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  1. WingZ

    One More: Out of KLAX

    My apologies! As the uploader, I don't see the ads but of course Postimage must make its money somehow! I will stop advocating the "click through!" and leave it up to the viewer to decide.
  2. Click through, enlarge, examine the light!
  3. WingZ

    Performed a nature balance.

    Oskar I can see from your limited number of posts that you are relatively new to this genre. One good tip that I have had, is to upgrade your graphics card. Some of the newer ones from a company called Nvidia have more than 1MB of memory! And, they allow certain tweaks to the output which allows a VGA monitor to increase resolution to exceed 800 x 600 pixels, if your power supply can handle it. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask - this forum is very friendly and has many experienced users willing to share their knowledge and experience. Happy flying!
  4. WingZ

    Just One

    Mmm I was hoping you wouldn't ask... Being AFS2, and Florida being a favoured playground, I'd say Miami!
  5. WingZ

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    The AVSIM demographic: No Top Gun? or did I miss it 😃
  6. Click through...
  7. WingZ

    Another Sexy Redhead

    Wow that is RED! Great VC shot there at #2
  8. Thank you, and my pleasure! Tell you what, I tossed dozens and dozens of CD's from the early days. There would have been thousands of carefully archived screenshots on them. Lots of payware went too, I know for example I will never need that edition of Proflight Emulator again! I don't even have an optical drive on my current computer...
  9. Had a Big Cleanout, and came across these in a folder. They would've been made in the early days of MSFS2004: ACOF. I printed them on glossy 8x4 photopaper and liked the result (obviously - why I kept them) I thought they have aged quite well!
  10. I am thinking there may be some serious questions posed to this as a RL flight plan! Best done in the sim, then, and beautifully presented too.
  11. At the price, you get scenery or airports, not both. EHAM alone would double the cost. I'm sure it will come, as will AI, weather and ATC 🙂 Meanwhile, it's not exactly ugly, if you want to fly to the bigger airports...
  12. Thank you... one that got away in that last batch. Again, click through because the scenery deserves it! screen capture
  13. Ahh the fabulous FS2004 Hungarian sceneries... On my first visit to Budapest last year, I enjoyed finding the spots learned and flown over in FS9. I wished I could have had time to do the real world GA hops like this! Well presented as ever, Harald.
  14. Place is full of lovely little airfields and really good scenery work. Click through 'til you get the Big Pics, to get it.
  15. WingZ

    Family shot.

    Catchy title... I thought it was going to be a bunch of Airbuses flying in formation, but no! it turned out to be a beautiful selfie! Well done. *Thinks: selfies shot with a drone are referred to as "dronies" If you hang a GoPro on the wing, would that be an "Airey"? 🙂