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  1. You can find both on the .to site. I'm not at my PC right now, so I can't give you the direct link unfortunately. Thanks Michael. It is included in these scenery shots 🙂
  2. Marvelous shots! That livery fits the plane very well
  3. Excellent screenies. I can imagine that this will be your plane to go to for some time now 🙂
  4. Many thanks for your kind comments, gents.
  5. Very nice, Ryan. I am grateful hat we have guys like you, Ron, Jan Kees, Daryl and many others, who create stunning liveries for our hobby !!
  6. That airport is really a piece of art! Great shots of your 737. Now she is ready for duty 🙂
  7. Great shots, P_7878. If you allow me, the only thing that distracts a bit, are the FSX clouds. They look (at least to me) too artificial. Everything else is perfect, especially the plane!
  8. Those, who live in Hamburg, claim it is the most beautiful city in the world. Those, who don’t (like myself) say, it is a very nice city. I take off from Fuhlsbuettel airport Always worth a visit is the old “Speicherstadt” (City of Warehouses). It is the largest warehouse district in the world where the buildings stand on timber-pile (oak logs) foundations. The warehouses were built from 1883 to 1927 as a free zone to transfer goods without paying customs. At its entrance stands the newly constructed concert hall “Elbphilharmony” (Elbe Philharmonic Hall) The yellow, purpose-built, tent-like construction is for some time already home to the Lion King Musical. The white freighter with the red bridge top to the right side of the plane is the “Cap San Diego”, a general cargo ship, constructed in 1961. She is now fully restored and is kept fully operational by a dedicated museum team. Several times a year, the ship leaves the harbor for trips on her own power, mostly on the river Elbe or to Cuxhaven. In 2001, the ship was awarded the Maritime Heritage Award by the World Ship Trust. Here is a better picture of it A bit further down the river Elbe you come across this ugly wharf building. For some time now it is home to a mega yacht, owned by a Russian oligarch, who had it sent there for maintenance. She is still there and as it looks, she is not going anywhere These are the “St. Pauli Piers”. Built in 1839, they form today a central transportation hub, with S-Bahn, U-Bahn and ferry stations. They also serve as a major tourist magnet with numerous restaurants and departure points for harbor pleasure boats. Further down the Elbe sits the German Airbus arm in “Hamburg-Finkenwerder” Until a ship reaches the North Sea, it has to travel from Hamburg some 105 km (65 mi) Thanks for viewing.
  9. Many thanks for your kind comments, gents!!
  10. Queen Mary II is moored at Circular Quay in the ORBX Sydney city scenery. So I thought, why not let the original Queen Mary visit her. She must be terribly bored at her resting place in Long Beach, so let’s take her out to visit Australia. The Queen Mary is an FSX model, which I ported over to MSFS. After a long, but very enjoyable journey, she is seen here approaching Watsons Bay She is about to round South Head, which allows her to enter Sydney Harbour On our starboard side we pass Mosman Bay The bridge deck clearly shows that this ship is not an MSFS model, but it still looks nice and is pretty close to the original For a ship of this size, Sydney Harbour can be quite tight. It must be much worse with the present mega cruise ships Two beauties Thanks for viewing.
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