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  1. bernd1151

    Buffalo Repaint for the Seneca II?

    Hi, I just found out that I have that livery. I'm going to send you a PM. Bernd
  2. bernd1151

    The Siberian Rocket

    Excellent screenies, Harald. The last one is my favourite
  3. bernd1151

    Wintery weather over Illinois

    I can see, it's cold outside.😉 Great plane with a nice livery
  4. Many thanks, John. The scenery is truly breathtaking
  5. bernd1151

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    Howard, did you inform ORBX in their forum about your issues. I would be interestred to know, how they reacted to it Bernd
  6. We depart from Dunedin on the east coast and head south until we reach the southern tip of the island. From there we fly north-west towards Queenstown and then it’s on to Mount Cook. The plane is the freeware Restauravia Fouga Magister. This flight was done in the new P3D v4.4 and as before all weather has been switched off for more clarity Parked at Dunedin Intern. By now we have reached the southern part and are here over the Awarua Bay and Tiwai Point with Stewart Island in the distance On the west coast near Resolution Island. Here it becomes obvious that this freeware has a few watermasking issues. But I’m not really complaining, it’s free! Over the Fjordland Nat. Park Part of Lake Te Anau lies behind us on our way to Queenstown Over Lake Wakatipu with Glenorchy in the background Approaching Queenstown, here are some more watermasking issues visible I like the way the scenery is being mirrored in the water Queenstown with the ORBX airport and The Remarkables mountain range. It is not so obvious in these smaller pictures, but the clarity and sharpness of the scenery even in the distance is in v4.4 even better than in 4.3. You just look at your computer screen and say: WOW! Further north near Mount Edward and Mount Aspiring Mount Cook is dead ahead Thanks for viewing
  7. Thanks for your comment, John Thanks, I don't have AFS2 yet, but what I have seen (Switzerland, California) looks very convincing Thanks a lot, Harald. South Island will definitely be with a closed cockpit 😉 Many thanks, Michael. Yes, I believe that it does look better than ORBX. You will see it even more in my later post, when cruising around South Island. The mountains are just magificient. But it also has a few limitations, which are due to the quality of the data source. I will try to show them too. Bernd
  8. A few weeks ago, I found out that the website that publishes European photoscenery for free, now has also all of New Zealand on offer (also for free). I have downloaded all 16 files (size: 1 GB each), combined them to a single folder and installed them in my sim. They can be used for FSX, FSX-SE and all versions of P3D. I have stored all my photoscenery on an external 5 TB hard drive (standard HDD, no SSD). Within the flightsimulator, the scenery sits on top of my ORBX entries. The files come with their own autogen and in case you have ORBX NZNI and NZSI installed on your system, all ORBX airports plus all POI will show up. Next to ORBX, I have also installed payware from Godzone (Auckland and Tauranga). As you will see, all of this blends well with the photoscenery. This first part shows the North Island, the second part concentrates on the South Island. I have chosen as weather “clear skies”, so that the scenery is better visible. Here we are at the most northern tip of NZ: We follow the western shore to reach the 90 mile-beach Having crossed over to the east side in order to get a closer look at the Bay of Islands Now it’s on to Auckland, the city of sails North of Tauranga Further in the south of NZ’s North Island. Taking off from Wellington Intern. The autogen that is visible here is from ORBX Thanks for viewing. I have to admit that the scenery looks more impressive on my (larger) computer screen. If you are interested in downloading the scenery, here is the link: You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the NZ scenery. Btw, it has also scenery for the UK!
  9. bernd1151

    Austria: from Salzburg to Zell am See

    Many thanks, gents John, I installed it in P3D v4 with the Estonian Migration tool
  10. bernd1151


    Wow!! Is this X-Plane?
  11. bernd1151

    Annual Thanksgiving runs...

    Very realistic looking screenies
  12. We depart from the famous Red Bull “Hangar 7” in Salzburg, which does not only house some perfectly restored vintage planes, but also an excellent restaurant The scenery is from Austria Professional and the plane is the superb Ultralight Mitchell Wing U2, which is available free from the Aerosoft website: Thanks for viewing
  13. bernd1151

    Up the eastern crest of the Sierras

    Excellent screenies, John and very nice plane too