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  1. Thanks, Dominique. Yes, I do, still it's a tough one. Oh well...life would be boring without the occasional challenge. And thanks for the hint re Somalia, I'll definitely give it a try. Yesterday I flew from Windhoek to Walvis Bay. I know that on the way, there is a huge uranium mine. It's all here in MSFS too, nice!
  2. Your screenies show the true beauty of the new sim. When I head over to the ORBX forum and look at pics from OLC Africa for example and then fly in the same area in MSFS, boy oh boy, what a huge difference. And we are talking default scenery here. Give it eventually a better mesh and it would look even more marvelous. Oh, btw, how did you manage to get the Corsair airborne 🤣🤣
  3. Yeah, I thought the same. Thanks for the great pics btw
  4. It's amazing, what you decide to fly to make a living, Alan 😉😉
  5. Two great shots, TT. The first one is my favorite.
  6. This flightsim community is just amazing. After the creator of the Ever Given accident got scolded a few times over on flightsim.to for using the wrong ship, (which was not his fault, as the Ever Given was not part of the AI ship traffic), he turned to Hendrik Nielsen for help. Hendrik in turn quickly created the correct Ever Given texture and sent it to him. This scenery now shows the ship almost fully afloat again 😉
  7. Thank you all for your comments ! Yes it is. You'll find it in the Landmarks section
  8. Great shots and nice repaint of the former East German Mig !
  9. If I may say, Filou, I think you could make a living from selling these screenshots of yours 😉
  10. Andy, from the looks of this and your other recent threads you seem to have found your favourite toy to fly around in 😉
  11. Thanks for sharing these memories with us, Andy. May I say that this shot could easily be mistaken for a rw photo; well done, my friend 🙂
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