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  1. Interesting, one man's First is another's Business: If accurate, not in the same league as the ANZ 787 But the B777 is way better appointed for passenger spoiling than the 787, and the ANZ herringbone layout is hard to beat. Of course, if one is talking First Class, then the Asian and Middle Eastern airlines truly understand the meaning of the word. Best exemplified by the Large One flown by Emirates. You could probably go some hours in this one
  2. Great gravitas you lend to the big Ilyushin, Ed. I'd have thought FS9 ran out of headroom (bottomroom?) that far south! And as ever, Harald, great to see you going where No-one Else Dares with your Crusty (this is a pun, look it up) Soviet-era aircraft!
  3. Lovely shots! Your view of Mt Cook and the Tasman Glacier has been shared by many a well-heeled heli-hiker 🙂 I know one's schedule is a crowded one, next visit do turn left and fly up the fiord of Milford Sound!
  4. Tour operators will take you to Actual Hobbiton... 🙂 This is great news I am hoping, for AFS2 which depends on good photoscenery!
  5. Lovely trip down the Austrian valley... excellent shots. That aircraft must be really sensitive to CG shift, I am thinking a loud sneeze would nose it over!
  6. Well Sascha, have you not maybe invented FS9.6? 🙂 If the texture barrier can be broken, I for one would go back and have a serious look at the sim...
  7. WingZ

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    ... and demand Instant gratification! Often an announcement is made of some new release, and the first thing you read in the forums is: "Great, can't wait for MY AIRPORT OF CHOICE" or "Cool, When are you going to do THE PLANE I AM MOMENTARILY INTERESTED IN". The dev has just spent 100's of hours producing a masterpiece and the only feedback is Me. Me. Me. Next time it happens I will quote your post in full. We need to develop a little empathy for the folk who feed our hobby.
  8. Wonder if you chaps have thought about trying a train simulator? Or even: Russian Car Driver ZIL 130. Dog Simulator 3D. Fighter Aircraft Pilot. Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft. Drift Hunters. Tiger Simulator 3D. Horse Simulator 3D. Fort Shooter Simulator. ‎Wolf Simulator - the list is a long one, plenty of things to get cross about in there I'll bet 🙂
  9. WingZ

    Arriving at Bangkok.

    Nice plane, nice shots... the wing effects could perhaps drop a tad lower on the z-axis! Do like the tip trails though.
  10. So good to see FS9 doing what it does best! Informative post too, of course I didn't know who Sheik Zaid was, so went looking (save you the trouble, he founded the UAE). Had a good read about the A380 again, too. Emirates really "owns" that aircraft, and it wouldn't be around if it were not for them. Having 100 of the world's largest certainly gives you some status in the world! I've flown on them and it's a great passenger experience, nevermind that Dubai is nowhere. They've made it Somewhere.
  11. If you think about the available content, having a helicopter would be like having a new sim. There is so much unexplored, simply because you are too fixated on the endpoints in a fixed-wing aircraft, even something as poky as a C172. And if the R22 lives up to the hype, it will be the first time you'd have situational awareness in a consumer helisim. It's what VR was meant for. Can't wait... Erm, actually I can wait. As long as it takes to produce the real deal. It's what I've wanted since the beginning of flightsimming. What a thought.
  12. WingZ

    AI Over London

    Very cool series... we don't see nearly enough AI in the Screenshots, they are very often astounding (John Young's military modelling springs to mind but he is not alone). And they add so much to the sim. Nice post.
  13. WingZ

    Palm Springs

    Funny you mention that, Sascha, I quite agree... 😃 OK it's not curved nor quite as big, but it does the job. This was swapped in while my "main" monitor was repaired. Somehow, it became promoted and just stayed put! Flightsims work well widescreen. Dell™ U2913WM Flat Panel Monitor
  14. Great post series as ever, Harald. Your AI never ceases to amaze. My airports eventually succumbed to terminal go-around (wow that is some flightsim pun!) because I was far too lazy to unpick superseded airlines. 🙂
  15. WingZ

    Quickest Way to Clean Your Rig (internally)

    Remember to hold onto the fan blades as you blow... the bearings are not designed for that airflow!