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  1. Hello everybody, In my case I have P3D for several years and got MSFS2020 at the beginning of this year but have not used it that much. A couple of months ago I had a nostalgia for FSX and re-installed it. The idea was also to enjoy addons that I really like, miss, and could not enjoy to the fullest at the time, in VFR flights, stick and rudder. So my installation only includes: - RealAir Scout (purchased at Flight1 since old RealAir installer for the Scout does not work anymore) - RealAir SF-260 (CD purchased on Ebay) - Tongass Fjords (now free on Misty Moorings if you are interested) - FlyTampa Grenadines - FlyTampa St Marteen - FS Force - FS Tramp - FSUIPC - Chase Plane And that's it. I have not even installed OrbX Global Base Pack, LC, Vector, etc. I have now visited like 90% of the many airfields, seaplane bases, and points of interest of Tongass Fjords. At a time when photoreal scenery rules, I find that FSX is still quite enjoyable and immersive. Maybe because immersion relies very much on our imagination.
  2. Many thanks to all. Indeed Mace. In Control Panel > Programs and Features., I looked for J... like Just Flight. But it was in P... like PA28 Warrior II MSFS TP.
  3. I have MSFS, FSX, P3Dv4 and other flightsims on the same PC and did not notice any conflict between MSFS and FSX. Please note that my FSX install is light: only 2 payware addons aircrafts and 3 addons sceneries.
  4. I bought the Just Flight Piper Warrior 2 on simMarket and received yesterday a notification that there is a new version 0.3.4 In case you are not aware... Changelog v0.3.4 - Pilot model replaced with MS/Asobo pilot avatar - ICAO type data updated (used for AI/multiplayer model matching) - Heading/course bug select control assignments fixed (used by Honeycomb Bravo and other hardware) - Altimeter barometric scale markings adjusted for greater clarity - Instrument panel metal strip texture issue fixed - Primer now controllable using LOCK interaction system - Propeller material tweaked to avoid sunlight reflections PS: I underlined fixes that are welcome because the issues were somewhat annoying, at least to me.
  5. Hi, I want to uninstall the Just Flight Piper Warrior 2, in order to install a new version just released. The original install was through an automatic installer but I don't find the program in Control Panel > Programs and Features. So I have to do it manually through the Community folder?
  6. Improve the LIGHTING by: 1) Reducing glare and brightness or provide settings to adjust 2) Fixing overexposed skies when looking down in cockpit 3) Fixing dark cockpits when looking forward
  7. If you have 20€ notes, then you don't need FSX 😉
  8. I have a box version but will get a Steam version as a security for installs in the future...
  9. Winds can deviate the aircraft from the desired path, at least temporarily, I believe. Also default GPS/autopilot is not always precise, especially in turns.
  10. Are you talking about following the magenta line for lateral navigation?
  11. Hi, I've just made a little donation. I have the same request as the other years: I would like to keep only the discreet little green ($) badge. Can you please remove the "Donor Wings'? Also a quick question regarding ads: I suppose that the AVSIM Team has already considered this idea: 'remove the ads starting with a certain amount of donation'? Please note that it's only for my information, I do not intend to debate or flame war, etc.
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