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  1. Hello Roger, I dont't think that 'throwing quickly' your problem with minimalistic/no information will motivate people to spend their free time helping you 😉
  2. Oh you are on Windows 11. That might explain the issue because it is unlikely that both of your disk are scratched in my opinion. I'm like you: I have 2 FSX Gold Edition boxes, one french, one english. But I was lucky, I reinstalled successfully 2 weeks ago on Windows 10, because I was nostalgic of some addons that are not quite compatible with P3Dv4.5: RealAir Scout and FlyTampa Grenadines. However I'm considering to buy the FSX Steam Edition as a backup for the day when things will go wrong with my disks. I Googled a bit and found that for approx. 25€ FSX-SE has the following advantages: - More stable on recent OS - Improved performance - Straightforward installation (no need to install Service Packs/Acceleration or to applies fixes such as HIGHMEMFIX=1, UIAutomationCore.dll, etc) - Cannot be corrupted like disc and can always be downloaded I've also seen a couple of mates here saying recently that they are happy with their FSX-SE. The big Con for me is addon compatibilty. Standard addon for FSX-MS are not guaranteed to be compatible with FSX-SE.
  3. Dazkent, the A2A installer will automatically recognize the Steam edition I suppose? I mean, there will be no manual file editing or tweak required?
  4. Bozdog, worth checking this recent thread. There is a link inside towards some tips for cleaning the disc. In my understanding it only works if the disc has some tear and wear. Will not work if the disc has genuine scratch.
  5. Thanks for your feedback for guys who will have the issue in the future. It's rare to see someone who contributes to the community knowledge in his 1st post 🙂
  6. Look at the "Select Aircraft" menu in FSX, just above the "Help" button there is a small check box labeled "Show all variations". Make sure this check box is checked.
  7. Hi mates, I have just re-installed FSX and resolved some graphic issues. The sim is still good and immersive in my view 🙂 Whilst I learnt to fly airliners (PMDG 777) on FSX circa 2013, I have decided to limit the planes in my hangar: RealAir Scout and SF-260. Maybe I will re-install later the A2A C172 but no more. Regarding sceneries I have elected: Fly Tampa St Marteen and Grenadines, and FSAddon Tongass Fjords X. So definitely VFR and Bush Flying oriented. I reinstalled also Aerosoft Maldives X - The Malé Atolls, but it is not at the same level as the the other so I might end-up uninstalling it. I have considered to buy some other 'flight zones' - Aerosoft African Airstrip Adventures and Antarctica X - but finally refrained because of bad user feedback (African Airstrip) or by fear to get bored quickly (Antartica X). What planes and sceneries do you use?
  8. Indeed I have the FSX box version. And I now remember that I added HIGHMEMFIX=1 the last time I installed FSX, that is circa 2013 😉
  9. Thanks stans et al. I'll see in the long run but it seems that adding HIGHMEMFIX=1 in the [GRAPHICS] section of FSX.cfg does the job.
  10. I was about to suggest the gear being mapped to an axis. But meanwhile you found. Good! Happy flying mate, and thanks for posting the resolution.
  11. Never heard of gears raising automatically after clearing the runway either. Which plane are you flying? Have you installed some sort of utility?
  12. Many thanks stans for your thoughts. The heating of the video card or CPU is not an issue. I've done a spring cleaning (dust inside the PC) 2 weeks ago. Additionally, right after the graphic issue, if I close FSX and relaunch immediately all is fine again. I thought about the version of the driver too (latest version at this time). I fear that if I take an old driver it messes up recent games or software. And also which version to chose? Below are 2 new screenshots of the graphic oddities, but again it happens only after a time spent in the sim AND if I use the FS menu. If I don't use the FS menu, I can fly 1.5, probably more without issue. Maybe I will have to live with that.
  13. Many thanks for the suggestion. In FSX, I don't hear the fan while in other recent games I play the fan screams like crazy and I have no issue.
  14. Hi mates, I have P3D 4.5 but by nostalgia and love of the RealAir Scout, FlyTampa Grenadines and FSAddon Tongass Fjords X, I have re-installed FSX and do still enjoy bush flying in the sim 🙂 The issue I have is that after some flying time or after having used several times the menu, it does not display anymore (but still working with keyboard shortcuts, eg. CTRL+C) OR there is a black screen (but no Crash To Desktop). And when the menu works and I try to load another aircraft or airport, I get some graphics oddities (panel or scenery, see screenshot below). My system: Windows 10, i5 4670k 4.3 Ghz, GTX 1080, RAM 32 Gb. I have read the forum, searched on Gooogle and already tried: - Installed the sim on C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ - Acceleration installed - Main sim and Acceleration registered successfully thanks to the 'PartMgr' trick - Installed latest NVIDIA drivers - Run As Admin - Run in compatibility mode Windows 7, Vista, etc. - Remove fsx folder from antivirus scanning - DX10 Preview ticked and unticked - Fullscreen/Windowed - ALT+ENTER - Delete/Rebuild FSX.cfg - Installed UIAutomationCore.dll in the root of FSX folder It is a fresh install and the only addons I have are: RealAir Scout, FlyTampa Grenadines and FSAddon Tongass Fjords X, FSUIPC, ChasePlane I don't know what else I can do? Any help would be much appreciated.
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