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  1. I think many would have thought from the thread title that this was a lament about Audi quality... turns out it's a testament to their strength! :) Chris Harris from Top Gear shares this view: you would only EVER do that mad acceleration dash if there were some passenger needing to be impressed. In practice you seldom if ever need to do this as it genuinely makes you feel queasy. So the horsepower/performance race is essentially done with, all cars will be quick. How then, is my Ford better than your Chev? This is the real reason EV's will be so good: the features you can enable are startling. From humble beginnings like preheating the car interior by a specified departure time (and fully charged by then too), to all the amazing tech enabled by the electrics on board, to the extra interior space enabled by the architecture... The future for once, looks really good.
  2. So why has faith been lost in traditional negotiable instruments? Is it because they have mostly become divorced from their original value systems, which had to do with making it easier to trade commodities, like a cow or a pig or something else too heavy to barter with? If yes, then cryptocurrencies are just more of the same. Governments better wise up or their tax and power base will erode.
  3. Many years ago I had a succession of these, each better than the last Absolutely bulletproof, I still see them on the road - unfortunately you don't know how well a car will do until you look back and say: "That was a bulletproof car!" Those not yet in the know will not appreciate how an EV is so very different from the traditional ICE dealer business model. As invented by Tesla, it's a bit like owning a long life appliance. Service? What service, unless it breaks? And it shouldn't. The Model 3 Performance is in a class of its own, you will not be disappointed. But the avalanche of EV's for 2021/22 is a delight. Tesla better up its game because it's got everyone going. Audi will make a stunning set of EV's next year And the Merc EQS will reinvent the luxury vehicle. BMW sadly lost the plot and now make surely the ugliest range of cars available. Partly because Kia snapped up the best European designers and will produce stuff like this.
  4. It was purposely steered that way, to stop this thread from becoming silly like all those others 🙂.
  5. If we hadn’t done what we did at Panama and Suez, there could be an argument for three continents: America, Africa/Eurasia, Antarctica. After the canals, late 19th / early 20th century Redneck geopolitics tried to force the notion of 7. Europe was a continent: the Urals were where civilisation ended, and Oz was so far away as to be lucky to be classified at all. New Zealand wasn’t thought about all that much either: but it is bigger than the UK. But of course there are only five: Interestingly around here we sit on a submerged continent called Zealandia. Once properly mapped it might be almost the size of Australia. Being mineral-rich, it could cause us some discomfort in a resource-hungry future world.
  6. WingZ


    I am hoping this is not true. I can't think of any country that would allow introduction of feral predators into what is the last Great Wilderness left on the planet.
  7. The Blue Origin programme does come across as a serious and understated bit of scientific endeavour. I enjoyed the 5 minutes from 4:20 running through the quick history of the launches: a series of "aggressive steps" that just worked. Can't help but think it's a somewhat better approach than "Let's see if THIS one will work" currently employed by SpaceX. Elon Musk is neither an engineer nor a rocket scientist. But as The Boss he is pressuring those that are, into a path they might otherwise not prefer to follow.
  8. From Live AId to the Gates' Foundation foray into Indian toilets, past experience shows that throwing money at the world's woes, will not necessarily solve them. The issues are often cultural, or steeped in history, tradition, and sadly, avarice.
  9. There is a sum which I am presently too lazy to make: it involves rounding to some number. When it doesn't really matter either way, we just round stuff to the nearest chain, or furlong, or whatever. Rounding to a half inch creates more waste than rounding to a mm. It is possible, that by using one or other of the available measuring systems, one is inadvertently throwing away thousands of tonnes of material unnecessarily when producing things. Or making things too big by that fraction, and using thousands of tonnes of material unnecessarily.
  10. Goodonya mate. Link is fine, download is fine, file is surprisingly small. Bodes well.
  11. Around here, we are fully dometricated... but you can ask for a bit of 2 x 4 and the yardsman will know what you want. Trouble is, even the metric system has its limitations: instead of the anticipated 50mm x 100mm, you get a 40 x 90! It's what you get out of a roughsawn 2 x 4. What does an American 2 x 4 actually measure?
  12. Yes! But you only have to remove the offending blocker, and you have a fully populated canal with all that other shipping they put in there. Expect this by tonight 🙂
  13. Wow flightsimming updates are just, well, contemporary! Ever Given - Suez Traffic Jam • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  14. This from one of only three, I believe, countries still to hold on to a mishmoshed non-metric system! The others are Myanmar and Liberia. Go figure. We have ten fingers and ten toes, shouldn't be that hard. Fahrenheit didn't even make sense to Fahrenheit.
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