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  1. Thanks for staying with the Covid-19 thread.

    Putting quasi-science and quasi-intelligent comments in their place amounts to a public service.


  2. Thanks for staying with the Covid-19 thread.

    Putting quasi-science and quasi-intelligent comments in their place amounts to a public service.


  3. WingZ

    Man Up

    Sorry I can't seem to unpick the clip from source... the Energy Star rating is what caught my eye. Something for a changing world: https://www.reddit.com/r/pointlesslygendered/comments/gppb5g/satire_my_mom_sent_me_this_and_i_thought_it_sums/ Volume button in case you are wondering, is over on the right
  4. Interestingly, the latest polls suggest over 90% approval of the way the government handled the pandemic. OK we have a rockstar Prime Minister who apparently can do no wrong https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/25/new-zealand-pm-jacinda-ardern-live-tv-earthquake-wellington And it is well understood that the foreign tourist industry is Over and likely to stay that way until there's a vaccine. Ski instructors are taking jobs as fruit pickers (because the seasonal workers can't come in). Airline pilots are driving trains. In NZ it's what you do and no shame attaches: it's an honest day's work in strange times. The borders will stay closed, you get in only after 14 days quarantine, no exceptions. This is understood by everyone, as is the economic storm which follows. Luckily we have a strongly socialist bent which means everyone chips in to help, including the state. We'll get through this, probably somewhat poorer in cash but stronger in spirit. Just don't take our McDonalds or barista coffee away.
  5. Probably with good reason. But given the paranoia, if you read the quoted link in my post above (OK, OK I know no one seems to read other people's posts if they have an agenda to work through, but try) it seems to offer the best shot at something approaching a moderated response.
  6. In the "War" against Covid-19 the weapons we can deploy do not require violence or explosive devices of any kind. There is a three-pronged response apparent to one who like myself is no expert but can follow the blindingly obvious: Test Track and trace Get the treatment and vaccine It's a rare time when governments and private enterprise can save the world by co-operating! The test thing is probably best done by governments, is it not? The Tracking thing has been enabled by - my goodness - Apple and Google. But importantly their "app" is only the basis for the high level health services, and can be switched off if the ability is abused: https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/11/21216803/apple-google-coronavirus-tracking-app-covid-bluetooth-secure Tuberculosis —or consumption—had killed one in seven of all people that had ever lived by the 1800's. They did not have these tools available at the time. We'd be stupid not to use them.
  7. They have 8 of the RNZAF A4-K Skyhawks. Military enthusiasts here wept at the loss of our fast jet fleet.
  8. Here's an interesting article which asks: "Why do some COVID-19 patients infect many others, whereas most don’t spread the virus at all?" It speaks of the "dispersion factor" rather than the usual R0, to explain, among other things, why: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/05/why-do-some-covid-19-patients-infect-many-others-whereas-most-don-t-spread-virus-all?utm_source=newsfromscience%3Dflipboard%3Dflipboard2461116 A lot of this is just plain commonsense, if you think about it. The virus loves the cold, and the Southern Hemisphere winter is starting. While Europe tails off into July, the likes of Brazil has just taken off: https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/daily-covid-deaths-per-million-7-day-average?country=BRA+DNK+ITA+NZL+SWE+GBR+USA
  9. As New Zealand steps down out of lockdown, we see winners and losers. You'd queue for a haircut, some shops are running shifts 24/7 to keep up. You can't get into a hardware store, all that pent-up DIY retail therapy needs servicing! Air New Zealand has essentially fallen apart. There is no international passenger air traffic to speak of. The big Boeings are mothballed, and only a few regional routes are being serviced with Dash 8's and ATR's. But Auckland rail commuters might see this as a win: they are set to get some of the best-qualified train drivers around. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/business/416612/jobless-pilots-swapping-wings-for-railway-tracks
  10. WingZ

    Gears up!

    Maybe this place, they have no fear of low dangling things there:
  11. That's a good link, which I have passed on to friends and business colleagues... it adds a little gravitas to the washing of hands, when attached to a source like that. New Zealand is stepping out of lockdown, and we can in theory now hug our nearest and dearest outside the lockdown bubble. It's interesting to note how quickly people adopted the social distancing thing. There's a kind of furtiveness about, almost as if people are constantly reminding themselves how big a distance is two metres? The annual budget was announced in Parliament today. Here as elsewhere, it is clear that there is a fairly long road of recovery ahead. The sums being bandied about make the eyes widen a bit, good job the previous gummint had a bit put by in the piggy bank. That's all but gone in the Recovery Budget, which equates to around $10,000 for every soul in the country. Our children's children will repay this debt. More and more the realisation is beginning to dawn, that this is not something that is "over". It is the start of a different way of life.
  12. I'd always promised myself that I would get to Darwin and see that B-52. Who'd have thought it would take CV19 and a virtual tour to fulfil that desire! Thank you for posting this. I am hoping that many other destinations make this call and do 360 or VR tours. In some ways it could be better than physically going there.
  13. If the science interests you, here's a fascinating look at Iceland, which has genetic information on most of its population. They were able to see uniquely where the virus came from, when it infected someone. Even if the science is too much for you, take it in 4 10 minute bites: Kari Stefansson's demeanour is a lesson in restraint.
  14. The Swedish UnHerd interview highlighted that stepping out of a lockdown position would need some careful management. I am idly wondering: If all the world's governments are borrowing astronomical amounts of money to bail out their economies, who might they be borrowing it FROM?? Or is it business as usual: "Hello, Central Bank? I need a squillion dollars, let me print some government bonds for you. Once you've printed the squillion, send it over. Oh hang on, don't bother with that first bit, just do an online transfer, so the commercial banks can also clip the ticket. "
  15. Today was the first day that New Zealand reported no new CV cases. So it can be done. The lockdown process produced an almost perfect bell-curve of cases vs time, I'm sure those that study the numbers and models would find this gratifying. Australia also is down to almost nothing, and the politicians are meeting this week to look at merging the bubbles of the two nations. It will be interesting to see what economic packages emerge: small businesses especially, are teetering on the brink.
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