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  1. Im using the 8K/16K cockpit mod for the 82 but I guess it doesnt work with the 83 because of different overhead panel? Hopefully the creator will do the 83 version also. Any idea if you can install an 82 livery for the 83? I understood the basic hull is the same in both planes.
  2. Without online data you shouldnt have issues in the affected areas because the sim is using offline mesh then. Also toolbar pushback seems to have a memory leak.
  3. There is not a single reason to use the Marketplace version.
  4. I recently upgraded my system. I have GTX1070 and GTX560. I need to undock one 2d popup from the PMDG777 to 4th monitor connected to the 560. The 1070 is running the sim. The moment I move this undocked window to this 4th monitor, the fps will go down to 2. It will return to 50 when I close this window or move it back to other monitor. Also if I run P3D in a windowed mode from the GTX560 monitor the fps is ok until I undock s window and move it to a monitor driven by the GTX1070. The issue is clearly running one undocked window thru another GPU. Its got nothing do with lack of power. I had this issue years ago but Im dying to remember how to fix it. Any suggestions what should I do?
  5. Calibrate your throttles carefuly through FSUIPC. If your throttles in the 777 are moved a bit forward in the idle position, then it's a calibration issue. After you have calibrated them correctly you can set the manual override option to HOLD mode as it should be.
  6. I only fly the -300ER from one hour jumps up to 15 hour self-punishments.
  7. I'm also curious to know what happens after you set reverse thrust. Will the thrust stay at idle or will it even reduce thrust to idle before touchdown at all? This whole post seems so weird. What exactly means A/T not disconnecting?
  8. Yeah, I'm also waiting for the new features but she is definitely not outdated. Far from it. It's still the only addon aircraft I have had and still have since the original release for FSX.
  9. What you're saying, is true. But this chapter I must comment on. I don't think anyone is missing the purpose of simulators. I'm sure everyone here (well almost everyone) knows how simulators are used in the real world. Yes, no one sits 12 hours in a $100 million simulator drinking coffee. But here, people are mostly using this for entertaiment. People like to simulate real flights. I like to fly the 12+ hour flights in real time. Yes it's boring and there's really not much to do yet I like to do it. And many others like it too. Sometimes I like to just fire up the 777, head over to runway and take off and fly VFR with full manual control, maybe turn off PFC and see what tricks you can do, or do touch and gos at 1000ft runways in the middle of corn field. Sometimes I'll do the 12 hour flights as realistically as possible. The choice is mine. I understand your point of view but I want to remind you that we are not all pilots here.
  10. I have set up my flight with the 2D popups undocked, resized and moved to their respective monitors. I have also moved the VC views and wing views as I want and then saved the flight. Then I just load this flight and move to the departure airport that I want. P3Dv4 here and never have had any problems. I think I'll try @nolatron's suggestion because I'm really getting tired of flying always with the same livery. That is, if I load a different livery, it will reset all the VC/wing views and 2D panels.
  11. The undocked 2D popup views don't affect your frames. This is how I have. I've got all 4 instrument views undocked to separate monitors without frame rate loss.
  12. My procedure is to set throttles to 55% N1, hit TOGA and push the throttles fully forward and hold my right hand above the throttles (until V1) in case of RTO but not actually touch them. After takeoff, during climb, I'll match the throttles with the actual thrust. No problems from spiking.
  13. I agree. I'm sure they will make an announcement and have presentation when it's time for it. They never show stuff before its ready to be shown.
  14. This sounds like we all must buy this product and object to it. However, I'm fairly certain that we all can decide ourself whether we buy it or not. I don't really understand this complaining and whining. If developer X makes a product you won't like, will you go to their forums posting crap about the product and telling the whole world how you will never pay for it and it's not for you? Because that's what people are doing here. They are like "oh this is not for me, this is a terrible software, I will never pay for it". Well, luckily no one forces them to buy it. They are whiners. Nothing but a bunch of whiners and moaners. They don't want to buy a product from PMDG, fine. But why need to tell the whole world about it?
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