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  1. Great screenies, Will. There is always a lot to see especially in your airport shots !
  2. It's aways a pleasure to follow your interesting flights, Ryan!!
  3. Superb screenies as always, buddy! But the VC shots I like the most !
  4. Send them over to Boeing, Filou. They can use them for their ad campaigns 😊
  5. Awaroa is located in the depths of the Abel Tasman National Park on the South Island and the Awaroa Lodge is well worth a stay-over for a couple of days, so you can explore the beautiful area. Awaroa beach, also known as “Peoples Beach”, made headlines in 2016, when its former owner planned to sell this property. Not wanting to see this popular holiday destination fall into private ownership, two Christchurch men launched a crowdfunding campaign that saw the beach purchased for NZ$2.8 million and handed over to the Department of Conservation for current and future generations to enjoy. Our plane, as unique as Awaroa, is the 1917 French Dorand AR1. This map should give you a rough idea, from where I take off. On my way to Wellington, I pass by Duncan Bay and Marlborough Sounds. What a beautiful area to pass over low and slow. Passing over Marlborough Sounds, west of the Endeavour Inlet Passing the last body of land of the South Island and on to the Cook Strait, which is considered one of the most dangerous and unpredictable waters in the world. So I will cross it at its narrowest point, where it is 22 km (14 mi) wide North Island is dead ahead Before I land at Wellington Intern. I want to explore a bit the city’s scenery Thanks for viewing
  6. Many thanks, Jean Marc, maybe you can add some of your interesting liveries to this plane 😊 And i agree with you, vintage style pilots for these planes would be great!
  7. I agree, Kiwis in general are a great bunch of people to have around. I was once in Tauranga and was even invited to a free ride in a Boeing Stearman. Unbelievable!
  8. Superb shots, buddy. But I don't think that the water body freezes during winter, This is something Asobo needs to work on 😊
  9. Many thanks Johnny and Patrick for your comments!
  10. Thanks my friends for commenting ! Hahaha, absolutely.
  11. Sorry, small mistake on my side, I forgot to delete the default Milford Sound scenery. Now the area around the waterfall looks great:
  12. Hi Andy, I definitely agree, the ORBX mesh causes severe issues with this add-on. I also haven’t seen any noteworthy improvement, when it is installed, over vanilla MSFS NZ. Except for one, I don’t have any issues with this add-on though. When you look at the first picture, you can see some floating rock formation near the water fall. Coming to the mountain tops, do you think they look less round than on your shots? Here are my settings. I have an AMD card and haven’t done anything with it, when it comes to finetuning
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