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  1. Hi, I am on the verge to buy the update for P3Dv4. Can someone can confirm that for V4, all known issues have been fixed with the update? (I don't fly at LFPG by night). Thanks.
  2. Not quite sure (so to be confirmed by others) but it seems to me that the 737NG is not compatible with V5. You would have to buy the NGXu.
  3. @Tokitaumelie : thank you
  4. Sure the sun looks flat. No doubt. What I meant is that the ENVTEX sun does not have glow. And yeah sure that if I don't like it I can turn it off. Can you be more specific on where are the 12 settings for the sun? Maybe I missed something but I can only see a setting on the size.
  5. As far as I know, you can only change the size of the sun but it will remain a flat omelette as the OP said.
  6. kavs8, thanks for reporting the progress with T2G.
  7. @kavs8 : I don't have V5 so I cannot help more but I'm sure that if the issue is on T2G side, it will be resolved soon. However I aknowkedge it's not easy to reach their support. EDIT: apparently you reached them and they replied quickly. Good! @all: nowadays, I am not aware of a complex scenery (typically big airports like LFPG) that comes out of the box issue-free. You know, T2G is not the latest scenery developer coming out from nowhere. So I am confident that if there are issues on their sides, they will fix soon. For example, with their recent Indianapolis, there was a fps issue that was fixed quickly. After that I have not seen other complaints or issues reported by users on this forum.
  8. Looks like you or the author of this picture has an elevation issue related to Orbx Global Vector. Have you run Vector to try to fix it (Airport Elevation Correction)?
  9. Indeed and I find that the font used for LFPG is not really appropriate.
  10. After an relative absence during the past years, Taxi2Gate has been very active since the beginning of this year, with the release of Indianapolis, and now this update for LFPG. And all this for P3D 🙂 I have the 2017 version (It seems to me that there was a small update afer 2017?). By watching the screenshots of the new version, it seems that the textures are better than the 2017 version. For that reason but also to support good developers who continue to support P3D, I will probably end up buying the update.
  11. 2 months indeed. But that has changed to 15 days.
  12. You have 15 days after purchase to get a refund for any P3D version. With the refunded money you can buy whatever version you like.
  13. Indeed Bob, in your picture, the teal is very very light, nearly not noticeable.
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