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  1. Same here..most of us are were so impatient, that we just downloaded the Queen and wanted to fly it straight away without reading the tutorial word by word..... it happened to me also that I didnt notice that I had to confirm the GR WT on INIT PAGE...... we are all still learning... Happy flying Alex Senior PMDG 777 Pilot...
  2. blacktiger

    744Q2 PFPX Profiles

    in PFPX I use a new favorite the one who saves the 777 rte for P3D and change the path to ..\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\747 Important it is, that PFPX saves the route in .rte-Format. And even I fly in FSX the P3D format is the same and works properly with the 747, I get the routes saved there perfectly loaded in the FMC. Regards Alex
  3. Update: Thanks for your answers and hints. I do manual flying with the keyboard.... hehe yes I know... I tried to land the big bird without any crosswind and is stable on the runway during rollout. Its, and also what I guessed, like Kyle said in his post, crosswind and the big tail is a challenge. So it means to me to train some of those crosswind landings with the Queen. A 747 is not a 777 thats the fact....and it is good so....we have some new challenge flying. Thanks to the whole PMDG Team. Alex
  4. Hi folks I just downloaded that masterpiece of PMDG beast and wanted to try it straight away. I have lots of hours experience of manual landing the PMDG 777-200LR, successfully......but that "Queen of the Skies" makes me a bit crazy.....I explain: Running on FSX 747-400 Cathay RR-Engines. Payload 75%, Aproaching an airport with 11000 Lbs Fuel left on board, side-wind about 17 knots, Runway 8558 feet long. Autobrake 3, Approach Speed 144 knots. Everything looks good until the beast is touching down to the runway (Autopilot off and autothrottle off at about 1000 ft above ground). The plane doesnt loose speed on ground and is veering to the left. Also trying to flare before touching down I feel and hear the engines somehow spooling abit up. I really dont know if its that friction difference it has in compare with the 777. Is it really so hard to keep on the runway? Landing with the same parameters but with AUTOLAND and letting the AP doing the flare and rollout, the beast keeps on the runway altough i see that it takes more time to loose speed than a 777. Has it to be like that? Does anybody out there experience the same? I am eager to read your experiences Regards Alex
  5. blacktiger

    Constant freezing in flight with 777

    Hi again folks.... I believe my problem is ASN (Active Sky Next) Weather Engine related. I switched back to REX Weather Engine and for the moment no freezes at all..... I keep an eye on it and do further tests... There is an SP1 on the beta testing for ASN....I wait till official version comes out and try again ASN... Regards Alex LSZH
  6. blacktiger

    777 freezes. Still have sound.

    Thank you for your answer 777simmer But i dont have this problem from the beginning. Everything worked fine without freezing. Only after Sp1b and it seems now only on 777-200 i get this freezings. So it cannot be the settings on my computer. I have an high-end 32 GB RAM machine with two GTX690, i7 Processor. I only use it for FSX. Thanks anyway for your help. Alex
  7. blacktiger

    Constant freezing in flight with 777

    Same problem here after updating to Sp1b. Especially on 777-200. just after takoff on climb, FSX freezes. Sound still on, but screen freezes and i have completely shut down computer with ctrl-alt-del. I am using also Active Sky Next Weather engine This freezing problem happend only since update to Sp1b....... Any hint? Solutions? thank you in advance Alex LSZH
  8. blacktiger

    777 freezes. Still have sound.

    Thanks for your reply how do "offload" core 0 sorry? how can i do that? But i think ist a Sp1b Problem, before i never had freezes. Thanks for your answer Regards Alex
  9. blacktiger

    777 freezes. Still have sound.

    Bad news Folks! on my third fllight with 777-200 i got the freezed Screen again..... :( so ist not the affinity mask....... I dont know what it is..... I continue flying 777-300 and Keep you informed if it freezes as well..... all problems after Sp1b Alex LSZH
  10. blacktiger

    777 freezes. Still have sound.

    Ok folks, I changed my affinity mask settings from 254 back to value 14 and i did two test freezing! So I hope really with this change of affinity mask value back to "14" i could solve the freezing problems. Thanks for the hint. Alex LSZH
  11. blacktiger

    777 freezes. Still have sound.

    Hi folks I also have freezes/ crash to desktop after Sp1b. I also use ASN. Especially if i fly with 777-200 i have those CTD. with 777-300 no problems I hope the PMDG will fix this issue we all have. Regards Alex LSZH
  12. Hi folksI kindly ask if out there in the big simworld there is a painterwho is willing to repaint the Boeing 732 with the Nova Air (Mexico)and Magnicharters (Mexico) repaint for AI-traffic using AI-Aardvark modelKind regardsAlex from LSZH
  13. blacktiger

    Royal Bengal Airline

    Hi folks, hi paintersFirst of all i would thank all the painters around the world for their excellent job and for sharing their "fruits" to all us simmers.I read about the new Bangladeshi Airline which name isRoyal Bengal AirlineThey will get their first plane 1 June 2007See the airlinewebsite: www.royalbengalairline.comIs their any painter how is willing to paint the 767 (or is it a 777?) and 737 for AI-traffic for us simmers?Thanks in advanceAlessandroPMDG747-400 Pilotusing Ultimate Traffic, AFCAD, TT-Tools,Avsim to optimise and update AI-traffic to get the most realistic feeling.... :-)
  14. blacktiger

    AI Flight Creator 1.7.4

    Hi folks!I downloaded the AI Flight Creator 1.7.4 to make own flightplans.I have the following problem:The program does not show me any available aircraft textures,nor does it give me the airport codes to choose.I think it does not get the informations from the FS9.Any help?Alex from LSZH
  15. Thanks Vincent.Works for me as well....of course....;-)once again it shows how helpful it is to post our problems in this forums.... some good souls over here always help us.....Keep flying...Alex.