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  1. You are correct. There is no need to whack the AA up to max. I have mine at 4 X and when I tried 8 X it cost me 10-15FPS! And theres no difference I can see between the two (I took many before and after screenshots). If you are not fussed about reflections (specially on water) then disabling that can give a good boost to FPS.
  2. Did you get it working? If you need help feel free to message or reply to this.
  3. Great video friend, the bit at the end was funny! I will sub your YT channel, look forward to more reviews.
  4. This looks just amazing and shows the power of a next gen engine as opposed the creaking ESP I was using in FSX. As others have pointed out - once XP11 sorts out its seasons, weather & ATC it will have REALLY arrived :) I jumped ship to XP11 a year ago and uninalled FSX last week, wasnt easy to do, like saying bye to an old friend but I want to deal with just one sim and its gonna be the new one.
  5. ThrottleUp

    SBSP to SBGL

    What kind of plane is that? A kitplane? Looks fast, PT6 up front?
  6. ThrottleUp


    Glad you got it fixed. Buying used cards is a bit of a gamble. Just like buying a used car (where its hard to tell how the engine was treated by the previous owner). I recommend this little freeware app that displays GPU temp on the taskbar.
  7. Hi friends, I'm a bit confused and would appreciate some help. I've been using the excellent MisterX6 library and also his Airport Environment HD (AEHD) Today I spotted and downloaded RA Library which appears to do what (AEHD) does (unless Im mistaken). Do I need to remove both the Mister X folders if I want to use RA_ Library? Currently Installed MisterX_Library MisterX Airport Environment HD 2.1 What I want to use: RA Library 1.2 Thanks :)
  8. I jumped ship from FSX and one of the pleasures of XP11 is that its a very neat installation. In fact it doesnt even "install" into Windows. Its like a big portable installation. All addons, tweaks, everything goes under the XP11 root. Its SO much cleaner than what I had to deal with in FSX with (in true MS fashion) scattered stuff into app data local, program files, my documents, program data, etc. Messy. You can have FSX, DCS, p3D, XP11 all on the same computer no issues. XP11 "keeps to itself " :D
  9. Finally I realize now why my NVCP was not having ANY effect on the sim. My HDR was on. Thanks very much for this info!
  10. Hi I use Logitech ARX. Its free and does not need any Logitech hardware. It sends your PC telemetry to your smartphone or tablet ( see screenshot below). You need to do 2 steps. First go here and scroll down to "Logitech Gaming Software" and download it Next you need to visit the Play store on your Android device and get this:
  11. Have you tried ReShade? Completely free and has loads of filters which you can tweak to your liking. Theres also lots of presets you can get. Below are two shots from my sim using ReShade. The colors and brightness may not be to your liking. but they can easily be tweaked in real time in the sim just using th excellent ReShade GUI. Grab it here:
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    Ethiopian 701 to Addis Ababa

    Thanks for the VC shot, looks a great plane :)
  13. I was a heavy FSX user and have now moved to X-Plane. Its brilliant for GA and the default 737 is just amazing and follows simple user-generated flight plans. You access the plan through the FMC CDU but turst me its very easy as you are not doing any real-world level routing. 2 button presses and thats it! The default C172SP is also excellent. I highly recommend the incredible free Little Navmap too.
  14. Thanks @BobFS88 I shall do that now ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Hi friends ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to make the wingtip strobes of the default 737-800 much brighter and more intense. Ive flown a lot as a pax on 737NGs specially at night the the strobe is very bright whereas I find the sim version like a birthday cake candle. Anyone on here done such a thing? Please share your tips. Still a bit of an XP11 n00b at this time. A real world vid (not mine) is below. Do share any tips on how to tweak the strobe!
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    Trees, trees and autogen....

    Glad you like it it ๐Ÿ˜„ yes hes an excellent freeware designer, gave us the HD Mesh too. Good idea to bookmark his site to see what else he comes up with. The HD forests indeed make a big difference!
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    Exciting Police Chase On FSX!!!!

    Oh I see its part of the 3rd party scenery, I get it now ๐Ÿ‘
  18. ThrottleUp

    Ethiopian 701 to Addis Ababa

    Great shot, can you post some of the VC also?
  19. Great pics and story, thanks for the post. The plane looks like it came straight outta Fallout 4 ๐Ÿ˜„
  20. ThrottleUp

    Trees, trees and autogen....

    Nice pics friend, have you seen this mod?:
  21. ThrottleUp

    Exciting Police Chase On FSX!!!!

    This is actually interesting! I didn't know the road traffic had been given this functionality., Must be an in-house Microsoft thing done for giggles!
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    PTA? no thanks

    This is FS9? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ You have really got it looking amazing, looks better than my FSX lol!
  23. Thanks for this information. Yeah thats not too bad, I watched a YT vid of it and it looks amazing. They have done a lot of work on it.
  24. Hi friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you enjoy the pics, real world route and flight duration is 1hr 26min. Ready for push at FLN Taxiing to the active Lining up on the active Rolling ๐Ÿ˜Ž In the cruise Approach to EZE Was a bit windy๐Ÿ˜ฎ Welcome to EZE ๐Ÿ˜Š Further info on our destination if you're interested:,_Buenos_Aires
  25. Can the wear & tear be disabled? So that it behaves like any other addon plane. Im also interested in it but the maintenance simulation side of it has no interest for me at all.