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  1. Others like full cabins and even in FSX devs had a choice of model in the airplane selection menu - with our without the cabin. For a plane like this with such luxurious and interesting interior I feel they should do a detailed cabin. Wish it was possible to have a mini game within the cabin where we could be one of the FAs serving food, cleaning etc Would add awesomely to the immersion on long flights. And if im not mistaken the captains on these things would make trips to the cabin to meet passengers.
  2. The FXAA & SMAA in ReShade work so well for me. Worth a try.
  3. Thank you, I will check this out, sounds like it might just do the trick! The pic posted is from FSX so of course it will look dated. Im not saying use that UI for MSFS! I love virtual cockpits as much as anyone but I am NOT a fan of zooming into knobs and buttons. I am learning the hotkeys for setting the AP which will take some of the pain away of those torture-inducing rotary knobs and weeny little buttons on the Garmins 🙄 No complaints IRL but on a screen with a mouse no thanks! Exactly my thoughts. What difference does it make if the selected ALT is sent to the system via the Garmin knob or a utility that you can quickly input the ALT and then close with a hotkey. Done 🙂 Learning the hotkeys for the default AP commands is helping a lot though!
  4. Thanks I'm checking that out now. First impressions from seeing the description is that it is more of an information tool rather than a tool that lets you input data (like ALT, HDG etc) as I dont see a field where those numbers would show. Nevertheless I will try it out thanks for the info. The flightsim.to link in case someone's interested: https://flightsim.to/file/14163/db2-dashboard-2
  5. Just sign up for a new Outlook account. No issue. And do NOT use it for any other online gaming.
  6. Hey everyone, One of the best & most useful pop-up gauges in FSX was Glenn Copeland's Cockpit Commander (pic below). This little thing made entering ALT, HDG, CRS, VS, IAS & radio frequencies a breeze. For example to set ALT to 20,000 feet you just press the [2] followed by [0] and then press the [K] button and boom 20,000 is set the ALT. No crazy pressing or scrolling painful rotary manipulators. Same for stuff like headings, VS etc. Is there such an addon for MSFS? A sort of "Universal autopilot" with similar input functionality? Thanks 🙂
  7. Glad you got it fixed 🙂 Which apps were those btw? This kind of information will help someone else in the same situation for sure!
  8. Wow what a ride , what an experience you had! Its nice to hear accounts like this.
  9. That really is very well written. Should be permanently pinned to the top of every flight sim forum! Nice balanced view without any fanboi flag waving.
  10. What an experience that must have been, very lucky. And to top it all off you got to see the CAEs and how they were designed. Talk about straight from the horses mouth, data directly from Boeing, how cool. The Airbus sims must have been a bigger challenge initially because of the complex FBW system Im guessing. Would love to get a ride in a Level D one day.
  11. This! You said it best. These pretend computer pixel planes all feel the same to me. Good for learning stuff like navigation, procedures and such. But no way would you want to think the way they "feel" and "act" can be like the real thing. As your students discovered in a hurry. The closest to that would be the latest generation Level D flight sims such as those made by CAE. Even then airline pilot friends say the real thing is much easier to fly! The XP11 vs MSFS vs FSX vs P3D vs DCS vs Aerofly debating while interesting here and there just results in players frothing at the mouth lol.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, those Savage mods are just awesome! What a wonderful person he is. I came across a thread here the other day when I first learnt about AOL and he was in the thread and told me to message him anytime if I get stuck. Really, if all humans were like him the world would be a better place. Thank you for the most excellent software!
  13. Oh I see what you mean now 🙂. You are addressing potential issues where they might not allow it to go supersonic over land. This could be a deal breaker but then again money talks and many flights have to overfly the vast lands of Russia to get to Asia. They already make billions from overflight and ATC fees , they will just charge extra for Booms and let them go supersonic!
  14. The fat tubes do between 850-960 km/h in the cruise (still air speed). This thing will clip along at 1,800km/h. Tokyo-Seattle for example. Fat tube = 8hr 30min Overture = 4hr 30min More examples on their site: https://boomsupersonic.com
  15. I didnt know this, thanks. Always learning...
  16. Place the cursor on the screen with MSFS and press CTRL + ALT + PRTSCR It will then capture only that screen. OR Get the free Lightshot. You can configure it to hotkeys to specify the area you want a shot off and then thats it just press the key of your choice. Its small and light. https://app.prntscr.com/en/index.html
  17. I have the Steam version so hopefully I wont encounter those problems but thanks for that information. Good to know. Will watch some YouTubes and follow along. Thanks for the offer to help, will do my best to understand and and not get stuck but if I do I'll come back on here and ask for help! 62,295 downloads! Must be the most popular download on flightsim.to !
  18. Ohh I see, I should have thought of this, now it all makes sense 🙂 I understand now. That is a really good reason I had never thought off. So its just like NMM that I used to manage my other games. I use the method to isolate troublesome Skyrim mods. Wow 😳 Ok now Im sold. Im gonna get this mod manager. I take it you are the creator of this manager? Thank you very much for it, I shall get it now. Thanks also for explaining its features.
