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  1. I don't own the 787. The changelog says: I would like to know if the font legibility has improved? Is it sharper, crisper?
  2. Very glad to hear that at last! 🙂 And you conclude nicely this thread!
  3. Manuel, I notice that you use a lot the words "computer, FS, sim, project, work etc" but you never pronounce the word "lady" LOL Anyway, it was cool that you fell in love 🙂 Enough kidding now from me, you need to work 😉
  4. So the main developer who fell in love with a lady was you Manuel? LOL
  5. I had a smile when I read about the love story 😉
  6. FSElite: click here Many thanks Bryan for talking to the community through FSElite, telling what went behind the scene. Much appreciated.
  7. Hi Xtreme67 (Alain), A little update of how things goes please?
  8. I'm not sure we can attach a zip here. I think it's like images, it needs to be hosted somewhere else.
  9. You are not alone, I'm only doing pushback.
  10. F737NG, why did you strike 3 items of my list?
  11. voice control multi language support more control animations, wing walkers several tow vehicles Follow Me Car Marshalling at Stand  options for each of your aircrafts etc .
  12. https://fselite.net/news/fs2crew-ultimate-ground-crew-x-released/
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