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  1. Salut Philippe, cousin québécois 😉 I suppose you have XP11. Welcome! Me too I installed XP 11 recently (but I keep P3D). AS for XP should be out soon now. Looks like you have what you need regarding airliners. Otherwise, if needed there is also the Flight Factor A320 and 777, and also Toliss A319. For light aircrafts I recommend Airfoil Labs C172. Check also the Reality Expansion Pack It is a kind of Accusim for XP. For helicopter I recommend the Dreamfoil Bell 407. Regarding sceneries, personally I find that the default scenery is quite good and immersive so I decided to stay with it. I am not aware of a equivalent of Global FTX etc. for XP. For textures, shaders, moon, water... I don't know since I'm not interested in such utilities at this time. For flight planning, Goodway is very famous in the XP community. Personally I had already FSTramp for P3D which work also for XP. If you are looking for a view management utility, something like EZDok or Chase Plane for P3D, then on XP, X-Camera is the way to go.
  2. Simicro

    Milviz C310 Redux control panel

    "deal of that" = misreading... OR... things not mentioned in the manual?
  3. Simicro

    Milviz C310 Redux control panel

    That was it! Thanks Richard! Unless I misread it is not in the manual.
  4. Simicro

    Milviz C310 Redux control panel

    Many thanks, the MVAMS only allows to choose the GPS variant and Cold and Dark option. I did not see remove chokes, engine covers, remove pilot.
  5. Hi, I searched in the manual but did not find how to launch the Milviz C310 Redux control panel to removz chokes, engine covers, remove pilot...
  6. Thank you. Actually I'm pretty new to XP and I did not know. I'll do a search on how to disable clouds shadows in XP11.
  7. I think that what you read is that when XP11 was in the last beta stage, you could buy XP10 and the key also worked on XP11. Of course the offer is not available anymore.
  8. jcomm, I tried, it does not work
  9. Hi mates, I have XP11 since a couple of days. However I am considering to get XP10. Sounds crazy I know! Reasons are: - More settings possibilities by default compared to XP11 - More easy on CPU and GPU? - Some AC and helos I like are optimized for XP10 (and not yet for XP11): Carenado B58, Dreamfoil Bell 206 - I'm not interested in things like PBB - Get rid of the bug of clouds shadows flickering? Thanks for your thoughts.
  10. Simicro

    Milviz C310 for XP and GTN 650

    Hi all, Sorry I bookmarked the FSX GTN forum and was used to it. And I forgot my question was for XP.
  11. Simicro

    Milviz C310 for XP and GTN 650

    Thank you Jean-Luc.
  12. Hi, I'm considering to buy the Milviz C310 for X-Plane. I dont like tweaking, editing files, etc. I'm wondering if there is a Milviz configurator to install automatically two RXP GTN 650 in the 3D cockpit.
  13. Simicro

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Hi Scott, you are correct for both 😀
  14. Simicro

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Yes exactly so. I know what déjà vu is, and I am wondering why Ed is experiencing it.
  15. Simicro

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    What is déja-vu please?