  19. Could someone tell me if I understood correct? This mod management tool "fools" MSFS into thinking that mods are in the Community folder when actually they could be anywhere? Even on another drive? 🙂 I was using another manager called ModMan but unfortunately it didn't work well so now I just dumped my addons into Community and was looking out for another manager when I saw this thread. Out of curiosity - I see people saying you can enable/disable groups of folders in Addon Linker. So for example if you're flying in Brazil you can turn off all your 3rd party USA and Europe scenery. But what is the benefit of doing this? It means that after you get bored of Brazil you have to exit the sim, enable those other areas and then start over again....? Thanks to the creator of Addon Linker, just by seeing the screenshot I can tell its well designed and useful.
  20. A good question - it did not disconnect. So for example I would look at left wingview (NUM4) and now with hindsight I recall that each time I used one of the hotkey cockpit cam numpad hotkeys it would induce a dive. I know that now but didnt make the connection until I saw what @TacomaSailor said. To recover from the dive I had to turn the AP off (SHIFT+ALT+Z) I guess I cant really explain it but the fix worked, after deleting the mapping to the primary control surfaces I can use the numpad view keys as much as I want to enjoy wingviews and the AP works as smooth as butter. In fact I made sure of this by droning around for 2 hours before posting on here!
  21. ✅Solved This was it 😃😃 You fixed the problem!! Thank you very much. I went to my keyboard button assignments (I'm also on Steam). Sure enough the numpad had been mapped to control the flying surfaces. I use the numpad for my hotkey views. So for example numpad 4 = left wing. However the sim by default had this tied to full left aileron so whenever I looked at the left wing I guess the control input overrode the AP and it was all downhill (literally) from there. I deleted all the keyboard hotkeys for primary control surfaces and now I can drone along on long cross countries on AP all day long! Thanks again! This forum needs something all the other forums have - a Mark as solution option. I set all the options (VS, ALT, HDG etc) but I only engage the A/P long after takeoff. I fly manually until on course and 500 to 1000ft below the planned ALT. Only then do I press the AP button 🙂 For very short hops I dont use the AP and just trim the plane which is not easy on any platform Ive used (FSX,XP11 and this MSFS) but sometimes I manage to find the sweet spot and it stays nailed. >>>>>> Thanks to everyone who replied, Avsim hive mind rules 🙂
  22. TLDR Engaging the AP causes the plane to drop a wing and nose dive. FULL Ever since I got the game about 3 weeks ago I have had no issues with the autopilot. I am now on version and the experience of flying has been absolutely ruined. This happened in light default GA planes. Mostly the (steam gauge) C172 and the Cub. I plan a flight using the GPS. In the AP I enter ALT=3500, VS=500FPM, make sure the primary souce is GPS. The usual. I take off and fly manually until cruise altitude, make sure its all trimmed and engage the AP.....and then the fun starts...😏 Immediately the airplane drops a wing, the trim goes full nose down in less than a second and the plane heads towards the ground in a dive. This was in the C172. I then tried the Cub. Same thing. I did a test where I planned a GPS flight but deliberately went off course and then engaged AP to see how it would capture the magenta line. It corrected well for a few seconds and then went ballistic and flipped the plane around the sky before diving again. I'm out of ideas. More baffling is that just two days ago the game was just fine (same version, the AP was fine. So I cannot point a finger at the update. Would be grateful for any ideas. Below are two videos I shot. They are very short (under a minute). Please check them out to see what I mean. Thanks for any advice! C172 CUB
  23. Does MSFS write to a log file like XP11 does? I found this a great feature in that title. Im really enjoying MSFS but its extremely untidy folder management (stuff all over the place) and difficulty in tracing problems is frustrating. I can sympathize with the OP.
  24. Is that on the number row or the number pad? I prefer the pad since all keys are together. It works well but for some reason on the C172 it sends me outside the plane. I used the second empty field in the custom camera menu to bind the hotkey to the numpad.
  25. Hello everyone, TLDR Cannot set custom cockpit camera views because camera seems to insist on using the view coordinates of a different plane. FULL I have set up custom hotkey cockpit views X-Plane 11 style where the view hotkeys are on the numpad (using the camera customization menu to bind numpad to the numrow) It worked really well for the Carbon Cub & the Cessna Caravan. I then downloaded a mod of the Cessna 172 (its a bush mod with big wheels). Using the arrow keys to move along the XYZ axis (just like I did with the previous planes) I began to set the views. However this time its not working. Somehow the view cam on this C172 is referencing the coordinates of the Caravan with the end result being that when I look straight ahead (numpad 8) the view jumps OUTSIDE the plane. I'm sitting on the prop spinner 🙄 Looking at the cam angle I realized it was referencing the cords of the Caravan. The camera is in a C172 but "thinks" its in the Caravan. I cannot override this. I use the following method to set views. In this example I'm setting the look straight ahead view. Use arrow keys to move to the view angle I like Press CTRL+ALT+1 (on number row)* Press CTRL+8 (on numpad)* Now when I press numpad 8 it jumps to my custom forward view. In the Cub & Caravan as I said this worked perfectly but in this C172 it seems hell bent on using the Caravans settings. Each plane has its own individual camera files right? How can I check this? How can I make this C172 accept the current settings and to stop using the Caravans view settings? Thanks for any advice! * Using the camera customization menu I made Load Custom Camera numrow 1 = numpad 8
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