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  1. Good idea Bert! I only own A2A aircrafts: C172: compatible with RXP GNS 430 and 530 C182: compatible with RXP GNS 430 and 530 Bonanza: compatible with RXP GTN 650 and 750, and GNS 430 and 530 When I say compatible, that is for all those aircrafts, there are an A2A configurator that does all the work automatically. So no need to edit files manually. And the GPS work in 3D in the virtual cockpits.
  2. I am not aware of such a list. I'll try to elaborate a bit later.
  3. Simicro

    Can't get to crossfill GTN 650/750

    Sure I understand Jean-Luc and thanks for explaining, sharing and also taking into account performance. If someday crossfill becomes available for GTN 650 and 750, that would be a nice bonus or reward for (good) RXP customers (since they have both GTN).
  4. Simicro

    Can't get to crossfill GTN 650/750

    Hello Franck, What I now understand is that there is one and only Garmin Trainer by Garmin used for all RXP products. Despite crossfill not being available in the Garmin Trainer, RXP achieved to make it happen for the RXP GNSv2. So it should be possible to make it happen for the RXP GTN too?
  5. Simicro

    Can't get to crossfill GTN 650/750

    So the GNS Garmin Trainer do offer crossfill but not the GTN Garmin Trainer?
  6. Simicro

    Can't get to crossfill GTN 650/750

    Bonjour Jean-Luc, Back to the original subject: can we hope a crossfill functionality between the GTN 650 and GTN 750 sometimes next year?
  7. Simicro

    Entertainment use only message

    All right Jean-Luc.
  8. Hi, The startup screen displays a message "Personal license for... Home use...": that is OK. Ten seconds later another redundant message is displayed: "Software provided for entertainment use only, not intended to be used in a production environment." And we have to click on the message icon to avoid it keep flashing. Is it possible to do something NOT to display that second message? Besides I think that "production environment" is an IT expression. "not intended to be used in the real world" would be clearer for the public?
  9. Oh I see. To be honest the comments you kindly added are rather technical. I am more interested by the functional aspect. For you to be aware of my basic knowleddge on GPS, here is it: - On the aircraft, there is a switch NAV/GPS to connect the HSI or VOR to the NAV radios or GPS (however on the A2A Bonanza, this is a bit different) - To have the autopilot fly a flight plan entered in the GPS, click on "CDI" in the GPS to display "GPS" - To have the autopilot fly on a VOR radial which frequency has been tuned in the GPS, click on "CDI" in the GPS and display "VLOC"' ... and that is my core knowledge. So I am wondering how some of the options in the Config Panel relates to what I said above. And maybe some options allow some functions that I am not aware. Also, maybe that is "general" knowledge is to be sought elsewhere than in your documentation? I'm refering to: - Connect HSI/CRS output - Connect HSI/OBS input - Connect GPS to VOR indicator - Connect CDI Mode to NAV/GPS
  10. Simicro

    Are the Flight 1 GTN's a performance hog

    I have the RXP GTN 650 and 750 and no problem. I don't have the F1 GTN. I read folks having the F1 GTN and moving to the RXP GTN saying that the RXP has lower impact on the PC.
  11. Hi Jean-Luc, I'm not sure to understand and I'm not sure to be the right person. Are you asking me to give my opinion on what you wrote? This is what I have in my RealityXP.GTN file in C:\Users\TONY\Documents\Reality XP\GTN Simulation
  12. Regarding the config panel, for a medium level user like me I think that the most important items to explain in the doc is the panel options: - Master Device - Connect GPS to AP - Connect GPS to HSI - Connect HSI/CRS output - Connect HSI/OBS input - Connect GPS to VOR indicator - Connect CDI Mode to NAV/GPS For example, I know what HSI is but don't understand the result of Connect HSI/CRS output or Connect HSI/OBS input.
  13. Simicro

    fppilot MVP

    Hi Franck, I'm serious : you are very knowledgeable and very helpful to others.
  14. Congratulations for being present in that winning project! It is probably the longest title I have ever seen on a forum 😉 Suggestion: RealityXP equips a BELL 206/407 Simulator certified by FAA
  15. I posted too to support RXP. The RXP GTN 650/750 being supported by the Bonanza is a very positive sign. And the same for the RXP GNS 430/530 on the C172 and C182. Let's hope that the 650/750 will be supported by the C172, C182 and other GA A2A AC in the future.