdant! Now Amazon bush flying feels even more awesome.
  6. Yes,this is why I said it was a subjective thing. I feel they are a bit overdone but I understand when others say it looks fine to them. I wish they had sliders so that both sides can be happy. Many many other games have them so Im hoping this one gets them in a future update. I realize its not a priority for them. If you see the first 40 seconds of this video, thats how I want the world to look. Yes bright but not the bleached effect - although I would agree with bleach while flying over barren desert or white beaches!
  7. @Glenn Fitzpatrick oh I see thanks for explaining. I recall reading in Flying Magazine about graphical planning where they showed how you can just drag the route line around. So impressive and now this mod brings it to us. I agree I find the stock units very bothersome and fiddly so I look forward to using this. What a star this modder is.
  8. That is a good point but the reason for the powerful CPU is that I want to future proof the PC for a long time. I can always sell the 3060 and upgrade the gfx card. Also I will need a 1440 monitor which I dont have...additional cost 😞 I would love to game at 1440, i will look for used display on eBay!
  9. I totally agree with you. So tired of all that, shudder to think of the FSX days. Like you I do not want to look at a world map with some boxes outlining certain areas with addon mesh/scenery "The sim looks best when I fly in those places" Nope nope!
  10. Totally agree 🙂 I am planning on a new gaming rig. I have not chosen the components yet but it will have 32GB RAM, at least RTX3060 12GB and 11th Gen Intel or Ryzen 5800X CPU. Oh that brings back memories! ☝️ and also HIGHMEMFIX
  11. Thanks for making a post on this, Im gonna get this mod! Where would gaming be without modders, for real. I just wanted to ask since I am not familiar - what does it do that the default stock Garmins in the TBM, C172 etc cannot? Just curious 🙂
  12. @737_800 if you have an X-Box Series X then you might wanna consider getting MSFS from the MS Store as I gather the PC version includes the console version when it comes out. Or maybe this applies only with Game Pass? I dont know much about it. Just a thought if you plan to play it on console also. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/12/10/microsoft-flight-simulator-coming-to-xbox-series-xs-summer-2021/
  13. Hello friends 😃 So I just hammered the credit card and got the Premium Deluxe on Steam. Just wanna share first impressions & observations and also give feedback as a user with a low-spec PC. Installation from Steam went flawlessly. First off (no surprise here) the visuals are amazing 😲 - and this is coming from someone who has a dislike for photo scenery. I still cant help notice Google imagery is better in some places I've been too but I know the Bing imagery will be updated. I set the time to early evening and droned around in the C150, absolutely stunning. What they have achieved with the 1:1 virtual earth is something else. Having said that I cant shake the feeling that now and then it does have a bit of a cartoon look to it but I only get this feeling on rare instances. Desperately needs sliders for brightness, saturation, gamma, contrast & vibrance. The landscape has a whitewashed bleached over-bright feel to it. I will get ReShade to help deal with this, or I can use GeForce Experience filters. I realize this is a subjective issue but having sliders would be great. Needs a "Universal Autopilot" pop up window, FSX had these via mods and they were so useful. No doubt one will emerge in the mod scene. Putting aside the amazing virtual earth & visuals for a minute a couple of things jumped out at me. Here and there the UI interface feels just like Dovetails FSW. Even the light GA planes "feel" like they were dropped in from FSW. They have that slight FSW jiggle , I cant explain it. That title never got to completion but had some good ideas (notably the UI) and I have no doubt MS noticed. The UI tiles are too big and they need an option to show a compact List View in the Airplane Selection menu, Market Place etc. It all seems designed for a tablet! I miss the FSX ability to switch airplanes at any time. I just cant seem to find the Quick Look function to look down! When it comes to trees, bushes and buildings I see next to no difference between Medium & Ultra There needs to be an option to completely disable (turn off) glass cockpit displays. Not just a visual turn off but a background calculation turn off. All of us mostly fly from the left seat - the right seat PFD, NAV display are no use. I was in the TBM and wished I could turn off the right seaters PFD. Same for the airliners like A320. Let us us turn them off will save resources, specially for those of us on weaker systems. Anti Aliasing: FXAA gives me smoother lines than TAA The built in Dev Mode display for FPS & resources is excellent and I strongly advise using them, tells you everything. Shows not just FPS but VRAM and sys RAM use. Extremely useful! Observations from playing on a low spec (see my sig) 2008-era PC @ 1920 X 1080 This demanding new title runs better on my system than FSX. In areas where FSX (with Orbx) gave me single digits MSFS is throwing out 25+FPS. Pleasant surprise! Make sure Windows is on Game mode Use just one monitor, disable the others if you use multiples. Check that security software is also in Game Mode Turn off needless background stuff - do you need OneDrive, CCleaner etc running? In nVidia card settings you can set the Texture filtering Quality to High Quality, Performance or High Performance. See what works for you (sue Dev mode FPS feedback). Also experiment with the Power Management Mode , I have mine set to Prefer maximum performance. From pressing Play in Steam to arriving at the Welcome screen takes 5 minutes. Launching a flight takes 2.5 minutes. This is from slow old school spinner HDs These are all disabled/turned to minimum: volumetric clouds, all traffic, reflections, live weather, photogrammetry, glass cockpit refresh rate. Play with Texture Res and the other Texture options to find the sweet spot When flying out over the boonies I get up to 45FPS Flying near mid size towns it drops to 30FPS Large cities are unflyable on my PC, drops to single figs . But no surprise, I expected this. I cannot fly airliners either, drops to single figs ☹️. Its clear that I can only use the game for light GA flying out in bush country. Which is fine by me, its what I had planned. Analog panels not surprisingly give much higher FPS Conclusion: even on a weak machine this title is playable however you need to drastically disable/reduce/turn off some elements. Yes that means elements that make MSFS outstanding like the volumetric clouds, live weather etc. But, heres the important bit : even on the low settings with the major eye candy reduced this game looks a trillion times better than FSX can ever hope to be. Looking forward to learning a lot from other users on the forum, specially those who got the title at launch and have become familiar with it 🙂
  14. You could wait for the Summer Sale but I will be very surprised if this game goes on sale. If it does not I'll say without hesitation that $24 extra is worth it for not having the pain of needing the DVD in the drive. The things scratch easy, and you could misplace it. Of course if you're careful its doable using the boxed version but one less hassle if you get it on Steam.
  15. Does the store sell Steam Gift Cards? If so drop the $50 on that then use it to get Premium Deluxe on Steam with the remaining $45 from your credit card.
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