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  1. Wow, that is exactly what I was after, I will back up my sound.cfg before fiddling around. There are some planes Ive come across where they do use internal sounds but they are on the rare side. Those excellent Russian freeware planes like AN32, AN12 etc have that feature. Thanks very much Chris.
  2. Hi friends, Hope you are all keeping well during these times. On many of my freeware airliners (like the excellent Thomas Ruth A330-200/300) Im hearing EXTERNAL engine and wind noise when I cycle to the passenger wingview. It ruins immersion for me. Its like you are sitting OUTSIDE on the wing during a Mach 0.84 cruise 🙄 Of course when I cycle back to the flight deck the sound reverts to interior mode. Why doesnt FSX play the same internal sounds in wingview? I then panned the camera around while in wingview and found that the camera viewpoint is located OUTSIDE the fuselage. So using the movement keys I moved back into the cabin - no luck. Its still external sounds that are playing. I would love to have internal sounds during wingview, the sounds we hear as passengers when we ride on jetliners. Or at the very least is there a way to tell FSX to play the same interior sounds that I hear on the flight deck? Anything I could tweak in a config file somewhere? Thanks for any advice.
  3. I completely agree. I am in the same boat, just do not have the time no desire to learn a hyper-realistic airplane. I am not looking to be type rated on the thing, just want a decent flying Airbus that has the "feel" correct. And by that I mean it should not feel like an F15 but should replicate the feel of an Airbus and its flight control laws to even the casual simmer. By far the best example I can give of a middle ground is the excellent Zibo mod for Xplane11. This is a mod of the default B738 but you can fly it JUST like default (get in + go) or use realistic B738 procedures. The Zibo sits way way above other freeware B738s but below a PMDG in avionics depth (but its well on its way there). This is the kind of level that I feel the A320N that would be ideal in FS2020. I did read that FS2020 will allow you to select the level and depth of realism so that will be nice.
  4. This. I have seen this type of simmer in real life and on various forums. They are dull, boring and extremely jaded. They look down with scorn and new players, specially those who come to the sim from FPS games like Far Cry, Arma, COD etc and want to try something new. We need new blood and this kind of snotty attitude needs to stop. At an airshow I came across 4 snotty simmers and they saw me looking at a taxiying Airbus A330 and said "Lol do you even know what that is? Lol lol" I replied "Its a Boeing DreamHornet B460-200" Their faces turned purple because they then knew that I knew what it was and poking fun at them mad them so mad!
  5. Hey dude, Xplane11 is awesome. Dont miss out, I mean one word: Zibo 😊 I know FS2020 is what you want but in the meantime enjoy what I feel is currently the best sim out there and the Zibo gives you realistic airliner flying for nothing. And its tested regularly by a real world B738 Captain too. And before I get hollered at 😁 - I have both XPL1 and FSX on my computer. So Im not fanboying. Both have their + and -
  6. I completely agree with people before me - Xplane 11s file structure is just the BEST most streamlined out there. Period. Its entirely self contained, in effect the entire sim is one big portable installation. Just drop planes, scenery, sounds, scripts into ONE folder only. Done. Please Microsoft, take a leaf out of Laminars book and quit this messy nonsense of files all over the place (my Documents, Appdata, Program files,blah blah blah).
  7. Im in exactly the same boat as you. From the days of FS4 to years of FSX and much money spent on Orbx. Four months ago I uninstalled it all. It was a sad feeling, FSX kept me busy for years but the creaking old ESP engine was really showing its age and no matter how you dress it up with 3rd party addons its still an ancient engine. Like you I found it too clunky and I only want one sim , and its gonna be the new one. XP11 really is a breath of fresh air and its the SMALL things that made the huge difference. Remember the TEDIOUS task of setting views in FSX. Now in XP11 rapidly move in the XYZ axis, set a view you like, CTRL+numpad = done! And the LUA scripts...the default 737 (and the Zibo). I mean I could just go on and on. Thanks for the years of fun MSFSX but its time to move on.
  8. What does the log file show? It might offer a clue of whats going on. Also where is your sim installed? Ideally not in the C: root Does the sim crash when you make that adjustment BEFORE you go on a flight (when the sim launches and from the title screen you go to Settings) You can also delete your prefs (back them uyp first) and see if that helps. https://www.x-plane.com/kb/deleting-preferences/
  9. I am not an expert user on the Zibo but I do seem to recall theres some options for this on the AviTab. Are you using that to save the configuration? Also as far as I can recall - the switch-state cannot be saved yet. However I think Zibo is working on this.
  10. You are correct. There is no need to whack the AA up to max. I have mine at 4 X and when I tried 8 X it cost me 10-15FPS! And theres no difference I can see between the two (I took many before and after screenshots). If you are not fussed about reflections (specially on water) then disabling that can give a good boost to FPS.
  11. Did you get it working? If you need help feel free to message or reply to this.
  12. Great video friend, the bit at the end was funny! I will sub your YT channel, look forward to more reviews.
  13. This looks just amazing and shows the power of a next gen engine as opposed the creaking ESP I was using in FSX. As others have pointed out - once XP11 sorts out its seasons, weather & ATC it will have REALLY arrived :) I jumped ship to XP11 a year ago and uninalled FSX last week, wasnt easy to do, like saying bye to an old friend but I want to deal with just one sim and its gonna be the new one.
  14. What kind of plane is that? A kitplane? Looks fast, PT6 up front?
  15. Glad you got it fixed. Buying used cards is a bit of a gamble. Just like buying a used car (where its hard to tell how the engine was treated by the previous owner). I recommend this little freeware app that displays GPU temp on the taskbar. http://www.gputemp.com
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