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  1. Great geography lessons on your transport misson. Wouldn´t it be better to just sleep on the plane?
  2. Interesting places, Mr. Bond. Did you see Dr. No´s island?
  3. Interesting aircraft you are using, Andy.
  4. No doubt this is one of the hardest places to land a plane. Well documented, Bernd!
  5. vocals, vocals... Justa thorow sum in the next timee, we´ll be balanced 🙂 !
  6. Thanks for watching and commenting, John! My pleasure. Thank you, pmp. Both a challenge and a pleasure... Thank you. My pleasure to share the fun. Thank you Andy. Indeed, there are some places I´ve seen, and I can recommend a lot of them. Including this post!
  7. Great shots of the desert, Ryan. And a good flight, btw.
  8. Great flight and landing, Bernd. Quite the adventure, even in the sim. How many hours did it take you? PS: I had to learn that in German the cape can really be written with only one "o", even though it was named after Willem Schouten´s hometown. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kap_Hoorn
  9. Oh, well. Thank you for that warning, Bernd. In that case I just wait for my upcoming business trip to northern Finland later this year, and try to see the real thing. 🙂 Or I spent the 9.51EUR to enjoy the effect in advance...
  10. Took me a minute to see the runway....!
  11. What a fantastic geography lesson! And flight, by the way. Did you bring some Roses from Kenya?
  12. Great set of shots, and I lift my virtual hat for all who can land there (even virtual). Interesting clothing of the girls, neglecting the snowy conditions. And I love the ground crew in picture #2!
  13. Fantastic shots, mate. I hope you had a good holiday!
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