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  1. Wennerholm

    GSX in conjunction with B748

    Thank´s to both of you for helpful info!
  2. Hi! Some smart PC. Plt. having knowledge about the B748 steering tiller and nose wheel behavior in conjunction with GSX during push back? When I request PB from GSX and the PB initialize a turn (in any degrees) the nose wheel and steering tiller in my acft. start to shaking violently. The parking brake is released during PB.
  3. Wennerholm


    Hi! I searching after VHHH compatible with P3D v4.4
  4. Wennerholm

    WF Scenery Studios

    I can not recommend W-F ZBAA due to low quality (my opinion) but I can recommend Bridge ZUUU because of high quality (my opinion).
  5. Have you try to adjust your shadow settings in P3D?
  6. Wennerholm

    incorrect character

    Thank´s Oliver, for helpful info! I will not change any thing. I believe that I going to create more, bigger issue if I do.
  7. Wennerholm

    incorrect character

    Hi! I get information about "incorrect character encoding" in \Add-ons\utLive\add-on.xml. I need help from some smart PC-Plt. in here.
  8. Wennerholm

    Helicopter. Study level.

    Hi! Is there any study-level, (PMDG-level) helicopter compatible with P3D v4.4? Today I´m using Milviz UH-1 Redux. Before, in my FSX-period, I have "flying" the Dodosim 206.
  9. I forgive you, kyle. I've read all the PMDG tickets I have open without finding jokes about mobile phones. Can you clarify what you mean, that, according to you, I would have written about a mobile phone in the ticket system In order to make a joke. Maybe I have miss something important here.
  10. I can understand your confusion. Well it was ment as a joke. I use a GTX 1080 ti for my flight simulation. I have paid 3.950 Euro for my computer, flight stick, throttle and rudder pedals. Thank you for your concern.
  11. Hi! I always piloting my B744 v3 with my mobile phone, a Galaxy S8. Will it be possible in the B747-8 to take off and landing with my smart phone, as i do now or do I need some control unit, throttle, rudder pedals and flight stick?
  12. Wennerholm


    Hi! I need info about how to make the sky darker at night time. I use TONEMAP DAY 0.290000 and TONEMAP NIGHT 0.100000
  13. Wennerholm

    Oculus Rift

    Thank´s for your reply! I do not use FSUIPC yet. I control all lights, APU, LOC, APP etc. with my keyboard. I will test to interact with switches and knobs. I have to decide if HTC Vive or Oculus Rift is what I need.