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  1. Great Real vs Sim series! But you do need to label the shots Real or Sim! 🙂
  2. 🙂 True, but that is where it is going. The Lama set a world altitude record 40,820ft. back in 1972!
  3. Think you're headed toward a new category: Flightsim Photography. Somehow "Screenshot" doesn't really apply any more...
  4. Great series! For that cockpit shot, is there a custom camera set up?
  5. I've never used the B787 in MSFS so when the Horizon Simulations update I thought I'd take a look. (Although I have no idea what that entailed!) ANZ was Launch Customer for the -900 so appropriate livery. Departed NZAA with some (Real) dubious weather approaching. Plenty of wing flex modelled, shown in the sim ...and plenty going on with that wing, too I did find some issues: AP would not disengage (But maybe finger trouble?) and the cabin service truck got lost
  6. Not by a country mile, but hey, it's your flightsim and if you break it you don't have to tell us 🙂 Some nice shots of that livery!
  7. Well that certainly answers the question, thanks!
  8. Yes a meticulous series of shots. Agree with you on the livery, very nice indeed. I am wondering about the floats on the GA aircraft which somehow all look the same - is there a single designer/supplier for all planes?
  9. Absolutely top rate, with a tiny exception where the cloned girl has materialized under the airport seating 🙂 Would be so much easier without passengers, eh?
  10. Well that would be a workaround at least, if it works!
  11. Wondering if a REX user who has NZA NZMS might comment on whether the icepack has been removed from the winter Fiord?
  12. One more item, then! Luckily it's spring in NZ, so one can happily fly RW weather without having to "Look the other way"
  13. I tend to agree it's inherent, this has bugged me from FS9, even. I got kicked off the Aerosoft forums once, for criticising the Gibraltar scenery because of it! 🙂 In FS9 one was accustomed to "look the other way" when flying through awkward sceneries. Didn't expect this in MSFS2020 however, and it's somehow worse when the scenery just down the road is so nicely done.
  14. Cool shots Bernd, gotta love those NZA sceneries. Oh my, doesn't the Trimotor look enormous at NZMC, compared to the resident flock of Porters and the like!
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