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  1. It´s getting green... you seem to arrive in Summer now, Jack. Looks like a good landing as well!
  2. When I read the first sentence, I knew what I and the passengers had to expect, Jack. Sure the galley is empty now.
  3. Looks like a dream. Not only the plane...
  4. Interesting landscapes - not many virtual pilots explore that area in detail! And the port really looks deserted...
  5. Great shots and sharpness experiments Martin - err, I mean pm!
  6. Fantastic shots, details and traffic density, Andy. Sure Sears Tower will always remain Sears Tower in our wordings. I also refuse to follow the constan renaming of all these football stadiums... Imagine some company buys and renames the Empire State Building to whatever!
  7. Interesting shot, an approach that not many of us fly in their lifes. At least not for pleasure. And I think one does not only have to put the seat belts on to land there safely.
  8. I love to follow your tour and learn about the geography down there!
  9. Fantastic shots, Jack. Though I fear you fly the flat east coast, not the challenging Andes?
  10. Great wide-angle shots, Bernd. I wonder if the scenery has the "Kiel Week" mode at the respective time?
  11. Fantastic views here, Jack. And what a great project, we´ll be happy to follow!
  12. Great shots of the home turf of Mule Air Services. Karl will be delighted!
  13. These look like the real thing, PM. I always enjoy these views!
  14. That would be cool to fly over this beautiful city with such a small plane!
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